Freshman Orientation

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Gina sat cross-legged on the grass outside the music building at her university, waiting for her ride. The last few bars of the jazz band’s practice session wafted through the windows, and as anticipated, a few minutes later the band members filed out of the door, joking and saying good night. Within a few minutes they had all filtered out to the parking lot to go home — except one. Todd’s car had been rear-ended last week and was having repairs, so the sexy senior from her Physics class had to get his roommate to pick him up. Gina watched him as he crossed the grass and spotted her. She waved and he grinned, and flopped down next to her on the grass.

“Hey Gina, whatcha doing here?” he asked, picking a strand of grass and twirling it in his fingers.

“I had art club after class today. I’m waiting for the bus to my dorm — so I’m just hanging out.”

Gina was a freshman and had a massive crush on Todd, so it was only partially true. Several busses had gone by while she’d been sitting there so she’d get a chance to accidentally meet Todd after his practice.

Todd’s eyes sparkled. “I guess we can be bored together.”

At the word “together” Gina’s hands tingled and her face flushed. She tried to act nonchalant. Stretching her long legs in front of her, appearing longer due to the dangerously short shorts she was wearing on the warm April afternoon, she pretended to examine a spot on her arm. Todd’s eyes ran over her tanned skin and up to her pert breasts that pressed against her blue tank top. He reached a hand out and touched her shoulder, then traced a line of freckles down her arm. She shivered and glanced at him.

“Hey, I’ve noticed you sometimes. In class. Looking at me…” Todd began. Gina flushed in embarrassment.

“I’m not, I mean, I was just…” she started güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri but Todd put his finger on her lips, his eyes glittering with a sudden light. He leaned close to her, so she could smell his breath.

“Are you going out with anybody?” he asked, letting his finger drop to her chin.

“N-no…” she breathed.

“Good. Because I think you’re hot,” said Todd, dropping his finger down her neck, tracing the outline of her shirt. “You want to be my girlfriend?”

Gina could hardly believe her luck. She never would have imagined her afternoon would result in this! Todd was popular and sexy, every girl in her class wanted to be his girlfriend. And now he wanted her! She nodded quickly, not daring to speak as his finger dropped further still, down the side of her breast.

“Let’s go someplace more private and I’ll show you what being my girlfriend is all about,” whispered Todd as his hand reached the waistband of her shorts. He grabbed her hand suddenly and with a laugh, stood up, pulling her with him. She wasn’t sure what he meant but she was giddy and ready to follow him anywhere. She giggled and ran after him, holding his hand, across the field to a forested area where the light filtered through pine trees and soft evergreen shrubs surrounded a small clearing. A fence in front of the area had been bent at some point so they easily slipped through and into the cover of the forest. Once secluded, he turned to her and pulled her body swiftly against his, and bent his head for the long-awaited kiss. His mouth was hot, questing, and she responded eagerly, dreamily, wrapping her arms around his solid back. Before she noticed he had leaned her back and was kneeling over her as he lay her on the pine-needled ground. His mouth was everywhere on her, kissing her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri mouth, her neck, her chest. His hands groped her breasts and she gasped, surprised.

He paused, and looked at her. “What?”

“I… nothing, I just thought, wow, I mean, you’re going pretty fast.”

“Don’t break the mood, baby. I told you I was going to show you what it meant to be my girlfriend. Do you want to be my girlfriend or not?” He frowned.

In a panic, she chastised herself. She was acting like a baby. It scared her, but she needed to act like an adult if she was going to be a senior’s girlfriend. “Of course I do…” she whispered, and took his hand, leading it to her breast, trembling.

With a growl he descended on her body, throwing one leg over her so that she was trapped beneath him. Against her lower belly she could feel the heat of his stiff manhood under his shorts. She wanted to run, but another part of her ached to know what it was like.

She reached up tentatively and put her hands under his shirt, feeling the solid muscles under tanned skin. At her touch his fervor grew more fierce and he reached down and pulled off his shirt in one swift motion. Then he began to tug off her shirt, then her bra, then unzipped her shorts and shucked his into the pine straw and shrubs. Their underwear followed suit and in moments, she had her first look at his dark red penis standing proudly from his tanned physique.

In seconds he was on top of her, tasting, squeezing, groping. Her skin was on fire and she was filled with sensations she didn’t know she had. But she feared the penis and as his body rippled over her like a wave, she could feel it hot against her leg, then slip down between. In reflex she squeezed her thighs closed but he was not to be stopped. güvenilir bahis şirketleri With one knee he wedged open her legs and thrust between them with a grunt. His penis touched her opening and with every fiber of her being she shrank away, squeezed in, without trying to show him that she was afraid.

He didn’t notice her reaction or didn’t care, and with a groan and a swift, hard series of thrusts, he penetrated her to her core and filled her body with his large manhood. She cried out at the pain and the pleasure, her wetness welcomed him into her depths. He wrapped his hands around her waist, pulled out again and then plunged in with an animal cry. At the fullness, Gina could feel a desperate crest developing and she suddenly longed to pull him deeper into her. Wrapping her arms around his lower back and digging her fingernails into his flesh, she arched her back and received all his length with a moan. At her acceptance, Todd went wild, bucking and sweating as she matched his rhythm stroke for stroke. With each motion her desperation grew more fierce and she began to pant and moan and make mewing sounds that mixed with his staccato groans. Suddenly Todd began to groan deeply, thrusting harder and grinding his pelvis on hers, eyes closed, body tensing and releasing like a snake over her small body. Her crest began to peak and she pulled him harder, breathing his name.

“Todd — Todd — ohhhh please don’t stop!” she panted as their bodies reached a sweaty crescendo. With a final massive pump, Todd’s body tensed and she could feel the gush of his fluid inside her, which sent her body over the edge. Pulsing waves of release crashed over her, and he spasmed inside her and pushed again, sending crashing aftershocks through her shuddering body. Again and again he ground into her shuddering orgasm and she writhed beneath him, as he spent every last drop deep inside her. Finally he collapsed on top of her, shuddering, breathing heavily, sweaty and exhausted.

Gina ran her hands over his back and caught her breath. If this is what being Todd’s girlfriend meant, she thought, it was worth waiting for!

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