Father’s Birthday Ch. 01

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All characters are above the age of 18.


Jack Wilkenson was not an overly muscular man but just enough that others thought of him as a wet dream. With jet black hair, a face shaved smooth. he was a very handsome man. Standing at 5’10”. He has been married for 25 years now. Has 4 children. The oldest is Shandra, who looks just like her mother with dirty blond hair, full breasts, is 5’6”, and is 22 years old. Next is Alexis, with brown hair, small breasts, is also 5’6”, and is 20 years old. Then there is Alex who also has brown hair, brown eyes, is 5’10”, and is 20 years old being Alexis twin. Finally, there is Jake. The youngest. With dirty blond hair, brown eyes a surfer body, and is 5’9”. At nineteen he is also a wet dream.

One day Jack had been sitting at home, lounging n the couch flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch and get past his anger. You see today is his 45th birthday and while that may seem in significant it happens to be the day he first met his wife 27 years ago. And she forgot and went on a spa weekend with their two daughters. His oldest son was also at his girlfriend’s place and wasn’t at home. His youngest son was casino siteleri still asleep upstairs. The main problem with his wife being gone was the fact that he was very horny and wanted to take care of it right then but couldn’t.

He thought to himself if Jake was awake then maybe they could have a movie marathon so he can get past the horniness. So he got up from his spot on the couch and went to go see if Jake was awake. As he opened the door he saw that the lights were still off and that the only light that was coming into the room was from the window curtains that weren’t shut all the way. As he approached the bed to wake up his son he noticed that the covers were completely off his son and he was only wearing his briefs and had a morning hard-on. As he took in his son’s morning wood, his hand started sliding down to caress his own hard-on.

Starting to massage his dick through his sweatpants he thought to himself that this is son and he shouldn’t be doing this. But as he took another look at the body before him he couldn’t help the lust and started to massage his dick. Deciding that it wasn’t going to any harm he pulled down his sweatpants and started to stroke canlı casino his 10-inch dick masturbating next to his son’s bed. Right there his eyes swept over the body and couldn’t help the thoughts of fucking his son that came into his mind. The more they came the closer he got. Then as the last one of him shooting his seed into his son came into mind he started cumming right there on his son’s clothes that were on the floor.

When he finished he stuffed his cock back into his pants with it still semi-hard. Just as he was walking out of the room after flipping the cum covered clothes onto another pile, he heard his son Jake starting to stir. As he shut the door behind him he started planning the rest of the day out for him and his son, since he was still horny and wanted to actually fuck something.

Walking to the bathroom he cleaned his hands from his orgasm. After that he started walking to the basement. Down there was a padlocked room that held all the bdsm toys that he and his wife use everytime they are home alone. flipping the switch on he walked around and started making sure that everything was in place for when he brought his son down here. The vibrators kaçak casino were on a tray on a table against the wall. the butt plugs and dildo’s of all sizes were next to the vibrators. Hanging on the wall were various restraints for both hands and feet. On another table was an assortment of gags. on one side of the room there was a table that had restraints securely fasten to the table. On another side there is a swing fasten to the ceiling with straps for the arms and the legs.

Pulling out the dust rag he grabbed on the way down he started washing everything down to get rid of all the dust for his plans for his son. Just as he was setting the lube on the counter for he easy access he heard a grunt that signified that his son was now awake. He had also probably taken care of that morning wood thinking that there was no one in the silent house. So with Jack grabbing the last thing he would need. He went upstairs leaving the door unlocked and started fixing some food knowing him and his son were about to have a long day. With the rest of the food settled he grabbed the tub of orange juice and put a glass together for his son. then taking from his pocket a 30 minute sleeping pill that he got from the basement and grinding it up into the orange juice. While grabbing apple juice for himself so as not to confuse the glasses.

Now all he had to do was wait for his son to come downstairs and his plan would be put onto motion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20