Four Play Ch. 04

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This is chapter 4 of 5. This chapter only has straight sex, but the rest of the story contains explicit MM and FF as well as 4 way/every way sex. If that is not your thing, that’s OK, please move on. Comments and suggestions welcome, please rate so I how I’m doing.


Once again that after hot-killer-sex malaise settled in, but on all four of them this time. Within minutes they fell into a contented nap in a sticky naked heap. Tara was the first to wake, disoriented for a moment, she cracked open her eyes to see all of them, overlapping each other, sprawled this way and that on the big bed. A grin crept onto her face and threatened to keep getting bigger until her cheeks ached as she surveyed her still sleeping companions. They guys, relaxed in sleep, looked like the boys she remembered from years ago and Jasmine, oh Jasmine. Her shiny dark hair in a messy halo around her angelic face and her curvy body somehow managed to be snuggled up to all three of them at once. Some part of her, a breast, a calf, a luscious butt cheek intimately, sensuously, pressed up against someone to maintain contact. Tara’s heart swelled and a tingle started itself up again farther down when she looked at the sleeping beauty. She had been despairing ever finding a fourth to join in and make their family complete. But now…now there may be a chance. So far, Jasmine had surprised even herself with her enthusiasm for their bisexuality. Not only did she jump into sex with another woman like she had been craving it all of her life but watching the boys, always a harder thing for most people to accept, lit her up like a wildfire. Realistically Tara knew this would take time, maybe the rest of their lives to know for sure; but Jasmine seemed to fit in and mesh with them like she’d been there for years longer than the few days she had been.

That brought back Tara’s grin and she let her mind wander, just daydreaming about the four of them, living together, playing together and maybe even, she hoped, loving together.

There was a soft groan from the pile and Jim slowly managed to get his head out from under Matt’s arm. He peered around and finally found Tara, looking at him and waiting for him to make fully conscious eye contact. When he did, her grin lit up. “Good afternoon Sunshine,” she whispered. He grinned back and slowly started to untangle himself and stretch. This caused enough movement that Matt and Jasmine started to rouse as well. Within a few minutes, they were all stretching and working out the kinks from the crazy positions they all wound up in after that mind boggling boy-boy girl-girl sex. Several soft kisses were planted on random body parts as they sorted themselves out.

Jasmine was the one to find her voice first. “God, that was amazing, but I feel like I’ve just done two back-to-back marathons. If I don’t get something to eat,” she paused to look at herself and then at the rest of them, “and a shower, I am going to pass back out and stick here. Like I said to Tara earlier, no wonder you are all so skinny!” The other three all laughed. Matt came back with “last one in the pool has to change the sheets. I’ll call for pizza and tell them to bring it straight out there.”

Jasmine bowed to Matt and said in an adoring voice, “My hero,” while Tara and Jim steadied each other standing up. They all stumbled toward pool, someone remembering to hit the start button on the hot tub, and Tara announcing, “bathing suits people, unless we want the pizza deliverer to join us.” Amid loud groans, and a few ‘maybes’ they all found something to wear.

An hour later, they’d all soaked off the remnants of the afternoon’s goo and were munching pizza at the table on the pool deck.

The day had passed in a haze of sex and naps and now they all lounged around full and sated in all ways, at least for the moment. The sun was setting, and about the only word Jasmine could think of was ‘bliss.’ But her eyes were sinking along with the sun, and she pulled herself together for long enough to say to the group, “Guys, today has been one of the best days of my life. You’ve all shown me things I never imagined myself a part of and I feel like my universe just got bigger in the best way, but I’m gonna wimp on you and crash. In fact I may not even make it upstairs, if I pass out on the way, please just step over me when you go.”

They all chuckled and Jim said, “It’s definitely OK babe, I think we are all right behind you. In fact let’s both help each other up to bed.”

Jasmine was about to gratefully accept, when Tara piped up, “I have one more idea.” The twinkle in her eye had them all groaning and raising their eyebrows. “Welllllllll, all of us have had alone time together, at one time or another, except Jasmine and Matt. I propose we swap for tonight and Matt stays with Jasmine and I catch up with Jim.” They were all quiet for a minute and Tara, suddenly worried about having pushed too hard jumped back in saying, “That is if it’s OK with everyone, of course.”

Jasmine managed a tired smile at Tara, “No canlı bahis worries, Tara, I am perfectly fine with it, I want to get to know Matt better, in every way.” She even managed a bit of a twinkle in her eyes, which had the others giggling at her as she swayed in her seat with fatigue. “But tonight sleep! Fun and games tomorrow!”

That got an “Oh, yeah” from the whole bunch. All four struggled to their feet and started into the house. When they got to the point where Jim and Tara would go to one room and Matt and Jasmine to the other, they realized they were completely baffled about which way to go. Tara, ever the planner, had it all figured out. “Girls have more in the bathroom, and the guys can always use the other’s stuff.” She grabbed Jim’s hand and pulled him toward her and Matt’s room. Jasmine, her only thought getting horizontal, grabbed Matt’s hand and headed toward the other room. When they arrived, Jasmine gave Matt a quick sloppy kiss on the mouth and fell into bed. “Give me a good eight hours and I’m yours.” She was asleep even before Matt could slip into bed with her and kiss her goodnight. He grinned at her lovely, if totally passed out, form and was asleep, spooned around her, in a matter of seconds.

Tara and Jim were a bit more awake. Even though they were really both as tired as Jasmine, and Matt, it was hard to tell which one of them was more excited. Tara was practically vibrating. “Jim, you are awesome! Jasmine is wonderful and I think she likes us!”

“Likes us? Tara that might be the understatement of all time. I had hopes, but nothing like this. Jasmine fits, and she wants to fit! And it’s happening so fast. Thank you so much for this morning, you giving her my note and how you handled it was amazing. I never in my wildest dreams expected to come home to find you two sacked out in each other’s arms.

“When I met Jasmine, I knew she was special and she took my heart in an instant, but I never let myself think that it might work out as well as it has when we all got together and came out to her. When I saw you two asleep together and it was pretty obvious that you’d been together, I was elated. But when you walked in on Matt and me in the kitchen, going at it, I don’t think I was ever so scared in my life. When she went just about crazy with you watching Matt and me, I thought I was going to lose it completely and start laughing and crying at the same time.”

“So my dear, lover, friend and hopefully fourple partner, I am not sure you can even get how happy I am right now! Thank you for your patience, your perseverance, your loving and perverted nature and definitely that wicked tongue of yours.”

Tara smiled at Jim. “Thank you for finding the one who may be the third love of each of our lives. I have to tell you that when I handed her that note, I was almost as scared, but by the time we made it to the couch, Oh My GOD! She took to it like she’s been with us since the start. My wicked tongue? Fuck me! Soon I hope! Dayum! That girl is a natural born pussy licker and both of you may have to wait in line for your turn. I may never let you two near her!” With that Tara started giggling, rolled over on top of Jim and kissed him deeply, softly, lovingly. “Damn it is good to have you back! I really want to fuck you silly right now, but my body is saying noooooooooooooooo not now! So kiss me like that again and hopefully in the morning we can see who makes the most noise, us or them. No worries lover, I am sure that Matt and Jasmine are going to mesh as well as all of the other combinations. But I gotta tell you, when we get all four of us together at once, I am not sure any of us are going to survive. They are gonna find us fucked senseless, glued to the bed in cum and incoherent. What a way to go and I can’t wait.”

Jim just leaned in and gave Tara that toe curling kiss she wanted, smiled and wrapped her up in his arms. “Good night baby, and you are on for the ‘who screams loudest’ match in the morning as I intend to put you into orbit. And when we all get together, if we end up as drooling idiots, I’m first in line. Sleep well and cross your fingers, toes and tits, I think fate has smiled on us.”


Again Jasmine was coming to consciousness in a bed that wasn’t hers, but it was already becoming familiar. However, the warm bulk cuddled up behind her was totally new. Even though Matt and Jim were almost twins in the gorgeous body department, and she couldn’t see Matt’s blonde hair, she knew right away it wasn’t Jim. They had slightly different scents, both masculine with undertones of the ocean. But Matt seemed a bit more trees and earth, while Jim was a bit more polished wood and leather. Jim cuddled like an equal, Matt kind of enveloped her. She liked it and with a bit of a wiggle and squirm, nestled herself even closer against Matt’s chest.

“Mmmmmmm, now that is certainly a nice way to wake up.” Matt reached up from the bed with his hand to cup Jasmine’s breast, his arm pressing warmly into her torso almost down to her hip.

“Oh! bahis siteleri Good morning.” Jasmine put her hand on top of Matt’s arm then wiggled back against his already growing erection. “It seems everyone is getting up.” He chuckled and gently ground his hips into her warm, soft, bottom. “Well, when it feels this good to wake up, everyone wants to join the party.”

Now it was Jasmine’s turn to laugh. “I really don’t know what’s happening to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex and Jim and I are at it constantly, but being here with the three of you is changing me, I feel like a whole new – and naughtily wanton – me is coming out. Making love, sex…with all of you, seems to be the only thing on my mind. This is not the old me! Even the three days ago me! I never envisioned being with another woman, ever! And watching two men, one of them the man I wanted to marry, and still do, going at it. It made me so hot I thought I’d faint. That was so far out of the picture, it never even crossed my mind. But right now, what is crossing my mind is finding out how that cock of your feels in my mouth and pussy, aaannnd some other places to be named later.” With this Jasmine blushed so hotly red that Matt could feel it in his arm and see it on the lovely shoulder and neck he was nuzzling.

“Well I have to tell you it is the same with us. Like Tara explained we’ve been trying for half of our lives to find another person who could be with us like this. Someone to – and please don’t let this scare you – love, who loves all of us and wants to join us in all ways. Someone we like, just want to be around, someone who accepts us for who we are and joins us to be a part of it.

“I know this is scary, screaming, fast. But it’s OK, we don’t need to do anything for now, except figure out how well it can work…and for right now,” Jasmine could feel Matt’s grin against her neck, “I’d really like to find out how well you and I are together.” With that, Matt effortlessly flipped Jasmine over and pulled her into a full body hug, her breasts pressed against his chest and his now rigid cock between her legs and pressed against her lower lips. Her center suddenly became wet and opened to almost wrap around his base.

“One minute! If I don’t go pee and brush my teeth first, this might not work out well at all.” Jasmine laughed, and disentangled herself from Matt as he took a playful swat at her butt. “Well… OK, if you insist” he said, grinning.

Jasmine rolled out of bed and padded toward the bathroom. Matt, despite his comment, followed along for the same reasons. She was just finished and standing up as he walked into the bathroom. She put toothpaste on two brushes saying, “Pick one, I am not even sure whose is who’s anymore.”

She watched as Matt stood over the bowl and tried to pee, giggling. “Hmm, got a problem?” She reached over and gently grabbed his still half hard erection with her fingertips, aiming him down.

“Damn! That is not helping! I may never manage it with you doing that!”

“Well, OK” Jasmine giggled again and started to brush her teeth giving Matt a moment to collect himself and calm down enough to empty his bladder. When Jasmine finished brushing, she kissed him on the cheek, turned and with a wiggle of her shapely ass and a wink over her shoulder said, “Don’t be too long,” and headed back to bed.

When Matt re-entered the bedroom the sight of Jasmine, stretched out naked, on her side facing him, with her head propped up on her hand, took his breath away. Her shiny black hair cascaded over her shoulder, partially covering her breasts, but not so completely as to hide her nipples peeking through the strands. Her curves looked like a painting and her smile melted him.

“My god! You are so beautiful,” Matt said as he crossed to the bed, climbed in and stretched out on his side facing Jasmine, just barely touching her. His chest barely grazed her nipples and once again his growing erection tapped on her belly with each pulse of his heart. They gazed into each other’s eyes and moved toward each other to kiss. They both moaned softy as their lips parted and their tongues got acquainted for the first time.

When they came up for a breath, Jasmine said in wonder, “This is so strange. Even though this is our first time together, I feel like I know you this way, like I know Jim. But I don’t.”

“I know. It is strange, but good strange.”

“Definitely good.”

They leaned back into the kiss and followed with their bodies. Now pressed together, they kissed again and began to stroke each other’s sides and back, their bodies undulating against each other in a friction dance that raised the temperature in the whole room.

Matt kissed his way down Jasmine’s cheek, and continued to her neck where he kissed, licked, nuzzled and nibbled until Jasmine’s breath began to deepen and her soft moans began to get louder. He continued downward and did the same to her breasts, Jasmine’s back arching to press her large soft tits firmly into his face. She grabbed his hair with both hands and bahis şirketleri began to rub his now fully hard shaft against his belly with her thigh. Matt groaned and kept kissing downward to her belly where he licked circles around her navel before plunging his tongue into it eliciting a gasp and an arch from Jasmine.

He took advantage of her arch to slip his hands under the small of her back where he rubbed the sensitive dimples with his fingers until Jasmine began to whimper. He continued to kiss and lick his way down her belly. As she pressed her back down onto his hands, he slid them under her round ass cheeks, gripping one with each hand and raising her core as he moved his head down to her mound and began kissing and licking her mons. Jasmine’s hips began to undulate under Matt’s mouth and her grip on his head tightened. He continued downward, but avoided Jasmine’s already engorged spot. Rather, he took his time licking and kissing circles around it, dipping his tongue into her and circling the rim of her entrance. Then he traveled further down, as Tara had done, to circle and tease her back entrance with his magic tongue. She was already getting lost in the electric sensation of Matt’s mouth teasing her higher and higher. She was grinding against his lips and tongue as he kissed, sucked and lapped at her from her bottom to her clit and back. Each time Matt took a slightly different route. A kiss here, a lick there, a few sucks, a tongue slipped in sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but always hotly, wetly and with a lazy but intensifying pace.

When his lips pursed and he began to suckle on her clit, the tip of his tongue almost vibrating on its tip, she shattered. Jasmine had never had any difficulties reaching orgasm, but in these last few days at Matt and Tara’s, she seemed to reach her peak more and more quickly, and more often. This time was a doozy! Her body arched up into Matt involuntarily as her juices flooded into his mouth and she shook in ecstasy. She needed to scream, but all that came out was, “huh… huh.. huh…,” with her panting like a locomotive. Her legs wrapped around Matt’s head and squeezed as he kept sucking and slurping on her clit. Her orgasm went on and on and she thought that she was going to pass out when Matt began to ease his suction and backed off to plant butterfly light kisses all over her pubes. She kept shaking and panting for some time, finally coming down to the last few whole-body-shiver aftershocks.

Matt had slid back up and wrapped her up in a body hug as soon as she unwound her legs from his head.

“Whew… God… Woooooowwwwwww… I… I… Aieeeeeee…” At that point Jasmine’s mouth went round and she looked just like a cute, if confused, guppy.

Matt held her tight, gently nuzzling her neck as she returned to the here and now.

“Holy shit! That came totally out of nowhere. Well, not nowhere, that million tongued mouth of yours. Damn!”

Matt started to chuckle at ‘million tongued’ and was fully laughing by ‘Damn!’ “A million? Thanks! That is quite a compliment!”

Jasmine tried to take a swing at his shoulder and barely managed to land her hand on the spot, she was still that out of it. She did manage the grin, though. “Oh. My. God. That was amazing! Thanks! I may even recover, some day. Maybe not, I hope. Wow!”

Matt managed to get his giggling under control and took a deep breath. “You are most welcome and I hope not either. That was fun! I really enjoyed pleasing you like that.”

“Fun? More like mind altering! You can enjoy yourself like that any old time you like. That is after I get some of that enjoyment myself.” Jasmine took her own deep breath, had one more lovely head to toe body shiver and sucked Matt’s mouth to hers. She could feel him smile into their kiss. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and started bobbing her head as she sucked to give Matt a hint of things to come. She tasted herself in his mouth and on his tongue and it made her even more excited to give as good as she had just gotten, maybe better if she could.

Differing from the way Matt had worked himself down her body alternating kisses, licks and sucks; his mouth jumping from spot to spot; Jasmine kept constant contact. Her lips a ring on Matt’s skin, her tongue leaving a hot, wet, trail wherever she went. She moved along his collarbone and out to his shoulder, then along the edge of his pec and over to his nipple. She stopped there. Circling his nipple with her lips she went to town. Her tongue flicking Matt’s little pebble, while her lips sucked and her teeth gently pinched. Her hands were an advanced exploration party. She stroked her way down his rippled abs to the trimmed nest at the base of his cock. Her hand encircled his shaft and gently squeezed and stroked as Matt began to groan and pant. Jasmine gave Matt’s other nipple equal treatment then headed south. She slurped her way down Matt’s torso, but instead of heading for his navel, she headed for his hipbones and sucked her way down them on each side to the V of his groin and down to his rapidly filling balls. She gently sucked on each one and then took both at once into her mouth, rolling them around while laving them with her tongue. Matt spread his legs to practically a full split and moaned between gasps.

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