Especially for Him Pt. 03

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At 5:20 Sean finally brought the meeting to a close. Of course that was only one of many meetings throughout his day and Sean, although he loved his work, was exhausted. Pressure was mounting with the holidays coming so Sean had spent much of the day holding hands (figuratively, of course) with a number of sales reps. He didn’t mind the fatherly role as long as the fledglings eventually learned to fly solo.

Sean was well loved by his subordinates. Known for being fair but demanding, he was always the first one in the office and usually the last to leave. Everyone in the building knew that a productive day was brewing when they saw his shirt sleeves pushed up to his elbows.

Managing sales for a large company meant a lot of time working in the office and at home. It also meant quite a bit of travel and Sean did it all as successfully as it can be done.

The one thing that suffered in his life was his marriage. Not that it was a bad marriage, just one that settled for mediocre. Of course he and his wife never talked about the obvious. They just grew complacent and lived as if they were roommates of sorts. Sean figured that after 30 plus years that happened to many marriages. Still, they enjoyed being together and enjoyed their kids and grandkids. Money was plentiful and both were very comfortable, if not passionate.

Then one day, quite by accident, Sean met a woman online. It went as most online friendships do for a while; chatting, flirting, erotic emails, phone calls and dreams of one day meeting. Sean fell in love. At least that’s what he thought it was. She brought passion and fun into his life. She was interesting and interested. She made him feel younger, alive and loved. They grew very close very quickly and planned to meet although privately they both knew it probably wouldn’t happen. Neither was ready to leave spouses and families for someone they had never even met.

So on that day, as Sean packed up his stuff to head home, he stopped short when he heard the specific tone signaling a text from Jennifer. Standing in the small lobby before the parking garage, Sean put down his things and read her text.

It read, ‘Hey there! casino oyna Do I have a surprise for you! Please only open this video when you have complete privacy. You won’t want to be interrupted. I love you.’

Then Sean noticed the attachment icon, smiled, resisted the urge to open it and headed out to his car. As usual traffic was a bitch but Sean’s mood was light thinking of what she could have sent him.

One frustration Sean had about his ‘relationship’ with Jennifer was that she refused to cam with him. He understood that she had the right to set limits, as did he, but he longed to see more than just pictures of her. Admittedly, the pictures she sent him were amazing. Bikini shots, naked shots, natural smiling pictures; they all were wonderful. He longed to see her move though. He imagined that her smile would light up her face and make her eyes twinkle and he wanted to see that first hand. Meeting was a dream and a desire but he doubted it would ever happen.

The evening progressed predictably. A traffic filled commute, dinner with his wife while watching the news, working for a few hour while pretending to watch the show that interested her and finally some time to message Jennifer after his wife went to bed.

‘I really missed you today. I can’t wait to see what you sent but it’ll have to be tomorrow night when I’m in New York.’ Sean’s text read.

‘No problem’ came Jennifer’s reply. ‘I hope you like it’

Quick good nights and a promise to talk the next evening ended the long day and Sean went to sleep with a satisfied smile.

An early flight the next morning began a very busy and productive day. The meetings in NYC went well and led to a pleasant business dinner. It was after 9:00 pm before he checked into his hotel room, showered and sat down with his laptop. Jennifer had sent him a number of short messages during the day. They were flirty and fun, building anticipation for the video he would soon watch.

She meant the messages to build anticipation anyway. Sometimes his busy schedule got in the way of her plans. Sean knew it was wise to not mention that he read all of her messages right before watching the video. canlı casino No need to rock the boat with his virtual lover.

Settling into a comfortable chair, Sean clicked on the attachment and pressed play. Seeing Jennifer come to life on the screen took his breath away. Dressed in the plush robe in her bathroom, she talked directly to him, winking and smiling at him and only him. Again, he felt wanted, loved and important that she would focus on him and him alone. She often did that for him – made him feel like the center of her world, and it never failed to thrill him.

As she began to disrobe before him, his breath quickened and his hands absently began to stroke his cock over his briefs. Hearing her speak in that sexy, low voice fed his lust. Eventually he slipped off his briefs and spread lotion on his hard rod as he watched her slowly slip into the tub. The bubbles covered her up too well in his view but he knew he only had to hold on to enjoy more of her.

When the picture went dark he gasped and cried out, “What are you doing to me? Come back, Love!”

Soon the second part of the video started up. He watched open mouth as she stretched and posed for him. The closet was incredible and although she had told him about the stripper’s pole before, he couldn’t quite believe his eyes. He watched as she teased him by dancing around the hard pole. Her ass mesmerized him as the cheeks alternately moved up and down while she pressed herself against the metal. Turning to face him, her breasts strained against the white satin, seeking freedom. He held his breath hoping that they would win the battle against the binding material. Her every move thrilled him, his cock firmly in hand as he furiously stroked.

The close up as she moved toward him made him begin to pant. He realized that he was almost chanting, “Take it off, baby. Take it off.”

At the sight of moisture on her panties and the hard nipples that she teased between her fingers, Sean slipped his hand down to cradle his balls as he stroked in time to the music and her movements. Just as she asked him to take a picture of his hardness for her, he groaned, forced his eyes to kaçak casino remain open and spurted his seed on his stomach. She came soon after him.

‘Fitting.’ he thought. ‘She usually takes care of me first.’

Sean smiled at the beautiful woman on the screen. Her face was flushed and the smile that spread on her face pretty much said it all. He watched the rest of the movie in silence, thankful to have found her and so grateful for such a wonderful gift.

Without thinking too much about it or even knowing if he would actually send it, Sean snapped some pictures of the aftermath of his cum. His semi hard cock lay against his lower belly with a puddle of semen pooling around his belly button. He would decide later if he would send it to her.

After his breathing returned to a normal state, he called Jennifer. She answered with a breathy hello and a smile in her voice. God, he loved her. He couldn’t explain it or even understand it but it was intense and real and made his life complete.

Quickly he said, “Baby, that was amazing. Thank you so much! I love you!”

“I love you too Sean. I’m so glad you liked it.” Suddenly her voice dropped and her breathing quickened as she began the process of bringing herself to cum. Knowing she would soon have him hard again, just at the sound of her voice and breathing, Sean took his hardening cock in hand and joined in the moment. Their moans and gasps slow danced over the cell signals as they quickly helped each other climax.

“That’s two for me, Baby.” Sean muttered as he tried to catch his breath. “I want you to cum again too.”

“I already did honey. I watched the video at the same time as you did and imagined what you were doing as you watched me. Did you take any pictures for me?” Jennifer asked.

Sean smiled broadly, thinking of Jennifer masturbating at the same time as he was.

“I did. And if you’re a good girl, I might even send them to you.” He answered deviously. “Now what do you think about me taking a little detour on the way home tomorrow? I think it’s time we meet in person.”

“I was hoping you would suggest that.” Jennifer replied huskily. “Dinner and then a private dessert?”

“Perfect,” Sean said. “Tomorrow. Jen, thank you so much. I love you.”

As Sean made the changes to his travel plans and began to nod off he thought to himself, ‘It’s time. Tomorrow…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20