Flatmates Ch. 01

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When she first opened the door I was stunned. I don’t know why but it just hadn’t crossed my mind that I could be rooming with a woman and after my recent break up the thought of having another woman in my living space was not one I relished.

But there was a part of me that looked at the situation as opportunity, the part of me that was now scanning up and down the agile looking redhead whose hip propped open the door as she ushered me in.

The apartment was everything I was looking for at a whole lot less than I wanted to pay but I couldn’t get myself past the idea of having another woman in my life so soon.

We did the ‘getting to know you’ bit but I was apprehensive still even though the whole time we sat and talked she was funny and interesting, the other problem I had noticed as she gave me the tour of the place was that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath her pink summer dress and I was having a hard time keeping my attention on the great view of the city as opposed to the great view of her nipples showing through.

– So you like what you see?

I had to shake myself to know that she wasn’t talking about her pert, inviting tits.

– Yeah, the price is reasonable and the place looks great

– Well, I’d like to offer you it but there is one more unwritten clause to the rent agreement.

– What’s that?

– If you want the place we have to fuck.

She said it flatly and without hesitation as if it were nothing to her to offer sex to a perfect stranger. I was speechless, the thought of fucking her had obviously entered my head as it would with any man faced with the slender curves I had followed around the apartment but I was never expecting it to be offered on a platter.

– Ok, I know it sounds weird but hear me out.

I could only nod and make a further concerted effort to ignore the highlights of her nipples on her small but perfect tits.

– I have roomed with guys before and no matter what the situation there’s always a weird tension. Either you get on really well and become friends and wish you’d fucked before you’d gotten so into them or you hate each other from the start. Either way having sex brushes all of that out of the way from the beginning.

I couldn’t believe my luck, not only had I found the perfect apartment and a funny, sexy and intelligent roommate but I was now being offered a no strings sex session as a sweetener to the deal. It had been a while since I’d split up with my girlfriend and moved out of her place and so it had been a while since I’d gotten laid and now the prospect of fucking a pretty little thing like her was already making my dick hard.

– Look its your choice, you can leave now but if you want the place this really is a pre requisite of mine. It’ll be better in the long run, trust me.

With that she gave a canlı bahis long wink and curled a finger, inviting me over. All my better judgment on the pros and cons of sharing my living space with another woman went out of the window and I pushed myself up out of the chair that sat opposite hers.

– Good choice.

She whispered as she sat back a little and let a broad and satisfied smile creep across her face. I walked over to her and she lent on her hands in a gesture that offered those soft breasts that had been tempting me all afternoon. She looked up at me as I stood before her.

– I saw you checking me out the whole time I showed you around, I know you’ve wanted to get your hands on my tits since you arrived.

– Who wouldn’t

– Well they’re all yours now.

She grabbed the waistband of my jeans and pulled me down to her for a long, deep kiss, her tongue diving right into my mouth and filling me with a taste of her. My hands smoothed up the side of her body and rested with my thumbs on the curve underneath her breasts. I slipped down to my knees as her legs parted, allowing the sheer fabric of her dress to ride up, revealing her white, cotton panties.

I slid the string straps of her dress over her pale shoulders and exposed her tits to the cool air of the apartment. They were perfect, small but firm and soft in my hands, I cupped and grabbed them and brought my mouth to the bright pink nipples that highlighted her milky white skin. She moaned and arched her back as I lightly pinched them between my teeth.

I ran my hands up her smooth thighs, slipping them under her dress to grab her hips and pull them into my body while I sucked on her tits voraciously. I scooped my hands beneath her and got two handfuls of her rock hard ass that had danced and teased me as she shimmied around the apartment.

Her hands grabbed my hair and forced my mouth harder against her tits, I hooked my thumbs into her underwear and slid the panties down over her ass so that I could better feel the soft flesh there.

She fumbled with the buttons of my shirt but only managed three before I sunk to meet her pussy, perched on the edge of the sofa. She smelled sweet like maple syrup and her pussy was wet from the attention I had given her tits. I ran a finger over the full length of her slit, my other hand pulling one thigh up to place it over my shoulder, giving me a fantastic view of her open pussy.

I heard her gasp above me as I plunged my tongue into her, open and pink before me; she tasted as good and as sweet as she smelled and she writhed and ground her hips into my face as I buried my tongue deep into her pussy. I took long licks at her, dipping inside her and flicking the tip of my tongue against her swollen clit as I moved away. As I looked up I saw her holding her tits, pulling at her nipples bahis siteleri and trying to catch her breath.

– Oh god, I need your cock now!

I heard her moan and I needed no further instruction. I left her pussy wet against the couch and leant over her to find another deep kiss, she had forgotten all about my shirt and her focus was now completely on the removal of my jeans. She flicked the buttons loose with ease and ran her hand up and down the fabric restraining my stiffening cock.

In a flash she had freed me from my pants and was making firm, slow strokes with her long fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock, I don’t think I had ever been harder in my life and it was all due to looking down into her big brown eyes and seeing that she was loving ever minute of it. She built the pressure, working my cock harder and faster, gaining speed and intensity with each exquisite stroke. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to cum right there, on that pretty, pale face staring up at me with devilish delight. If she did she was going the right way about it and the thought painting her red lips white with my cum wasn’t really helping me hold back.

She obviously sensed this and in strangely aggressive move shoved me back by my hips. With my pants around my ankles I barely kept myself upright but she knew exactly what she was doing, she spun herself around on the sofa and pointed her firm, lily-white ass in my direction.

Just inches from the head of cock she concertinaed her gossamer dress up over the arch of her back and gave me a second view at her peach-like pussy. Nothing needed to be said, I just stepped out of my jeans and forwards into her waiting hole.

I gently pressed the swollen head of my cock against her, slowly parting her pussy lips and allowing me to slip inside.

She was obviously turned on by the situation and it didn’t take much effort until I was all the way in, she looked over one delicate shoulder at me with a wicked smile, quite unlike to innocence I had sensed when I first arrived at her door. She pushed back into me and I felt her ass grind against my crotch, I got the feeling like I was no longer in control of the situation and that she was a girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it.

She reached her hands and long forearms over the back of the sofa and used her hips to glide back and forth on my cock with absolutely no effort on my behalf. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen, the smooth alabaster of her ass working back and forth like a piston, I was in some doubt about how much she would be getting off on this until I heard low moans began to rise from behind the mane of her hair. Her breathing grew heavy and she began to buck back hard against me, the tactile flesh of her ass slapping against my crotch, if that was what she wanted then I was more than bahis şirketleri happy to oblige.

I reached forward, curling my fingers around her slender hips and pulled her back until I was as deep into her pussy as her ass would let me go. She let out an excited yelp and moved with my thrusts helping me bury my cock deeper and deeper with each meeting of our hips.

She gained speed and aggression in the way she pressed against me, her orgasm building slowly as I fed my cock deep into her, then out of the blue she screamed as her pussy tensed around me.

Her legs gave way and I was left to hold her up by the hips, still plugging my hard cock into her, not letting her come down for an instant. She reached a hand back and placed it on my chest pushing me away from her so she could have a second to breathe.

I watched my cock slid out of her, glistening with her cum and solid as a rock, she turned herself around to face me and grabbing hold of my slippery dick, led me to the arm of the sofa. She hiked herself up so that she was sat on the arm and so that her pussy was inline with my cock then she pulled me forward and pushed me straight back into her waiting slit.

She wrapped her long legs around my back and dug her ankles into my ass to pull me close. Her hips lifted and ground against me and I explored the contours of her back, grasping onto any handful of flesh that I found. I pushed further into her by slipping my hands under her ass and lifting her off the sofa.

She leant back allowing me a full view of her body, naked except for the rumpled pink band that used to be her dress that now circled her stomach. I slipped my hand under her back to support her and with my other I pressed on the mound above her pussy and then ran it up the centre of her body, stopping briefly to take hold of her perfect tits one more time. The view was amazing and I could feel my balls tightening as I was getting ready to cum. I told her and she brought herself back up to meet me.

She slipped a hand between us and pulled me out of her pussy and began working it hard in her fist.

– I want you cum all over me

She said with lust in her voice, every few strokes she would look down at my cock as if it were only there for her enjoyment. I didn’t mind being partially ignored because with her using her cum as lube I was getting ready to give her a taste of my own.

She leant back again and jerked me forcefully as I felt my cock stiffen.

I came hard, the first shot following the arch of her body and hitting her just underneath the chin, she giggled a little as three or four more full shots coated the plain of her stomach and her petite tits.

As I came down she scooped a finger full of cum off one of her pert nipples and sucked on it seductively as she looked me in the eye.

– We’re going to get on just fine.

– Yeah I guess we are.

– I’m Jessica by the way I’ll be your new flatmate.


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