Ethan and Carrie Ch. 08

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Carrie and Debbie decided they wanted to go to the mall. Ethan had no choice but to agree with them. The girls climbed into his car giggling like they had a secret they weren’t going to share with him. He let it go, figuring that if they did have a secret they would most likely share it with him eventually and if they decided not to it wouldn’t make any difference to him. He could tell, however, it was going to be a long day at the mall.

He plopped down on the bench. He was exhausted. His legs hurt. The girls must have gone into every single store and tried on every single piece of clothing. He knew this was a mistake before it started.

The lady on the bench beside him was trying to round up two screaming kids. She looked as exhausted as him. He looked into the jewelry store in front of him. Debbie and Carrie were trying on earrings. Were they ever going to be done? He was tired and hungry and he wanted to go home.

They both turned back and looked at him and waved. Ethan waved back. They giggled and turned back to the display case. He groaned. Making love that morning in the shower with Carrie seemed like a hundred years ago.

He looked up. Carrie and Debbie were right in front of him.

“We want to go to a movie,” Carrie said.

“Yeah,” Debbie said. “We want to see the new Brad Pitt movie.”

“But I’m hungry,” Ethan pleaded.

Carrie grabbed his arm and dragged him to his feet. “You can eat later. Take us to a movie first.”

Ethan groaned but went along with them. He had no choice in this matter, either.


Debbie desperately wanted some popcorn before they went into the theater, so Ethan stood in line to get it for her while they went to the ladies room, giggling like a couple of little girls who had just played a prank on the dorkiest kid in school. Ethan shuffled uncomfortably in line, hoping he wasn’t really a big dork. Then he remembered that these two gorgeous young women were there with him because he wasn’t the biggest dork in school.

Carrie and Debbie managed to maintain there composure in the ladies room until the last woman left, then they started laughing uncontrollably.

“Do you think he knows?” Debbie said, after bringing her laughter down to a giggle.

Carrie had her hand over her mouth to try to keep herself quiet. Not wanting to risk removing her hand for fear that she would start screaming, she just shook her head and clamped her hand tighter over her mouth. Debbie had to cover her mouth as well to keep herself from screaming out loud. Finally, Carrie managed to control her laughter.

“I think he knows something’s up but he doesn’t know what.”

“This is so cool,” Debbie said. They perfunctorily checked their appearances in the mirror, brushing their fingers through their hair to make it fall right. She leaned close to Carrie and spoke in a low voice in case someone was listening. “I’m wet just thinking about this,” she said.

“Me too,” Carrie giggled. She rubbed her thighs together. Her excitement was buzzing inside her.

“Tell me what we’re going to do again,” Debbie said.

“When we sit down you sit on his right and I’ll sit on his left,” Carrie explained. “Then, whenever you feel like it, just put your hand on it.”

“What happens then?”

“Something good, I hope,” Carrie said, and they started giggling again.

They emerged from the restroom and saw Ethan standing by the doors to the theater, waiting to go in. He was holding a jumbo bucket of popcorn. They rushed over to him, beaming with excitement they could barely contain. Ethan started down the aisle toward a seat with a good view. Carrie quickly grabbed his arm and yanked him to the back row against the wall, where no one would be able to see them. Part of the bucket of popcorn spilled and scattered down the aisle. Carrie dragged him to about the middle of the row and Debbie followed them. Ethan sat in between them, holding the popcorn in his canlı bahis lap.

“Why do you want to sit back here?” Ethan said, picking spilled popcorn kernels out of his clothes.

“I might want to make out,” Carrie said.

“What about Debbie?”

Carrie looked across at Debbie. “She’ll have to wait.” They sat back, giggling. It was only another few moments before the lights went down and the show started. The small theater was practically empty and Ethan figured that was probably the reason they had chosen this dull movie. It wasn’t one he particularly wanted to see but if it gave Carrie a chance to sit in a dark room with him and make out then he didn’t mind. The only thing that concerned him was Debbie. He felt it would be pretty rude if they started making out and ignored her. But then, he thought, maybe there was something more to what Carrie had in mind.

The movie had an exciting beginning but quickly started to go downhill. It wasn’t long before the story became boring and predictable. That was about when the popcorn ran out and Ethan set the empty bucket on the seat in the row ahead of them. He settled back in his seat and stretched his legs out to try to endure the rest of the movie without falling asleep. His knees were pressed to the back of the seat in front, which made for a very uncomfortable position. Carrie was clinging to Ethan’s arm and resting her head on his shoulder. He thought she was about to fall asleep.

Suddenly he felt a hand touch his right knee. He looked down. Debbie’s hand was resting on his knee. She was staring straight ahead at the screen. Carrie had to be asleep. She could surely see Debbie’s hand. It began to move up his thigh. He tried to back away from her but there was nowhere to go. His dick had been erect for a long time already and she was going to touch it if she moved her hand down only another inch or so. He had no way to stop her. Her hand moved right over the lump in the leg of his pants. He could clearly hear her gasp.

“Oh my god,” he heard her whisper. She rubbed more vigorously. It felt like he had grown a telephone pole in his pants. Her fingers felt along its entire length like she was trying to make sure that what she was feeling was real. She whispered something to herself he could not hear and she rubbed it hard up and down the whole shaft. It strained against the tight fabric.

Ethan leaned over to her and whispered, “If you keep that up I’m going to cream my pants.”

Debbie giggled and leaned over to his ear. “If you take it out you can cream in my mouth,” she whispered. “I want to put my lips all over it right now.” Then she licked his ear.

Carrie reached out in the dark and clutched his left thigh, making him flinch with surprise.

“What’s going on?” Ethan said to her in a low voice. It began to dawn on him that the trap they had set for him had been sprung. Her hand quickly moved down his leg to his crotch and she squeezed.

“Why don’t we take it out?” she said. “I’m sure Debbie wouldn’t mind.”

Ethan looked at Debbie. He could see the grin on her face in the light reflected from the screen. This was definitely going to be more interesting than the movie. He quickly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pushed them down. Immediately, two pair of hands wrapped around his erection. He sat back, clutching the arms of the seat while their hands pumped up and down on his cock. The girls were giggling with excitement.

Carrie was the first to bend over and start sucking it. Ethan groaned deeply. He didn’t care whether anyone else in the theater heard him or not. Nothing was better in the world than having Carrie’s mouth around his cock. She moved her head slowly up and down, working the head over her wet tongue.

“Let me give it a try,” Debbie demanded, virtually pulling it out of Carrie’s mouth. Carrie opened her mouth and let it out and Debbie immediately popped it into her mouth.

“Jesus,” Ethan bahis siteleri exclaimed quietly. Debbie bobbed her head exuberantly like she wanted all of it at once. One of her hands was around his shaft, pumping up and down, and her other hand was holding his balls, rolling them like a pair of oversized marbles. She took it out of her mouth and licked the head and shaft. He could feel her breath on his wet skin. Then she closed her mouth over the end again and sucked even harder. Ethan never knew she was the type to get into giving head. He hoped she enjoyed getting it as much as giving it.

Reluctantly she passed it back to Carrie when Carrie asked for it. Carrie held it in her open hands like a precious object and kissed the shaft and head daintily, occasionally giving it a lick. The girls were giggling with each other and playing with it like it was a toy they had found and he wasn’t even there. Carrie put it in her mouth again and sucked lightly. It looked like she was trying to eat a huge sausage.

Ethan put his hand on her shoulder to get her attention. Carrie let his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him with a very sly grin and seductively licked the saliva from her lips. “Let’s split,” he said.

“Okay,” Carrie agreed. She grabbed her purse while Ethan attempted to replace his penis back into his pants. When he had managed it, with great difficulty, they made their way down the aisle in the darkness and out of the theater.

Out in the lobby the girls walked just ahead of him. An erection stuffed into his pants made it very difficult to walk. It was also painfully obvious to anyone walking toward him. He would be thrilled to see if anyone noticed it, but embarrassed at the same time.

The girls were whispering to each other about something but he didn’t care what it was. They were young, both seventeen and beautiful, but full grown women. Carrie was tall and blonde, a virtual goddess. Debbie was shorter, dark haired and extremely cute. Their smiles lit up their faces and their pouty red lips made grown men quiver. Ethan watched their soft hips and their shapely asses sway just ahead of him. They wore snug slacks themselves, tight enough for him to study the outlines of their panties and the way they rode up between the cheeks of their asses. He imagined them naked, bending over in front of him, waiting for him to put his cock into them and his erection throbbed a little stiffer. He was anxious to screw them both at the same time.

Outside in the cool air and darkness they walked along the side of the building toward the car. Carrie and Debbie stopped Ethan to inspect the front of his pants and the outline of his cock.

Debbie gasped, touching it lightly. “It’s so huge,” she said with obvious amazement. She looked up at Ethan’s face. He was smiling happily and watching her eyes. She put her hand on her hip. “How’d you get such a big dick?”

He grabbed her small hand and squeezed it up in his crotch where the thickest part of his cock and his heavy balls bulged out the front of his pants.

“I fuck lots of girls,” He said. “It keeps me healthy.” She laughed and fluttered her beautiful eyes. “You still want to suck it?” he continued.

She rubbed it firmly and chewed her lower lip. “Yes.”

“Then let’s go.”

At the car Carrie got next to him and kissed him. Ethan held Carrie’s hands while he kissed her, leaning back against the side of the car. With his lips on her lips and her tongue in his mouth he unzipped his pants and put her hand down in the hole. Her hand was cold and his skin was hot. She moved her hand back and forth on his cock. She pulled it out and let Debbie see his long, fleshy object standing out between their bodies like a snake.

“You shouldn’t be doing this out here where someone might see you,” Debbie said. “What if somebody walks by?” She looked around to see if anyone was watching them. She loved the sight of his big cock right out in the open bahis şirketleri air in front of her but she would have preferred that they got in the car to do that so they could go somewhere private. Instead, she watched silently as Carrie slowly dropped to her knees and put his cock in her mouth.

“Oh my god,” she said.

Carrie couldn’t help but smile at her friend, which was difficult with his thick cock in her mouth. Ethan laughed because she looked so funny and sexy at the same time. Her lips were bright red, her eyes were deep blue, her teeth were perfectly white and they were closed around his cock. Carrie shut her eyes and closed her lips around his shaft and bobbed her head quickly.

The only sound around them was the slurping of Carrie’s sucking mouth. Debbie and Ethan watched her silently slide her mouth back and forth. She opened her eyes and looked up at the two of them. She began to laugh so hard she had to take his cock out of her mouth.

“Come on, Debbie,” Carrie said, holding the cock out for her, stroking it slowly. “I know you want to suck it.”

The position they were in was almost hilarious to Debbie. The three of them were between two cars in the middle of a parking lot in the middle of the night. Ethan was leaning back against his car with the front of his pants open and Carrie was squatting before him holding his erect cock, which was only moments before in her mouth. Her drool and saliva covered her chin and his cock and the two of them looked up at her as if nothing was unusual.

“Oh, shit, look out,” Debbie whispered, looking past them. Ethan and Carrie turned to look in the same direction and saw the crowd of people coming out of the theater.

“Oh, fuck,” Ethan whispered and tried to stuff his hard cock back in his pants. “Get in the car,” he shouted, quickly jumping into the driver’s seat. The girls climbed in, laughing loud and hard. Swearing enough to tear the walls down he started the car and backed it out, trying not to let any of the crowd of people see into the car because they would see him with his pants open and his hard on that wouldn’t go soft and Debbie with her hands around it and suddenly her lips around it and her head rising and falling in his lap. He was a little worried he would get pulled over and would have to explain to the cop what he was doing in the front seat with a pair of seventeen year old girls, one of whom had her mouth tightly around his cock.

“Go to my house,” Carrie told him from the back seat, trying to get a good look at how Debbie was sucking his cock.

Ethan had to reach around Debbie to get to the shifter and could only steer with one hand, but somehow he managed. Painfully aware of police, he kept the speed down when he reached the street. It was only then that he relaxed and seemed to realize that his cock was in Debbie’s mouth. He looked down at her. Her dark hair covered his lap and her head moved up and down. Behind him, Carrie stuck her tongue in his ear.

“I’m going to cum hard,” Ethan groaned.

Debbie moved her head faster and faster, imagining that her mouth was just like a tight, wet cunt sliding on his rigid cock, her lips squeezing him rhythmically until all his muscles tensed up, just like guys usually did when they were fucking her. She felt his cock start throbbing in her mouth and hands and realized he was coming. It was flooding into her faster than she could have imagined. It quickly overfilled her mouth and burst past her lips and spilled all over his shaft and her hands and chin and cheeks. It was sweet like candy but had a bitter, dry taste like alcohol. She licked it up as fast as she could. Finally it slowed and stopped, but not before it had practically drenched her.

She sat up in the passenger’s seat, holding up her hands like she was afraid to touch anything with them. Ethan’s cum dripped from her fingers and her chin. Ethan and Carrie were both looking at her, waiting for her to speak. She smiled, revealing perfect white teeth covered with cum.

“I never let a guy cum in my mouth before,” Debbie said. Neither Ethan nor Carrie knew what to say until Debbie started laughing. Then they laughed along with her.

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