For Kate, A Squishy Short Story

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I find myself lying down, a female figure standing over me. And a stunning example she is. Nude. Or almost nude, to be precise. The firm tits are free in the open, with their pointy, upturned nipples proudly presenting themselves. But it’s the nether region that has my full attention. For down there she is a very fine specimen of female beauty. The concealed mound is clearly outlined within the sleek bikini bottom. With that juvenile feeling of anticipating forbidden joys, my heart jumps and begins to increase its beat.

As the creamy white thighs diverge a little a musky odour fills my nostrils. My half limp penis fills with blood and starts to rise to the occasion. The hovering crotch above my head lowers slowly towards my face. My eyes take in the spectacle and feast on what is offered. My field of view fills with cunt, juicy succulent cunny. Only the peach is covered up with an ivory coloured silken panties. The prospect of things to come are not only mine, as I clearly notice a wet spot at the most strategic of places. The moist centres on the undies exactly spot on where the coochy is.

The taut gusset of the knickers is stretched even more as the legs spread wider. The centre of my attention gets closer and closer. The hips gyrate slowly, the hot twat touches my nose. The smell of sex is overwhelming now as the heady scent starts penetrating my brain. The seat of the briefs rubs up and down my nose. The coated love box grates over my nose and pushes downwards at the same time. My smeller is forced inside the entrance of the hidden cave, in spite of being encased in silk. Nosing the vagina my nasal bridge is being used as a rubbing ridge for the clitoris. The clit grinds firmly on my ledge as girly juice seeps through canlı bahis the lingerie.

Fingers pull the fabric aside and with a small hop the naked snatch settles down straight on my mouth. Now I not only smell sex, I taste it as well. Nectar fills my taste buds as the goo flows freely into my bouche. I start licking eagerly at the dripping honey-pot. My tongue slips into the wet folds and travel up and down, from the very bottom to the pleasure nub. Devine fluids stream from that glorious gash into my mouth.

I feel movement in my groin as my hard-on stirs. Apparently my assailant notices this as well as my face is suddenly freed again. The wet fanny rises up and as it towers high above me it is completely revealed as the pants are being pulled off. The feet are removed through the slips legs one after the other, then they shift to a position on both sides of my hips. Completely bared the vag descends again, now directed straight at my erection.

My smooth and rock-hard cock disappears slowly. No mighty thrust and bottoming out in a split second here. I see the very tip of my pecker nudge between the outer lips, as in doubt whether it should really be there. The pussy lips are thick and swollen with lust, pouting outwards inviting my head in. As they part in giving way to the crown, my manhood slowly moves in and disappears. The vaginal walls grab my member in a firm grip closing around me. My rod keeps growing as it is caressed by those smooth and silky folds. The massive intruder slips inside gradually in one smooth movement. The cunt juices are providing ample lubrication. As the warmth of that scorching hot funnel engulfs me, my staff feels like it’s still growing another inch trying to penetrate even deeper bahis siteleri all by itself. But more than penetrating this sanctum it is the other way round. It’s the pussy that descends upon me and embeds me. This sheathing of my pride is sheer heaven. My tube probes deep into a torrid abyss it doesn’t want to return from anymore.

Plunging down in these depth and finally reaching rock bottom the mound stays pressed down firmly against my crotch surrounding the root, sealing off my organ. Captured completely inside this oven my fuck-stick is securely confined. The cuntal muscles start to contract around my dick, giving my pole an incredible massage. There is no denying now where I am. My little friend responds with small twists, acknowledging its appreciation of the ministrations he receives. He cherishes his fate, the lush and mellow plight he’s in.

At last the body begins to move again, in a seesaw motion. My thick flesh slides slowly in and out of the smooth and boiling furnace. The snug fitting vice travels continuously up and down my column now, grinding my hardness. My sight blurs a bit from staring at the squelchy splendour that keeps manipulating my massiveness. As my scrotum is definitely beginning to warm up, the testicles start to quiver. The ball-sac contracts around the smouldering gonads as if trying to protect my nuts from the assault it’s receiving. The only thing this does is that the tickling from within is enhanced through the squeezing from the outside. My urgency is fed from both physical stimulation and from mental excitation because of the stimuli my brain passes on to my treasure.

This most exquisite splendour drives me nuts as the pressure becomes unbearable. My prong feels like a rocket bahis şirketleri about to be launched. The slippery pistoning my shaft receives is finally having effect on my engine fuels. As the balls are pressurized, steam starts to leak out as dribble finds its way up and out of my pillar. The urethra slowly gives way to an immense stream of frothy leakage.

As the tight pussy pouch keeps on milking my phallus oozing starts to pump from its container into the duct. After pressing through the thin tube jism starts spilling out of the eye of my cock-head. Fierce jets of spunk spurt from the prick into the waiting receptacle. My seed finally arrives at its goal. Big globs of man-gunk leave my drill as they seep into the slick interior of this intimate space. The recess of the charging flesh is completely inundated with my salty fluids. Semen squeezes into the cervix, my sap impregnates the very womb. Cum-bolts thunder into the hole, as load after shot finds its searing way inside. My sperm reaches its final destination. The creamy cock-sauce frolics around as wanton little kids in a playground. Baby batter ball-custard creams the insides.

At last the magnificent muff uncouples from my thickness. My worn out length slowly retracts from the narrow orifice. With a squelching sound my un-cunting man-meat brings out quit some ejaculate. From between the thick labia slimy spending oozes out again. The fuck-tunnel slowly spills out the gooey surplus of man juice I’ve injected there. A mucous puddle of life-juice aggregates on my belly at the very root of my sex.

Completely spent I only just notice the girl leaving her fuck-toy as even more cum, interspersed with her heavenly essence, trickles from her wetness onto my kisser the moment she steps away over my head. A trail of pearly spooge runs from the wad at the bottom of my priapic tower all the way to my face. The taste of sex lingers on my mind as I fall asleep, sinking away in pure bliss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20