Fashion Love and Sex

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I would like to extend my million thanks to my editor William D. Harris who volunteered to edit my first short story “Fashion Love and Sex” for this site.


Being a fashion designer I have a keen grasp of the human anatomy. Looking at the guy below my car, I knew it was Roberto. Not only because of his protruding muscular legs, I have become familiar with his bulging crotch. I knew that not all men have this prominent bulge even if their penis was not excited. Perhaps Roberto was not aware that he was well-endowed in this department.

He eased his creeper out from under my car and stood up. “I’m sorry that I hadn’t finished the preventive maintenance I’m doing with your car, my dear Sophia. Off hand, I thought it was only a simple clutch problem. It turned out that your clutch was already worn-out. We have to replace it.”

“But I really need my car today, Roberto. I have a fashion show for a very important client and most of my finest creations are still in my flat across the river.”

“No problem, my dear. You can use my courtesy car with a matching handsome chauffeur to drive you,” he pointed at a sleek, silver Lamborghini parked outside his shop.

“I offered to swap my Lamborghini for this vintage Rolls Royce of yours the first time I overhauled its’ engine. I love you, and I really am concerned for your safety, my darling.”

“Oh, that is so sweet of you. How I wish I could believe you.”

“But why not, my darling?” He wiped his hands on his denim overalls and took my hand. Using his tongue and teeth, he softly teased its fleshy part.

And before I could avoid him he held my face and kissed me.

I closed my eyes when his kiss deepened and his warm tongue sought mine. I gasped and trembled with excitement. These simple kisses turned me on.

I felt his stiffening member pressing through his denim overalls. He ground it on my light cotton frock sending shock-waves through me.

I was tempted to do the same to him. “Oh, Roberto, please, stop,” I tried to push him away but he hugged me tighter, his strong arms crushing me to his hard body.

“Sophia, my darling, I want you. I love you.”

Goose bumps ran through my whole body as his words tried to register in my mind. I wanted to believe him; but I witnessed how one of his woman customer flirted with him when I drove in the other day. He also kissed her.

They even entered his private office and closed the door.

“Let your man pick me up at 8:00,” I said dismissing any false hope of his love for me. “Our presentation will start at 10:00 and I don’t want to be late.”

At exactly 9:00, his service car was at my carport. I took all my finished creations and dumped them on the back seat.

I got in the car without looking at my driver and gave him directions to our studio office.

My show started punctually and without any snag. My models were very professional and cooperative. My creations were original and I can see that Lisandro Rossi, one of the best couturiers in Italy’s largest house of fashion liked all of it. He even brought with him two more designers from one of the less prestigious houses of fashion in Florence.

When my show ended, Lisandro commented, “I like your innovation for this year’s summer lines, Sophia. But frankly, I do not like the fabrics you used. My house does not incorporate cheap textiles in our creations. I hope you’re aware that our customers are mostly very rich jet-setters.”

“My partner, Alberto Bellandi will agree to change to your required rich textiles, Lisandro. Your show is still a month from now. We still have enough time to finish our clothes to conform to your specifications.”

“Okay. Alberto is our jeweller who loaned some of his gems to our models. I’ll give you another chance. Just message me when you are ready and I hope you’ll be able to satisfy our specific requirements.”

When they left, I hurried back to the car. Its’ tinted windows were closed. The car door was not locked.

I was surprised to find my chauffeur playing with his stiff dick while listening on his phone with his eyes closed.

I slammed the door and sat beside him. He just continued jerking. The animated look in his face and the swipe of his tongue on his lips showed he was enjoying the conversation. He sighed and grunted and masturbated faster till he came. “Goodness, gracious, my girl can really blow my head when we fuck, even over the phone!” he exclaimed. It was only then that he opened his eyes and smiled. He did not even try to cover his huge throbbing manhood. It bobbed its rosy head, awash with his milky cum as he continued to slowly stroke it.

I remember Roberto’s aroused prick inside his denim over-all which he rubbed on me hours ago. It must be larger if not as large as the driver’s had looked. I blushed when I recalled the lusty feelings I had watching him jack off and cum all over the dash.

I looked at my driver. He was already zipping his fly. He winked and smiled mischievously at me. He started the car’s engine güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and drove out of the parking lot. “Whereto?”

“Let’s get back to my apartment. Does your boss know what you’re doing inside this car when you’re driving a customer?” I blurted.

“Masturbating as I talked with my girl? What’s wrong with that? Roberto fucks his ladies wherever and whenever he can get them to,” he said with his now deep husky voice.

“Are you sure Roberto really fucked his women customers?” the mere thought of it had made me jealous.

“Why don’t you ask him? Aww, yes he indulges them with his big fat, monster of a dick. That is part of his customer service, you know. That keeps them returning not only for the repair of their cars, but to have him fuck them with that big cock as well. Why, hasn’t he fucked you yet?” I blushed when he looked at me with his cold grey eyes.

True to Roberto’s words he was a handsome young man. Beautiful grey eyes, straight nose, firm lips and square jaw with a cleft chin. His arms have just enough muscles barely bulging when he shifted gear. He had a rather small well sculpted chest which shows in his tight shirt. His hips were well defined. He must be a beautifully sculpted guy without clothes.

I forced his image from my mind. I tried to concentrate on the changes to the line I showed Lisandro. I have a lot to do. I would have to search for new textiles that will cost more money. I just hope Alberto will approve of the additional costs.

Thinking of him, my cell phone vibrated.

It was Alberto, my partner and financier. “How did it go, my lovely swan?” he asked without preamble.

I told him that the presentation was a success. “But Lisandro wanted us to use the costly fabrics which their house uses.”

“I have great faith in you, Sophia. If that is what they require, go for it.” I was happy that Alberto had easily approved the changes.

My driver stopped the car. We were already at my carport.

“Did Roberto tell you up to how late you can drive for me?” I asked him.

“He told me as long as your car’s at the shop.”

“And when will my car’s repair be finished?”

He shrugged.

“Let’s get inside for a while. I’ll have to do some checking on my projects, and then we can go over to my textile supplier,” I prepared to get out of the car gathering my things with me.

“Where is that?” he asked.


I opened my apartment when he replied. “Sorry, but I cannot drive you to Prato. That is way too far. I have to go to school after lunch. Roberto will assign somebody to drive for you the rest of the day. I’ll return to the shop and inform him.” Without waiting for my answer, he backed the car out of the carport and drove away.

I decided to freshen-up before working. I showered and changed to a more comfortable sleeveless cotton full skirted dress in sea-scroll black.

I had not yet finished calculating the amount of fabrics I needed for my designs when Roberto knocked at the door and entered my apartment. I was surprised to see him. He was now wearing a clean pair of denim pants and a form-fitting white Calvin Klein shirt.

He looked so clean and had taken a bath. He smelled of rich musky “Atelier” cologne and looked extremely rugged and masculine.

The mere sight of him made my heart beat faster. I was already secretly in love with him since that first day he had serviced my car, but I kept it to myself. Except for those occasional hugs and light kisses, he never showed any real interest in me. He always said: “I love you, my darling,” which is like a way of greeting for him.

“I thought you’d send another driver,” I stammered.

“My mechanic is working on your car. Clutch is his expertise, so I am free to drive you wherever you wanted to go,” he smiled while approaching me.

I stood up to welcome him.

He threw his strong arms around me and kissed me deeply. He tasted and smelled so sweet. The pent-up yearnings I’ve kept for him so long simply forced me to respond. My mind has given way to my heart. I was lost in my love for him I wanted the feel of his body against mine. I returned his kisses hotly.

“Oh, Roberto.” I might be wrong to think that what he was doing to me now was only lust but I didn’t care anymore. All I felt was that I love him so much. And I wanted him to be mine even just for only today.

I hugged him tightly; afraid that if I didn’t, he would simply vanish. I could already feel his arousal. I ground my belly against his monstrous shaft. I felt him doing the same to me.

His hand moved up my back; adeptly loosening my cotton tank’s back buttons one by one. He unhooked my bra and with my dress let them fall at my feet in a heap. My exposed breasts and upturned pink nipples swelled as his eyes gazed at them. Both hardened as he passed his palm over my two peaks.

“Beautiful. I’ve dreamed about this, my darling: touching and kissing your beautiful breasts.” his fingertips played with my areoles güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri while his eyes hypnotized me into such sweet oblivion.

“I’ve been longing for this moment too, my Roberto.” I panted. “Never in my wildest dreams had I thought that all of my fantasies about you could come true.”

He looked into my eyes and replied in disbelief. “Is it true that we’ve been sharing the same dream, my darling? Ah, but fate has a way of fulfilling it. I am yours now. Would you truly be mine today and for always?”

“Yes. Yes. Now and for always, my love.” I sought his lips and sealed what I pronounced with a kiss.

He responded with a deep soul-gripping kiss. When he released my lips he lowered his mouth to my screamingly hyper sensitive nipples. He sucked them one after the other sending tremors through me. I grasped his head and hugged him tightly to my breast. “Oh Roberto, you’re driving me crazy,” I whispered.

With shaking fingers I removed his shirt. I wanted to feel his warm skin against my hands. My hands roamed his chest and closed in on his nipples. As he sighed I looked up into his face. His eyes were closed as his nostrils flared and relaxed with unspoken satisfaction.

I sought his nipples with my mouth. I closed my teeth in one and played it with my tongue. He gasped and groaned tightening his hold on my head. I alternately played with his brown nipples with my teeth and tongue. “Oh my darling,” he moaned. “You’re killing me softly.”

Knowing he was enjoying what I was doing, I bit his nipples harder. I could no longer control my excitement by just teasing him. I ran my fingers up and down his back almost burying my nails in his skin just to suppress my desire of having him enter me then and there.

He sighed and hugged me tighter.

He grasped and squeezed my ass with one hand and with the other he lightly massaged my belly moving down to my hairy mound. His fingers sought my vagina. His forefinger went deep inside, while his other fingers drew small rings around the soft, pinkish red lips of my labia and pressed slowly down under toward my ass. I almost screamed at him to fuck me but it seems Roberto was too engrossed in what he was doing.

Roberto released me and held me at arm’s length and stared lovingly at my nakedness. “You are more beautiful than I could have imagined. You’re so lovely my sweetheart.” He smiled and began planting soft, fleeting kisses on my face, moving down to my neck. I gasped as his soft moustache and hot tongue tickled every part of me that it touched.

He nibbled at the softness of my breasts and suckled my right upturned nipple alternating with my left rosy blood filled and sensitive peak. He lingered for a while on my boobs suckling them hungrily like a baby.

“Oh, Roberto. Please, please. . .”

I did not know the words to tell him how I really felt. I was lost in my lust needing and wanting him to enter me right then, and fuck me. But I seriously enjoyed what he was doing to me. “Please don’t stop,” was what I just uttered and pleaded.

When I could no longer bear the sensation of his suckling, I tried to push his head away to stop his torturing kisses. But he misinterpreted my unspoken wish and kissed and licked at the skin down across my belly till he slid his tongue in my vaginal crease just above my clitoris. I jumped, from the sensation of his tongue finally tasting me and touching my cunt. He sucked and licked his way through the swath of matted cunt hairs on my pubic mound and down along the outer labia to my ass. He sought and bit the soft pink lips of my vulva causing me to suddenly shiver. His forefinger and thumb pried open the lips of my cunt and his tongue slipped up against and around and fondled my clit. He plunged his tongue to my pussy’s entrance and around all its inner secrets. Secrets so ancient, and mysterious to a man that he was mesmerized by the open wanting impression of my gaping throbbing, pulsing, seeping, tongue red, cock hungry pussy.

“Oh Roberto, I love you.” I cried softly. I ground my butt against his head as his tongue kept sliding in and out of my cunt. I opened my legs wider to give him more access to my clitoris. I almost fainted when his tongue and his fore finger trusted in and out of my inner lips and further into my vagina. He kissed and bit both my inner and outer labia. His tongue sent me to heightened plane of excruciation wanting for him to enter me with his engorged, upright, stiff and throbbing shaft. I moaned and thrashed meeting his fingers and mouth unashamedly.

Sensing that I was enjoying the teasing of his mouth and fingers, he raised my two legs onto his shoulder and attacked my clitoris anew, lapping at it, sucking it and biting tenderly, swiping his tongue at its pink surrounding flesh. He removed his fingers from my gash and with both hands sought and tormented my nipples. He tweaked and ground them with his fingers while continuing his attack at my opening with his lips and tongue.

“Oh Roberto, please, take me, now.” I moaned güvenilir bahis şirketleri when the tremor of my first orgasm hit me. Weakened and spent, I lay on the carpet and raised my sweet hot spot to push my pulsing, seeping pussy to his probing tongue.

“O my dear one, let me take you inside me now,” I moaned desperately.

I unbuckled his belt and pushed his zipper down. My hand brushed at his swollen cock.

He quickly pushed his pants and his briefs down and out sprang his monstrous heavy blood engorged cock. I swallowed hard when I saw it the first time. The sight caused my saliva to flow as freely as my cunt juice was flowing. It must be ten inches long, its reddish, bulbous head enormous. Very threatening and ominous, I still wanted to swallow it from the minute I first saw it standing hard and pointing upward. The end of his erect cock while he was standing was even with the top of his navel. I could hardly stand the anticipation of what that rigid and proud cock would feel like filling me from my ass to way up past my uterus.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me with your mean and angry looking cock, Roberto.” I repeated over and over in a low mumbled voice.


In my room at night I had been fantasizing about its size and how it would look. I even dreamed of licking it, taking it in my mouth, swallowing it. I had imagined him moving his large, slippery hot pre cum smeared shaft, up and down my throat, forcing it as deep as he could reach. I would cum by myself while picturing me fondling his firm heavy hanging hairy balls. The possibility of masturbating him till his fertile wiggling sperm spurted out. Licking it. Swallowing it all. I loved that dream and had hoped for it to recur for months now. I could even imagine his cock getting harder yet again as I licked his cum from his body and cock.

Now, it was all mine to behold.


“O, Roberto,” I held his throbbing sword to my face and rained tender wet kisses all over its red head. It smelled so sweet and no trace of the bad smell of the male parts my friends were always telling about their boyfriends’ phallus. There was already a little dew at its little mouth and I licked it clear and licked it again. And yet again.

When I looked up at him, his eyes were closed, his teeth gnashing with unspoken enjoyment of what I was doing.

I continued with my loving of his dick. It seemed to gain more meat and have gotten larger as it stiffened. I got it cup to my mouth and found out that I could take it easily past the head. I slowly attacked a length of its shaft in and out slowly licking and stroking him with my tongue and hand till I felt it deep in my throat. I masturbated him with my tongue while it was in my mouth, sucking it deliberately. Roberto’s breathing became harsh and he groaned my name. “Sophia, darling, you are torturing me with what you are doing.”

I became more inspired sucking him seeing how much he was also enjoying it. I licked his penis from its swollen head down along its shaft, fondling his balls, massaging its hairy skin. I sucked his balls in through his scrotums lax skin and bit both of them tenderly.

“I’ve been dreaming of holding your penis for so long, thinking and imagining what it would look like. And I never expected it would be so huge.”

“You can enjoy it now my darling. Do whatever it pleases you to do. I am all yours. Did you know that I also dream of you almost every hour of the day? Just thinking of you makes me so horny all the time. I always stopped working and masturbated as I dreamed holding you in my arms, my shaft inside your sheath,” he said between deep breaths of air.

“Then why did you made us wait this long. I’ve been longing for you to love me too. Actually, since we first met. You are the most wonderful person to come into my life.”

My mouth left his shaft and balls still holding them in one hand and I sought his lips.

We kissed furiously. I grasped at his butt and tried to get him to insert his penis in my pussy. I desperately wanted him inside me. He saddled me on his lap and kissed my breasts.

But I can no longer bear his tormenting mouth. I wanted his monstrous cock to enter on my vagina. I placed his huge penis at my pussy entrance and ever so slowly sat on it. It sank painstakingly slowly inside me. The searing pain I feared did not shoot through my body as something inside me broke. I felt elated! I almost lost my breath when his penis passed the barrier of my broken hymen. He noticed it when I bit my lower lip. “My dearest one, am I hurting you?”

He started to ease his penis from my vaginal sheath. But I firmly held onto his butt when he tried to unsheathe his penis from my crease. “No, please. Just go on. Don’t stop now, it hurts so good! Please Roberto, do not stop until you cannot push in any farther.”

Ever so steadily, gripping my waist, he raised me up along his shaft of steel. I felt his sword slipping in my sheath. “Please don’t take your dick out of my pussy. I have waited too long to be apart this quickly.”

He just pushed in again while our coupling continued. I bit my lip as I felt that glorious feeling of having all of him inside me. I cried and sobbed at his neck. “Oh Roberto, you have given me the best experience of my life. You are very hot against my vaginas walls, I love this feeling.”

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