Free the Lion Ch. 01

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Today had been a typical workday on my part. Filling forms, typing shit, you know…work. So it should come to no surprise that I was ready to go home, right? Just an average working class girl who couldn’t wait to get home and see her husband, and do tortuous, sexually painful things to him. I stared down the regulation-based black and white clock while the floor manager peered down at us like a chicken hawk on the prowl. There was no early escape today. I hurried to scribble the last few words onto the form I was filling out, a random informational checklist for the new 401k plan they’ve just pushed upon us, and scrambled to gather my things like a school kid trying to beat the bell.

And then it was five.

I took off from my seat like I was outrunning the school principal and darted to the elevator. Everyone else was lined up for the next one so I vaulted someone’s briefcase and slammed open the door to the stairs. My kitten heels clicked like a tap dancer as I expertly navigated my way to the basement and burst through the door to the parking garage. My little ford ranger sat waiting for me as I thrust the key into the lock and slid inside. I shifted into reverse and struggled to control myself.

Traffic was horrible, it seemed to move an inch every minute. I tried to calm down and even took the time to try and do myself up. I opened my glove compartment and slid some hot pink hair gel into my short back hair and attempted a style while fixing the longer front into a sleek mass. After the eyeliner was touched up traffic finally started to move, so I had no time to do anything else. By the time I pulled into my little suburban home I could almost feel myself dripping with anticipation. I knew where he would be, tied to the bed by his wrists and blindfolded. Maid services güvenilir bahis could be paid to do anything, even slip by to tie up your husband thirty minutes before you got off from work. I opened the front door and tried to take my time and prepare myself before heading to the bedroom, but it was no use. I dropped my briefcase and hopped over our Rex, our bull terrier, before quietly opening the door to my bedroom….

He was beautiful, as always. This was only the third time I’ve done this to him, and the last time was six months ago, so he was kinda shocked. I could still see him trembling. This maid had been considerate and left the fan off after she undressed him and tied him up. He lay supported on a mountain of pillows, just like the king he was. His eyes were covered by his favorite red tie that I wore to work almost all the time. Luckily today I hadn’t. Today was our anniversary. Five years.

I padded over to him, running my fingers lightly up his naked thigh, which startled him. He snapped his legs closed.

“Honey?” He asked, hopeful. I didn’t answer. I instead stepped onto the bed and separated his thighs with my knees as I ran my nails down his pudgy tummy. He shivered and broke out in Goosebumps, then jerked as I breathed hot air onto limp little Pluto. My mind absently wandered to the thought of restraining his legs, since he kept trying to close them around me, but I couldn’t. My little Lion Cub was afraid of total restraint, and doing this would only cause him stress. More breath and a slight kiss was all it took to get little Pluto up to his natural size, a clean, uncut seven inches. Not gigantic, but good enough for me.

He still wasn’t sure it was me, I could tell by the way he breathed. My honey was afraid of getting turned on by anyone other than türkçe bahis me, because of his tendencies. I chuckled silently and licked the underside of his dick with a wet, limp tongue, causing him to thrust himself upwards. He moaned and tried to move his arms, then growled slightly when he realized he couldn’t. I watched him, letting saliva drip from my mouth onto his sac and dribble downwards. Slowly I let my forefinger trace the path downwards from his sac to his tight little asshole. By now he was really hoping it was me.

As I flicked my finger around the hole I slipped off my pumps and unbuttoned my top three buttons to reveal my black bra. My skirt took a little work until finally it fell to the floor revealing a strap around my waist that held a single, four inch dagger, which I laid aside as I pushed my finger inside him and felt him twitch. My other hand snaked back to Pluto and stroked one extremely firm stroke and pulled upwards until he was stretching with his dick towards the ceiling, his mouth open and panting.

I removed my hands and watched him, not touching or making the slightest noise. After some time he settled down and began to breathe normally, which was when I leaned foreword, grabbed that gorgeous head of hair and bore his throat to me, the knife in my hand again. He gasped a little, then pulled against the restraints as I bit down tenderly on the underside of his chin, right above the Adam’s apple. While I bit and sucked his tight skin I placed the knife into his left hand. I smiled as I watched him struggle to position the knife in the right direction to cut his left wrist free, and kissed my way down to his dick again. He was taking pretty long so I began to sucking the tip of Pluto into my mouth and let him go, like a lollipop. He struggled to keep focused güvenilir bahis siteleri on his freedom as I began to fondle the boys.

He left wrist was free, so I sucked the whole length of him into my mouth, keeping steady pressure while he cut the right one free and threw the knife into the closet. I smiled with my mouthful as he ripped off the tie and gazed at me, but only for a second. After a moment he gripped my hair, completely ruining my spiking, and pulled me up to his mouth.

“you’re such a tease” he said into my teeth, then pushed me onto the bed, pinning me down with his weight as he ran his hands through my hair in the way that always made me wriggle with pleasure. He worshiped my own throat as he did this, biting and kissing every inch of skin around my neck. I growled with happiness just as he ripped my shirt open the rest of the way and pulled me up against him by my bra. I listened to the wickedly fast beat of his heart as he undid my bra and pulled it off of me, using both his hands and his mouth to work my nipples into a frenzy. After he had me both gasping for air and thrusting my hips upwards at him he slipped my thighs around his shoulders and held them open with his strong hands. I shrieked and tightened my grip around his neck with my thighs as he lazily licked me from my dripping hole up to my clit. My muscles shuddered and eyelids drooped as I groped for something to hold onto while trying to twist away. My Cub grabbed onto my hips and held me firm with one hand as he inserted two fingers into me slowly, watching me like he always did to see my reaction.

I was starting to lose control, my breathing came in ragged gasps filled with moans like a cat in heat. “Fuck me!” I finally got out.

“I’m sorry, what?” He asked innocently, wiggling his fingers while giving me a quick lap with his tongue.

“Take me honey.” I whispered. Almost pleading.

I could feel his sheepish smile as he kissed the top of my pussy and laid my hips back on the bed.

*End chapter one*

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