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While sitting without my hubby in a small pub not far from the apartment enjoying a cocktail and analyzing the humanity within listening range an attractive couple sat on the two stools at the bar’s return leg to my left. The usual nods of acceptance followed and I didn’t think much of our sudden closeness within my proclaimed space. The woman was very tall but the man was even taller and I began to contemplate the oddities of what attracted people to other people.

Our conversation began after the woman studied me for a few moments then asked me what I did for a living. After I told her she grinned and nudged the man with her shoulder. It wasn’t long thereafter a story began to unfold about how two attractive people with similar backgrounds, education and fantasies, collided to form an unwavering union of erotic behavior. I felt compelled to write their story and with the gracious consent of the couple, I sat down the next morning and penned an interesting fragment of their lives … their first time.

As Alex matured she began cultivating two lives. She had always strived to enhance her art talent with childish curiosity but during the last years of college she began developing an alternative life style she reserved for those times when a release was needed.

After graduating from a renowned art college she looked forward to her next phase in life with enthusiasm. With a bachelor degree in illustration and offers from several large firms around the country, Alex had more options to improve her life than ever before but her little quirk challenged her relationships, especially with certain men. Alex simply lost control of all reason when in the presence of tall attractive Aryan men. Instead of suppressing her oddity she embraced it then nurtured it into an art form.

She came to grips with leaving behind a student’s life shortly after graduation. Figuring she had stepped over the threshold of youth and pushing her life to the limit, Alex looked forward to returning home with little fear of the solitude. Although her parents were more than happy to have Alex close to home again, having her around seemed foreign to them at times.

One of her interviews was with a prestigious firm located in a posh neighborhood on a barrier island off the Atlantic coastline. Alex preferred the studio because of the affluent location but it was also less than an hour’s drive from her parent’s home. Alex felt confident she could secure the job and possibly point her life in a new direction while hopefully dealing with her issue.

The firm was an advertising art and design studio providing services for major clients around the world and Alex thought she fit the part as art coordinator perfectly. Art was what Alex treasured the most and her education reflected her passion for creativity and pushing the envelope. To her surprise, the interview didn’t come as easy as her education, never considering there were several other souls vying for the same position with considerably more experience and education. But Alex felt she had a hell of lot more artistic talent and with a keen sense of human nature she was determined to prove her professionalism to her prospective employer.

Alex knew she hit on something when she was called in for a second interview with a request she bring a collection of what she considered her finest artwork. She was instructed to meet the firm’s owner in the woman’s private office, and after introductions the lady wasted no time opening the large binder containing the artwork Alex had lovingly assembled.

The lady’s first impression of Alex was somewhat of a surprise but after a short time the woman barely noticed how tall Alex was and accepted her cheerful personality and wit as a reflection of Alex’s work ethic. After their second greeting the lady looked at the first few sketches with a quick scan then stopped and looked at Alex. “Interesting sketches Miss Gregory, your professors mentioned you always strived for perfection outside the box,” said the stately woman after looking over her glasses at Alex.

“Thank you ma’am, I’ve been drawing ever since I could use crayons to make messes … on my parent’s living room walls,” offered Alex as she repositioned her buttocks on the hard seat of the wooden chair.

The woman grinned a little then looked at the next sheet of art. “Well then, this sketch is interesting … it captures the ferociousness of the animal’s basic instinct but reflects cunning … without a storyline I’d suspect the viewer would assume the animal is calculating its prey … you captured the story well with pencil on paper nearing the level of photography,” said the woman after a slight giggle. Then she gently turned the large sheet of paper over to examine the next drawing.

“She’s actually watching her kittens … look very closely at her eyes,” offered Alex as she noticed the woman’s huge diamond wedding ring.

The woman looked over her glasses at Alex as she tenderly flipped the sheet, grinned, looked down at the next sketch and said, “Conte crayon … this is rather free spin unique … squirrels in a scurry … I don’t recall ever watching those little creatures that closely,” then the woman looked directly at Alex and said with a calm voice, “Apparently you love nature my dear.”

Alex wiggled a little and looked down at the stack of drawings then said as she pointed, “There are different subjects, further down.”

Alex thought the woman would simply close the portfolio, slide the stack of drawings away from her space like a disease, sit back then tell Alex she was talented and thank her for coming in and sharing her art with her, but that wasn’t the case. After the woman had browsed through the drawings of streetscapes, flowers and strangely a single redbrick in space she flipped to the last of Alex’s sketches then sat back a bit adjusting her reading glasses.

“Well now … sepia ink on Mylar …did you use a model … or your imagination dear?” asked the lady as she adjusted her readers on her nose and studied the drawings more closely.

Alex glanced down at her artwork and recalled the amount of time it took to complete the studies. She was a bit hesitant to answer but she figured she was in the presence of maturity and it would probably be another walk in the park for the lady. Alex had to make up an answer yet make her answer sound honest. She smiled a little then said, “He was my neighbor … did he model for me? … No … not exactly … he was a sun worshiper and liked to lay out in his backyard a lot … I just though it would make an interesting subject because of the complex characteristics … and implied sensuality … so, I drew it in that state.”

“I’m curious as to how you managed to achieve the whiteness within the sepia color of the ink,” said the lady as she examined the largest of the sketches. Alex was proud of her artwork but also of her innovative approach when working with media. “Simple, I used a matt knife to scratch the surface of the Mylar after the ink had dried … sort of like sandblasting glass, if you will,” offered Alex with a slight grin.

The woman closed the portfolio with obvious grace and care, sat back in her chair then looked at Alex straight in the eyes. Alex cleared her throat a little and felt nervous the woman saw her drawings of an ejaculating penis from several angles but she grinned and waited.

“Physically the penis is complex enough, but it really has only one purpose even though the recipient often expects unlimited sustainability … I suspect you understand the correlation between that analysis and the position I’m offering,” said the woman in a motherly voice.

Alex actually did understand what the woman was inferring with respect to the biological point of view, however she felt she had to the offer her thoughts regarding her interpretation of the implied purpose of the male reproductive organ and offered, “Yes ma’am, however I have experienced, unlike a clitoris, a penis performs it’s duty then retreats and the mystery of its potential vanishes leaving the recipient yearning rather than satisfied, therefore inviting encouragement.”

The woman grinned a little then looked out the window for a moment, then back at Alex and said softly, “Alex? … You’re a very talented woman, your artwork reflects your love of art, the reflection of the kittens in the tiger’s eyes and even the solitary brick are so well done, they gleam with life, it’s apparent you have the gift of deep observation as well as the understanding of the mechanics of fine art … and the implications some subjects have on the human process of decision making as well as their feelings … I’ll be honest with you … There are candidates from Yale, Cooper-Union and even a business master expecting a nod from me … tell you what … I’ll offer you a position in the studio as a junior … say … four months probationary period … no, make that three months … I want to see how you work under pressure … believe me … this business is all about pressure dear … and little to do with talent … I’ll expect to see you Monday at 7:30 sharp,” said the women calmly before she turned her head and reached for the phone to her right.

Alex was so elated she didn’t know what to do or say except say, “Thank you Mrs. Halprin … I’ll do my best.”

The lady turned toward her left to grab a pad on her desk while plucking the handset with her right hand then turned her head and looked directly at Alex. “In your words, I expect your performance to be less then that of an ejaculating penis and trust you’ll perform more like a clitoris craving encouragement … that’s all.”

Being new to the employment world Alex wasn’t sure if she was just told to go play with herself or not, but she simply smiled then stood and gently gathered her portfolio, turned and stepped toward the door, not realizing the lady was scanning her backside with an envious glare, reminiscing about an earlier time in her life when youth was an endless string of possibilities with eager sex partners bonus veren siteler while the beautiful ejaculating penis Alex had drawn on Mylar flashed in her mind.

That afternoon Alex decided to go shopping for new clothes. She hadn’t gone clothes shopping since her girlfriends and her popped into a fancy boutique one day before she left for college to try on white designer jeans. She recalled that afternoon with clarity. Her girlfriends relentlessly teased her about her boyfriend at the time, taunting her with sexual innuendos using white jeans as the centerpiece. Alex knew her girlfriends where only teasing but she took the remarks to heart. She thought about going to the mall by herself but decided the idea was ludicrous. During her younger years Alex was with her girlfriends more than her family and shopping for clothing was when they were truly joined at the hips.

She called her friend Kilie first and chatted about her interview. When Kilie asked if she got the job, Alex excitedly told her the good news. Both girls squealed, then screamed, then giggled. The call turned into a three-way in a few moments with Corrin on the line and the three made plans to meet at Salvos, a ritzy boutique with a desert military theme near the center of town only special people could afford, and try to relive a moment they treasured when they were preteen girls fantasizing about teasing cute boys while pretending to be nubile.

Alex bought a camel color ruffled long sleeve silk blouse, black pleated slacks and black pump heels with a matching belt and clutch. After modeling the clothing her girlfriends mentioned she looked like a little known actress at the time and so did the salesgirl. Alex never thought she looked like a tall version of Nicole Kidman with shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes. The bill was pricey, but Alex assured herself and her wallet the empty space left behind in the cash pocket of her wallet would be refilled with more cash very soon then it dawned on her. Because of her pursuit of a career the intensity of her friendships had been fading as fast as her youth and she sensed her life was about to change.

A month went by and Alex was overwhelmed by the constant flurry of excitement in her new work surroundings. She liked everybody at the firm and was welcomed each morning as if she had been working there since the firm’s inception. Even though she felt overwhelmed by the amount of material she had to store in her mind she was determined to succeed. She began to identify the personality of each employee deciding it would help her remember what they did at the studio.

Mark, the photographer had as much equipment as energy and it was mind blowing how well he performed his job accenting the certain swish about him. Magen was the office manager and her attitude toward life was refreshing. She was a sailor and lived with her husband on an impressive sailboat moored at a marina not far from the office. Ellen was a beautiful woman with fabulous taste and knowledge about current fashion. Her job was legal counsel, which Alex though odd because in Alex’s eyes, Ellen could have easily been a model with her stunning looks. George, the technical coordinator was a pleasant older man with a passion for colorful tattoos, a certain custom Harley Davidson motorcycle and his profession. James was the life of the staff and the only other artist in the firm but his real job was client generation, something he did well because of his likeable demeanor and unbelievable use of English as well as three foreign languages.

Alex soon discovered the ground floor space appeared like a crowded fish bowl to all who walked by and peeked in at the goings on and curiosities not normally viewed by those unfamiliar with advertising production art and design.

After the first month, Alex began recognizing other people in and around the building. She discovered there were two medical offices on the third floor along with a dentist and an architectural firm above the ground floor studio containing several attractive young men. It didn’t take long for the men in the building to notice there was a stunning young woman suddenly working in the same ground floor studio as the gorgeous blonde, Ellen.

One morning Ellen asked Alex if she’d like to have lunch at the restaurant across the street. Alex knew the establishment was expensive and she was trying to save enough to get her own apartment, but agreed when Ellen offered, “My treat.”

At noon that day the two women grabbed their purses and told the staff they were going to lunch. Everyone in the room lifted their hands as if to swish them away and resumed what they were working on with little care the two sultry creatures were taking off with each other.

As soon as they stepped through the heavy glass doors of the studio and into the ground floor lobby, the elevator doors separated and four young men stepped out of the elevator cab in single file. Alex had to giggle inside because it resembled a beefcake procession for the girls’ entertainment. deneme bonusu veren siteler

The dark haired man leading the group stopped in front of Ellen and said with a cheerful voice, “Hi Ellen, how’s it going?”

Ellen looked up at the guy and said, “Good, Michael … how does a busy architect keep his family together these days?”

The guy glanced at Alex then back at Ellen and said calmly, “Honestly Ellen? … Each moment is better than the next.”

Alex thought the guy’s comment disrespectful to his family sensing Ellen had grown tired of the guy’s constant hits on her, but she knew nothing about his or Ellen’s life. As far as Alex knew they could have been hot and heavy once then called it off after realizing it was a giant mistake with unbearable complexities and consequences. Possible scandals around the building didn’t matter to Alex but her eyes caught the vision of the cute blonde man with big blue eyes dressed in a three-piece charcoal gray suit and she instantly felt a tingle run up her spine. She felt curiously affected and strongly attracted to the tall handsome young man, and in a very familiar way. The young man could have never guessed Alex had a special dark place deep in her heart for Aryan men, especially when they were drop dead gorgeous and she had to look up to look into their eyes.

Alex and Ellen had a quiet lunch together and talked about things gals talk about when there are no men around to tolerate. Alex was amazed Ellen wasn’t married and she asked her why she never found a man worthy. Ellen’s answer was simple enough but Alex thought it odd and very sad. The rest of the day Alex had two questions on her mind. Would she ever see the blue eyed, blonde guy again, and why on earth would Ellen’s husband commit suicide?

A month later, Alex began to be more open with her coworkers. She opened a discussion with George and was amazed at the amount of photos George had of his prized custom motorcycle. The bike was very low to the ground and stretched out almost to the point of not looking like a motorcycle. The primary color was a deep purple and Alex could only describe the machine as a bug with lots and lots of sparkling things all over it. She though it looked like a piece of insect jewelry but what did she know about custom motorcycles?

George took her by surprise when he mentioned he heard she was looking for an apartment. He told her there were several peaceful places around the west end of the island not too far from the studio. Alex thanked George for the suggestion then said as she pointed to the largest photo of his motorcycle, “looks like a piece of insect jewelry, not a bike,” then she turned and walked through the doorway leaving George to ponder what Alex meant by the remark.

That night, Alex had a quiet evening with her mom and dad. Her parents were childhood sweethearts and their adoration for each other only grew over the years and was very obvious. They were like swans, never faltering in their life long love. It was common to watch her dad bend over behind her mother and kiss her rump then stand and paw one of her butt cheeks with his palm as if her mother’s bottom was his emotional support while whispering in her ear. Her mother reacted with the same tilt of her head and a shoulder nudge, then a sweet kiss on the lips. Because Alex was nurtured in a loving home she assumed all parents were as loving but as she grew older she realized it was too late for her to have a childhood sweetheart and not all families are created equal. She had been with too many males along the way then tossed them aside when she was finished playing with them then returned to her world of art.

As she watched her father’s hands manipulate a knife and fork to cut the piece of fish on his plate she asked for the first time, “How come you guys never had any more kids?”

Alex waited for a moment then her mother said softly, “We couldn’t … cervical cancer became reality when you were about three.”

Alex turned her head and looked at her mother as she looked into Alex’s eyes. “I didn’t know you had cancer mom, “she added as she placed her fork in her dish then wiped her lips with the cloth napkin.

When her dad spoke, Alex turned her head to look at him and dropped her napkin filled hands to her lap, “I thought for a while there, I was going to lose her … it was scary, I would have ended up on the other side a completely different man.”

“God … I don’t know what to say,” said Alex in a hushed voice.

That night Alex developed a different respect for her parents and felt drawn to scan the family photo album. She never quite understood why there were so many photos of her mom and dad when they were young, it just seemed to Alex the album was more a photographic chronicle of them growing older and she decided to have a closer look at the series of photos.

After retrieving the book from the bookshelf in the den, she sat in her father’s comfortable office chair behind the old desk she used as a fort when she was a child and opened the book like a sacred portfolio. As she scanned each photo she noticed sweetness and tenderness in each then something caught her eye. She flipped to the first page and studied the first photo again then compared it to the next. What she saw she thought odd for children but there it was in plain view.

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