For Lane Ch. 02

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The true story of Lane and Avery, beyond all fantasy and fiction, took place one summer night. Avery had been asked to house sit for his boss and he and Lane had proceeded to fantasize about what they would do with that house when no one knew they were alone. Little did either of them know these fantasies were soon to become so much more.

Thursday Night: For years while both of them bounced in and out of serious relationships they had flirted, sexted, and toyed with the idea of being together even while with significant others. On this night in particular the topic of the sexting and phone sex had been based around Avery having a house and a hot tub to himself. He told Lane that he would lure her over and into a swimsuit or her underwear with the promise of a nice time in the hot tub. She was intrigued by this idea and asked why on earth he would want her in her underwear to which he replied, it leaves a bit of mystery but takes care of a lot of the boring work. Avery then told her of how he would pull her across the hot tub and grip her throat, while kissing and sucking his way down her body and finally bending her over the edge and taking her sweet and tight virginity. They both masturbated and came to the sound of each others breaths and then fell off to sleep.

Friday Mid Day: Mid day Friday Avery awoke from his late night fantasizing with Lane knowing that it had been wrong, however it felt right, and she was an incredible woman. He laid there and the more he thought of her the more enamored and turned on he became, he began to pleasure himself again to photos on her social media and that she had sent him, until he came all over her face on his phone screen.

Having taken care of his urges, Avery assumed he was canlı bahis thinking with a clear head and decided wanted to see Lane and invited her over that evening, to hot tub. She quickly and excitedly told him that she would love to come over and just to let him know when his friends had emptied the house.

Friday Evening: Avery spent most of the night with his friends only to send them home at midnight, claiming fatigue even though he had slept until noon that day. He then sent Lane a text and minutes later she was there. He invited her back to the hot tub and they sat there under the stars, talking about anything and everything until they fell silent for a bit. To fill that silent moment Avery began to pull her off her hot tub seat and into the deeper end where her head was nearly submerged. As she laid there in the deeper water Avery kneeled in and pulled her out and into his own lap claiming, sorry I had to save you from drowning!

Lane looked at him and just rolled her eyes smiling. Their conversation continued as Avery stroked her skin, up and down her arms and legs his hands ran. After 10 minutes of conversation and stroking, Lane looked into his eyes and said, “What the hell you doing?” with a playful grin curling around her lips.

Avery’s hand climbed from her toes up her arms and shoulders to her throat and looked back, making his most innocent face and replying, “I don’t have any idea what you are talking about.” He then enclosed the front of her neck in his hand and slowly began to squeeze, concerned about how fragile she may be. Then suddenly, it seemed like a light off behind Lane’s eyes, and she became fully primal, begging for Avery to squeeze harder. As he did his other hand found its way up to her bahis siteleri tits and slipped under the suit, squeezing her breasts at first and then slowly using one finger to circles his way to her areola and nipple.

Once he reached her nipple he could not wait any longer to see these perfect mountain peaks, to feel them. He untied her top and tore it from the front of her shoulders, throwing it into the yard indiscriminately. He pulled both hands down to her breasts and began pulling and twisting on her nipples, all the while she begged him to do it harder, to hurt her, and he obliged happily. He then kissed down her neck, first to her left tit, sucking in as much of her voluptuous C cup tit as he could and slowly spitting it back out till he reached the nipple. Avery used his teeth to bite down on the areola and then slowly flick his tongue across her nipple, slowly but with force back and forth over and over again as she writhed in his lap. He then bit down on her nipple and rolled it back and forth in his teeth before kissing his way over to her other gorgeous mound and doing the same thing to this one.

Lane at this point knew she needed more, she wasn’t quite ready to let him take her though, so she stood up and stepped out of the tub, shimmying off her bottoms to expose her round phat ass and threw them at Avery. He followed her around the corner and into the house where she was standing next to the couch. Avery came over and kissed her passionately with his hand surrounding her throat. They fell onto the couch where Lane straddled his cock and grinded her sopping pussy on it through his trunks. After endless amounts of pleasure here Avery kissed her slowly, pulling her down and exposing her ass, he reached around bahis şirketleri and wet his finger on the inside of her pussy, slowly driving it inside and out, before moving his finger out and dragging it right up to hover over her tight asshole. While still kissing her he forced this finger inside her ass, somewhere even she had never played with herself. Her moans and pleasure intensified beyond anything she had ever felt. In an attempt to reciprocate this pleasure, Lane backed herself up onto Avery’s fully upright cock and forced in the first inch through his shorts. Now with both a cock spreading her pussy and a finger in her ass Lane found the ecstasy she had been on the edge of for nearly an hour and her pussy began squirting, resoaking Avery’s swim trunks and causing her to collapse onto him momentarily.

After regaining her breath she climbed off of him, standing over his body in a sort of split and pulled out his cock, telling Avery, “Its your turn now.” She bent down and began taking all six inches of Avery into her mouth, sucking his cock so tight and wet that Avery could hardly believe she wasn’t a professional. She kept at his cock, jerking it off when she had to breath for air or gag and attempt not to vomit on his meat and taking the occasional break to suck his balls just as deep down her throat as his cock. As she took his cock into her mouth one more time Avery began to feel the tingling sensation building in his balls and he looked down telling her, “Fuck baby, I’m gonna cum, be my cum dumpster baby.” And without another word she buried the cock in the back of her throat and he emptied the biggest load he had ever produced into the back of her throat and mouth. She came up off of his cock and showed him his cum, waiting for permission to swallow it and when she got that permission, she swallowed, looked at him, and twitched out the words, “You taste so good.” They shared one last kiss and fell asleep on the couch, hard, wet, and full.

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