Friendly Fantasy

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Eva’s best friend Kendra was also one of her coworkers. Her supervisor, to be exact. And when her best friend/supervisor opened up about obsessing over a guy that was simply impossible to have, Eva felt it her duty to try and get Kendra laid.

I’m Justin, Eva’s boyfriend, and I told Eva I knew just the guy to get Kendra’s mind off her obsession. Burt was one of my coworkers, and while we’d never really done much outside of the office, we’d always meant to. We had the same title, pay, and gripes about work, and even though he was more of a horn dog than I was, he was still normal enough to get along with. He wasn’t really the type a girl would fall in love with, but I thought he’d make a good one-night stand for Kendra if nothing else.

We all met at a club one Friday night after work. It had been a rough week for all of us at our jobs, so even though we were excited the weekend was here, everyone was pretty tired by the time we started drinking. Nobody really wanted to dance, which would’ve been fine, except we all filled the void with drinking instead.

Over the next few hours we talked and got to know each other over drinks and shots. Kendra and Burt were getting along nicely at first, but for some reason Burt just wasn’t getting into her.

This really confused me. First off, I’d heard stories about Burt that were already legendary at work, and he hadn’t been there that long. Not long ago he and some other guys from the office were on a weekend trip and Burt picked up some 18 year old at the hotel pool and fucked her that night. And the girl was on a trip with her parents! That was only the most recent story.

The other reason Burt’s lack of interest was a surprise was because Kendra was so, so hot. It was hard enough to believe that Kendra couldn’t find a guy on her own (Eva would never admit it, but I think she forced the set-up as girls so often do). She was 28, same as Burt, and while Eva might call Burt decently attractive, I’d call Kendra a fucking dream (though I’d never say that to Eva). She was very pretty, with long, brunette hair, big brown eyes, and the curviest hour-glass figure I’d ever seen. She was 6 foot tall even without heels, had D-cup breasts, a nice full booty, a deep, natural tan, and, well, the list went on and on.

But also going on and on was Burt’s cell phone calls. As the night drew on, he spent more and more time receiving and then making phone calls, right there in front of Kendra. They were personal calls to friends, which really said something to Kendra in terms of how interested he was. He ignored her and more, eventually even leaving the table to make more calls.

I felt terrible. Though I knew Kendra could’ve picked up any guy at the club, the point was that the one we brought for her, and who she was initially into, had basically dumped her, and did so in the least tactful way. Eva didn’t seem so upset because she hadn’t liked Burt’s personality from the get-go, which I sort of expected. And so all Eva did was talk about how Kendra was better off without Burt, and she was sorry I’d been such an idiot for suggesting him.

Maybe Eva had been drinking the wrong mix of stuff, but I seemed to understand her best friend more than she did that night. Eva kept talking about how terrible Burt was, which was fine considering how much of a jerk he was being, but she did so by pointing out all the things that Kendra had initially seemed to like about him. I saw Kendra getting uncomfortable and feeling lower and lower the more Eva talked and the more Burt stayed away.

Since this was my fault, I took it upon myself to do anything I could to make Kendra feel better. I reminded her that she could get anyone, and told her she was attractive and a great person in a million different ways. This led to us reminiscing about the times she, Eva and I had done things together; it was odd because they were the kind of conversations I’d expect Eva and Kendra to have, leaving me on the side, but instead Eva was left out of the conversation. Normally I would’ve been concerned about tuning Eva out, but since she’d been so hard on Kendra earlier, I didn’t pay as much attention. Besides, I was really having fun just being friendly.

I didn’t realize my mistake until we got home. Burt had come with us, but nobody understood why because he left as soon as he got there. It was one last insult to Kendra, from my perspective. And the way she didn’t even stay in the living room long enough to see Burt off told me she felt that way, too. Despite all the fun her and I had had at the club, she still felt low from the cold rejection. I was just glad that Kendra didn’t know Burt’s hound dog reputation, or she really would have been offended.

Kendra went off into the guest bedroom to sleep it off, looking and sounding as depressed as ever when she said her goodnights. But there was a different attitude in me and Eva’s bedroom, for as soon as our door was shut, the mistake I had made by befriending Kendra became obvious. Eva was upset that I had tuned her out, and accused me of flirting with Kendra all night!

“Do you really think güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri all those things you said about her?” she demanded.

I said ‘yes’ without thinking because, at the time I was complimenting Kendra, I was doing so truthfully but as a friend, not a guy interested in getting in her pants (although subconsciously I admit the ideas were there). Regardless, saying that I meant what I said was another fateful mistake.

“So you were hitting on her?”

“No, I just wanted to make her feel better!”

“Yeah, and meanwhile you kept me out of the whole conversation. You made me feel like crap!”

It wasn’t entirely unfair of her to say that, I decided upon reflecting on the night. I had said some awfully nice things to Kendra that the typical boyfriend wouldn’t say to his girlfriend’s best friend. I’d told Kendra anyone would be lucky to have her, that she was the best looking woman in the club, and on and on. At the time I’d been caught up in the moment, and I just wasn’t thinking. The alcohol hadn’t helped my judgment, either.

And now I was paying for it. A big fight started, which was rare for us, and we never yelled, but on this night we were screaming. To make it worse, there was still alcohol in both our systems, and so we said things we never would’ve said sober, taking the argument in directions we never should’ve gone. Eva said maybe she should start flirting with all the guys she knows want her. I told her to go and try it; that she was too much of a tease in bed for anyone else to put up with.

Yeah, I know. I’d taken it too far. Eva was somewhat conservative in bed, always telling me that she wanted to save the “special” stuff for when it really mattered, whatever that meant. And I didn’t have much experience before her, so she was the only one I could try my fantasies with, which lead to a lot of frustration. And this terrible night, well, it just brought it out of me, and the real problem was that I was so angry and just drunk enough that I didn’t realize my mistake. She kicked me out of the room, but I was already heading out on my own.

“I’ll be on the fucking couch when you’re ready to apologize!” I yelled.

I’d been forced to sleep on the “couch” just once before. But since we had the second bedroom, the “couch” was really just another bed. I’d been undressing during the argument, and so I only had my boxers on when I stomped into the guest room and froze.

In the heat of it all, I’d forgotten all about Kendra. She was there in bed, the lights off but the TV on. I knew she’d heard everything from the look on her face.

“Do you want me to go?” she asked.

“No, I’m sorry.” I was still trying to calm down, but also figure out what to say. I started to back out of the room, but I felt like I needed to say something to make her know this wasn’t her fault.

“I can’t believe she was talking to you like that,” Kendra said. “I know you were only trying to make me feel better. I thought it was obvious.”

That made me feel a little better, knowing that Eva’s own best friend thought she was being irrational.

“And I’ve never heard her get that angry before,” Kendra continued. “I’m really sorry, Justin.”

“No, it’s not your fault,” I said. I felt more comfortable about being in the room with her now that I knew she was on my side. “I don’t know what her problem is. But don’t worry about it. We’ll be okay.”

“Well do you want to talk about it or something?” she asked, sitting up in bed.

I couldn’t help but notice that she’d changed into a tight t-shirt for bed, and it made her breasts look even more enormous than they were. But that wasn’t why I stayed. It just felt really good to have someone there, even though I didn’t want to talk.

“No, thanks. I just need to cool off.”

She shrugged. You want to watch TV for a little bit?”


I admit, possibilities were running through my head as I walked to the bed. But I thought of them more as fantasies; of what I’d like to do, but not what actually would or could ever happen. Kendra sat up, keeping the blankets over her from the midriff down, but those big tits in the tight fabric hung in plain view. I tried not to stare as I climbed onto the bed beside her, staying above the covers.

We didn’t say anything for a long time. We just watched the bad late-night television.

It was while she was flipping through the channels, looking for something worthwhile on, when she broke the silence.

“I guess I should thank you, considering how much trouble you got in for me.”

“Thank me for what?”

“For being so cool tonight. Talking with you really did help me forget about everything else. And Eva wasn’t being much help, so I’m really glad you were there.”

“You don’t need to thank me. I’m the one who brought Burt.”

We both laughed a little at that.

“I really don’t understand what his problem was,” I said. “And it’s not like you were looking for a long term relationship or something. I mean, you came off casual and fun. And you’re…sexy.”

I’d güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri been looking for another word, but “sexy” was all I could think of, and my heart jumped when I heard myself say it.

I felt Kendra stiffen beside me. We both grew quiet again. Our eyes were glued to the TV screen, but I, for one, definitely wasn’t paying attention to it.

Without moving my head, I glanced over at her, looking for a sign of anything. I saw nipples poking against the tight white fabric of her shirt. Big, hard nipples that were definitely not prominent before.

My dick twitched. I wondered if Kendra had seen it.

Kendra tried to break the tension again by sighing in frustration over not finding any good TV. So I reached for the remote, but when I grabbed it my fingers touched hers, and we froze. Still watching the bad TV, our fingers didn’t move for a couple minutes. And then our fingers did move, very slowly stroking and exploring each other’s fingers.

Finally she dropped the remote, and I held my hand on top of hers. Our fingers intertwined, locked tight, then opened again. We began to stroke each other’s fingers, slow at first, but then faster, rougher. Our breathing became deeper, and suddenly we were having this incredibly erotic experience using only our fingers. It was incredible. As if our hands were fucking. And soon they were fucking very energetically, causing heat from the friction, causing what would have been pain if we weren’t so hot from it that we were literally panting.

And then Kendra took her hand away and grabbed my thigh, then ran her warm fingers up through the leg of my boxers, cupped my balls and curled a finger and thumb around the base of my shaft. I was hard as stone. We looked at each other, saying nothing, but agreeing to something. Our breaths were still hard and deep as we gave ourselves a few last seconds to change our minds.

We leaned in and kissed.

We were instantly out of breath from all the pent-up excitement, but that didn’t stop us from making out desperately. I pulled her on top of me, tangling ourselves in the blankets, but Kendra kept her hand on my cock and her tongue in my mouth. As she came out of the covers, I saw that she had only panties on for her bottoms, and her plump ass looked even more delectable than I had imagined. Her entire body was just to die for.

As we kissed I grabbed that ass tight, squeezed it and molded it in my hand, then grabbed the panties and tried tugging them down. But that was impossible in this position, and Kendra had other ideas anyway. She slipped down me, licking my neck, my chest, and then sat up so she could remove my boxers. As soon as I was naked, my cock sticking up in plain view, she collapsed on me. I was in her throat on the first dive, and then she gagged off of me, locked eyes with me again, panting heavily, waiting, but for what I didn’t know.

Maybe she wanted to tell me how hot she was, because that was the message I received as I looked back at her, watching her gasp for breaths, with her lips just an inch from my cock and her hand firmly grasping it.

And then Kendra began sucking me with those beautiful lips while jerking me with her hand. Her warm, silky tongue swirled around my head with erotic precision. I didn’t dare ask her to slow down, even though I knew I would be cumming very, very soon.

Maybe she sensed that, because suddenly she stopped, panted in my face a little more, then sat up and took her top off. Her big, tan, beautiful tits spilled and bounced into view, and knowing what I wanted to do with them, she leaned over me and brought them to my face. As I licked at them her hand went back to my cock, stroking it–not enough to usually get me off, but under these circumstances I had to concentrate to keep from cumming.

Kendra watched me suck her breasts. She even spit onto her own nipples to further wet them before I took them in my mouth, and I savored the extra kink and flavor. But then she started letting her saliva run down her tongue or chin and into her cleavage, and rather than lap it up, I let her do what I hoped she was prepping for.

Sure enough, she moved back down and smothered my cock with her breasts, then let me fuck them with her saliva as lube. On each up stroke my cock head found her wet, open lips, and she sucked me before I pulled back to do it all over again. Soon, though, either I’d unconsciously felt I’d had enough, or Kendra felt she hadn’t, because she was back to just sucking me, and then I screamed and I was cumming.

She took the first blast in her mouth, which was beyond thrilling to me–it was the first time I’d ever cum in a woman’s mouth; it was one of the things Eva had been saving for “later”. While the sensation of feeling the cum release from my body and then collide and swirl around me with Kendra’s tongue was amazing, most of the intense pleasure I experienced in that moment was from the knowledge of getting to do something I had fantasized about for so long. It was beyond kinky, and my whole body trembled.

But Kendra didn’t keep güvenilir bahis şirketleri me in her mouth for long. After that first blast, she rolled onto her side, rolling me with her, and took my cock from her mouth. She jerked me off with her hand, rubbing my cock head against her lips and cheek, and I creamed all over the right side of her face. I tried to be quiet, but I couldn’t help but call out obscenities as I watched my sperm splatter onto her skin, glazing her cheek like a Crispy Crème donut. Giving a woman a facial was another fantasy I’d never made real, but here I was doing it, and it felt more incredible both in mind and body than I had ever imagined. In that moment, I absolutely loved Kendra for allowing me to do it to her and making it so special, and my girlfriend Eva was the furthest thing from my mind.

I was so hot from all of this that I was more than ready to go on even as cum still dribbled out of my penis and I fought to catch my breath and slow my heart down. But Kendra was even hotter, gasping from the apparent excitement she was getting from all of this, and hungry for more. She sucked on my testicles, moaning quietly but urgently, and though I could’ve let this go on for as long as she was willing, I was starving to get myself a bite of her.

I scooted down, and with us still lying on our sides, I pulled off her panties, lifted her thigh and kissed her trim, juicy pussy. She was very wet and soft, which I was used to with Eva, but Kendra’s lips were meatier, and I couldn’t help myself as I gobbled her up. I rubbed my face all over her, but then I pulled back to tease and tickle with the tip of nose or tongue before lashing out again with force. I slipped my tongue inside her, fucking her with it, then added a finger. She responded very well to that, twisting her hips and rolling over so that she was on all fours over me on my back. I removed my tongue and slipped another finger inside her, and she humped my hand in response. But with her hovering over me, licking her pussy was the better thing in this position. My hand didn’t have a very good range of motion. So I started to scoot out from under her to find a new position in which to please her, but I’d barely moved an inch when I saw it.

Her anus.

I’d always wanted to try licking a girl’s anus. I’d begged Eva to let me, but it was always a flat out refusal, with a promise that she’d consider it later. Now here I was eye to eye with Kendra’s, and it was presented in such a scrumptious ass. I knew if I didn’t go for it now, I might never get a chance like this again. I loved Eva’s tight little ass, but Kendra’s fuller, more toned rump was a delicacy unlike any other. Hoping that Kendra wouldn’t object, and actually quiet certain that she wouldn’t, I took my fingers from her cunt and darting my tongue toward her asshole.

At this point the kinkiness and excitement of it all was putting me in overdrive, because while I was getting no real physical pleasure of tonguing Kendra’s cute little bud, I was hard as steel and even my nipples were ultra-sensitive, which had never happened before. I felt like I might have cum just from gnawing this woman’s ass, and to make it better, she bucked and moaned and shuddered to show me how much she enjoyed this new move, too. For the first time Kendra started calling out my name (though keeping it quiet), and she played this wonderful game with her ass, moving it as if hesitant to let me lick her there, but then giving in every few moments by pressing hard against my tongue. Back and forth she went, but never did she stop.

Her anus was fleshy and warm, and the feeling of her ass cheeks around my face was thrilling. But this still wasn’t the best position, so I got out from under her, had her raise her ass in the air, then went right in behind her with my mouth again. I nibbled, munched, and lapped at her, kissing her rosebud and lathering it with my saliva, lubing her up for what I hoped we agreed would come next.

I pried my face from her ass, took position on my knees behind her, and then rubbed my cock head against her anus. Anal sex was something Eva had insisted she would try eventually, but I wasn’t waiting anymore. I poked in slowly, and eased my hard length inside even slower. Kendra groaned and cried out, but she insisted I keep on, that it felt amazing, and that she wanted to feel all of me. I know it took a long time before we finally started fucking, but time passed very quickly. Fortunately, since I had already cum on her face, I could hold on a while longer as I fucked and then pounded Kendra’s moist, hot, incredibly tight ass.

I leaned in a little as I fucked her, wanting to watch her face as she made the delightful little gasps and squeaks of pleasure. But I also saw the thick, shiny film on her gorgeous face–my cum–as it clung to her swaying hair and dripped from her cheek onto the pillow. It was the most erotic sight I’d ever witnessed. I instinctively increased my thrust speed and depth, ramming away, making Kendra squeal louder than ever before (and too loud, had I been aware enough to remember Eva was in the next room). Kendra was climaxing, and only as I realized this did I realize she’d been frigging her pussy with her hand, and had been lubing her hand with the cum on her face. Kendra screamed out and collapsed, still rubbing herself furiously and still pointing her ass to me so I could continue to throttle her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20