From Her Perspective

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In the kitchen, I begin putting the dishes in the dish washer away…first, all of the glasses and cups are put into the cupboard; next are the bowls, plates, pots and pans; and finally the silver ware. I know you will be home from work soon, expecting the kitchen to have been cleaned. I begin reloading the dishwasher with all the dirty dishes from that day. After I have all the dishes cleared from the sink, I wipe off the counters…scrubbing and using the disinfectant. After the counters are cleaned, I get out the broom and dustpan. I sweep the kitchen and put the dirt into the dustpan, ultimately to be thrown away.

I mop the floors as I dance around to the music. Dipping the mop head into the water and then making a plopping sound as I bring it to the tiled floor. I move the stick back and forth, ridding the floor of its dirtiness. The music is too loud and, naturally, I do not hear you come home. I keep up with my chores and I do not hear you enter the kitchen, nor do I hear your movements pause as you look at me.

I move to dip the mop head into the warm water to start fresh once again. I bring it down once more, effectively making that plopping noise again. I giggle at the sound and begin mopping as I sing to the song on the stereo. It is one of my favorite CD’s I had brought with me, Def Lepard’s “Hysteria”. I swish the mop back and forth some more and once again dip it into the warm water.

I did not hear you move in behind me. You wrap your arms around me and kiss my neck, sliding your tongue from my ear down to the base of my neck taking in the scent of me and tasting the saltiness on my skin. I shiver at this and moan a hello to you. I smile at your warmth, not taking notice to the fact that you have removed the mop from my hands, placing the length of it between my legs. Rubbing the staff of it back and forth creating a fascinating friction on my, now swollen clit. I rest the back of my head on your sturdy chest as you ask me softly, “do you like this, missy? Hmmm?”

Even though I know you require no answer, I make an attempt. However, I am only able to get out a moan of pleasure. You keep this hypnotic motion in progress as you kiss me. I know you are trying to decide what to do next. Since I know so many images and ideas are running through your sex-crazed mind at once, I decide to show you how very pleased I am by reaching down into my panties. I slide a finger along my clit and then further down to the small opening that belongs to you. I slide one finger deep into canlı bahis the wetness and pull it back out very slowly.

I want you to know how very aroused I am. My fingers are wet with my juices as I reach behind me and place them on your lips. Instinctively, you stick out your tongue and lick the juices off and eventually taking my fingers in your mouth. At this point, I notice the movement of the mop stick has stopped and your grasp on the object has fled and now takes hold of my breasts…massaging them with your large hands, pinching my nipples until they become harder then they ever were before. Tugging on them slightly, a moan escapes my lips as I turn in your arms to receive a kiss.

You kiss me softly at first, twirling your slick tongue with mine, running your hot tongue along my bottom lip. Testing the softness of my bottom lip, you take it in your teeth to nibble on it, finally tugging on my lip so that I know your desire for me is strong. My fingers dive into the hair at the nape of your neck, massaging the skin there. I hear a guttural sound come from your throat as you place your hands on my hips to lift me on to the kitchen counter. You continue kissing me, not letting you lips leave mine. Your soft kisses turn rough and tell me how much you need me, to be inside me, to feel me, to have me feel you.

Your lips are reluctant to leave mine as you bring my shirt up and over my head, they return to me as you discard the item into some remote part of the room. You place your hands on the side of my face as your tongue slides in and out of my mouth as if it were the hardness that throbs between your legs. Your hands begin their descent down my body, followed by your lips. Kissing and sucking every party of me your hands touch.

Finally, your hands reach my thighs. Pausing for just a second, feeling the skin there, your seeking hands move back to my hips to slide off my panties…tossing those into a random part of the room as well. As I feel the chill of the room, my legs close, locking you out. My lust-crazed lover does not take kindly to this. You wedge your hands between my legs to force them open, allowing your roaming fingers access to my wet pussy. First, you kiss my belly button, trailing hot kisses down to the button at the junction of my legs.

You kiss it, making me shiver all over. I feel the muscles in your jaw pull as you smile at my reaction. You lick the juices being produced by my obvious arousal and finally slide two of your fingers in my pussy. At bahis siteleri your entrance, my pussy (or should I say, your pussy because it belongs only to you) grabs hold of those two fingers, trying to draw them in deeper with each stroke. Finally, you locate the spongy material within my pussy.

You begin to pet it, slowly at first, but picking up the tempo with each passing second. Finally, you are tapping on the sensitive area with your long fingers. I feel the tension building up in my body. I seek release, but I hold it back for as long as I can. “Jon, may I come please?” I cannot take it any more, but I know I must wait for your answer.

You look at the pure agony on my face and chuckle. “Yes, come for me, my little pet.” With that said, I throw my head back as a moan of pure ecstasy rips from my body, making my ears ring. My convulsing pussy seems to turn inside out and spews forth what seems like a gallon of my orgasmic juices. I could not believe that you were able to make me orgasm like that yet again!

As I call out your name, you kiss my neck. When I come down from my mind shattering orgasm, you thrust your pulsating cock deep into me with one stroke (don’t ask me when you unzipped your pants to release you cock). My legs wrap around your waist as you hold me immobile on the counter top. You begin moving your body, driving your member deeper and deeper. Your thrusts become stronger, your cock slides deeply into me and then it is almost withdrawn completely before you forcefully thrust it back into my warmth. After a few of those strokes, your strokes become shorter and faster.

Just as I think I am going to come again, your wondrous prick leaves my pussy completely, leaving me wondering what had just happened. Suddenly, you jerk me from the counter top and onto my feet. I watch your movements as you walk to the kitchen table to retrieve a chair. You then place the chair in the middle of the room, clasping my wrists in your hands you drag me over to the chair, placing my hands on the back of the chair. You nudge my legs far apart and have me lean forward.

I stand there waiting for your next command as the palm of your hand lands on one of my ass cheeks, making me squeal in surprise. I look at you questioningly, and then resume my position. Your hands stray to my breasts once more for a little pinching and pulling, and then they take their place on my hips. I feel your fingertips brush the hair from the back of my neck and then a lingering kiss. As I coo and bahis şirketleri moan, you slide your rock-hard cock along the line running from pussy to my clit. I enjoy the feeling of it until you enter me once again…this time much more ferociously. I gasp at the pain of it and moan at the pleasure of it.

Your deep movements send me adrift on waves of exquisite pleasure. I feel the tension building once again. “Fuck!” I blurt out. I feel it, knowing that I cannot come until you say so. I become frustrated. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” You become much more forceful, using your hips to thrust in and out of me, and using your hands on my hips to make the powerful thrusts really count.

I begin to whimper, but I keep my hold on the chair, still waiting for your permission. I know that I will not be aloud to come until your own release approaches. I hear you grunt, telling me that it is near. You lean to my ear and ask, “Are you ready? You will come when I say so, understand?” Your voice is stern and commanding. I am nearing the brink of my orgasm and you know it. You continue moving in and out of my gripping pussy when suddenly your grasp on my hips becomes greater, I just know there will be a love bruise to come in the next couple of days.

Your hands reach around my body, one sliding to my clit and the other taking my left tit prisoner. You squeeze both my painfully throbbing nipple and my clit at once. Both my body and my lungs scream for release. You pound harder and harder. Then I hear the words I so desperately need to hear. “Now, baby. Come with me, now, my baby.” I feel your prick grow even larger and twitch inside me as your orgasm over takes you. I let out a sound, coming from deep within me that not even I, have ever heard. Again, my orgasm produces a torrential flow of liquid from my convulsing cunt.

Though we have both reached our release, your cock keeps moving in and out of my pussy; however, much, much slower than before. I feel your forehead resting on my upper back, as we come down from such bliss, and our heavy breathing slows. Finally, you cease movement altogether. A few minutes go by with our just standing in the kitchen.

After a few more minutes, I feel your lips caress my back one last time before you speak. “I see that the kitchen is clean, excepting the floor now. You can mop it again in the morning. Shall we clean you up next, my dear?” You remove your cock from within me and turn me around to face you. You look into my eyes and tell me that you love me, and then kiss me once more, before taking my hand in yours and pulling me towards the bathroom. We get each other thoroughly clean as we shower together and then head off to bed where we will sleep for a while before making love again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20