First Time Trials

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This is my first story I have written, of a true event that happened to me while I was in high school. Being my first story, I would love to hear any feedback whatsoever. Please contact me for any comments, questions, or just to chat. It would be very appreciated.

I had been friends with Tom since we started High School. We hung out on the weekends and watched sports and talked girls, normal high school guy things. Neither of us would have ever had or admitted thoughts of feelings for other guys. We were far too focused on chasing girls. Tom was a little heavier than I, but not fat by any means. We were both virgins but I had a little more experienced with girls than he, mainly oral sex. Sometimes late at night he would question me about it. He was always asking me how it felt, and about how to give it to a woman. These late night talks usually got me a little turned on, and after he would leave, I would usually jack off to thoughts of my female fantasy tales.

Tom and I had never hinted toward or talked about exploring the sexual universe together. That all changed on a weekend night in the fall of our junior year. A week after Tom turned 18 he had a couple people over for a small gathering. There were both girls and guys at the party, including Sara, Tom’s biggest crush. Over a night of flirting Tom finally made his move and started making out with her, but being a high school girl she needed to go home before things got any further. Once everyone had left it was just the two of us who remained. Naturally Tom was talking about his night with Sara. I knew he was over excited about her. We were talking about her and girls in general while we were watching T.V.

Tom was flipping through channels until he stopped on a late night cable channel. It was a porn film with a woman who was getting her tits rubbed by a muscular blonde man. Tom immediately stopped on the channel and we were both transfixed. casino oyna After a few moments I began to be turned on. I was single at the time and hadn’t done anything with a woman in quite some time. At the time I was laying on the couch with a blanket over me. Using the veiled blanket I slid my hand over my crotch and briefly pulled at my growing member. Tom was under the blanket too and I could not see if he was making any moves at all.

The woman on the screen slid down the mans pants and boxers to expose his long hard cock. She began fondling it and sucking on it. At the sight of this I got extremely hard and slipped my hand underneath my jeans.

“You’re so lucky that you’ve had that done” Tom said to me.

“I’ve never had a girl that hot do it before though” I replied.

“I’d settle for getting anyone to do that to me.”

At the time I never even thought that he might of meant me. In retrospect I think that he might of. Either way, things were getting hot under our blankets.

“Are you as horny as I am?” Tom asked me.

“I think so…this is really hot.”

“I’m getting hard watching this……are you?” he asked.

“I’ve got my hand on my dick right now” I replied.

“Me too” he said.

Once we knew that we were both enduring the same feelings things eased up a little bit. After a couple minutes I become more comfortable tugging at myself under my jeans. I decided to unbutton and unzip my jeans and let my cock spring out. While it was all still underneath my blanket, I guess there was a little too much movement and I caught Tom’s attention.

“What are you doing now?” he asked.

“I just pulled it out. I hope that’s okay.”

“Really!?!?” he asked. “I’m going to take mine out too. I saw some adjusting under his blanket.

“Are you going to masturbate?” he asked.

“I don’t know” I replied nervously. “Are you….do you want to?”

“Sure. canlı casino Want to lose the blankets? I will if you will.”

“Okay.” We each slowly slid down our blanket to expose to each other our erect dicks. I had never seen him like this before. His cock was thick. It wasn’t as long as my nearly seven inches, but his was much thicker. For the first couple minutes we just stared at each other stroking. It was truly erotic. I had never been exposed so close to another man. Only three feet away sitting on the couch was my friend stroking his rock hard penis in front of me. Part of me wanted to reach out and grab it from him and stroke it myself. Before I knew it we were cumming. First he….then I a moment later. It was a wonderful release, the seamen dripping down our own legs. We just sat there together for a moment….neither of us moved, until he reached over and grabbed a box of tissues, took a few, and tossed the box my way. We cleaned ourselves up, put our shrinking members away. He continued channel surfing like nothing had ever happened.

We never spoke about the events that night. But a week later we were in a similar position. After all our friends had left, we were alone again, just the two of us. Naturally once again, we made our way to the conversation of girls when he said, “I’m getting horny again just like last week.”

“Me too.” I replied. “I could use a little release tonight.”

“Too bad my parents are home” he moped. We sat in silence for a moment.

“Want to go for a ride?” I asked as I looked at him. He smiled.

We climbed into his Toyota and we took off. We drove to a local park that was usually empty. It was. We pulled into a darker section of the parking lot where nobody could see us, but where there was plenty of light to see each other. We never spoke about it, but I suppose we figured we wouldn’t need any help getting aroused, as the sight of the other masturbating in front kaçak casino of each other was a thrill enough in itself. We leaned our seats back a bit, and started to unzip. Once the buttons came undone, our members bulged through our underwear. Once he let his cock spring out I was amazed. It was even bigger than I remembered. We let our pants go to our ankles so we were fully exposed.

“Ahh yeah….this is what I needed” he spoke softly. We sat and stroked for a few minutes glancing from one cock to the other. We each began tweaking our own nipples a bit, and then he asked me, “will you do mine?” I looked up to his face. I had never considered doing anything like that to him before, but looking at him that night, I wanted to more than anything. “I’ll do it for you too.”

“Alright” I mumbled. I slowly reached my hand over towards his cock. “Nice and slow” he requested. Because of his husky build, his cock was nice and wide. Having only previously held my own, I was amazed how much it filled up my hand. After a few strokes, his cock was as hard as could be. He leaned his head back…closed his eyes and I could hear him moan under his breath.

Having never given a hand job to another before I wasn’t sure what to do, so I thought about what I liked to have happen to me. I became more impassioned with it and cupped his balls with one hand, kneading them softly while stroking hard with the other hand. He raised his hands to his nipples while I stroked him. He began pushing his hips forward slightly. He let out a light moan as he bucked his hips up high a single time. “I’m gonna go” he spoke. I picked up my speed stroking his cock, and continued rubbing his balls. His was so massive. I stared at it as I stroked him, and for a moment thought about putting it in my mouth. I knew he would love it, and as I almost made my move….

“Ahhhh……” He came right on my chin. He moaned as he came and I continued stroking him until it was all out. I sat back and wiped his cum off my face. He just sat their a moment, and then he looked at me with an exhausted look on his face.

“My turn?” I asked. He smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20