Erotic Encounters with a Salesman Ch. 02

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I left my blue eyed shoe salesman with a huge grin on my face as I walked back toward my apartment only a couple blocks away. Before I left I gave him my address and cell phone number in case he was running late or was going to be early, giving him a small peck on the lips as I walked out of the store. The entire walk home those last few words he whispered in my ear kept racing through my mind.

“Well I guess that is something you shall have to find out at dinner won’t you?”

Leaving me wondering, curious as to what type of fetish Dominick might have. Many different possibilities ran through my mind and all of them excited me making me even more eager to go out to dinner with him. Unlocking the door to my apartment I quickly rush inside. Looking at the time, I see I have about an hour and a half before he comes to pick me up, as he said 7 o’clock was when he would be here.

I quickly strip out of my clothing and toss them into my laundry basket. Dominick had ordered me not to wash my feet, so I made due with bending over the tub and washing my hair. Taking the shower head I wet my dark brown hair now looking black with it saturated with water. Quickly I shampoo and condition my hair, using a damp cloth I wash everywhere else on me except my feet wanting to have Dominick be pleased with me following his demand. Wrapping myself in a towel I walk back to my bedroom to look through my closet for the perfect outfit for tonight.

I had many options to choose from, but most of them Dominick has seen me in or are not dinner worthy. As I scan through my wardrobe I smile, seeing a dress I bought a few months ago in the back of my closet price tag still attached. I bought this beautiful dress for a steal at a small yet fancy clothing shop close to the shoe store, and was elated it was on sale. It is my favorite color, red and it is made out of a very smooth soft silky material that hugged my curves just right when I tried it on in the store. It is held up by thin spaghetti straps that pull the top of the dress closer towards my bosom making that area more pronounced.

I smile pulling the matching shoes out and some sexy lingerie to wear underneath to wow Dominick with later after dinner. I head back to the bathroom to finish getting myself ready, including painting my toenails a red color to match my dress.

An hour and twenty minutes later I look in the mirror, spinning around more than satisfied with my appearance, knowing Dominick will not be able to peel his eyes away from me the entire night. Looking at my clock I see it is 6:50 pm, knowing he will be here any minute. Just then I hear my cell phone ring. Digging through my purse I pull it out and answer it.

“Hello? “I say.

“Hello Lisa, I am downstairs at your building if you could let me up your intercom seems not to be working on your building.” he responds through the phone.

“Oh yeah it has been acting up lately give me a sec to buzz you in.” I reply, feeling my heart start to race knowing he is just downstairs.

Walking into my living room I hit the button on the wall to let him in. He acknowledges it has worked and tells me he is coming up. I hang up the cell phone, putting it back into my purse and walk to the front door to greet him properly. I inhale two big deep breaths trying to calm my excitement down but it only works to a small degree. I jump a little at hearing three loud hard knocks on my front door making my heart beat speed back up. Unlocking the door I open it to see such a devastatingly yummy site.

There he stands leaning against my door jamb looking so sexy in his suit and tie. I smile seeing he has chosen to wear a red tie with a black dress shirt underneath his dinner jacket, making him look so hot. I have to fight the urge to pull him into the apartment wanting to have him then and there but I resist, knowing good things come to those who wait.

His piercing blue eyes also look me over lingering on certain parts and giving me that sexy slant of a smile, knowing he is very much pleased and aroused by my appearance. I blush slightly as his eyes linger on the curve of my bosom and knowing if it wasn’t for the bra he would definitely see my hard nipples through my dress.

He eyes once again look into my face,”Did you keep your feet the way I asked you to?” Seeing him gaze down noticing I changed my nail color.

“I did not wash my feet as you commanded me, only changed the color of my nails to match my dress.” I reply, staring him right in the eyes not showing an ounce of fibbing.

“Well do you mind if I check just to make sure?” he asks as his blue eyes boring into mine.

I stick my right foot out encased in my high heeled red sandals I bought on my first encounter with him. He bends down using his nose to inhale the scent of my feet. I moan softly as his tongue takes a small lick, and then does so to my left foot as well.

“Very good Lisa, thank you for indulging me.” he says, as he moves back into a standing position. “Shall we get going then?” he asks.

“Yes let’s.” canlı bahis I reply, closing my apartment door and locking it behind me. He offers me his arm to slide mine into his and I accept it with pleasure. We walk out of the building like this toward his car where he opens the door for me to sit before moving to the driver’s side.

“Where are we going to eat by the way?” I ask him as I do up my seat belt.

He smiles at me taking my hand in his and kissing it against his lips. “One of my favorite Italian restaurants.” he replies as he starts the car the engine roaring to life.

I sit back enjoying the ride, watching the scenery as it goes by and also catching a few long glances at Dominick, drinking in all that sexiness oozing out from his masculine form. Finally we arrive at our destination seeing it is a little out of the way cosy Italian restaurant. He parks the car and shuts off the engine.

I watch as he steps out of the car catching a glimpse of his oh so fine behind in his dress pants. Before I even have the chance to open my door he is there opening it for me. He extends his hand and I put mine in his. He smiles that addictive smile as he pulls me out of the car and smack dab into his body. He tilts my chin giving me a soft tender kiss on the lips then moves to whisper in my ear.

“You look fantastic tonight I could just eat you up you look you delicious.” That deep seductive voice making my breath hitch thinking of his mouth devouring every inch of my body.

“Thank you Dominick, you look very delectable yourself.” I reply, my voice laced with huskiness.

We kiss once more in the dimly lit parking lot and walk hand in hand towards the restaurant. Once inside, I notice it has quite the romantic and cosy atmosphere, tables lit by candles and low lighting making it look very seductive and intimate. As we walk further into the restaurant, I see an older gentleman standing near the front waving at me and Dominick.

“Well hello again there Dominick we have missed you. I am pleased you are back and with a special lady it looks like.” The older gentleman winks and smiles broadly in my direction then looks back towards Dominick. “Would you like your usual table or something a little more intimate?” he asks, watching as he winks at me again.

“That would be lovely Georgino, a table for two in the back would suffice.” Dominick replies to our hostess kindly while pulling me closer in towards his body.

“Right this way then.”Georgino replies, taking two menus and leading us to our table.

“I think Georgino is developing a crush on you.” Dominick whispers in my ear making me giggle slightly at his observation.

Georgino stops at a booth in the back of the restaurant. Dominick lets me move to slide into the intimate booth first and I notice it faces away from the rest of the restaurant as I sit down. Dominick moves to slide in beside me his thigh brushing against mine. Handing us our menus Georgino tells us the specials and then the wines in which they are serving that evening.

“Do you mind if I order for you Lisa?” he asks me while letting me stare into blue eyes.

I shrug my shoulders, “Sure why not?” I respond, always up to trying something new.

Without even looking at the menu he knows what to order handing the menus back to Georgina. He also orders a nice rich red wine for us to share while we wait for our food. As we wait, we strike up a conversation with each other, finding it easy and comfortable to open up about ourselves in our intimate setting and in each other’s presence. The more we talk the more I realize I am falling for him hard, seeing the same expression in his eyes reflected back at me.

The wine arrives and the waiter pours Dominick a sample from the bottle to taste. I watch as he swirls it in his glass inhaling the smell through his nose then taking a small sip. He nods his head in approval and the waiter pours some into mine and more into his.

Dominick and I raise our glasses in a toast. “To our first date, and here is to hoping for more fun and exploration to come this night.” he says, hinting at some very erotic things happening that include our naked bodies enjoying each other.

Before I take a sip he twines his arm with mine so that I am now sipping from his glass and mine is at his lips. Looking at me with that fiery glint in his eyes he sips from my wine as I do with his. My hand slightly shaky as his other hand holds my wrist while taking a long slow sip.

Not sure if it is the wine or the erotic gesture that just occurred, but I feel a wave of heat course through my body feeling more than my cheeks blushing at this point. He lets go of my hand holding the wine glass but takes my free hand and softly caresses my palm as we continue where our discussion left off before the waiter interrupted us.

We share a few laughs and some small kisses as our conversation continues. My feet slip out of my shoes and soon I am rubbing them up and down underneath his slacks watching him smile seductively at me but bahis siteleri he continues to casually chat with me as if the soft caress of my feet is not affecting him.

My eyes glance down seeing his finger dipping into his wine feeling a bit mesmerised by it. The question from earlier at the shoe store still floating in my mind. I have wanted to ask him what he meant by it since we sat down. I cannot resist, I need to know.

“Dominick, I am curious, you said that I would find out your fetish during dinner but so far I still do not know.” I say, still watching as his finger swirls in his drink.

“In time Lisa, you will soon find out.” He smirks at me taking that finger out of his drink and bringing it to my lips.

I gasp, feeling that one finger covered in a light sheen of wine trace around the area of my lush lips. Then he moves in, using his tongue to tease my lips licking at them lightly. I moan in utter pleasure feeling a light tingling sensation course all throughout my lips.

He dips his finger in the wine glass once again taking it and tracing it along the column of my neck. I shudder at the contact, smelling the light perfume of wine on my skin.

“I told you that you were good enough to eat.” He replies with his mouth now hovering just above my neck.

His soft warm tongue then makes contact with my skin causing a slight moan to escape through my lips. Again his tongue takes another swipe along the pulse in my neck. I feel his blue eyes’ watching as my pulse now flutters wildly against the smooth skin of my neck. I moan softly as I feel the pad of his index finger traces along my pulse causing it to flutter even more.

We hear someone clear there throat and look up seeing the waiter with our food. My cheeks blush a bright red as he places our food in front of us and quickly leaves. Dominick looks at my flushed face and chuckles lightly leaning in he kisses my lips softly.

“Try your food Lisa it is delicious, not as yummy as you but still quite good.” he says against my lips then moves away to indulge in his own food.

I look at the food in front of me seeing it is homemade ravioli with a creamy tomato sauce drizzled over top. I bend down inhaling the scent of it into my nostrils and immediately my mouth starts to water. Taking my fork I take a small piece of it with some of the sauce into my mouth. I moan as I feel it literally melt into my mouth and feel the explosions of spices and a bit of alcohol mixed in on my tongue.

I look over seeing Dominick watching me enjoy my foot and chuckles at me, seeing the look of pure bliss on my face.

“You have a bit of sauce on the corner of your mouth.” he says, and leans in licking it off with his tongue.

“Thanks,” I reply, my voice sounding as affected by his tongue as my body is.

“Here try some of mine.” he says taking a forkful of lasagna onto his fork and feeding it to me.

I part my lips watching as the fork slips through. I close my mouth as he slides the fork out leaving the food behind. I close my eyes tasting how wonderful and exquisite it is, just as good as my ravioli but in a slightly different way. I lick my lips tasting the last of the lasagna there before opening my eyes seeing him staring at me hungrily with those deep blue eyes.

“You looked so sexy eating that bite of lasagna, I was almost jealous of the fact that it was in your mouth and not me.” His voice giving off the fact that he was actually slightly envious.

“Well I can solve that problem.” I reply with a smirk on my face. Taking a forkful of my food I put it in my mouth letting it sit on my tongue. I move my hand to the back of his neck pulling him in for a passionate kiss letting him taste me and the food.

I feel him moan within the recesses of my mouth as he gets to sample me and the food together on his taste buds. I feel his tongue sensually rubbing and dancing with mine as we enjoy the food dissolving on our tongues and being absorbed into our bodies. Our lips part and I feel that my breathing is a little heavier, my body becoming slightly more aroused from our tasty kiss.

“Now that was a delicious morsel.” he replies, moving back in front of his plate and back to enjoying his food.

For the rest of the meal we exchange polite conversation and talk more about each other, our past, and our goals for the future, our hopes and dreams. As we talk and enjoyed our delicious dinner, my feet continue to rub along his legs loving the feel of his hair roughened thighs along the bottom of my feet. Occasionally my feet roam their way upwards to gently prod along his crotch my toes pushing slightly against his cock making it twitch. I snicker as he turns his head looking at me with those dark blue eyes, seeing as they become even more clouded with hunger, a hunger for something else.

We both finish our meals with a satisfied look upon both our faces, our bellies full of good food and half a bottle of wine. The waiter brings the bill and before I can take some cash out to pay for my half Dominick hands bahis şirketleri the waiter his credit card.

“You will more than pay me back once we get back to my place tonight.” he says with that devastatingly sexy smile on his face.

I shudder, thinking of what he has planned for both of us once we get back to his place, still not quite sure what his fetish could be. My mind thinks through the small little clues he has given me throughout the night and I come to the conclusion that I will most definitely find out what it is when we get back to his place for dessert.

The waiter comes back with a copy of the bill and his credit card. I decide to leave a tip on the table with some of my cash. I look at Dominick smiling at me telling it was not necessary but I tell him I want to anyway. He shrugs his shoulders and shakes his head while I put some bills on the table. I slip back on my shoes and stand up with Dominick and shuffle out of the booth. We walk back up to the front of the restaurant waving goodbye at Georgino. He waves back at us, giving me another quick smile and a wink as we leave. I smile as I feel Dominick’s arm wrapped possessively around my waist.

We walk side by side as we head towards the car. I feel his fingers drift lower towards my bottom giving it a good couple of affectionate squeezes. He gives my butt one more squeeze before opening the passenger side door. Before I climb into the car, he pulls me against him for one more soft sensual kiss upon my lips. He lets go of me reluctantly and I smile at him as I seat myself inside the car.

He slips in the car beside me and the puts the key in the ignition to start the car, and once again the engine roars to life. We pull out of the parking lot and once again we are on the road, my heart beating faster as we drive toward his apartment. My hands start to fiddle in my lap as I become anxious and excited for the rest of the night. One of Dominick’s hands move to clamp over both of mine; they feel so warm and automatically causes my hands to relax.

“Relax Lisa, I promise this night will be fun and pleasurable for both of us, I am not into any painful fetishes so do not worry.” he says reassuringly.

“Alright Dominick if you say not to worry I won’t, but I am still anxious to find out exactly what you are into.” I reply, my voice expressing how anxious I really am to find out.

“Well I figured you might guess at the restaurant but then again I did not give you too many hints.” he replies while giving me that seductive smile again and a wink.

We ride in silence for the remainder of the drive, with only the music on the radio playing softly. His one hand brushes against my thigh at stop lights letting me know he cannot wait to have his hands on the rest of me. Finally we pull into an underground parking garage, and I assume that we have arrived at his apartment building. Parking the car quickly he shuts off the engine and once again gets out and opens my passenger side door, I think to myself he can be such a gentleman, but I also know he does have his dangerously seductive side to him too.

We walk towards the elevator in the parking garage feeling his hand once again wrapped around my waist, his thumb brushing the underside of my left breast. His small caress causes moisture to build up on the inside of my thighs and the heat between my legs seems to pick up a notch. I can feel my panties sticking to my soft outer lips, wet from all the teasing touches and caress that have built up between us so far.

The elevator opens and we step inside. As the doors close he pushes me against the back of the elevator. His mouth moves to take mine in a sensual oral embrace of lips and tongue melding into one. I feel his hands move to cup my breasts through my dress brushing his thumbs directly over my nipple through my bra. My hands drift downward along his backside pulling him harder into me. His knee moves between my legs nudging against my sex and my wet panties. His mouth releases mine kissing down along my neck.

“I am going to have fun devouring every inch of you with my mouth and tongue Lisa.” his voice rasps against my neck, letting me feel the deep vibrations of it ripple along my skin.

The elevator dings, signaling we have arrived at his floor. The doors open and with him taking my hands we hurriedly walk toward his apartment both of us literally hungry for each other. My all consuming passion overriding all logical thought as I literally want to rip all his clothes off in this hallway if we did not find his apartment soon.

He stops in front of a door with the number 351, and takes his keys out of his pocket. His fingers fumble the keys and they fall to the ground. He curses to himself as he picks them up, but I just giggle looking at his toned ass as he bends over. He inserts the key into the lock quickly opening the door and pulling me inside with him.

He pushes me against the door feeling it close shut. His mouth hungrily captures mine almost like he is going to eat my lips right off of my face. His mouth demanding and dominating as his tongue slips its way past the barrier of my lips to tangle with my tongue. I hear him growl into my mouth as his hands skim over the dress looking for the zipper.

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