First Taste of Yoga

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(A special thanks to PrincessLeigha, for her patient editing of my story)


She was a virgin to our Hot Yoga Flow class. We turn the heat turned up 90+ degrees, and she was having a difficult time with it.

Although I’m not the instructor, I have subbed for her before while she was away and I often help those that struggle so they don’t slow down our big class (30+ people). I also do personal training, but I’m picky about who I work with since it pays much less than my ‘day job’ (in other words, no ‘rich bitches’).

Beth is typical of a young, in-shape woman. They usually think that since they can run a couple of miles they can just jump right in the first time and keep up and they can’t; especially in the heat. It is great for detoxification, but difficult to get used to.

Less than a half hour into class, Beth got a leg cramp and I pulled her off to the corner to work it out. Anyone that has had a personal trainer knows we can get hands-on but neither of us minded, and she quickly got loose and we rejoined everyone else.

She came to a few more workouts and did pretty well. She was still getting cramps though; which just shuts down a workout. After class one day, we chatted for a bit in the parking lot; she was so discouraged about getting leg cramps that disrupted our workouts that she was going to stop coming all together. She had been to a Doctor and ruled out vitamin deficiencies and generally had good hydration. She wasn’t sure what her problem was.

Beth asked if I would be willing to work one on one with her, so she wouldn’t be so concerned about disrupting everyone else if she continued to cramp up. I agreed to help, and the next night she came to my condo.

Not long into our first session she got a thigh cramp. I helped her work it out, then suggested that I rub her down before continuing. Since she had biker shorts on, those had to go, as her upper thighs needed to be massaged to loosen up. She took them off as I got my oils and towels, and I laid her on my mat and rubbed her calves then thighs.

When I got to her upper thighs, she spread her legs for easier access and a wet spot started to spread on her panties. As I rubbed her higher and higher and as my fingers inched to the edges of her underwear, she started breathing harder. I know the signs well and she was very close an orgasm. So I got more oil, switched upper thighs, and with both hands gripped and squeezed the muscles, thumbs slipping just under the bottom elastic of her panties.

That did it- she gasped, froze and shivered, eyes popped open wide. Then Beth rolled over, grabbed a towel and ran to the bathroom.

I gave her a few minutes, before knocking on the door and asking if she was alright. She said yes casino siteleri and then came out, looking bashful and embarrassed. I poured us some wine and we sat on the couch and talked.

That’s when she told me she was a virgin. She wasn’t attracted to guys, but was raised a strict Catholic- quite the dilemma.

She admitted that that was her first orgasm not self administered. I told her (for the sake of full disclosure) that I am bisexual but leaned more towards females. She was full of questions, but had seen enough porn to already know the answers.

I asked her if she had had enough for one night, and though she blushed, she didn’t say yes (to having enough). I got up and she did as well. I kissed her then. I slipped my tongue between her lips and she met mine with hers, doing the tongue dance. I reached for her breasts over her shirt and she did the same- copying every move I made, which became the theme for the night.

I removed her top and sports bra, she did the same to mine (sans bra). Again, we kissed, hands back to tits, each of us squeezing the other’s nipples. I slipped my hand into her panties and that’s where the ‘mirror act’ ended- she froze, which made me pause as well.

“Is everything okay?” I asked.

She nodded, but was still very tense. I gave her a quick kiss and walked to my bedroom, hoping she would follow. I was turning down the bed as she entered the room, then I took off my workout shorts leaving me naked. She took of her panties and then I took control.

I had her sit back on the bed with two big pillows behind her so she was practically sitting up. I briefly kissed her nose, licked her lips and then sucked on her left nipple while squeezing the other. Her back arched and she grabbed my head, pulling me to her.

With both hands on her breasts, I moved lower. Licking her belly button, she gasped , then I rubbed her outer labia, letting one finger barely separate the lips, while moving up and down, top to bottom; just grazing the clit. She was panting and watching me, pushing my head down to her pussy, silently begging me to lick her.

With her hands on my head, pulling me down, I traced my tongue up the length of her crevice, gathering her wetness. My finger followed and her back arched as she moaned I slid my finger deep into her, and felt her hymen for the first time, only to remember my own being broken so long ago; her opening was about an inch wide. I said nothing, but continued up to lick her clit- she gasped my name and I looked up to realize it was just spoken in passion- she was coming again.

I am so horny now; I use my other hand to rub myself, fucking myself as she presses my head harder into her. I take her clit between my lips and she shutters hard, clamping her legs together canlı casino with my finger deep in her pussy. Face wet with her juices, I come as well.

I continue opening my mouth wide and formed a seal around her sex. With my tongue buried deep, I began to suck. She quickly came again and cries out loud this time. I slowly lick her clean, as she lays there panting. Then I move up to kiss her, not sure if she has ever tasted herself… but she doesn’t seem to mind. We kiss deeply with my tongue deep in her mouth. She pulls back and wipes my face clean, smiling, and told me that that was the best experience of her life.

Then, for the first time, she reaches down to my wet pussy, her finger dipping in. I stretched out next to her and she rolled me over so that she was half on top of me. With full body contact we kiss, arms around each other; her bigger breasts against mine, one leg between mine… As we kiss, me on my back now, she starts exploring- one hand caressing my breast, one exploring my vagina. I spread my legs wide as she dips her finger between my lips, then two. She mimics my earlier actions by sucking my small tits and gently biting my nipples. Then she moves down between my legs, my thighs raised and feet flat on the bed. She looks so cute exploring her first bald pussy. She opens my lips and sticks a finger in as far as it would go; she tastes me for the first time. She tentatively traces the tip of her tongue inside me and I moan my encouragement and pleasure. She finds my clit and flicks it and my hips push up to get harder contact.

Now, with more enthusiasm, she starts fingering me as she licks and soon I am coming. I pull her head down into me and clamp her head between my thighs. Once the onslaught is over, I fall back to the pillows releasing her, legs now flat on the bed, spread wide. I caress her hair, and tell her to open the dresser next to her. She sees my drawer of toys and I have her grab my 8″ dildo. Giggling, she sits up and playfully sucks it. I laugh, knowing that must be another first. She rubs it up and down the outside of my pussy, then pushes the head in, rotating it. I cry out and then laugh at her expression; it’s one of awe. I reach down and make her push it in harder, deeper, then out again.

“Taste” I tell her. She does, sucking my dildo. Then she puts it back in, and fucks me.

“Harder!” she does.

“Faster!” I explode with a hard shiver and pull her up for a kiss.As we lay there, she shyly asks me, “Will you do me?”

I don’t say that that had been my game plan all along, but I play it cool.

“Are you sure?” I ask (Say yes! Say yes!).

Beth nods, grinning, “But lots more wine first”.

I walk naked to the kitchen to open another bottle and grab my towels and oils on my way back. kaçak casino sShe’s in the bathroom when I return. I lay the towels in strategic spots and pour the wine. I am looking over my toys; Rabbit? No. Hitachi Wand? No. Thin vibe for anal? Hmmmm… too soon. When she returns I start to shut the drawer but she stops me. First she picks up my Don Wand, rubbing her fingers over the ridges, then my Lean Luke dildo. She sheepishly grins and hands Luke to me. I smile and return my longer, thicker friend to the drawer and close it. I hand her a glass of wine, and sit back while she climbs in beside me as I slip Luke under my pillow.

We drink and talk about sex; mostly men. I field all her questions as I nurse my glass but keep filling hers… playing with her hair… then I put both our glasses on the nightstand, grab my oils, position her on the towels and give her a long, slow, sensuous rubdown- leaving almost no part untouched. She now has a thin, fine layer of oil all over, and she is both relaxed and very turned on…

I reach under the pillows and grab Lean Luke. I hand it to Beth.

“Suck it for me.”

For some reason, it really turns me on to see her do this- is it the expression on her face, or knowing how wet it makes her? As she does, I clamp my mouth on her breast while I rub her puffy lips. She is spread wide for me; labia a deep pink-red and dripping. I take Luke back and rub it up and down her wet pussy. She moans.

“Tell me what you want.” I instruct her, as I rub Luke between her lips.

“Do me!”

“Do what?” I ask, as I penetrate her slightly.

“Fuck me!” Oh, my. I am so turned on right now. With blood pumping, I finger myself wishing I hadn’t put the thicker dildo back so I could use it on me.

I push the thin dildo in a couple of inches and feel resistance. I pull it back out and run my tongue inside her; sucking on her clit as I push Luke back in. She pushes her hips up and I push in half way; past the barrier. She cries out but it is with more pleasure than pain.

I pull back almost all the way, noticing a small amount of blood on the dildo. Slowly and steadily I push it back in. Luke is in all the way when she raises up again even higher, moaning between breaths. As she cums I pause, waiting for the spasms to wash over her, before continuing. This time as I pull back I can’t resist tasting it- then back in, faster, harder- white creamy fluid is gathering at the lips of her pussy now and dripping onto the towels. As I fuck her, I run a finger down to gather her fluid and as she rises up, I tease her asshole with it. She cries out in surprise and slams back down; my hand under her ass. Harder, faster, I push in and out, happy to see no more blood. Each time she raises her hips I play more with her asshole. With just the tip of my finger in her, she cums again and I push Luke in as far as he will go.

Slowly I pull out, towel her clean and get up to pour us the last of the wine.

“You are no longer a virgin,” I tell her as we touch glasses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20