Fed Up with Tiny Tom Ch. 03

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Cuckold short dicked hubby introduced to BBW Coworker while David Uses his manly tool on Tiny Tom’s wife.


The following week, my beautiful wife continued to put me through my paces. She no longer had to lift a finger to do any of the housework, cooking or grocery shopping, and I continued to obey her every wish, right down to wiping her dirty ass and pussy after relieving herself. I was totally owned, and she constantly reminded me of what a lesser man I was than her 20 year old lover, David.

The weekend rolled around, and my dear wife, Shannon informed me that David would be stopping by for some play time, and that he would be bringing their 28 year old co-worker, Linda Reynolds.

Naked under my apron I cleaned the house from top to bottom, then began to prepare dinner for the three of them.

When the doorbell rang, I answered, knowing it was part of my duties. David looked more magnificent than I remembered if that was possible, and standing in front of him is a short black leather mini skirt and 4 inch stiletto heels was a beautiful brunette. Even in the heels, I could tell she was only 5’1″ at the most, but she was huge, and had to weigh 275 pounds. She had huge almond shaped eyes, and the leather dress had a scooped neck showing her huge breasts. The top also were hanging her shoulders with her bare arms, and I could see thick dark patches of hair in her armpits. The beautiful woman had thick strong looking arms and legs and a look on her face like she could crush you if casino oyna you crossed her.

I stepped back to let them enter and Shannon greeted both of them with a deep open mouthed soul kiss.

Linda looked at me a slowly advanced. “So this is the little man I have heard so much about. Let’s have a look shall we?”

I looked at Shannon and David, and I knew by their expressions that I was to cooperate and would now be controlled by three people instead of just Shannon and David.

Linda lifted my paisley apron and stood back for a better view.

“Oh my God! I thought you two were lying. I didn’t think any man could be that small!”

I thought I was used to being mortified by David and Shannon, but I was ashamed and embarrassed, yet stood still so she could examine and critique my tiny little penis. She moved it slowly around like she was winding a toy propeller on a plane, and pinched my tiny ball sack causing me to shriek but remain standing still.

“Let me see if you can get the little fellow up,” she said as she moved into me for a hot moist kiss. As she probed my mouth with her tongue, she slowly stroked my little member between her thumb and forefinger, and became hard as a rock at my full 3 ¼ inches.

She broke the kiss and stepped back, looking down at my hard-on and let out another laugh.

“That is priceless! It’s so cute Shannon. You’re hubby has a baby boy pee pee.”

All three cracked up, then as the laughter died down, they stripped down for a nude dinner, which I served, then had to stand at the table, to act as waiter and cater canlı casino to their every whim.

After dinner, I was instructed to give David a full body massage as he lay on the carpet, and Shannon and Linda made out and explored each others’ bodies on the couch.

My hands moved over the huge muscular bronzed back of David, and moved to his massive arms and down his back to his chiseled ass.

“You aren’t too bad little man. Since your down at my ass, how ’bout giving me a nice deep anal massage while Linda and Shannon rock each others’ world?”

Tentatively I parted the muscular cheeks of his ass, then touched his puckered opening, moving in circles around it.

“Don’t be shy Tiny. Dive right in.”

Slowly I did as instructed and inserted an index finger into his poop hole. Then he told me to add a finger and move around to massage his prostate which I did. After ten minutes, he told me to remove my fingers which I did. I was shocked to see them lightly covered and stained with David’s poop.

The girls saw it, and Linda said “Oh Yummy! Looks like a tasty treat. Make his lick his fingers Shannon.”

I silently made a little prayer that Shannon would not make me do something so disgusting, but I was wrong and was forced to lick my two fingers clean.

David had become very aroused from his ass fucking and once again his beautiful man cock stood out proudly.

“I’m ready to go Shannon. Has Linda properly warmed up your pipes?”

“I’m hot as a firecracker stud. Bring that massive gorgeous tool over here and fuck the hell out of me.

Tom kaçak casino rose with a smile and slowly moved to my wife, spread and anxiously waiting for him. I could see her hot furry moist pussy glistening from the work over she had gotten from her large full bodied coworker.

Linda moved off the couch to make room for David, and instructed me to lie on my back. Slowly she straddled my head with her big fleshy body so her thick hairy pussy was covering my face.

“Open wide little man.”

I did as instructed, with my arms pinned by her thick tree trunk legs and a slow warm yellow stream gushed from her love canal and entered my mouth. I was instructed not to miss a drop as I continued to swallow her salty liquid for a minute and a half.

“How does it feel to be a human toilet while your wife is being fucked crazy by her lover?”

Finally Linda finished emptying her full bladder and asked if she could join in the fun on the couch. David and Shannon readily agreed and Linda moved her big body to the bottom, then spread her legs and Shannon followed suit, sitting on her lap, also with her legs spread. They were a beautiful contrast. Linda with her strong sexy body with protruding stomach and thick limbs and my gorgeous wife with her flawless muscular body. David only made it a gorgeous threesome as he moved the couch with his muscular tanned body and huge thick cock as he alternately fucked both of the beautiful women.

The unavoidable scent of sex was in the air as David pummeled and brought to multiple orgasms each sexy lady, something I could only dream about. I looked down at my neglected little cock as I watched David’s massive tool bring total pleasure to two women and knew I would only be a spectator now to three individuals having control over my life.

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