Friends of Friends Pt. 01

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It was a Saturday night and Marcus and Jack were lying in bed after yet another marathon fuck fest. Jack had still not cum yet and Marcus was helping him along with a handjob. It wasn’t too long before Jack was blowing his load all over his stomach and Marcus’s hand, Spent Jack let his head back down to the pillow and closed his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again Marcus was right over the top of him looking down, “Mind if I run something by you?” asked Marcus, Jack nodded a yes still not able to talk. “The guy I had an experience with after I got married, recently contacted me and was wondering if we could hook up again, he is now married and his wife also knows and is fine with everything. I kinda thought we could invite him to come over with us. But just in case I wanted to check with you first.”

Was jack hearing this right? Did Marcus just offer him a 3some?

Jack relaxed and thought about the situation for a moment and quickly agreed. As soon as he had said yes Marcus’s cock shot back to attention, Jack rolled over and stuck his ass in the air inviting another fucking.

Marcus related the story to Jack about his friend. Terry and Marcus had been friends for a long time and they used to hang out a lot. Mostly regular stuff, drinking beer, watching sports, and whatnot. One night when Terry was over he excused himself and disappeared. After about a half-hour of Terry not showing back up Marcus went looking for him. Marcus could hear the muffled sounds of moans coming from the garage and he snuck in to see what was going on. Terry was in the corner of the garage with his dick out and appeared to masturbate to what appeared to Marcus as gay porn on his phone. A little taken back Marcus crept out and did not say anything to Terry.

Later that night Marcus confided to Candice what he had witnessed and being slightly turned on by it. Candice being the great wife she was asked it maybe Marcus had feelings of more than just friendship for Terry which he agreed he did. He was greeted with “well, see where it goes” from Candice. The next time Terry was over the same thing happened, he excused himself and disappeared. Marcus gave him only about 15 minutes this time and followed the same sounds to the garage again. Terry was in the corner, cock out and watching gay porn again, Not wanting to scare Terry too bad Marcus cleared his throat. Terry still jumped turned around and dropped his phone on the floor. The phone was blaring as a group of men fucked each other silly and Terry could not do anything but stand there with his cock in his hand.

He was frozen, not moving like he thought canlı bahis that if he stood perfectly still Marcus would not see him and leave. Marcus on the other hand was for sure seeing Terry and was quite impressed with the size and looks of his cock. Marcus slowly moved over to Terry, he was still stuck like a deer in the headlights when Marcus reached out and started stroking his cock. The first encounter only lasted a few strokes before Terry blew his load all over Marcus’s hand. After the night in the garage, the guys met up regularly for blow jobs, jerk off sessions, and other things. The guys went on like this until Terry got a new job and moved away. But now he was coming back to town for a visit and what a visit it was going to be.

The plans were laid out for 2 weekends later when all the guys would be free and Marcus’s wife would have a place to go stay for the night. Jack came over early to get his space set up for the night as Marcus had asked if he was okay dressing up again, of course, Jack said yes. When jack got to the house and headed into the guest room there was a present on the bed for him from Marcus and Candice. A fancy-looking bag was placed in the middle of the bed and as Jack walked over to it he could see the name was from fancy upscale Lingerie store he had always wanted to go to. He removed the tissue paper and reached inside and felt the sheerest fabric as he pulled out a black baby doll nightie with red lace accents and a matching thong to go with it, he was sure this was for him to wear later tonight.

He grabbed his shower stuff and headed to the bathroom. When he stepped in the shower he was reminded of the last time he was in here with Marcus and it made him instantly horny, he was almost tempted to jerk off but wanted to save it all for the night ahead. Shower and body shave was quick and after application of body lotion so he would be so soft he headed out to get dressed and his makeup done. Makeup was super quick and he decided tonight was the time to bust our the Cocksucker red. For the start of the night Jack decided on a simple red lace bra and panty set and a long floral print maxi dress. He knew he would have time to slip into the baby doll before things got too hot and heavy. He took a look in the full length mirror and headed out to the living room where Terry and Marcus we already waiting.

Marcus gave a whistle when Jack entered the room and stood up. He reached out his hand and jack took it and was lead over to the couch where Terry was sitting. Terry stood up as the meet and greets were done. Jack sat down right between Marcus and Terry and was listening bahis siteleri to the recount stories of meeting past. It didn’t take long for Jack to start to get heard listening to all the stories of past and it was now showing, his cock was rock hard and probably leaking into his panties. Terry noticed first and slid a little bit closer to Jack and started to rub through his dress, the pleasure struck like lightning. Not too long after Terry was now running his hands down Jacks’s dress and moving is up to expose his legs and then panties. Terry slid his hand right into Jacks’s panties and started to stroke. It was at this point that Marcus spoke up and asked Jack “Nicole, maybe it’s time to go get changed into something more comfortable” and with that Jack headed back to the guest room.

He had left the Baby Doll and panties sitting on the bed, the black mesh was very sheer and almost see-through. Jack removed his dress and underwear then stepped into the panties and pulled them up to his waist, he could feel the string on the back disappear into his crack. Normally he was not a fan of theses types of underwear but he knew how damn sexy they looked. He picked up the baby doll and looked one more time at the intricate lace details before sliding it down over his head. He walked over to the mirror to take a look, the outfit did not leave much to the imagination and that made it oh so much hotter. Jack headed back out from the guest room.

Heading into the living room Jack could hear the TV before he could see it and he liked the sounds. Moans and lots of guys saying stuff like “fuck me hard” and Suck that cock” echoed from the living room and when Jack could finally see it the screen was filled with cocks and asses. It seemed like a decent way to start the night.

As Jack placed back into the living room and right in front of the TV there was no way that Marcus and Terry were going to not see him. He stuck a sexy pose, spun around, and pushed his ass out so all could see. When he turned back around he could clearly see that both Marcus and Terry already had their cocks out and were slowly stroking. Jack sexily walked back to the couch and sat down between them again and reached out with both hands and told hold of the two cocks. Jack looked back at the screen in time to see an extreme close up of a cock being pushed into a waiting ass and couldn’t wait for that part of tonight. The cock’s in Jack’s hands could be felt twitching as he stroked up and down and it was not long till he could feel both guys hands starting to run up and down his body, the sense of their hands over the sheer fabric bahis şirketleri of the lingerie was so exciting that Jack was at attention in no time tenting the little thing.

Terry was the first to get off the couch and move in front of Jack, he proceeded to remove his pants and shirt and stood in front of Jack in all his glory. He knelt down and started to lift the bottom of the baby doll up to allow easier access to the thong. He rubbed the tip a few times before pulling it off to the side to allow Jacks’s cock to be fully visible now. Terry moved in further and starting licking the tip of Jack’s cock before swallowing the whole thing, Jack closed his eyes and tightened his grip on Marcus’s cock. While Jack still had his eyes closed while enjoying how Terry was working his cock Marcus moved away while jack was too taken up to even realize why, When Jack had opened his eyes again he was greeted with Marcus’s cock right at his lips with Marcus standing on the couch. Jack instinctively opened his mouth and let Marcus slide right in and then he closed his red lips around it and let Marcus slowly fuck his mouth. He made sure to do as much work with the tongue as possible, and he could tell me the moans his work was not in vain. Terry was really working the head of Jack’s cock with his tongue as well and could feel Terry trying to grab a handful ass.

Jack decided it was time to change things up and bit and asked both guys to stand up in front of him, Both agreed and Jack knelt on the ground and was excited to see 2 very hard cocks right at his mouth level. He wrapped his hands about both and took turns licking and sucking each. Both guys at this point were starting to leak pre-cum and Jack made sure to go back and forth and get every drop. The men seemed to be enjoying their little cock sucker and started to taunt Jack a little bit.

“Mmmmm, you are so good at sucking cock,” Terry said looking at Jack.

Jack did not remove his lips from Terry’s cock just looked up with a happy look in his eyes.

“And she loves to eat cum too, so that makes it even hotter” Marcus commented.

“That’s hot, I could probably drop a couple of loads tonight, sweetie. I am sure I will have at least one for your mouth” Terry added to the conversation. Jack was super horny at this point and reached down to give a few short tugs on his own cock.

Marcus reached down and took Jack by the chin and guided him off his cock, “I think I am ready for a little more now” he started before helping jack up and leading him over to the couch again. Marcus leaned Jack over the armrest of the couch, flipped up his baby doll and proceeded to remove his thong. Terry not wanting to be left out took a seat where Jacks could still work his cock and Jack obliged. Retrieved the bottle of lube and started to prepare Jack for what was to come next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20