First Time with Neighbor Daddy Ch. 04

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By this point, it was pretty clear what the roles between Mr. Stanton and I was. He was my dominant daddy, and I was his submissive boy. Something about him made me lose all reasoning, and give myself to him. I found that throughout my days, I would imagine his hard cock, and realize that my dick was getting aroused inside my pants. I was ready to give myself to him at anytime. And Mr. Stanton was going to test that..

Our next encounter was not long after the pool run in we had. As I stated before, my bedroom was facing towards his house, so I had a clear view of his house. One night, I was in my house, getting ready for bed. I had told my parents goodnight as they went their way to watch some tv in their bed before falling asleep. I go to my room and shut the door. As I look up and out the window, I see Mr. Stanton standing in his shed again, the same as before when I took my shower in front of him. Only this time, he wants me to see him. He gives me a wave and starts walking towards my window. My heart pounds, as my daddy gets up to my window and beckons me to open it.

Completely obeying it, with my stomach in my chest, I walk towards and window and begin unlatching it. The house is old, and I’m so nervous that when I open the window, it will be loud enough for my parents to hear. Our bedrooms are side by side, with windows both facing Mr. Stanton’s house. But I’m in the moment, and my best judgments eludes me.

I open the window and stick my head out. “Hey boy, how are you this evening?” Mr Stanton ask.

“I see your parents went to bed. Little tv before bed?”

“Yes sir, they jus”

“What did I tell you to call me boy?” Mr Stanton cuts me off.

“Sorry.. daddy. My parents went to bed a few minutes ago to watch some shows.” I get out.

“Hm lucky for them . You know, I’m really tired too, and wish I could get to bed. But I can’t you see, I ‘ve got a problem tonight. You know what that is son?” Mr Stanton ask me.

“No daddy, I don’t know… What is it?” I shyly ask.

“It seems I can’t stop thinking about your tight little ass boy. ” He says as he grabs for his cock. In the moonlight I can see he’s already got a semi hard dick. “For the past few nights, all I’ve been able to think about was fucking your tight little ass. You do have a tight little ass too. Do you want to see it son? Do you want to see this problem you’ve given your daddy?”

“Yes daddy, I do.” I can feel myself giving into to him with each passing moment.

He undoes his zipper and button and reaches into his shorts. In one motion, he pulls out his semi hard dick. It still looks enormous.

“What do you think boy?” He ask stroking his cock. “Do you think you can help your daddy out with this tonight? Why don’t you climb out your window and take care of this right now for your daddy.”

I casino oyna have a moments hesitation, then something takes over.

“Ok daddy.” I say as I begin to slide out of my window.

I land in front of him, with my back to my window. I look up and see my parents window with the tv still on. OH God, I think. My parents are still awake, I can even hear them talking. Mr. Stanton grabs my chin and turns me back to him.

“Don’t you worry about them, I’m the only thing you need to worry about – your daddy, and how you’re going to help him with his problem.”

With his hand controlling me on the back of my neck, he guides me to my knees. Holding me there with his strong grip, he points his fully erect cock at me, teasing me with it.

“You want to taste daddy’s dick boy? Tell daddy you want his dick.”

“Daddy, give me your dick please” I let out

“I’m going to need some more enthusiasm then that boy. It’d be a shame for me to reach over and knock on your parents window. They’d open it to see you out here about to suck some older dick.

Now tell daddy how bad you want this cock”

He had me again.

“Daddy please don’t do that. I’ll do whatever it takes. Feed me your cock daddy I want it all. Its all I’ve been dreaming of. I need your cock daddy.”

With that I opened my mouth as wide as I could inviting him in.

“Good boy” Mr. Stanton says as he guides his cock to my mouth. With both his hands, he guides my mouth over his cock. I take it in and out to the tip, slowly. I use my tongue to lick the underside of his shaft and head as he guides it in my mouth. I vary the strength of my sucking to give daddy the best pleasure I can with my mouth. He pushes my head down harder, making me go deeper on his cock. He holds me there for a second, making my throat close around the head of his cock. With a slight moan, he pulls his cock out of my mouth a little ways, but never all the way, and then back down my throat. Each time with more pressure applied. I go a little deeper on his shaft each time, gagging more. His cock is covered in my spit and slippery to the touch. Finally, with one more push, he shoves all of his 8 ½ inch cock in my mouth and holds me there, with my nose pressed against his belly. My throat gags around his shaft, and he pulls his cock from my throat. As he pulls out I grab his dick and begin jerking it off, looking up at him with spit running down my chin. His cock is as hard as I’ve ever felt it.

“Good job boy, now your throat is molded to daddy’s cock. We know it will fit.”

“Thank you daddy, for molding my throat for your cock.” I muster.

With that I put his cock back in my throat and take him all the way down with ease. I starting going form tip to base, sucking his full length. He begins to rock his hips back and forth, and then canlı casino pushes me back so my head is against the brick of the house. With that he grabs a hold of my parents window sill and starts to fuck my face. I’m scared he will touch the glass causing them to wake up, but I’m helplessly trapped with this cock impaling my throat over and over.

I can tell Mr. Stanton is about to cum, and I brace myself for his load in my throat. But right before he cums, he picks me up and turns me around leaning me against the house.

“You’re such a dirty little boy you know that.” He whispers in my ear as he rips down my boxers, exposing my ass to him. “Your real parents are feet away, but you are out here with your new daddy. Sucking his cock for him, begging for his cock aren’t you boy (Yes Daddy I moan out). Now, I’m going to make you mine for good. You ready for that little boy. I’m going to fuck your little ass right under your parents nose”.

He starts rubbing his sloppy cock between my ass checks and on my hole. I feel him running his hands over my ass, rubbing and poking my little button. He slowly slides one in, and out. Trying to loosen me up for him.

“You like that don’t you boy. You wish this was my cock don’t you” “

Yes daddy that’s so good but I want more.” I whisper out as I back my ass into him.

With that he puts in another finger, to spread me out more.

“Oh daddy, I love your fingers in me. But I want more daddy, please” I whisper as I reach back and grab his dick.

He bends me over again, and pulls my ass out. I reach back with my hand and spread one cheek giving him access to my ass. He spits down my crack and it runs down to my hole where he rubs it in with the head of his cock.

“After tonight, you’ll always be mine boy. I’m going to fuck you and breed your little hole tonight boy. I’m going to cum deep inside you” he tells me.

He reaches down and grabs my boxers, balls them up, and shoves them in my mouth.

“Better bite down on this boy”

I do as commanded and prepare to be entered.

I feel him put pressure on my ass, and slowly break through. Usually he stops and lets me adjust some, but this time he keeps pushing all the way in. The pain is there, but I don’t dare ask my daddy to stop. I let him go as he pleases. He shoves his cock all the way in. I feel his balls slap against my thighs.

“Hmm.. good boy” he moans in my ear as he pulls out, just to go back in.

I’m biting and moaning on my own boxers, as his cock continues to pound my little ass.

He reaches around and grabs my small flaccid cock and balls in my hand. As he’s fucking me still, he leans in to whisper in my ear.

“You know boy, I’ve seen your mom and dad fucking through this very window. And let me tell you boy, your mom is a little closet kaçak casino slut. Yeah want me to tell you about it? Mm I can see you do boy”

It was true, my dick was getting hard in his hand as he rolled it around. I didn’t know what was going on. I’m here being fucked by my daddy as he tells me about my own mom being a slut and it turns me on. What the hell.

” You better not cum boy, not until I tell you it’s okay. (I moan as he continues to fuck me.) I’ve seen your mom sucking your dad’s cock like a fucking champ. Oh yeah, hanging over the bed letting him face fuck her. And she’s got some great tits boy let me tell you! a killer body on your mom!”

It was true I knew. My mom was a former beauty queen, and she keeps up with her appearance even to this day. She had healthy pair of D cup boobs that always got my friends attention at the pool.

“I’ve watched your mommy ride your father’s cock for a hour once, bouncing up and down, letting those big beautiful tits go. The best part is boy, when he was done, she let him cum all over her face, it was covered. And then she licked all the dripping cum of his dick like a fucking whore! Boy, it was so hot” as he thrust his cock in my ass with force, causing me to whimper a little.

He still had my cock in his hand, jerking me off and I felt like I was going to cum soon.

“Don’t you cum yet boy. Do you think your mom would want to suck my cock too boy? I bet she’d love it, being the slut she is. With my cock, she’d probably beg for my cum, just like her little baby does now. What you think boy? Should I become your mommy’s new daddy too?”

All I can do is moan as he jerks my dick and fucks me. I’m in complete bliss, taken away by this moment.

“I could fuck both my little sluts at the same time. I’d love to have her sexy ass bouncing off my dick too. I bet she’d do it better than you boy. She’s a big time whore. I’d give her my seed over you boy, you don’t deserve it. I’d cum deep in your mommy’s tight ass. What would you think of that boy, if I fucked you both and gave my cum to your mommy’s ass?”

With that I could barely take anymore. I spit the boxers out of my mouth. “No daddy please, I want your cum in my ass. Please daddy breed me. I don’t want to share it. Shoot it deep inside me daddy please!”

He was fucking me harder now, and jerking my cock faster now. My ass was clenching tight. I was about to cum! I needed my daddy to tell me it was okay.

“Take all my cum boy. You cum now! cum Boy!”

With that, I stopped fighting and came. String of cum after string shot from my dick as my ass clenched around his dick going in and out of my ass. Daddy moaned when he drove deep inside me and I felt his cum explode onto the insides of my ass. And again, I feel daddy breeding my tight ass. He pumps a few more times into my ass before he pulls out.

I fall to the ground in exhaustion.

“Good boy, now you are mine. Come to my house in two days at 5 PM. I have a little surprise for you. Now get inside and stay out of trouble!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20