Friends Reunited: A Sexcapade

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I remembered James O’Malley well. My 13 year old self had fallen hard for him, although I knew he didn’t want to know. Now scanning Friends Re-united, my heart was beating a mile a minute. The J. O’Malley here – could he be my James? I called up his profile and there was no mistaking it. There were the clock-spring lashes that framed his soft blue eyes. There were the wavy curls, cropped short now, with the strong arms that had once embraced me on the final day of school. And the legs… I wanted to caress them, kissing his full, shapely lips. There was an e-mail address at the bottom of the screen. Dare I? Even just for old times sake?

Oh, yeah. I wrote the standard shit in the email, the whole, ‘long time no see’, and the ‘can we meet up?’ It was a short one, and one he would probably ignore. Two days later, he replied. He had invited me over on the Saturday, to his house in the rich part of town. He had obviously done well for himself. From what I could remember, he had done some parts in made-for-TV movies, but he must have done more that I didn’t know about.

Outside the house, I drew a deep breath and rang the doorbell. He greeted me with a warm embrace in strong, protective arms. It occurred to me then that I had used James, my first love, as a benchmark for all my past boyfriends. Facing him once again, I could see why. He had blossomed into a lean, rugged, heartbreaker of a man, and had grown to stand at 6 feet tall, towering above my 5′ 5″ stature.

“Oh James, it’s so good to see you!”, I exclaimed, taking it all in.

“You too, Hugs. You too,” he smiled. I smiled back. Hugs was my nickname at school, due to my sympathetic, shoulder-to-cry-on nature. “Come through to the kitchen. Celebratory drink?” he asked.

“But canlı bahis of course. You should of said, I’d have brought some wine.” I answered.

“Ah no, I’m far too unsophisticated to be drinking wine. White, red or rosé?” he grinned.

“Rosé for me, please,” I said. “So, how have you been? I’ve seen you on the telly…”

“I’ve done well for myself, I guess,” he said, indicating the house around him. “And you?”

“Me too. I’m happy, I’m happy.” I sighed.

“Good. That’s what matters. You know, I wasn’t until I broke up with my ex. We were married, for a time, until I discovered her drug habit.” he said bitterly.

“Fucking hell James!” I exclaimed. “Divorced at twenty-three! Now that’s the way for an actor to live!”

He smiled. “Yeah… Come through to the lounge. We can do the mandatory reminiscing there.” I followed him. God, he had a great ass. I wanted to caress it, kiss, rim it, fuck it with my tongue… “To life!” he laughed, interrupting my erotic day-dream.

“To life!” I echoed. “And all it entails!” We clinked glasses. “So, have you seen anyone from Westwater?” I asked him. Westwater was the name of our old high school.

“No, thank God. The girls all got pregnant at sixteen, and the boys all legged. So much for life, I guess. Have you?”

“No. I moved, a while back. I’m living in Wales now.”

“Aw, I’m touched, Charlie! You drove to Shrewsbury to see me?”

“I live on the border, dumbass! But yes, I came to see you.”

“Like I said, touched.” We carried on the conversation like this until, several glasses later, we came to the inevitable topic of old flames. “You know, Charlie, I don’t think I ever got over you. I still think about you, lots.”

“No way! I feel exactly bahis siteleri the same!” I said.

“Really?” said James softly, pulling me close, on to his lap. He kissed my neck gently. I turned round to look him in the eye, and saw nothing but burning passion there, in those soft blue eyes. I felt a vague pride in knowing that I had created this lust, the flaming desire there at that moment. He kissed me again, hard on my mouth, and underneath my pussy I could feel his cock hardening. I started to kiss back, running my fingers up and down his sides and across his chest. I pulled his T-shirt off over his head and kissed his nipples. All the time his cock was getting harder as he moaned and arched his back. His hands, which had been rubbing my back when I was licking him all over his front, now pushed me back on to the sofa while he straddled me. James undid my blouse, button by button and slid it off my shoulders. Next, he pulled off my bra, snapping the strings as he did, and moved down to my jeans. He eased them down over my thighs.

“Really.” I answered. “Now, are you going to take those jeans off, or am I?” I said coyly. I wriggled out from underneath him and kneeled in front of him. With trembling hands I undid his trousers and slid down his boxers. A large 9 inch cock sprang out, dripping with pre-cum. I began to lick the head, but stopped when I heard him gasp.

“What is it?” I asked him worriedly.

“Nothing! It’s just – it’s just I’ve never had a blowjob before.” I smiled. This was going to be interesting. Taking his balls in my hand, I gently squeezed rhythmically and tongued the head. I put the other hand between his legs, fingering the area between the asshole and the balls. Then when his hips started to buck, I took in bahis şirketleri more and more of his shaft. This was fucking unbelievable! I was giving my old school friend head! But not for long – just when I was deep-throating him, he cummed hard and fast in my mouth, the hot, sweet jizz streaming down my throat. It was a massive load, but one I enjoyed swallowing. Very much enjoyed.

“Come here,” James said, indicating the sofa. I sat down next to him, and started to tease his cock back to an erection. I played with his foreskin, stroked his shaft, massaged his balls and pinched his nipples at the same time. As he started to get hot and hard, I stopped.

“I want you to eat my cunt, James, tongue it, suck my clit.” I whispered in his ear. James said nothing, just let me carry on giving him a handjob. I could feel the precum on my hand, and put my fingers in his mouth so he could taste his juices. He licked them off, sucking my hand frantically. Then, he lay down on the sofa so I could straddle his face. As his tongue flicked my clit, I arched my back and moaned in pleasure. He fingered it and drove his tongue in deeper, lapping up the juices that flowed from my pussy.

When I had totally dried up, he picked me up and placed me on his lap again. Straddling him, I started to rub his taut, smooth muscles, and positioned my cunt above his cock. Suddenly I slammed down my pussy onto his dick. The pleasure rocketed through my body as I bounced up and down on his shaft. James moaned with delight. Again, somewhere a vague sense of pride welled up in the back of my mind, but all I was focusing on was the pleasure this sexcapade was giving me.

We carried on fucking like this for over an hour, his prick getting hard again as soon as he was spent. Orgasm after orgasm tore through my body. He cummed in my cunt time after time until we were physically exhausted, at which point he wrapped me in his arms again and carried me off to his bedroom, and slept until the dawn.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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