Fourth Fuck with Rough Bull

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Very cool to the skin, the white silk slip clung to his buttocks and thigh, the hem just below the knees. It felt a bit on the tight side especially when he sat down to slip on the sheer nylons, but it had been difficult to find the right size when he had gone shopping for lingerie. He had fingered lingerie in the boutique when a pretty young girl asked if she could help him. He blushed and said he was looking for something for his wife. He thought his Bull would love to fuck her. Having tried on Kim’s clothes at home, he knew that he’d need two sizes larger. He wasn’t a big man, but he had wide shoulders, narrow hips, and long legs, not an ounce of fat. Kim was of slighter build. So he took a chance on the size and selected a shimmering blue silk slip with ribbon straps and waited until he got home before trying it on. It fit, snugly, but it fit, clinging to the lines of his chest, waist, hips and ass. He sent an email to his Bull telling him about the purchases and the pretty store clerk and where the store was in case Bull Glen wanted to check her out. The silky texture of the slip against his smooth skin aroused him deeply.

Bull Glen had ordered the cuck lawyer to have his legs, pubic hair, and Van Dyke beard completely shaved before their next meeting, and Danny had obeyed. So eager to serve the soldier who now freely fucked his wife, Danny wanted to be whatever his Bull demanded he become, or he risked being deprived of the Bull’s presence, deprived of his voice, deprived of his boots and Bull cock, deprived of his overwhelming man power. Thinking of his Bull’s cock using his wife’s cunt, breeding her, loading her womb with his virile substance, he accepted the fact that his own pathetic dick had become irrelevant. He was no longer allowed to play with himself or fuck his wife. Straining against the finely wrought metal frame, his flaccid dick could never become erect, although he could still piss through it and drops of precum could dribble through as well. The slip rose above his silver cock cage encasing the genitals.

He carefully unrolled the stockings, pointing his feet like a ballet dancer and inserting in such a way as to prevent the fine material from snagging on a toenail. Wavelets of electrical charges rippled under his skin as he connected the top of the nylons to the garter belt, which Kim had purchased for him. He had thought of panty hose, but they would cover his buttocks and cuckhole to which his bull needed access. He posed in the mirror, turning this way and that, examining his backside, caressing his hips and thighs through the silky blue slip. Then he stood still, let the lingerie fall to its natural length, and waited in their bedroom.

The soldier Bull had arrived earlier and enjoyed a quick and hard fuck with Kim. He had just grabbed her at the door, pushed her down on the white leather couch, inserted his hand up her skirt, and into her cunt, and fisted his bitch for a few minutes. She writhed like a serpent on a stick. He then raised her legs over his shoulder and unbuckled his fatigues to free his already enormous cock. She had been forbidden to wear panties. Danny had been allowed to watch, as long as he sat on the floor by his boots. Kim was eventually stripped naked, but Glen remained in army fatigues and t-shirt, and always his boots. Those army boots commanded Danny’s attention. He loved being under them, the sole of a boot pressing against his face, or being allowed to grovel and lick and worship them. He was allowed to caress and lick the soles as the Bull ramrodded the moaning, groaning, and begging slutwife on the sofa, her legs wrapped around her bull’s neck. The cuck made love to the soldier’s boots, his tongue canlı bahis şirketleri savoring the texture of well-worn leather, and digging out the grit caught among the ridges of the corrugated soles. Sometimes the booted foot kicked back against the cuck’s face, because Kim’s voice urged Bull Glen to fuck her: oh, please, fuck me hard, fill me with your cum, I need it please, master, fuck fuck oh holy fuck me. And that’s what the Bull did, not caring care where his booted foot hit as he cunthammered the wife.

Then the Bull’s hard muscular body both tightened and ploughed hard and as deep as it could. Kim arched her back and seemed to hold her breath, her hands flailing over her head as Bull Glen pumped and released enough jism in his wife’s womb to conceive a hundred virile bulls for the future, so Danny thought. He wanted to suck that precious bull spunk out of his wife’s cunt, a pleasure so far denied him, but he knew it would come. Bull Glen pulled out, his still-hard cock glistening with cunt juices and dripping cum. He stood and suddenly hoisted the naked, half-swooning wife over his shoulders. Pushing several fingers up her cunt, he walked about the room, the wife swinging over her strong shoulders, moaning as if in a semi-coma. Then he noticed Danny sitting on the floor by the sofa.

“Hey, bitch,” he called to Danny, “crawl over here and lick my fingers.”

Danny did precisely that, the smile on his face expressing his great need and pleasure. On all fours he scurried over to his bull by the balcony door, and opened his mouth so the Bull’s fingers found their way in to the back of the cuck’s throat. Danny gagged a bit, but he sucked and licked his wife’s juices mixed in with the precious life-giving sustenance of bull cum. He stared at the dripping semi-erect cock with hunger. Kim seemed to have slipped into a private reverie over the Bull’s shoulders, her eyes open, glazed and shimmering with inner light. Danny didn’t think she was aware of her husband kneeling by the Bull’s legs and sucking on the cunt-juiced fingers. So fucking sweet and salty and aromatic, he could suck bull cum and cunt juices all day.

“That’s enough. Now get your ass to the bedroom and change into something more comfortable, and put the mouth gag on as well. ”

With swift and eager obedience, Danny scurried to the bedroom like a cat in heat. He had been wondering how long it would be before the Bull decided to fuck his mouth again. Not the way he did like last time when he, Danny, had touched the soldier’s ass, startling him, and the Bull in anger had suddenly and furiously raped his mouth. Afterwards he had been punished, having to endure a golden shower in the washroom, except it was a thrilling pleasure and didn’t feel like punishment at all to have all that glorious hot bull piss showering his face and suit. He could drink it as often as Bull Glen desired to piss down his throat. He wondered if it was proper to beg for piss, or if the Bull thought a golden shower was for punishment purposes only.

He yearned , though, for a good long proper throat fuck so he could be imbued with the magnificence of soldier Bull cock and have his stomach filled with bull spunk, properly fed. And his ass? When would the soldier give his wimpy cuck’s ass the great privilege of being rammed by the masterful Alpha cock of a powerful Bull, and properly breed him? Having tasted it, he longed for a full meal of Bull Glen’s cock, for a protracted session of cocksucking and a complete meal of bullcum. He longed for the fierce plugging of his pussyboy cunt. How lucky Kim was, for she had already been fucked and received the blessing of bull seed in her womb. She had been bred canlı kaçak iddaa by a real Alpha Bull soldier. Before entering the bedroom, Danny turned to see her still draped over his shoulder, and Bull Glen stood in front of the balcony door, legs spread, fatigues covering his strong thighs, the muscles of one arm rippling at the hand thrust in and out of the wife’s cunt as if he was massaging the clit. The slutwife seemed to be humming. Her expensively coiffed red hair dangled over the soldier’s belt. Danny admired the curve of the Bull’s ass, and wondered how long it would be before he would be allowed to insert his tongue. Surely, the Bull would want his ass serviced. Then, the slu wife still hanging over his shoulder, Bull Glen turned to face the cuck at the bedroom door, grabbed his cock, hard and fully erect, pointed it at his cuck: what a joy to behold, that monstrous bull cock, a beautiful tool to use against cunts that needed a lesson in subservience.

“This is for you, bitch. Now get in the bedroom and do your duty like a good cunt.”

“Sir, yes, Sir,” Danny replied and bolted in the room and began immediately to take off his street clothes and put on the lingerie.

Of course, he had no choice but to obey. Every current of hot blood coursing through his veins heated his body as he removed his clothes and put on the slip and nylons. His skin burned inside the lingerie and the silkiness of the nylons slipped into his bloodstream, to the depths of his groin and ass, and he twitched involuntarily, knowing how much he needed his Bull’s cock. He didn’t know what he was anymore, as he stared into the mirror. He didn’t know what he had become. Yes, a lawyer to the public. He crossed his arms over his chest the way he saw women do who covered their breasts. Yes, he did know: Bull Glen’s bitch, his soldier’s pussy boy, a happy husband of a well-fucked and Bull-owned, slut wife. And strange, yes, more than strange, he passed his hands over his hips and belly, creating electrical currents through the texture of his lingerie, and ran a finger across his lips, lips that would wrap themselves around Glen’s cock. Maybe he should apply red lipstick? Ask the Bull if that was his desire. What was he? What had he become? He would never have made a very pretty woman, and certainly wasn’t one now.

A married lawyer in silk lingerie and nylons and his cock in a silver cage, waiting for a soldier to bring his naked, red-haired and sometimes mouthy wife, now the soldier’s cunt, into the bedroom. Waiting for the soldier to do whatever the fuck he wanted. That was all that mattered, what Bull Glen wanted. Danny, caressing his thighs and rubbing the cock cage beneath the silk, couldn’t think beyond Glen’s desires. He couldn’t think beyond being what Glen wanted him to be for whatever purpose. He couldn’t think anymore; he didn’t need to think anymore. It served no purpose, since his liberation resided in the annihilation of what he used to be, and the body burned and the heart yearned, and his thoughts belonged to Glen, shaped by the strength of Glen’s will and muscles and great cock. The memory of hot piss all over his suit seared his imagination. He needed the degradation; he wanted the degradation. He hungered for his bull’s cum, knowing he would become addicted to it like a drug, knowing that it contained the substance he needed to feel alive and purposeful. He would celebrate the glory of his Bull’s magnificent and necessary cock.

And no one could worship and suck his bull’s ass like a cuck slave. Or beg for piss with such passion. And Danny didn’t want to be anywhere else at this very moment. He heard Kim’s begging voice in the other room, and he heard canlı kaçak bahis Glen’s boots stomp on the floor. Then the door opened and the Bull entered, still carrying the wife over his shoulder. He cast his eyes over the cuck in lingerie and a wicked smile brightened his face as he lowered Kim to her knees. She gurgled a protest, as if she didn’t want to be released, but Glen pulled her face close to his groin and rammed his cock down her throat, and her body jerked and writhed as she grasped his thighs and began sucking. Despite her struggles and hands that seemed to push against the soldier’s legs, she in fact was giving in, was letting Glen gag her, yes, gag. Even though the sounds rumbling in her throat and the stifled gasps suggested revolt, she was in fact fixing herself on his cock, not wanting it to vacate her throat, Danny could tell. He knew what that was like. He could recognize it. He seemed to disregard Danny who felt his own cock stirring but unable to rise in its cock cage, and his heart both thrilled over the scene of Glen’s mastery, and also quietly yearned and whimpered, and his entire body was engulfed by the flames of jealousy and lust. He needed now what his Bull was doing to his wife.

And without warning, Bull Glen pushed the wife aside and turned to Danny and picked him up and slung him over his shoulder, and caressed his ass and nylon-clad legs as Danny’s hands took the liberty of touching the Bull’s ass, rippling under the fatigues. He didn’t think he’d be punished for doing that this time. The Bull paced the room with his cuck on his strong shoulder, rubbing a hand over the nylons so ripples of pleasure streaked through the legs all the way to the caged cock. Danny sighed. Suddenly, he was thrown on the bed and ordered to lie back with his head hanging over the mattress, his mouth kept wide open by the force of the speculum.

Danny could feel his caged cock struggling to harden but it could not. Bull Glen straddled his neck, and slightly bending his strong legs, slid his long and thick cock between the speculum rims and slowly let it sink past Danny’s gag reflex and into the cuck’s throat. The sensation of his bull’s cock pressing against his tongue aroused Danny so much that he squirmed with delight on the bed, his silky slip rising above his legs. He reached to grab the bull’s muscular thighs, but the cock head forced itself into the gag reflex, and Danny’s throat reacted. He gurgled and coughed and tried momentarily to push his bull off his face, but the cock had secured itself so firmly in the mouth he couldn’t free himself. The bull didn’t seem to mind his visceral reactions.

“That’s it, cunt, take my cock. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Take it all, fuckface.”

And Bull Glen pushed his groin against the speculum so the cock was all the way into his cuck’s mouth and throat. If Danny couldn’t breathe through his nose, he’d suffocate. He sputtered and fought back back the gorge in his throat. He tasted precum and his own saliva leaked, as his tongue began moving as much it could under and around the weight of the soldier’s iron hard shaft, and savor the aroma and texture of bull cock.

His Bull gripped his head between two strong hands so he could control the cuck’s movements. He slid in and out of its mouth, the hard bull cock pressing against the lawyer’s eager tongue. The soldier’s balls brushed against the cuck’s lips. The speculum prevented him from sucking and licking and kissing the way he would have wanted, but it wasn’t his place to tell the Bull what he, the cuck, wanted. It was the Bull’s place to fuck Danny when and where he pleased and turn him into a cocksucking insatiable slut. And right now he was fucking the slut’s throat. Danny’s heart thumped furiously in his chest as his body writhed and wriggled the way Kim’s did, waiting and burning for the great magnificent and magical, powerful outflow of of life-giving bull cum down its insatiable throat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20