Freshman Year Ch. 02-03

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“good morning lover,” I turned to face her, wrapping my arms around her holding her close for a few mins, “are we ok?” I asked nervously.

Grinning “I think were just fine, don’t you?” My only response was a passionate kiss, after which breakfast was soon forgotten. We made it as far as the couch before we just had to have each other again.

We fell to the couch kissing and caressing each other. We broke from the kissing just long enough to strip. Kim then pushed me onto my back on the couch and started kissing and licking her way down my body. Each touch of her mouth or her tongue sending shivers down my body, I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, but I knew no guy had ever made me feel this good. Kim continued her journey down my body stopping only when she came to my wet pussy. I gasped with delightful pleasure as I felt her tongue run the length of my slit. She parted my swollen lips and started to just barely flick her tongue over my hardening clit. I was in heaven as she worked on my now soaked pussy. She licked me for what seemed like hours, and then I felt her slide a finger into me. As she pumped me with her finger I started thrusting my hips in time with her pumping and soon she had slid another finger deep inside.

I was moaning “mmm harder harder.” I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, I could feel it building deep inside me. She kept pumping me with her fingers and sucking on my clit, and soon I could hold back no longer. My body began to shake, as I felt a warm wave flow over me. I cried out and told Kim I was cumming. She removed her fingers and replaced them with her tongue, I was moaning and my hips were bucking up off the couch as my orgasm rocked my body. casino oyna Kim licked every drop of my cum, then came up and kissed me lying atop me. “I believe that may have been better than last night” She laughed,” and its only going to get better, I mean that is if you want it to” I looked at her, “I never want us to stop.”

While we were laying there the door opened, it was my boyfriend Dave, *I had given him a key*. He looked at us lying there “Jess, hun is there something maybe you would like to tell me?” he said laughing. I looked at Kim “I don’t know Kim do you think we should tell him?” We all laughed, Kim and I slipped our clothes on and sat and we told Dave of the night before. To my surprise he was ok with it, he had only one request. Next time he wanted to watch or maybe join in, we told him we would have to think about that.

Several months later Dave and I were returning from a nice night out. As we entered the apartment we heard shouts of anger and Josh (Kim’s boyfriend) came storming out of Kim’s room. As he walked past us to the door he looked at me and said ”your sick you know that?” I was shocked, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I didn’t like his tone. As he stormed out, I went to Kim’s room to find out what was going on. I walked in and Kim was lying on the bed crying. I sat down and asked what was going on. What she told me was a real shock. She said that her and Josh had been making love and that when she came she called out my name. After it was over they were lying there talking and he asked her who Jessi was. Was it another guy that she was sleeping with or some guy that she was fantasizing about? She said she couldn’t lie to him, so she told him about us. That canlı casino was when he got very angry told her she was going to hell and stormed out.

Dave came in to see what was going on. I explained that Kim had just told Josh about us and he didn’t take it well at all. So I asked Dave if he would mind not staying over so Kim and I could talk. He grinned and said sure, I walked him to the door and gave him a goodnight kiss. He held me tight and grinned and said expect a full report tomorrow.” I slapped his arm playfully and told him tonight wasn’t about that. He just laughed and said sure “Jess, if you say so babe.” I kissed him again and sent him home, and went back to check on Kim. She was still upset, so I climbed into bed next to her and pulled her to me. We cuddled for awhile, then decided that we needed to drown her sorrows with ice cream. So I went into the kitchen checked the freezer…”of course not” I mumbled. Kim got dressed and we hit the nearest all night grocery store.

We bought 4 different kinds of ice cream and all sorts of toppings went home and pigged out on ice cream. I asked if she was feeling a little bit better she said not really but it helped that I was there to talk to. I decided that I needed a shower before turning in. I was in the shower and the bathroom door opened and Kim came in. Without saying a word she stripped and joined me in the shower. We kissed and hugged for a bit, my hands moving down Kim’s back to find and squeeze her tight round ass. Then I started kissing her neck, nibbling her ear. Eventually kissing my way to her perky firm breasts. I took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it hard knowing she was enjoying it. My other hand was busy caressing her other kaçak casino tit, rolling the nipple between my fingers and pinching it lightly.

Her hands were running through my hair, as I started kissing and licking my way further down her body. Hearing her moan was driving me on, as I reached my destination. I kneeled down in front her and started licking her sweet pussy. I heard her moan as I tongued her clit. As I was licking her pussy I reached around and grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. Licking deeper and harder as I felt her start to shake. Knowing her orgasm wasn’t far away I slipped a finger in her wet love hole and started sucking on her hard clit. I was sucking her clit and fingering her hot wet pussy when I felt her shaking uncontrollably. Then I heard her scream my name and her cum gushed out. I probed deep into her gushing pussy to make sure none of her sweet cum was lost. After making sure I had licked up all her juices I stood up and kissed my lover.

We kissed and embraced each other, until Kim kneeled down in front of me, and started licking my dripping pussy. She spread my lips and started sucking on my clit. Her hands were on my butt holding me in place. Then she slid a finger into my wet pussy swirled it around a few times then pulled it out. She then slid that finger into my tight ass hole; I gasped in shock and delight as she started pumping into my tight ass. All the while she was still working her magic on my clit. (God I was in heaven) I could feel my orgasm building quickly. I told her I was going to cum and she responded by sticking a finger in my pussy and started pumping both my ass and pussy with the same speed. I had to lean against the shower wall for support when I came. After we washed and rinsed each other we went into her room and fell fast asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke the next morning still wrapped in Kim’s arms.

***MORE TO COME*****

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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