Fun In The Sun

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“Oh yes! Thanks! Just what I need today!” this mental, silent outburst of gratitude, directed towards the CEO of Marston Enterprises, of course only manifested itself in a short “Thanks Elise.” through the intercom as I acknowledged that this meant the early start into a wonderful summer weekend. I brushed the manila folder into my brief case and grabbed the jacket hanging over the back of the chair. I slammed shut my desk and drawers and ran a hand through my greying short hair, the boyish smile belying my age. Weekend – and I sure had plans!

“See you Monday, Elise!” and past the front desk I sped, to the elevator and down to the parking deck. The fine leather briefcase and designer jacket unceremoniously landed on the passenger seat of the BMW convertible, followed by my tie. A moment later the full deep humming of the German engine was overpowered by the Kenwood stereo. The RayBan on my nose I headed out of town and down the highway – home … home, to the villa that I had moved into only last year with Angelika.

Mhhhh – Angelika! 17 more miles to be pleasantly spent by thinking about Angelika while Steven Tyler was singing about “Love in an Elevator”.

Angelika, who would do anything for me – as long as she thought it would get her to finally become the second Mrs. Swelter.

Angelika, whose curves were an aphrodisiac, Angelika whose long natural blonde tresses were doing their trick on me better than viagra could.

Angelika, who, although almost young enough to be my daughter, knew so perfectly well what she desired in life and how she would get it.

Angelika, who was dripping sensuality and sexuality from every pore of her perfect body and who wasn’t hesitating to live it out.

Off the highway and soon into the driveway that lead up to the white building, through the perfectly cured garden that were surrounded by impenetrable hedges of a lively juicy green. With a last deep growl the mighty BMW engine fell silent and grabbing my stuff from the passenger seat I made it up the few stairs – two at a time. I couldn’t remember having had a full free weekend for months – if not years, and I was eager to surprise my muse with the news. My mind was blurry with the options – charter a jet and head to Acapulco for the weekend? Or maybe Paris? Rome? Whatever would suit my angel we would be doing it!

“Angelika! Angel-darling!” my voice echoed through the elegant interior of the hall and ground floor. In the back through the wide open doors I could see the bluish reflection of the pool. Sure, with that time of day and temperature she would be out there!

Dropping briefcase, jacket and tie unceremoniously on the sideboard in the hall I headed out to the rear of the villa. And there she was, my Angelika, my Angel!

Her young voluptuous body was stretched out on one of those oversized fluffy towels in the semi-shade of an old tree. Laying on her tummy bahis firmaları she had her upper body propped up on her elbows, reading in a book it seemed. The headset of her portable CD-player was somewhat taming her honey blonde curls. She probably was listening to some of that hip-hop stuff I wasn’t really fond of. And as usual she wasn’t wearing a bikini top when at home, since here, sheltered by the hedges and the house, no one could see her.

“So much the better!” I thought with a smile, deciding to surprise her. A few steps later though I stopped short in my track, giving the scene unfolding before me a closer look. The already small cut bikini briefs were pulled tightly between the crack of her delicious rear cheeks, showing the slightly lighter triangle where usually the little material covered her butt.

But what even more caught my interest was the slight movement I imagined to see between her slightly spread legs. Sure as hell she was only resting on one arm while her other hand was busy playing underneath her body. At that I felt my cock spring to full attention in a flash. So that was what my darling angel was doing! I couldn’t help but grin, and I have the feeling “big ass grin” just perfectly described me that very moment! This was better than all plans I could possibly have had – a horny, young, sexy beauty, ready to fulfil all my wishes, and that not because she had to but because she wanted to. Heaven!

As silent as possible I dashed back into the house – up the flight of stairs, only to return a moment later in my kimono with nothing underneath and a tube of KY in the pocket. Back into the garden and there she was just as I had left her. Giving the scene a closer look now I was positive she was playing with her smooth shaven pussy through the flimsy material of her bikini. I could tell a flash of neon pink, her “summer time” nail polish, between her firm and perfectly shaped thighs. Her head slightly swaying with the music I was sure she wasn’t aware of my presence – oh god, how the dirty old bastard in me loved to look at her young firm flesh, knowing it would be mine to have my way with her and she would love it. My cock by now was decidedly tenting the kimono and I proceeded without further torturing delays.

Getting on my knees behind her I crawled up to her – positioning myself between her spread legs before she could instinctively close them. With a startled shriek she tried to turn around – impeded though by her one hand buried under her sexy body and by my firm grip on the small of her back, holding her right where she was.

She relaxed immediately after she had noticed it was “only me” and surrendered to my caresses and the little kisses I placed on her back up along her spine. Daringly I nuzzled her earlobe and whispered:” So – were you enjoying yourself? I have the feeling you were rather busy with yourself darling!” She giggled and I continued: kaçak iddaa “well darling how about you just … uhm … ignore me and keep doing exactly what you were doing? And I mean …” my hand slid down over her buttocks and to her already moist and hot pussy, teasing her fingertips that treacherously peeked out from there. She giggled, delightfully, like the little sex kitten she was and whispered “Sure darling – if that is what gets you going … ” and with an oh so damn sexy wink she started to play with her pussy again, my hand feeling her every move.

That was all I needed to hear and feel, and while my cock already had preceded me by poking out of the kimono I followed suit, discarding the silky material. While I kept kissing and nibbling Angelika’s ears and shoulders I fumbled for the KY, opening it awkwardly with one hand.

Angelika’s ass was hot and curvy, right before me, and I couldn’t resist to finally press my erection against her and rub my hot hard shaft up and down over her bikini clad slit. I heard her moan and figured the little darling vixen could do with a little cooling down. With a wicked chuckle a big blob of the KY dripped on her ass cheek – not that it would be of any use there but hell – I was in a definitely childish mood! And as I had figured she shrieked and wiggled under me. Before she could seriously get away though I had my fingers hooked into the bikini panties and pulled it out of her ass crack and to the side. “Blop” another generous amount of KY skittered over the perfect globe to then slide and disappear in the dark deep valley I was so eager to conquer. And my darling obviously didn’t mind at all – the movements of her own hand becoming increasingly intense. While holding the panties to the side my other hand’s fingers followed the glistening trace of the lube deep into her secret valley, but not stopping their exploration as the path became increasingly narrow.

I knew Angel was a slut and she knew what I was working up to – it sure wasn’t a first for her and I. And with delight I noticed her spreading her legs wider – inviting me to continue my ministrations.

The bikini was pulled tight, her swollen pussy lips bulging obscenely to the left and right, glistening from her juices. Oh god – this woman was a sex goddess and she was driving me insane with her slow wiggle and undulating hips. “Oh baby – you drive me insane. But you know that and you love it, don’t you?” my whisper was hoarse as was her reply “Oh yes darling – come on! I am your slut! Fuck me in the ass! Do it – NOW!”

I almost came – there and then. There was no stopping me now anymore. Almost rough and decidedly greedy I grabbed her ass cheeks and pried them open, finally revealing the tight puckered anus that was already glistening in an inviting pink, covered in an abundant amount of KY. “Ready?” She moaned in response as my finger slowly, carefully, forced the tight muscles kaçak bahis to yield. It didn’t take much pressure from my side since my slutty Angel was arching towards me just by herself, wanting this as much as I did. Once again I sent a silent prayer of thanks to the unknown gods that had rewarded me with such an attractive young sex addict.

Urged on by Angelika’s demanding moves my finger soon had wormed the way into her delicate rear to the first knuckle and then was literally sucked in further, her breath coming in short gasps now. Barely able to control the pace of this encounter I pulled back my hand to grab the KY again, rubbing another generous amount on my throbbing and already drooling cock Deprived of the filling, her anus seemed to pucker even more, as if it was pouting. Oh god – she was indeed a sex goddess and even not being an ass man I was sure no man would have been able to resist this obvious plea to fuck her in the ass – not the silent one, related by her composure and stance, and even less her moaned vocal demands of “having her ass filled with my hard meat – hard deep – to make her my slut by fucking the living daylights out of her”.

As I finally placed the tip of my cock against her well lubed sphincter I could feel her own manipulations to her cunt and clit and all I could do was groan “Oh yeahhhh!” as a warning before with one mighty stroke I pushed the purple head of my hot swollen member between her cheeks and into her ass. Not that it took a lot of effort – she greedily seemed to suck me into the tight hot warmth of her forbidden channel. It was an incredible feeling, like billions of soft velvety tentacles grabbing my cock, massaging it – milking it as we set up a rhythm of fucking the shit out of each other in the afternoon sun.

I could feel her moves to her pussy and clit getting frantic and I had to close my eyes to make it last longer. The sight of my shining slick cock sliding in and out of her ass, her perfect rear globes clenching and slightly vibrating with each assaulting stroke of my hard member was almost too much. What finally made me go over the edge were her moans of obvious pleasure and the knowledge she was enjoying this as much as I was. The little special moment, that split second of her going quiet before her body would shake and shiver, before her pussy would convulse, that fraction of a heart beat that would betray her going over the edge was what did me in each time. A last thrust and I went rigid with her, in her – holding… holding … holding – and finally releasing my milky flood into her bowels. With a shiver she finally slumped down on the fluffy towel, all tension done from her body. And lazily I sunk down on her. Wrapping my arms protectively around her, blowing soft kisses on her shoulder and into her hair.

We lay in peaceful silence, recovering. And as soon as we could finally manage coherent thoughts and sentences again, we started to talk about the further plans for this unexpectedly long weekend. And by what Angelika had to suggest I could tell I had put her in the mood for just some more erotic adventures … and who was I to complain?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20