Friends with Benefits

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Lexi and Danielle were on their way to the club. They were meeting some friends there for a night of dancing. They were walking down the street and Danielle longed to have that sexy strut that Lexi carried so well. When Lexi walked down the street everybody looked. She had those long smooth legs and when she wore her mini skirt and stilettos they looked twice as long. They ran into her curvy body which was always covered in something just tight enough to show it off. Everything about Lexi was perfect. Danielle envied her so much, but lately had become bi curious and was lusting after her. She had tried to ignore it, but tonight was extra hard to do. After all, she could almost see her womanhood under the bottom of her skirt, and the only thing holding her breasts in was a small piece of elastic in the seam of her shirt that rest right above her nipples. They kept walking down the street and Danielle kept catching herself staring at Lexi’s firm round ass. Luckily the club was only around the corner. Maybe the dancing and drinks would take her mind off of banging Lexi.

As they walked into the club they saw Scott right away. He was leaning on the bar waiting on a drink. Scott was a tall well built man. He had a slim waist and broad shoulders, with a six pack any man would sell his soul for. He went to the gym frequently, and it showed even through the white t-shirt he tucked into his worn faded blue jeans. As they walked towards him, he turned and spotted them. He gave them his best smile, and they could see his beautiful white teeth glowing in the black lights hanging from the ceiling. He turned to the bar tender and ordered their first drinks of the night. They all went out quite often, so he knew just what they would want. Lexi would be drinking cosmos most of the night, and Danielle would start with margaritas but would switch to amaretto sours within a few hours. Then by the end of the night they would both be doing Washington apple shots. Scott usually started with Makers and Coke, but would eventually drop the Coke and do Maker’s straight.

“Thanks for the drinks stud!” Lexi flirted.

“Anything for the two most beautiful women in the world” Scott replied with a wink.

“So, where is Rachel? Have you seen her yet?”

“No, but she called. Apparently she and Robert were eating out before she came. From her rhythmic moans during the conversation Robert was eating out, and she was enjoying it. Her smile will tell all when she get’s here. It always does!” Scott informed them.

“Well, we will have to get the juicy details when she get’s here.” Danielle laughed

“Juicy details about what?” They heard from behind them.

It was Rachel looking more fabulous than usual. Rachel was a famous author, but you couldn’t usually tell it. She was usually seen wearing a t-shirt two sizes to big and a pair of ragged jeans that looked like something she had since the sixties. However, tonight she was actually showing skin in a loose silver sequin top that tied around her neck and the neck line hung almost to her belly button. Her shirt hung open just enough to see the roundness of her B cup breasts. She wore a pair of pants that looked like gray hip hugger shorts with black chiffon legs sewn into them. She wore a pair of satin heels with ballet laces that were criss crossed up her muscular calves. She wore the outfit well; along with the contagious tell all grin that was on her mouth.

“So, what are you smiling about? Looks to me like Robert was the only one eating out!” Scott teased her.

“Scott, you know it’s not like that with Robert and I, we’re just friends!”

Rachel and Robert had been friends since college, but for the past year everyone knew they had gained “benefits” that they both denied. Robert’s car had been seen outside her house late at night and sometimes still there the next morning. Her friends had noticed an extra toothbrush in her bathroom, and they were sure that DNA testing would prove their hypothesis to be true. Neither of them could deny their passion without grinning. It was just a matter of getting the details out of her.

“You know you’ve been with him, and we just want to know how good he is. You can trust us to keep quiet.” Lexi assured her.

“Come casino oyna on you all, let’s go dance.” Rachel demanded trying to distract them.

The three of them followed her out on the dance floor. The four of them started dancing, and Scott slid behind Rachel and started grinding against her ass, “Did he do you from behind like this?” he whispered in her ear, but she did not respond.

Lexi and Danielle got on each side of Scott and started rubbing their asses against his hips, “Do us Scott, we want some action to,” they whined.

The four of them danced together for a while, grinding against each other like they hadn’t been laid in years. They were regulars at the club, and the others that were regulars loved to watch them together. It was exotic the way they danced, but everyone knew that was as far as it went with them.

Scott and Rachel split off by themselves. They were facing each other and Scott leaned in and laid his tongue on Rachel’s shoulder, twisting his way down as his tongue made its way between her breasts down to her navel. Then he pretended he was going bury his face in her crotch. He bounced back up and slid behind her sliding his hands in her shirt and she pulled it back to expose his hands cupping her breasts. As he pulled his hands away she put her shirt back. They wanted to do just to tease the guys who were watching.

Over to the side, Lexi was grinding Danielle with her knee in between Danielle’s legs. Danielle could feel Lexi’s mound pushing against her hip bone. As Danielle looked down she could see the outer edge of Lexi’s nipple showing and thought she was going to explode. Would Lexi still be dancing with her like this if she knew how Danielle wanted her? Danielle’s mind was wondering what it might be like to be with Lexi. She could close her eyes and pictured the scene perfectly.

Lexi would grab her hands and shove them up her shirt. Lexi wouldn’t be wearing a bra. Her tits stood at attention by themselves. Danielle would squeeze them firmly with excitement as she leaned in to kiss Lexi. Lexi would turn her cheek, because she did not kiss during sexual adventures. She expressed many times that kissing on the mouth was a form of affection and not foreplay. Instead of kissing her mouth, Danielle would start kissing her neck. She would work her way down to her breasts and would bite her nipple through her shirt. Lexi would slide Danielle’s pants down revealing her thong covered crotch. As Lexi would go down on her knees to pull off Danielle’s thong, Danielle would pull Lexi’s shirt off over her head. Lexi would finish taking her own clothes off. She would straddle over Danielle’s face as she buried her own face in Danielle’s cunt. Lexi would tell Danielle to do what she did, knowing that Danielle had never been with a woman before. Lexi would start out by making small circles around her clit and then make a long stroke from her clit down to the back of her cunt, with Danielle imitating every move on Lexi. Then they would start jabbing their tongue in and out of the other’s pussy, stopping inside and wiggling their tongues around inside. The moaning from both of them would cause a vibrating sensation on the other’s clit. Then they would suck on the other’s clit just enough to drive them to ecstasy. Then Lexi would start fingering Danielle, fucking her hard with her hand, inserting three fingers as deep as she could until Danielle was ready to cum. Then Lexi would pull out her vibrator and rub it on Danielle’s clit while she fucked her cunt with her tongue again. Then as Danielle came Lexi could taste it all so well, making Lexi’s juices flow as well.

“Do you see Scott and Rachel?” Lexi asked snapping Danielle out of her fantasy, “boy you were in a daze. What’s on your mind?”

“Oh nothing,” Danielle answered, “I just saw someone on the floor and was day dreaming about what they must be like.”

“Ohhh, you’ll have to point them out to me later, come on, let’s find Scott and Rachel.”

Danielle needed to get her mind off Lexi, so she told Lexi she was going outside for a smoke. Danielle knew Lexi wouldn’t follow. Lexi couldn’t stand the habit, and was hounding Danielle all the time over it. They went their own way planning to catch canlı casino up in about thirty minutes.

Lexi went to the bar to see if the two of them had been up to get drinks. The bartender, Joe, told her they had went to the private rooms in the back. This was very common for them to be back there, but never without Lexi and Danielle. The four of them usually went back there to rest. It was more comfortable on the full wall couches they had in the back. Lexi walked back and started knocking on doors to see where they were at. Finally she knocked on the last door and heard Scott yell out, “Occupied, come back later.”

She eased the door open and saw Scott with his pants to his knees, and someone squatted down in front of him. Then she realized it was Rachel, and she was deep throating him, slowing down long enough to catch her breathe. She would stroke him with both hands for a second, then go right back to swallowing his massive shaft. Lexi was going to walk back out, but she had wanted a large cock to stretch her tight twat out in so long. Lexi had a boyfriend who she really loved, but he had no idea how to use his member. She ached for a real orgasm from a man who knew how to work it well.

“Can I please join you?” Lexi begged, “It looks as if you have plenty to share.”

“Sure you can. The more the merrier.”

Scott bent Rachel’s hot ass over the couch and slid his throbbing cock into her small cunt, and Lexi knew that she wanted this. Lexi lay on the couch under Rachel so she could reach her better. She raised herself up on her elbows and started sucking her hard nipples.

“Oh, that feels so good. Bite them Lexi, bite my nipples. Your lips are so soft. That feels so good,” Rachel moaned.

“I want to eat your pussy. I want to suck your clit while Scott fucks you so slow. I want to run my tongue around his long hard shaft as he slides in and out of you.” Lexi thought she would die if she didn’t get Scott inside of her. She just hoped that his conversation about going for hours was not just talk.

Lexi got her head angled just right and sucked Rachel’s clit while she watched Scott take his time. He would pull all the way out and slide it all the way back in so Lexi could watch his head disappear in that pink hole of pleasure. His Rod was so hard and the skin was pulled so tight. She had never seen a dick as thick as his. She moved her tongue to his cock and would go as far as she could around one way, then back the other way. Scott couldn’t stand not knowing what Lexi’s mouth felt like so he would pull out of Rachel and Fuck Lexi’s mouth a few strokes. Then he would go back to Rachel’s cunt for a few strokes. Lexi would lick Rachel’s cunt then rub it, never giving it a break. Rachel tasted so good on Scott’s dick, so salty but so sweet to. Lexi had never tasted pussy juice like that.

Rachel screamed out, “You all are going to make me cum. Lick my clit bitch, lick it hard. Fuck me Scott Fill my tight pussy with your big hard cock. Force it all in there, I want it all. I want to cum all over your balls. Make me fucking cum I want to cum on you. Oh, Oh, Oh.”

Lexi moved her head but kept rubbing Rachel’s clit so Scott could really bang her. Scott just knew some one was going to walk in and bust them. Rachel was so loud.

“Rachel, how would you like to cum on Lexi’s pussy? That’s an experience you’ve never had,” Scott suggested as he banged her, “I would love to watch you all rubbing pussys. That would be so sexy.”

Rachel loved the idea, so they got in the floor and straddled each other so that their clits hit together. Lexi started swiveling her hips slowly. Rachel’s eye’s rolled back in her head and she let out a long drawn out moan. She got in rhythm with Lexi and they both started moaning. Lexi motioned for Scott to come closer so she could swallow his erection. He was larger than she thought. He pushed his dick in her mouth until it hit her throat. He wasn’t stretching her mouth, but she could not open it anymore at all. She knew that he was going to hurt her when he put it in her tight pussy, but she would love it. She just kept grinding Rachel and sucking Scott for a while. Then she heard Rachel mumbling something.

“Taste me, taste me kaçak casino bitch. I want you and Scott to taste me. Taste my fucking cum. Oh, I’m going to cum”

Rachel stood up and they went to town eating her out at the same time. Lexi went from behind and Scott from the front. Rachel stuck the end of her tongue in Rachel and could feel her muscles tightening around it. Then the juices started flowing. Rachel soaked her face.

“My turn now!” Lexi said after Rachel was dressed and left to find Danielle. She sat on the couch with her leg hiked up.

Scott looked and admired the sight of her sweet pink spot. He could see it glistening from the moistness of her excitement. He walked over to her and went down on his knees. He knew she wanted him right now. He bent over her and slowly kissed her neck working his way down between her breasts. We worked his way down to her navel and made circular motions around it and flicked her navel ring like he would her clit, just to tease her a little. He slightly squeezed her tits and she let out a sigh of excitement. He worked his way down her mound and between her legs making sure only to touch her clit enough to drive her crazy. As he worked his way down the inside of her thigh she couldn’t stand it any more.

“Just fuck me already. Slide that hard cock in my cunt and fuck the hell out of me!”

He grabbed her ankles and pushed them above her head with her shins rested against the back of the couch. He put his knees on each side of her and slid his way into her steaming pussy. She started cumming instantly. She had wanted this for so long, and he thought her contract muscles might squeeze his dick off. To feel her cum was enough to send him over the edge. He flipped her over and rubbed the shaft of his cock between her legs to get it good and wet.

“Can I bang your ass? I want to cum in your ass so bad, will you let me?”

Hell yeah, I would love to have your cock shoot off in my ass!”

He stuck his fingers in her ass while he continued to rub his cock against her clit and cunt. He knew it was going to be difficult to get it in, but it would be so worth it. He used his fingers to stretch her out, one then two then three then he finally got all of four fingers in her ass. He pulled some lubricant from her purse and stroked his cock enough to grease it up good. He eased his cock in her ass slowly, only giving her as much as she could take, pushing a little more with each stroke. As he was working his way in she reached down between her legs and started rubbing her clit and fingering herself. Finally he got in enough to really pick up some speed, “Damn, you have the best ass my head has ever experienced. Most girls can’t take it. Awhhh, you feel so good wrapped around my shaft.”

He put his hands around her and squeezed her tits, using them to pull her into him. He started banging her faster and harder, faster and harder, faster and harder. She was moving with him at this point and they both were so close. Any minute now they were going to explode. She kept rubbing her clit and moaning.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” she screamed.

“Me too baby, me too!” and at that very moment he burst inside her. She could feel his cock throbbing and a warm sensation with every throb. She knew it was his cum shooting inside her, and it pushed her into another orgasm. She yelled out again with excitement.

After they got dressed and found the others, Lexi and Danielle left. They were watching towards Danielle’s apartment. It was only three or four blocks away.

“So, did you have a good time tonight?” Lexi asked Danielle.

“Sure, I always have a good time when I’m out with you all,” Danielle answered, “So where did you all disappear to?” “Oh, we were just in the back hanging around.” Lexi answered

Danielle had a puzzled look on her face, “I came back and knocked on all the doors, well except for the one with the couple having sex in it. They were pretty loud!”

“Yeah, that is probably why we didn’t hear you. It got pretty loud. So, what are you doing next weekend?” Lexi asked as she started to turn towards her apartment.

“I don’t know; do you want to come over?”

Lexi answered as she winked at Danielle, “Yeah, and I’ll bring my toys and movies. I’d like to taste your cum!”

Danielle just smiled as she watched Lexi’s ass twist across the street. She could feel herself getting wet just thinking about it.

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