Fun in the Sand Dunes

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I was visiting friends I had hooked up with more than 2 years ago before I moved away for work opportunities in a mining town. Back then, there were about 20 motorcyclists and some of their girlfriends riding away from the city every other weekend to escape the city cops, speed restrictions, traffic cameras etc, and to breathe country air. It was a chance to loosen up our old motorbikes between visits to hotels, family farms, dirt roads and off road trails etc.

I returned to try and catch up with them during a break in my working schedule.

Over the intervening years, most of the bikers had sold their bikes or parked them in sheds and bought cars to accommodate families. Visiting after these years, it was inevitable there would be changes, and I found in my absence, that we had mostly lost what we thought we had in common.

I had kept my interest in motorcycles and left one licensed in a friend’s workshop to use when I visited from time to time. After I had caught up with those I still had current addresses for, I thought it would be a good time to take advantage of the weather and spend some time relaxing at the beach.

This story began on Vortex Beach. There was a dangerous current that had claimed a few adventurous lives over the years. As I was not the strong swimmer I had been years earlier, I would try not to swim out of my depth to where the currents were.

One afternoon, I had paddled in the shallows for over half an hour and found I had drifted more than 200 yards along the beach. I tried to swim back against the current and found myself struggling and drifting away from the shore and further from the spot on the beach where I had left my towel and some clothes.

An experienced surfer called out, ‘Give you a lift? I’ll paddle you back to shore.’

I spluttered, ‘Thanks Mate. I was thinking I was in for a bad time just now.’

He dismounted his board and pulled it under me, remounted sitting behind me and paddled the board back to shore.

As we walked up along the sand, he asked, ‘Where’s your towel?’

‘Near the clock tower at the other end of the Vortex.’

‘I’ll dump my board and come with you. Did you know there’s a clothes optional beach just past the clock?’

‘You mean a nude beach? No! I had no idea.’

‘That’s where I’m headed. Want to check it out?’

‘Why not? I’ve never been to one before.’

He left his board with some other surfers and as we walked up the beach, we introduced ourselves.

‘ My name’s Eddy’ he said.

‘G’day Eddy. My name’s Kerrison. I’m probably obliged to you for getting me back to safety,’ I said, hoping he wasn’t embarrassed by my overstated sincerity.

He just smiled as we continued past the clock. I picked up my towel and a few clothes and we continued towards the nude beach further on. I refrained from asking questions about a public space where people were naked. I figured I would follow his lead and learn the protocols by observing someone who seemed to be familiar and comfortable with that social environment.

As we approached the first people without clothes, it occurred to me that naked people don’t look very sexy. There were too many bulging stomachs, flaccid dicks, sagging tits and arses. When a great female body appeared, it seemed to me that a little mystery would hold my attention longer than a bare body. I was not sure what the attraction was for nude beaches.

Eddy stopped and removed his bathers and T-shirt, wrapped them in his towel, and looked at me with an expression which seemed to be asking, are you stripping or remaining clothed?

I was wondering if we would be assumed to be gay. Walking naked with another male was unknown to me. I decided to stop unnecessarily complicating my mind, and I removed my clothes and walk up the beach naked with Eddy.

I immediately knew what the attraction was. It was simply the freedom to be naked. I felt a slight breeze on those parts of my body for the first time. The variety of bodies added the dimension that all bodies are OK. None are judged.

I decided I had to experience the sea naked as well.

‘I’m having a paddle in the shallows, Eddy. Back in two minutes.’

Swimming naked was such a feeling of communing with nature. Of course I was not selfconscious. My being nude was hidden by the water from anyone. I wanted to remain in the water as long as possible, but Eddy was waiting for me.

Five minutes later, I began to feel exposed again as I stepped out of the cold water. My penis had shriveled up to a small organ of less that two inches long. I picked up my towel and clothes again and we continued walking. Eddy opened up with some info.

‘There are sand hills casino siteleri and salt tolerant greenery back from the beach. It offers more privacy. So there’s no reason to be embarrassed. Just don’t be too shocked at what you might see. Want to check out the scene?’

I was too curious to pass up this possibility and I said, ‘Lead the way Eddy.’

We climbed into the sand hills, which seemed to be a ‘naked men only’ area. Some men were alone, some were in pairs in quiet conversation and as we rounded a thick clump of saplings Eddy slowed and restrained me inclining his head directing my attention to a very erotic tableau. One large man was lying on his back with an impressively large penis being held up by a shorter much younger looking boy who was on his knees and slowly licking the underside of the older man’s straining rigid cock.

My penis immediately became heavy and filled with blood. I felt like I wanted to show it to anyone within eyesight. Then while I was still watching these intimate friends, I became thoroughly embarrassed as my cock hardened and raised up slowly through a wide arc to it’s full height in front of this virtual stranger. Eddy noticed it and turned towards me exposing his hard-on.

‘Look at us.’ He said holding his cock in one hand and lightly grasping mine in his other hand.

My erect cock in someone’s hand was an absolutely disturbing affront to me. My mind was totally confused because I was disgusted with a stranger just reaching and holding my cock, yet so turned on at the same time. I started hyperventilating and almost ejaculated into Eddy’s hand. I had to step back out of his reach to prevent myself from coming.

Totally embarrassed, I turned my attention back to the other men. I moved my feet apart a little to get full effect from the breeze on my arse and to steady myself in this new shocking environment.

As soon as the supine man’s toes began to curl, the younger boy giving him intense sexual stimulation, lapping at his cock, stopped and they exchanged positions.

The older man then sucked the other’s hardened little five inch cock in his mouth and soon appeared to stop moving; but examining more closely, I could see tiny movements from his jaw caused by the action of swirling his tongue around his friend’s cock inside his mouth.

Eddy and I were watching with throbbing erections. He wasn’t making any effort to hide his hard-on.

He put his hand on my shoulder and said quietly, ‘They look like they’re having a good time.’

I stood still and felt my cock continuing to pulse noticeably as Eddy’s hand slowly moved down my back.

Before long his hand reached my buttocks with one finger inching slowly lower in the valley between my cheeks. I was shocked all over again, but chose to remain still and just accept his touching as friendliness. I knew he would stop before he reached my anus.

Eddy said, ‘Would you like to try something like that Kerrison? I wouldn’t mind tasting your cock. Might be worth a try to see if you like it.’

My attention was divided between observing the carnal intimacy of the couple taking turns sucking one-another’s swollen cocks and Eddy’s hand on my arse. I was beginning to lose my presence of mind.

‘I’ve never done anything like that before. I’d love to try it out one day, but I always thought I would ask a woman to try it.’

Eddy turned all his attention to me and used his other hand to rub the top of my leg lightly. It felt very pleasant, but there was apprehension in my mind from physical contact from another man. He moved around beside me to my right and took hold of the end of my throbbing cock and lightly screwed his fist around the head in a circular motion. I wanted him to stop. I had never considered a man having access to my penis.

His other hand had crept down lower and closer to the entry of my rear passage. Then he lightly ran the tip of his finger over my sensitive anus, back and forth. How can you touch the arse hole of a virtual stranger? and it was outside in a public place.

He was doing all this while continuing to stimulate my poor helpless penis. He was arousing me simultaneously from the front and the back.

I could feel an orgasm approaching. I had to grasp his hand to stop his arousing manipulation of my over sensitive cock.

He said, ‘Why should they have all the fun? If you like it when I do it, you’ll love it when you can get a girl to do it. Does it look like they’re enjoying it?’

‘You might have to wait a minute Eddy. You nearly made me ejaculate in your hands just now. I’ve never done anything like this with a man before.’

‘That’s OK!’ He knelt in front of me and said, ‘I’ll just canlı casino wait down here and you can watch those guys edging for a while and I won’t suck your cock until I think you’re ready.’

‘What’s edging?’

‘They take turns pushing each other to the edge of an orgasm and then stopping at the last second and changing places. Then when they can’t wait any longer they keep sucking cock until the other comes in his mouth, and by agreement the ejaculator then sucks the other off. Those two were probably doing that for a while before we saw them.’


As I watched them exchange places a few more times, my cock was building up almost without any help.

Eddy said, ‘Have you ever tasted a cock before Kerrison?’ as he stood up.

‘No. I could never do anything like that. I don’t mind eating pussy, but definitely not man action.’

I was totally turned on and Eddy noticed that I was leaking precum copiously.

‘Let me just lick your oil off your cock and if it feels OK you can lick mine off my cock.’

I was totally conflicted. I couldn’t think straight. There seemed no way I could get myself out of this situation. I felt obliged to Eddy because he had saved me from a difficult situation. I felt unable to deny him his suggestions.

I realised I was in a gay environment and was probably expected to behave accordingly. When I thought I would let Eddy show me the way to behave at a nude beach I had no idea it would go this far.

‘I’ll count to ten,’ he said as he placed my hand on his cock.

Wow! I had never had another man’s cock in my hand before, and this one was erect and throbbing. His rigid penis was hard and a perfect sized handle, a similar size to mine, about six and a half inches long. He counted slowly to ten, then I released his cock and he knelt down in front of me, looking up into my eyes and somehow into the guilty part of my soul.

By now, my clear pre-cum had flowed down my cock and into the trimmed pubic hair around my balls. He slowly lapped at the underside of my helpless cock, and with a series of wide licks, and made his way to the head. The closer he got to the head of my cock, the closer I got to coming

I began whimpering and somehow said, ‘Eddy, I’ll squirt my cum if you don’t stop licking it.’

He stopped and said, ‘Don’t come yet.’

Then he licked me one more time and then held my feverish cock hovering in his mouth The anticipation of my unstoppable orgasm defeated me. He continued lightly touching the sensitive frenum of my swollen organ with the tip of his tongue, and I lost control.

As the carnal tension arose around my balls and along my cock, I could no longer prevent the intense pleasure coursing through me. It was too late. With a long loud strained groan, I frantically squirted 5 long gushes of semen into his mouth.

He swallowed it straight down, with a long ‘MM, MMMMMM!’ relishing the taste of my thick white essence in his mouth.

He kept licking to compel several more aftershocks to make sure he ate all of my cum.

‘Oh GOOOODDD!,’ I said, ‘That was incredible.’

‘That’s OK. I always believe you should “Do unto Others,” and all that stuff.’

I thought, I wonder if Eddy’s expecting me to likewise unto him? I hoped not. I can’t think of anything worse than putting another man’s cock in your mouth like he just did.

Then he looked away and inclined his head, and said, ‘Check out the boys.’

The larger of the two men was down on all fours, and for a moment I could not make out where his friend was. His actions were what made the whole picture clearer. His arms were bent and his knees were splayed wide and he looked like a predatory leopard ready to spring and devour a prey.

For a few seconds he slowly kept adjusting his position until he arched his back. Then we saw his intentions. He lowered his face and manipulated the penis of his friend into his mouth, while at the same time splaying his legs further so his cock lowered into the friend’s mouth. He cleverly began rutting his lower body, fucking his friend’s face while carefully sucking and licking his cock.

I said, ‘Wow! A sixty niner, out in full view. Do you think they know we’re can see them?’

‘Of course they do. I think they’re putting on a show for us.’

I could feel my cock begin to weigh down with another onrush of blood, as I watched them. It began to levitate through it’s wide arc as it became fully engorged and was soon standing up almost vertical again.

Eddy looked down and noticed that my cock had grown to the same size and state as his and stared at it silently for a long moment.

He said, ‘I think its time for you to return the favour kaçak casino old mate.’

‘What do you want me to do Eddy? I couldn’t possibly suck your cock.’

‘It’s the right thing to do Kerrison. You should never really leave a mate short when he’s sucked your cock for you. You’ve never ejaculated a mate into your mouth, have you? You might be worried about the taste.’

‘You’re right about that. I couldn’t do it. It must taste fucking horrible.’

‘Not at all. You just swallow it quickly. I’ll come in your mouth and you just swallow it straight down, like I did for you.’

I shuddered at the thought of a man squirting semen into my mouth. I could feel myself vomiting a little into my mouth.

But I could see Eddy wasn’t going to back off, and he had saved me from a very tricky situation in the surf earlier, and I felt I should do whatever he said. I just hoped it wouldn’t come to this.

‘What do I do? You’ll have to teach me Eddy.’

‘Good boy. Kneel down in front of me and I’ll explain what to do.’

Oh God. Please save me from this.

Eddy sat at my feet with his feet apart and said,’ You can start by playing with my toes and feet.

I thought, that doesn’t sound too hard, and I played with his toes for a minute.

He splayed his legs out widely and said, ‘Use just your fingertips and slowly work up my legs.’

That was easy. I said, ‘Like that?’

‘Now brush your fingers over my pubes. I really like the feel of that.’

He laid down flat on his towel to give me better access. He had short wiry pubic hair but I could see his cock straining with arousal when I did this. I began to feel as if I could control Eddy’s feelings if I touched him the right way.

‘You’re doing a great job Kerrison. Now kiss my cock just here for at least 5 seconds,’ he said pointing to the base of his throbbing organ.

I move to his side, and kissed his cock with a closed mouth to start with, then began to add my tongue.

He said, ‘Work your way up to the head of my cock very slowly. Take as long as you like.’

I did exactly that and in a full five minutes I finally reached the sensitive area just below the head of his cock.

‘Stay right there and keep licking,’ he ordered.

I moved around kneeling in front of him again and gave him a comprehensive penile tonguing, keeping him on the edge, until he began whimpering like a frightened puppy.

I held the base of his slavering cock licking and tasting his sweet pre-cum for a long moment. I watched the tension build up in his stomach and legs, when he gave a high pitched squeal.

Now was a moment when I could never again say I haven’t sucked a man off. I placed the four inches of his cock protruding from my fist, into my mouth and lightly continued licking his frenum and the eye of his cock.

As he lost control and began his spasms, he arched his whole body like a suspension bridge, supporting himself by only his heels and shoulders. I sucked in earnest swallowing each jet of cum as he silently squirted gush after gush of semen into my mouth.


We remained lying on the sand for a few minutes. I could taste his cum for a long time after.

As we regained our feet, the smaller of the other two men walked right up to us on his way back to the beach. Up close, he looked a little older than from a distance. His light sandy goatee added years to his appearance. I was totally embarrassed and felt far too guilty to speak. He probably saw me swallowing Eddy’s cum.

Eddy seemed completely at ease and greeted the other as if he was a soul-mate.

‘Nice work mate,’ he said. ‘You looked from here as if you were his toy boy.’

‘Nah! I’ve seen him down here a few times before. We’ve never spoken a word. I can get his cock in my mouth any time I want. I think he’s Austrian or German or something. I noticed a foreign language book he had once before.’

That was a surprise. From a distance it looked like the bigger guy was the aggressor.

We left him and walked in silence back down to the shore and headed back to Vortex Beach. After that graphic arousing sexual activity, my cock was swinging at its full length and girth and I was exhibiting my-self as I passed other naked bodies of both genders.

Reluctantly we, put our clothes back on. When we reached the carpark, we shook hands with a polite farewell.

All I could think of to say was, ‘Might see you later Eddy.’

‘Maybe. See you around Kerrison.’

My God, what had just happened? How could I have let myself get into that situation? Another man had just used my body for his own gratification sucking my cock until I ejaculated in his mouth, and somehow got ME to suck HIM off and swallow his semen. If any of my mates knew about that, I would never be able to look any of them in the eye again.

I wonder who will be here this time next week?

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