Feasting on the Cheerleader

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Judy Apple squeezed her thighs happily against the cheeks of Mr. Radford, her English teacher. She stroked his balding head with soft touches of her fingers, urging him on to milk one more cum from her hot pussy.

He was such a lamb, she thought, as she cooed to him, “Oh. That feels so good. Yesss. Oh Goodness. I just love the way you lick my clit while you suck it in and out of your mouth. It is so exciting. I’m going to cum soon. Can you tell?””

Radford moaned in pleasure as he listened to the sultry voice of this sexy eighteen-year-old cheerleader. He put his hands to her thighs, hugging them even more tightly against his head. His eyes closed to better allow him to concentrate on Judy’s savory clit,

He could tell she was about to cum and it gave him more pleasure to have her cum all over his face than anything else he had experienced for some time. He thrilled as she fucked at his face when she was about to come, the forceful way she held his mouth to her pussy, the tightening of her thighs against his cheeks.

Judy’s body began to tingle. She licked her lips in excited anticipation of another exciting orgasm. “Put your fingers into my pussy now, Mr. Radford. I’m going to cum soon.”

Radford did as he was told and nearly shot his wad when he felt this hot teen girl’s vagina grip and release his fingers. God. He loved the way her hot pussy pulled at and squeezed his fingers.

Judy sighed. It had been so easy to get Radford’s head between her thighs. Men, she thought, seemed to think only with what was below their belt, which is very nice for me.

She had begun her campaign to get Radford where he was at the beginning of her senior year. She had turned eighteen in August. Judy had been very ill as a child and did not enter school until she was seven and so was among the oldest of her class. She had felt self-conscious about being a year behind for years, but her burgeoning sexually and the attention she received changed that.

Her body developed earlier than her contemporaries and she loved the attention she got from both boys and men. It really turned her on to produce a hardon. It was so easy, a little look up her skirt, bending over to show the curve of her tits. That was all it took.

She decided at the beginning of her senior year that she was going to cash in on her sexy body. Years of necking and petting had tuned her sexual charms and she was ready for the big time.

She liked having boys suck on her tits and masturbate her but rebelled at their attempt to fuck her without giving in return. They all seemed so think all girls wanted to do was suck a boy’s cock and have him put his dick into their pussies.

Boys were astounded when she told them they could fuck her if they got her off first with their mouth. The typical response was spoken or unspoken but it went much the same. “What? Stick my face down their into that smelly hole? A couple of boys were willing to get down and give her pussy a swipe with their tongue but that was as far as they were willing to go.

And so Judy was still a virgin when she turned eighteen and determined to change that, and use one of her teachers. Men, she had decided were more mature about pussy eating and Radford was the natural choice.

He qualified on several counts. He was a bachelor, not too old and not too young. His eyes had zeroed in on her crotch the moment she sat down in his class and they returned every time she shafted in her seat. She had him hard before the first class ended.

By the time the first semester was coming to a close it seemed she was able to get him erect just by sitting down in her seat in his classroom.

Radford’s favorite class was in creative writing. Judy had signed up for it because she needed an elective and it fit her schedule. It was the last class period of the day.

It was fun to write. Judy discovered that she had an aptitude for putting words on paper. Radford assigned them to write a five hundred to 1000 word paper each week. It could be fiction, an essay, a story for a newspaper, anything a student wanted to write.

The students loved the class and Radford’s careful and supportive comments. He went over each paper with great care, using a red pen to make comments, suggestions, and corrections. Everything was positive with him; his comments were made in a way that students saw as help, not negative criticism.

Radford made his students promise not to use spelling and grammar checking programs. “How can you learn to write if you do not know how to put a sentence together?”

His pet peeve was what he called the Dumbing Down of America: cashiers no longer needed to know how to make change, clerks no longer knew the merchandise they sold, only how to ring up the sale. No one knew how to spell or create a sentence that was correct grammatically.

“You are going to learn to write in this class, not simply punch a button on a computer.”

His reputation was legend and this was the most popular class in the English Department. Judy casino siteleri felt lucky to get into the class. And his interest in her crotch was a bonus. She knew from the first day she was going to give Radford a lesson.

Besides wearing the shortest skirt the school’s policy allowed and crossing and uncrossing her legs as often as she could, Judy kept the top buttons of her blouse undone, especially when Radford walked around the class when the students were taking a quiz, which they did every week.

Bent over her desk, wearing a push up bra, Judy presented him with a very good view of her firm teen breasts. Her pussy pulsed when she heard his footsteps coming up behind her. She squeezed her thighs together excitedly when he leaned over her shoulder, carefully checking what she was writing but Judy knew he was checking out her breasts.

Toward the end of the semester she judged that Radford was ready for her next, more direct move. The beauty of it was that she did not have to leave school to get what she wanted. Radford, as head of the department, was the only member of the English faculty to have his own private office. And Judy planned to have a very private meeting in that office.

It was located next to the classroom and accessed through a connecting door as well as from a door in the hall.

Judy began the start of her seduction innocently enough. “May I stay after class and speak with you, Mr. Radford?”

“Of course, Judy. I have nothing planned this afternoon and no other student needs my attention.”

“How can I help you Judy?” he asked as she stood next to his desk after class.

Judy put a frown on her face. “It’s my skirt, Mr. Radford.”

A puzzled look on his face, Radford looked at her skirt, enjoying for the umpteenth time the sight of her well-shaped legs and thighs nicely displayed under her tight denim skirt.

“I don’t understand.”

Judy sighed, letting her bosom rise and fall under the thin material of her partially unbuttoned blouse. She had taken off her bra before coming into the classroom and her nipples were standing out stiffly under the thin cloth of her blouse. She bit her lip as she explained.

“Miss Clauson says my skirt is too short, that I need to wear longer skirts to school.”

Clauson was the vice principal and in charge of keeping discipline in the school. She enforced the dress code strictly.

Radford looked at the hemline of Judy’s skirt again, his dick beginning to rise at the sight of her succulent thighs. He sighed deeply as he looked up at Judy’s expectant face.

“I don’t see a problem, Judy. Your skirt looks the required two inches above the knee.”

“You don’t think I am displaying too much? I know when I sit down I have to be careful my skirt does not ride up and, ah, you know expose…”

Radford shook his head before she could finish. He loved it when Judy sat down and crossed her legs, giving him a good view of the crotch of her panties. God forbid that Judy would wear a longer skirt.

Without thinking, expressing what was on his mind, he told her. “Judy you have a great pair of legs and it would be a shame to cover them up.”

Judy smiled at Radford. “You really like my legs? You wouldn’t mind if my skirt were shorter. Say, like this?”

As she finished speaking Judy pulled on he waistband of her skirt, pulling the hem up a couple more inches.

Radford swallowed as her thighs came more into view. He stared at her shapely thighs, mesmerized by their youthful beauty.

“Not in the least, Judy. Even more would be fine with me. It is a shame a girl has to hide something so pretty.”

Judy smiled to herself, knowing she was almost there. She tugged a little more on the waistband of her skirt, pulling the hem up so that it was barely covering the crotch of her panties. “Is this about what you would like?”

Radford licked his lips. “Yes. That would be very nice.”

Judy leaned over, allowing Bradford to look down her blouse. She knew he could see her breasts to her nipples.

She gave a light pretend slap to his face. “You are very naughty, Mr. Radford. And I like it that you are naughty. You would probably like it if my skirt was this short.”

She stood up, a smile on her face as she raised her skirt so he could see her tiny bikini panties. Judy had selected them very carefully. They were black, lacy black. When she had looked at herself in the mirror when she dressed she liked the way her pussy was outlined behind the lace and the way the tiny crotch barely covered her pussy lips.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Radford started to get up from his chair and Judy knew the magic of the moment was on the cusp of being lost.

“Mr. Radford is giving me a test. Please go away and let me concentrate.”

She smiled at Radford as she finished and the relief on his face and the way his eyes refocused on her panties let her know she had saved the day.

Radford could not believe what was happening. He shouldn’t be alone with canlı casino this girl who was showing him the crotch of her panties, but he could not keep himself for staring at her.

God. I can see the outline of her pussy lips and her pubic hair matted against the thin cloth of her panties. His cock jerked in his pants as he stared.

He licked his lips and as he stared at the bikini that barely covered this hot teen pussy his mind was filled with memories of Elsa Slosky. Elsa, dear Elsa. He mowed her lawn when he was a teen boy and one hot day, sweaty from his work, Elsa invited him inside. “Take a shower,” she told him giving him a robe.

What followed was every teen boy’s dream. Elsa, that day and every day that summer taught him more about making love than he knew existed. He licked his lips as he stared at Judy’s panties, In his mind he could feel Elsa’s hot pussy pressed to his mouth.

Her voice startled him out of his trance.

“Oh. You are so naughty the way you look at me. I think this is the skirt length you would like. May we go into your office, Mr. Radford? It would be more private there and we would not be interrupted.”

“Ah. Ah. Yes. That’s a good idea Judy. Yes. More private.” Radford kept his eyes on Judy’s ass as she swiveled her way in front of him into his private office.

His mind was racing, confused, tormented by sexual desire and fear for what he was doing. He should not have even responded when Judy asked about her skirt and certainly not stared at her as she kept raising her skirt.

But, God almighty. She had the nicest legs he had ever seen and her pussy was right there behind the crotch of those thin panties. He sat on the couch along the wall.

Judy’s voice dragged him away from his fearful thoughts.

“May I sit down, Mr. Radford?”

“Of course Judy.”

Radford’s mouth fell open when Judy sat on his lap. She put her cheek next to his and whispered into his ear, her warm breath fanning the sexual fire she had started. “You are so very naughty, the way you look at me. You really turn me on.”

Judy stoked the fires more when she took his hand and put it to her crotch. “Feel how hot I am. I’ve wanted you to touch me for so long.”

Radford felt as if his hand was on fire. Without thinking, he rubbed at the tiny bikini panties, feeling the wetness there, knowing Judy was telling the truth. She was hot. He licked his lips excitedly and closed his eyes, savoring the moment.

Judy spread her legs to give him greater access to her pussy. Her pussy dripped her lovejuice down her hot channel as his fingers raised her sexual temperature. She quietly unbuttoned her blouse and took Radford’s head in her hands.

He opened his eyes and found himself staring at Judy’s breasts. His mouth fell open and then was filled with one of her breasts as Judy’s fingers moved his mouth to a nipple.

“Oh. That feels so good. I just knew it would, that you know how to please a girl.”

Radford was now lost and he knew it. There was no turning back. He would lose his job and license to teach if this came out but his mind was focused only on this sexy teen girl, her hot crotch and full, firm breasts.

He sucked and licked at Judy’s breast, suckling like a baby on its mother’s teat. The feel of this firm yet yielding tit in his mouth, the erect nipple sliding in and out between his lips, his hand massaging the wet panties of this sexy girl were a dream come true.

From the moment Judy had entered his class and sat in a front seat, her luscious body there right in front of him he knew he was lost. He had been teaching for fifteen years and never been tempted before, even when, seven years ago, one girl who was failing made a pretty direct offer of sex for a grade.

But Judy was different. She exuded an air of sexuality. And he caught the whiff of it and could not get her out of his mind. He would masturbate at night with his mind filled the sight of her bikini panties and full breasts.

Now he was where he had only dreamed of being. His cock came fully erect as Judy squirmed on his lap, adding fuel to the fire that was consuming him.

“Ummm. I’m getting really hot. Your hand and mouth are going to make me cum soon.”

Radford was roused even more by her declaration. Oh, no, he thought as he withdrew his hand from her crotch. I have to feel it, to taste her when she comes.

Judy was startled when Radford, his eyes almost pleading, begged her, “Please take off your skirt and panties and lay on the couch. I have to taste you when you cum.”

A smile of absolute satisfaction spread across Judy’s face. She twisted a little as she arose from his lap, adding a little more sexual tenstion as her firm buns rubbed across his hardon.

“Of course I will,” she told him as she undid her skirt and pulled off her panties. Lying on the couch, she propped one leg on the couch. One foot was on the floor.

Radford almost dived between her inviting thighs, his mouth fastening itself on her dripping kaçak casino pussy. A sigh escaped his lips when he felt the soft, warm skin of her lips inside his mouth.

Judy gasped as he licked and sucked at her pussy lips, waves of passion pouring over her body. She had imagined what it would be like to have a man’s mouth on her pussy and Radford’s mouth exceeded all her expectations.

Without thinking of what she was doing, she raised her foot from the floor and put her thighs against his cheeks. It felt so good to have his head between her thighs, his mouth on her slit, his tongue sliding between her heated lips, dipping into her vagina.

“Ahhhhh..Wow! That is awesome, Mr. Radford. I never imagined anything could feel so good.”

Judy’s voice acted as a goad to Radford, already lost in the sexuality of this horny teen girl. He sucked on her vaginal opening and drove his tongue in and out of her, loving the feel of her soft muscular vaginal walls.

Judy tightened her vaginal muscles as she had so often around the large carrot that became her favorite dildo. She liked the carrot because it was ridged and the ridges increased the excitement of her masturbation.

No carrot however compared to Radford’s tongue; alive, hot, full of the sexual tension she knew was driving him. “Yes, fuck my pussy,” she told him, surprised that the crude words came from her mouth, but she loved saying it and told him again. “I love fucking your face and tongue.” And she did. It was a real high to have a man’s head between her thighs, his tongue driving into and out of her pussy as she raised and lowered her hips.

Radford hugged Judy’s thighs to his cheeks, redoubling his tongue fucking of her pussy. God. It had been so long since he had heard those words. Yes. He loved being where he was.

Judy slid a finger down her tummy and found her clit. She rubbed as she kept urging Radford on, her hips raising and falling, pussy her hot pussy against his face.

“Oh. I love your tongue inside me. Does it excite you to know I am fingering myself while you fuck my pussy with your tongue?”

It did. Radford almost came in his pants as he opened his eyes and saw Judy fingering herself. Her flat tummy, firm breasts tipped with swollen red nipples were so absolutely delicious to see. He wanted to lick and suck all of her.

Judy’s body began to quiver in its precum dance. Radford slid his tongue in and out of her as deeply as he could. He felt so fulfilled when Judy put her free hand behind his head, pulling his face even more tightly against her pussy.

When her cum exploded Judy closed her eyes, letting its swelling wave of sexual delight move from her pussy to her extremities. “Yeah1 Yeah! Oh that is the best.”

Her thighs fell open as she milked her orgasm with light touches of her finger. She patted Radford’s balding head and then blew him away. Raising her ass and hips, she rotated her lower body, rubbing her dripping pussy against his face. “It feels so good to rub my pussy against your face. Do you like it?”

Radford gave her a wan smile, “I do. I love the feel of your body, Judy.”

Her eyes opened wide when he dropped his head and put his mouth aground her pussy lips. Little post orgasm spasms shook her body when he sucked at her pussy, drawing her cum down her vagina and into his mouth.

God! Look at him. His eyes are closed and he looks like he is in heaven. Well. Whatever turns him on. Encouragingly, she murmured to him, “Ohhh. It feels so good to feel you suck my cum from me. So exciting.”

Having drained Judy of cum Radford slid his tongue upward between her pussy lips until he encountered her erect lovebud.

Judy’s body twitched to feel for the first time a live, warm, wet tongue licking at her clit. Her thighs involuntarily closed, holding Radford’s head between them. “Ah! Ahhhh. Yessss. Oh. Oh. That is out of sight,” she exclaimed as Radford proceeded to lick and suck her.

He put his mouth around her clit, pressing his lips against her sweet body. It felt to good to have her teen pubic hairs surrounding her clit pressed to his lips. Saliva filled his mouth and his mouth formed a dam around her clit, bathing her clit with his warm saliva.

Judy shivered as he licked at her clit, surrounded by his warm saliva. No matter how much juice she pulled from her vagina when she masturbated or what she used as a lubricant, nothing had ever felt so exciting as his warm saliva surrounding her clit.

“Ohhhhh. That feels soooo good. Ahhh. Yesss. I love your tongue licking me.” Her hands went to his head, her fingers massaging his balding head; her thighs pressed to his cheeks, signaling him how much she liked what he was doing.

Before long she was breathing hard as a second orgasm began to flow from her heated loins. She licked her lips and moaned as her pussy exploded. She leaned over and planted a kiss on his balding head, “Oh. You are so good to me.”

Radford stayed between her thighs for over an hour. Judy felt that he would have stayed through the night if she had let him but she had to get home.

Having come down from her last high, she tugged at his shoulders. “Time for you to get out of those clothes and use that thing between your legs.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20