Essence of Winning

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Eleyna Anaya, by far the hottest contestant on the Program, claimed me in a most unexpected, and perverted way. Her strategy to win worked like a charm, until it didn’t. She didn’t take away the prize she expected, but I like to think that she came out ahead.

Not all who applied to the Program were accepted. Fit, clean, ultra-attractive men and women over the age of 18 and under 30. The Program always commanded the highest ratings, and why not? The drama of reality TV charged with amateur porn. All with the hottest participants on the planet. VR cameras were everywhere.

I applied on a lark and was accepted three days later. I didn’t really expect to get the letter, Jaden Mahoney embossed in gold lettering on the front. Upon opening, I spent a good thirty seconds soul-searching my decision. On the one hand, expose myself, literally, to the world and give up my freedom for weeks. On the other, live in an island paradise luxury resort having sex with many of the hottest women on the planet. And get paid to do it.

I was on the phone to confirm my candidacy two minutes later (I had to first find my phone).

This year the spin was female dominance. The rules were simple. Any woman could command any man at any time. The men had to provide the favor asked. Sadistic pain or potty play were off the table. Aside from that? Anything asked.

The winners, one male and one female, were chosen through audience voting. A more genuine version of American Idol for most of the population I thought. Hot sex wasn’t enough to gain top votes though (no doubt it helped). You had to also be likeable and entertaining.

The popular nature of the contest discouraged the more specialized kinks. Usually.

Enter Eleyna Anaya.

Eleyna had summoned me to her room in the first week. All the women were beautiful in the Program, but she stood out. Knowing what the summons probably meant, I felt lucky and a bit nervous, which wasn’t normal for me. Most women considered me attractive and it was rare indeed when I met someone I considered out of my league.

When I entered, she was dressed casually, form-fit nylon leggings, lose tee. She might have been dressed for a workout. I hoped that was the case.

She got right down to business.

“Jaden, you are going to be my ticket to win this thing.”

“I am truly honored. How are we going to do that?”

“With my brains, pretty man. I’m smarter than the other girls and I’m going to use that. Well, more specifically, with my brains and my ass.”

I raised an eyebrow at that and grinned.

“Jaden, I have a confession to make. My deepest and darkest sexual secret in fact.”

What she said next would have been an instant turn-off coming from most women. Quite the opposite in this case. You see, It’s all about context.

Eleyna was singularly gorgeous. She was a ten out of tens. Her skin was glowing smooth, her naturally red lips full and delicious. She had large exotic blue-grey eyes a man could easily lose himself in. All this framed by artfully disheveled curls of silky blonde hair. Her expression… It was as if she represented the ideal of seductive beauty mixed with passionate mischief.

Indeed, that was just the beginning. She was one of those rare women blessed with a flat waist and large natural breasts. D size, I suppose, and just bursting from her shirt with the perkiness of youth. Long smooth legs, shapely feet… and that ass. Oh, that ass. Round and perfect, dancing with the gods of Eros every step she took. Impossible to look away from.

Finally, her voice. I’m getting hard just thinking about it. Low, but melodic. Playful and seductive. She could command the attention of every man in the room just reading the weather report.

I was enraptured. Not every day such a fine woman confessed her deepest fantasy. Maybe never a day.

She cleared her throat. So here it was.

“Jaden… I love the smell of ass. Even my own.” She smiled as she said it, placing her hand lightly on her left butt-cheek and arching her back just a bit. This caused her tits to strain against her shirt, starkly outlining her hard nipples.

Thoroughly enjoying the view, it took me a moment to process what she said.

“Me too… wait, huh?” The expression on my face must have been as foolish as my reply. She laughed without a hint of mockery or self-consciousness.

“Ass Jaden. Anus. Butthole. I love how it smells!” She hugged herself, pushing those perfect breasts together. Her voice expressed the joyful relief of confessing a long-held secret. “Ever since I was a teenager.”

She moved closer and lowered her voice to almost a whisper, her eyes dancing with mischief.

“I would sometimes push my finger in as deep as it could go and keep it there for a bit. I would then hold it against my nose while I rubbed my pussy. That scent! It would make me cum so hard!” Again, she laughed and spun around, showing off those perfect curves. “Still does!”

I opened my mouth to reply, although I had nothing to say. Despite the shocking admission, I found myself rock bahis firmaları hard. The thought of this goddess so uninhibited and wanton…

And truth be told, under the right circumstances the smell of a hot woman’s ass can be a huge turn-on to me as well, but I would never have admitted it. Why was she telling me this? Did she somehow know? I couldn’t see how.

She ignored my open-mouthed expression, thankfully. She was looking past me, eyes narrowed in thought.

“Now I bet that most of these girls would find such a thing disgusting, and I’m going to use that. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, planning.”

She looked down and noted the major bulge in my shorts. Her smile seemed both satisfied and hungry at the same time. She made eye-contact and held me with an incredibly erotic gaze. Powerful stuff, made all the more potent with her words, spoken in breathless syllables. This woman was in heat.

“I’m going to marinade your beautiful cock so strongly with my ass smell, no other girl will want to touch it.” She traced my hardness lightly through my shorts, sending a major jolt through my body. “There is only one way to do that, darling man. Your cock is going to spend a lot of quality time as deep into my bottom as it can go, and I mean a lot of time. I’ve got this down to a fucking science.”

A part of me realized Elayna was perverted to the point of deviance, but it didn’t matter. It was a good thing. I was loving it. At that moment, I was hers completely.

She continued to rub my bulge, now with more pressure. It was heavenly. She had stepped closer and I could smell her sweet breath. I wanted nothing more than to caress her breasts, tease her nipples through her shirt, but it was against the rules until she told me to.

“The problem has always been lube, Jaden. Lube smells gross. It ruins everything. Only one way to make this happen, Jaden. You’re going to have to fuck my ass without any lube.”

She gave my cock an almost painful squeeze, which was a good thing. It stopped me from cumming right then and there. She patted me on the cheek.

“How you might ask? Great question. Your cock is way too big to slide in there dry. Spit and pussy juice are OK, but not perfect. They will dilute the smell, change it.”

Her voice took on a perky note.

“There is one fact that most people don’t know. Our butts make natural lube.”

Her expression became defensive as if I had contradicted her. Truth was, I wasn’t in any shape to judge her statements. I do remember thinking that any facial expression on this angel would be at minimum cute, if not fall-down beautiful, even a murderous rage.

“It’s true!” She playfully hit my shoulder. “It helps move things along. The problem is, it isn’t an on-demand thing like during sex with my pussy.”

Now she was serious, earnest eyes wide-open and almost apologetic. She shook her head slightly and said, “I’m not into potty play.”

This girl was too much! She admitted to this fetish of hers, and then acted as if I was the one with the kinky request, graciously turning me down! I felt I was falling in love.

She shrugged.

“Even if I was, rules prohibit.” She perked up again. “Fortunately, I’ve got one healthy diet and I hardly ever wipe brown. Instead, I wipe clear, and that clear is the perfect lube of concentrated ass-smell!” Her eyes were dancing amusement and intense lust.

I was confused. “But then, how?”

She stopped my question with a kiss. What a kiss. Her lips slid over mine, her tongue confidently parting my lips and then swirling lightly against my own. She pressed her breasts against my chest, and I could feel her firmness, her aching hard nipples.

She broke the kiss.

“Jaden, I command you to fuck my ass so deeply, we won’t be able to figure out where I stop, and you begin. Do you comply?”

This was official. I bowed my head in submission. “Your command is my pleasure, mistress Elayne”.

“Good. Strip and wait for me on the bed. I’ll be right out. You’d better be ready when I return”

“No concerns there, mistress”, and there wasn’t. My cock was throbbing stronger than I had felt in years.

I walked over to the bed and shed my shirt, my shorts. I was tan, in great shape. Muscular without being muscle-bound. My face was smooth, but I couldn’t bring myself to shave or wax my body. My natural fur was discreet and proportional. I felt it manly and attractive.

My cock was on the larger side. Most women seemed to be thrilled when they saw it. Eight inches. Ok, I won’t lie, what man doesn’t measure? Eight and one-eight inch. I always felt the thickness was the right proportion to the length and most women nodded with wide-eyed agreement when I asked.

Elayne went into the bathroom and closed the door. After a few minutes I heard the toilet flush and she emerged. She still wore a shirt, but no bottoms. Her legs were smooth, and unlike me, she was waxed. Standing there, her pussy lips were cutely pouted, and I caught a glimmer of wetness. It was as attractive as the rest of her, and I could not wait to kaçak iddaa become more closely acquainted.

She had other plans.

“How rude!” she said. “Housekeeping did not leave any toilet paper.” She laughed evilly and hopped on the bed next to me, eyes fixated on my cock.

“Did you just…?” I started and she shushed me.

“Lay on your back and be perfectly still. This will be a challenge enough without you making things harder.” She laughed at the unintended pun.

She climbed up and straddled my legs, facing me.

“Oh, almost forgot.”

She lifted her shirt over her head and freed her magnificent tits. Pulled up and then energetically bounced out as they were released, settling to the perfection of youthful maturity. Her hard nipples jutting distinctly from the outer circles of her darker areola, sized perfectly to suck on. I could not wait.

Elayne purred with pleasure as she noted my appreciation and scooted up my legs, the heat of her sex now warming my own.

“Well, here goes nothing!”

So much for foreplay! She placed one hand on my chest and lifted herself into a squatting position. With the other hand she held my cock in position. I could feel soft heat against my gland and delicious friction as she made minor adjustments. Once she was satisfied, she placed both hands on my chest, effortlessly balanced in a deep squat. She smiled at me.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes mistress.”

A look of cute, determined concentration on her face coincided with more pressure against my cock. She began to lower herself. Using gravity to force the penetration.

It felt as if I was up against a soft, but solid barrier, without any entrance, but she was driving, and I trusted she knew what she was about. This was new territory for me.

More pressure, almost to the point of pain, and then suddenly exquisite pleasure blossomed around the head of my cock. I slid inward to moist tightness and heat, no more than an inch. I felt an overwhelming need to bury myself further, but she stopped for a long moment.

She took deep breaths, ignoring my obvious need. Her spectacular breasts rose and fell with each breath, delicate monuments of pure wanton femininity driving me to new heights of arousal.

She pressed down harder.

I cried out for the beauty of this slow penetration. Millimeter by millimeter my cock head found tight warmth, super charged nerves exploding with intense pleasure as they were introduced to the caressing guard of her tight passage.

I had done anal before, but it was nothing like this. Using lots of lube, after initial tightness, my slippery cock would slide in smoothly and relatively fast. This was something quite different.

She pressed more of her weight onto me. A thrill of pleasure shot through my body as the thickest part of my head passed her tightest barrier and slip forward into her most intimate heat. She gave a contented sigh and deepened her squat.

It was like being pressed into thick honey. She wasn’t dry, but she wasn’t gushing with slipperiness either. With determined pressure, her bottom allowed passage, a tight, smooth penetration facilitated by whatever moisture nature had provided. We both groaned with the intensity.

I could not say how long the penetration lasted. I was on another plane, and so was she. She was obviously in great shape. Her legs never shook, and she showed no sign of tiring from the position. Her control was precise, teasing almost. She minutely adjusted her stance and maintained the same slow pace as she introduced more of my cock into the lusty heat of her rectum.

Her eyes were closed, and she was breathing deeply. I hoped that she wasn’t experiencing much pain; she gave no indication of that. It was more as if she was settling into a complex yoga position, slowly stretching each limb into place, and then enjoying the pleasure of that completed stretch.

After some time, I could feel her settle the weight of her ass on my thighs and penetration slowed to a stop. She seemed frustrated by this and pressed down harder, impaling herself perhaps another half inch. Surprisingly, I was now fully buried in her rectum. I touched her arms, capturing her gaze.

Her eyes flashed challenge, but she gave me a satisfied smile.

“Mistress, I think we are as deep as I can go. Most women can’t take me all the way like this!”

“Most women, eh? You would compare me to them?” Her voice was playfully scolding, but her expression was pleased. She rotated her ass around as if to punctuate her statement and the inside walls of her ass did incredible things to my embedded cock.

How did it feel? Well there really is no equivalent. My aching cock was buried to the hilt in a virginally tight asshole, which is good, but it’s all about context. This perfect bottom belonged to an equally perfect woman who had just squatted over me and lustily drove my tool as deeply into herself as it could go! And now she leaned backwards, exposing herself to me.

Her asshole was pushed inward and plugged with my cock, but her beautiful pussy was on full display. kaçak bahis Her opened outer lips were deeply reddened and engorged with arousal, her bright red inner lips wantonly gaping with surrender. Copious lubrication drooled from her hole. She lazily played with one nipple and watched me look from underneath those long eyelashes, saying nothing! Goddamn, how do you think that would feel?

“Fuck, you feel incredible. Your ass is pure heaven. Thank you for this.” I was pinned by her, but wiggled a bit, hoping she would start bouncing on me. I needed to cum.

She smiled mischievously.

“Don’t thank me yet. You may think that we are going to fuck now. You would be wrong. My purpose is to marinate your cock with my ass. This should both make you mine and make me enjoy your cock more.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Understand this. You are not to move yourself. No fucking. You are to remain hard in me just like this for as long as I require.”

“This may take a while. Hmm, I think I’d like to cum while I wait.” She shifted back into her deep squat, balancing forward on her feet, ensuring that I remained balls deep. With one hand she dipped her fingers into the puddle from her pussy and started to rub her hard clit. With the other, she pulled at first on, and then the other hard nipple.

The memory of her in that moment is enough tip me to orgasm with the simplest touch.

Legs spread and knees bent, her long blonde hair hung down, spilling over her wondrous breasts. Her neck and upper chest were painted with the rose blush of arousal. I could smell her clean sweat, listened to her breath as it grew faster and ragged with her pleasure. I was present with her in a way that I had not often known with other women.

The center of us was this intense penetration. The mouth of her most intimate orifice was lewdly stretched around the thick base of my cock, her rectum filled with my bulk. My cock was throbbing like crazy and I was sure she could feel it in her core.

There she was, squatting deeply onto me, and she started to cum.

Oh my god. I could feel her every contraction squeezing me, her forbidden pleasure hole doing its best to milk me for everything I could give.

“You are NOT to cum!” Her voice was sharp and out of breath. A sheen of sweat covered her neck and chest. “Aaaaiieee!”

That damn woman proceeded then to have multiple orgasms. After the first big one, I counted four smaller ones, than another big one, and finally a monster of a cum. Tears were actually streaming down her face as I counted eight huge contractions milk my poor cock.

I do not know how I managed. I was buried deep inside the sexiest woman I had ever been with. If she had moved up or down even an inch, it would have been all over.

But I did manage. After what seemed like hours, but must have been ~15 minutes, she stopped cumming. What a show she must have put on for our audience!

Now she was covered in sweat and her legs started to shake. Her voice was deep and husky, satisfied yet still hungry.

“You’ve done well, Jayde. That’s enough for today. It’s only our first session though. Our next ones will be longer. You do deserve a reward though, and I know just the thing. Remember, you are not to come.”

She lifted herself off me. That almost made me disobey right then. It was like every nerve in my cock lit up with pleasure at once. After being motionless for so long, the sudden moist sucking friction washed over me like a wave, and it was all I could do not to grab her hips and plunge her back down upon me.

Her knowing eyes were on mine the whole time though. With a lewd plop, my still rock-hard cock was free, bouncing back down to my belly like a spring, she smiled and said “Good boy. Now here is your prize. Still don’t come.”

She lowered herself and pressed her tits together over my tool. I had to close my eyes, as the vision of that, let alone the feel of her soft, firm tits enfolding my over-excited cock, would have ended me again. She began to titty fuck me with those perfect specimens of femininity. I wanted nothing more than to drizzle them with my cream, but again, she had other ideas, and an incredible awareness. After the fourth stroke she squeezed the base of my shaft hard, stopping the imminent eruption.

She then took my hand and coaxed me to a sitting position. She stood in front of me and bent forward, her breasts in my face.

“You may collect the rest of your prize and suck on my nipples. I know you want to. Do a good job and further rewards will be forthcoming.”

I didn’t have to be told twice. I immediately covered her left nipple with my mouth and began to suck and tease it with earnest. And that’s when it hit me. Her scent. She had used my cock to perfume her breasts with her own ass, and my face was pressed straight against them.

What can I say? Her ass smelled glorious! Ok, I know it sounds funny. Everybody has smelled ass before, right? Wrong! Not from a woman like this. We are talking from a completely different dimension defined by hot sex with a young, beautiful and very horny woman. I couldn’t get enough of it. While sucking and teasing first her left, and then her right nipple, I breathed deeply, her scent suffusing my entire being. My cock was drooling precum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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