First Day at School Ch. 02

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“Please stop flattering me. I’m not even that beautiful.” The entire time, that was the statement he was waiting for. His plan was officially underway.

“Let me take you upstairs” He sweetly whispered.

She was feeling so euphoric that she floated up the stairs. The previously overwhelming prospect of registration, once Steve had broken it down seemed like a breeze. So with newly invoked enthusiasm, she carried on registration and was done, awaiting only (Bursary) BC screening and getting her (Identification card) ID which from what she had heard, was the Queen of all hustles. Atleast she had succeeded with submitting her forms in the Dran, Mr. Mulambya’s so not welcoming office. Rosetta could finally sit down. Stephen was downstairs at Oasis, waiting for her with a seemingly cold hubbly bubbly drink in his hand. How on earth did he know she was so thirsty? And how did he know she loved hubbly bubbly? He was impossibly amazing and charming. She smiled as she approached him. His eyes were affixed on her lips, sending Jitters through her when she noticed it. She loved this feeling.

“Is that for me?” she mockingly asked. Actually, it was desperation to get the drink down her throat that made her ask.

“No young lady!” He countered the joke. “This is for the prettiest lady to ever step in (The Copperbelt University) CBU and certainly that isn’t you.”

Her eyes dilated, Shocked. Touched. Jealous.

“Well, who’s the lucky girl?” She was somewhat offended. “I would like to meet her”.

“I’m afraid you can’t meet her. But if you insist, I can take you to meet her.”

She bahis firmaları wasn’t going to back out on this. She had heard about a certain beautiful girl from the school of Business at CBU. She was certain it was the same girl her charming Steve just called “most beautiful”.

“Take me to her”. She was daring.

He looked at her in surprise. She wasn’t smiling so he offered to carry the envelope in her hand and took her hand. Sparks!! Lights!! Fire!! Electricity surged through her again. She loved it. She wanted it. Gosh! There was something about his hands touching her. She gladly followed, excitement being all that she felt. They walked towards Business School. Her heart beat increased. “So he’s really serious about this girl?” She thought to herself. They bypassed Business School classes to some place written FOUNTAIN RESTAURANT. She had heard about it. Her stomach grumbled just at the thought of food. She felt embarrassed but Steve was focussed on taking her to the most beautiful girl at CBU from the School of Business.

Once at fountain, Steve asked her what she would like to eat.

“I’ll eat what you’ll eat”. It was only after she had said that, that she realized she sounded flirty. Steve just smiled and went to the counter. In a short while. He was back with two prepacked meals in a plastic bag with one drink.

“Lets go you meet the girl then we can eat from my room.” There are too many divers here.

“What?” she didn’t understand what he meant by divers although she was for the idea of not eating from such a crowded place. “What are divers?” She asked but he just laughed and kaçak iddaa brushed it off.

They reached the hostels and had to climb up to the last floor. L311 was the number on the room.

She felt awkwardly uncomfortable. She had never been to a guy’s room, especially not a stranger. Sensing this, he halted his opening of the door. He inserted the key, then sternly looked into her eyes. Beauty defined.

“The most beautiful girl at CBU is inside. She’s alone. I’m sorry but she’s a little prettier than you”. Ouch. That was personal now. There was a bit of awkward silence. Rosetta was offended. She wanted to see this same beautiful girl. What was the girl doing in his room, locked inside? She was done!

Without warning, she twisted the key and pushed the door wide open. Her eyes entering the room before the door could fully open like she was trying to catch the girl offguard. The door opened. The room was empty but notably neat and smelling fresh. STEEEEEEVE!!

“You may come in…ha ha”. He was simply amazing. She followed after him. He got her bag, her envelope and put everything together with the food on a desk that was ontop of a two plate cooker stove. He did not let go of the hubbly bubbly. She was still standing because he had not offered her where to sit. On the right hand wall, there was a very large mirror. She could see her whole body. She couldn’t help admire how well her new outfit looked on her. Steve walked upclose behind her. Too close she felt his breath on her skin when he spoke, pointing at the mirror. There is the most beautiful girl I was talking about. Unconsciously kaçak bahis she looked. Then it clicked. So all this while it was her he was talking about. She was melting. She felt so flattered, tears were knocking on her eyes. She closed her eyes to prevent her tears from coming out. She couldn’t believe this was really happening. Stephen held her close.

Her heart jumped. The feeling was indescribable. She wanted to resist being held but she laid her head on his chest as they stood facing the mirror.

“Rosetta”, he whispered. His voice was so close to her ear it sent shivers of excitement down her spine. Her eyes were still closed. Stephen’s hands were wrapped around her, just beneath her upper body.

“Stephen”, she replied as she put her hands ontop of his, slightly stroking them. They could both feel each other’s heart beats.

“You are unbelievably beautiful”. His voice was so smooth and romantic. As he spoke, he intentionally bit her ear. Explosions!! Sweet explosions burned within her. Her inner goddess was already pleading. She felt feelings she had never felt before. She could not say anything but his name. She wanted him to continue.


He licked her ear lobe. Oh yes!! Her breathing quickened. Her eyes were still closed. His hands were on her belly, lovingly moving to and fro as if looking for something.

“Oh Stephen”…

He turned her around. She opened her, by now, red eyes. She saw nothing but love in his eyes. She looked at his lips then at his eyes. He deeply breathed, moving his face closer. She too, was leaning in. she could feel the gap closing. She could feel his hands pass behind her back. Her eyes closed. His eyes closed. Her lips parted. His lips slightly parted. This was it then. This was Rosetta. This was Stephen and this was THE COPPERBELT UNIVERSITY.

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