Ghost in the Stacks Ch. 02

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story.

This is the second installment of my first pure m/m storyline, so feedback is encouraged. This is also an advanced warning for my normal readers. Enjoy!

—————- ———————

“Ghost in the Stacks” Part 2

—————- ——————–

“Are you sure we should be going left? This doesn’t look familiar to me.” Louis was hopelessly confused and turned around, but Johan seemed to be sure that he knew where he was going. The two of them had been exploring the tunnels underneath the university since Louis had “discovered” the identity of his mysterious stalker and developed quite a friendship with the young man.

“Yes. Listen. Do you hear that?”

Louis listened. He heard a distinct clattering, assorted gibberish and an odd thumping noise. “Yes, but what is it?”

“The cafeteria. That thumping noise is one of the dishwashers back in the kitchen area. They really should get it replaced. But if the cafeteria is that way, then home is this way.” And Johan led the way. The pretty young man had been living in a forgotten bomb shelter underneath the library for years, unbeknownst to the world until Louis tracked him down. The young man had done everything he could to remain inconspicuous until he got caught in Louis’s spotlight.

Johan had just shown him how the young man had gotten into the registrar’s office to create his academic persona. Apparently there was a service entrance leading out from a storage facility in a sub-basement. There were exits like that all over campus, and Johan knew them all by heart. He could appear or disappear just about anywhere if he really needed to.

“Right above us is the student union,” Johan said jovially. The young man had opened up a bit since Louis had entered his life. He wasn’t a wacko or anything like that. His isolation had been a pragmatic decision based on his need to not have anyone checking into his past too deeply. Louis found himself admiring the young man’s body. It was so lithe and limber and lean, and his schoolboy ass made Louis think nasty thoughts. The dark haired man hadn’t “gone there” yet, but he was planning on it. And soon. But he suddenly needed something to tide him over. He wandered up behind the young man and pressed his hardening shaft against the soft fabric covering Johan’s ass crack, encircling the boy’s waist so he couldn’t run. He probably shouldn’t have worried, since running was one of the furthest things from Johan’s mind.

“God it’s so big,” the young man muttered. He unconsciously squeezed his butt cheeks together, trying to capture that monster if only for a moment. Meanwhile, Louis had slid one hand down and was unzipping the young man’s trousers, letting Johan’s now-stiff seven-inch dick pop out. Louis wrapped one hand around it and began stroking it, much to Johan’s delight. “Are you always horny?” the young man asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. I enjoy everything about sex,” Louis replied, pushing his cock against his friend’s ass as he jerked him off. Then he pulled away. Johan turned, looking confused. Then Louis glanced downward, and the shy young man knew what he was supposed to do. He knelt on the cold concrete in front of Louis and slid that zipper down until all eight inches came popping out. While stroking his own cock, he wrapped his lips around the fleshy head of Louis’s member. He stuck the tip of his tongue into the tip of the pee hole, and then he curved his tongue to cradle the shaft as he slid about half of it into his maw. Johan’s own member was sticking out like a branch, so he took it in one of his own hands and started stroking. He was diving down on one dick while handling another, and it all felt good.

He had gotten to know the cock in his mouth fairly well over the last few months. Louis was always up for a blowjob. He had helped Johan learn to do it right, and Johan LOVED to practice. He still got to watch whenever Louis got called for one of his “library meetings” and it seemed to arouse him even more. Because he now understood what that felt like, and it made his mouth water.

Louis stroked the young man’s dark hair as he fed Johan his cock. He friend had the softest looking and softest feeling lips Louis had ever experienced, and it wasn’t long before he was ready to blow. “Where do you want it?” Louis asked.

Johan left about a third of Louis’s shaft captured by his lips while stroking the remaining two-thirds with his fist. It didn’t take long before the first gush of jizz hit the back of his mouth. Wave after wave flooded in until he almost choked. He swallowed it all down like candy and sucked on the source, like trying to get the last bit of soda from the bottom of the cup by slurping at the straw.

“Not so hard,” Louis said. “It’s very sensitive right now. Just casino oyna let it sit in your mouth for a moment.” They stood that way for a moment, letting Louis soften in Johan’s mouth. Then Johan released that fleshy tool and tucked it back into his friend’s slacks. “Now it’s your turn.”

“Listen, you don’t have to if . . .”

“Nonsense.” Louis actually enjoyed sucking his young friend. Johan appreciated a good hummer more than some other people did, which is why Louis didn’t give them out too often. Just the ones he really liked. He reached into Johan’s fly as he got on his knees and pulled the young man’s nutsack out where he could play with it. It was time for him to teach Johan some new skills, so he bypassed the shaft and took one of those smooth orbs into his mouth, applying light pressure with his lips. Only after sucking and fondling Johan’s balls for a while did he finally move on to the shaft, burying it in his throat on the first try.

“Oh damn,” Johan said as his eyes rolled back in his head. Some guys were lucky if Louis was even seen with them in public and luckier few got any kind of intimate contact. Johan wasn’t sure what he had done that warranted his friend’s willingness to go down on him, but he wasn’t inclined to argue. He just loved the feeling of humid breath against the sensitive skin of his shaft, and the sensation of warm throat cradling the head. Louis’s hands were on Johan’s ass, pushing or pulling on the man’s slacks in order to dictate the pace. He hummed lightly on each stroke, causing Johan’s prick to vibrate.

While Louis had the entire seven inches in his throat, he felt a quick pulse and he knew the moment had arrived. Johan was in for a treat. This time, Louis left the head in his mouth as his friend filled it with spunk. Normally he would pull off of it and let it shoot all over the place, but not that time. He let his mouth fill until Johan was spent. He stuck his tongue through the sticky pool to traced the underside of the sensitive head still in his mouth, then slowly drew his lips over it until it popped free. He stood up and placed his lips against Johan’s soft mouth and let the boy’s own fluids flow into his mouth. He sucked gently on Johan’s tongue for a moment, kissed him, bit lightly on his bottom lip and then withdrew.

“Now swallow,” he said warmly as he wiped some of the remaining residue from his own lips with one finger and then offered that finger to Johan. His friend gulped down the contents in his mouth and then sucked that finger clean. “Now tuck yourself in. You’ve got homework to do and then we’re meeting Katie for dinner.”

Johan smiled. Despite her initial misgivings, he and Louis’s sister had become great friends as well. He was the guy-friend that Louis didn’t mind hanging out with his sister. Of course, Johan was gay and Katie had a boyfriend, but Louis just pretended that the latter situation didn’t exist. As far as he was concerned, his baby sister was a virgin and always would be, no matter how many times she told him otherwise.

————– ——————

That evening . . .

————– ——————

“Johan, you don’t have to do that,” Katie complained as Johan picked the dishes off the table and went to the kitchen to rinse them off.

“Don’t try and dissuade him. For some ungodly reason, he’s still polite. I’ve tried to break him of it, but . . .”

“Never mind,” Katie said at their retreating guest. “Ignoring my brother is a good thing. What?” she asked as Louis stuck his tongue out at her.

“No reason to be snide,” he responded.

Katie got up and went to help Johan in the kitchen while Louis crashed out on the couch.

“So,” she whispered when her brother was safely out of earshot, “how are things going with you two?”

Johan looked perplexed. “How do you mean?”

“C’mon! You two have been dating for months and . . .”

“Hold on there, little lady,” he said with a blush and grin. “We’re not dating. Louis made it perfectly clear he doesn’t ‘date.’ We’re just friends,” he finished. Katie thought she detected a slight drop in the volume of his voice at the end of that statement.

“Oh please! You’ve been spying on him for lord knows how long, and I know you’ve . . . done that thing . . . the one that seems much grosser when I’m talking about my own brother. Okay, now I feel unclean again,” she said with a shudder, making Johan laugh.

“I knew the rules before he ever even knew my name. He likes his life the way it is. Besides,” Johan continued quietly, “I’m cool with the way things are. I’m graduating this semester anyway, so . . .” He left it at that.

They finished up with the dishes, watched some television and then Louis drove Johan back to the closest drop off point. There was a locked gate that led to the steam tunnels that led to . . . actually, Louis lost track after that, but Johan seemed to know where he was going. If he had known the reception he would get back at home, Louis might have stayed the night with Johan.

As he walked back into his apartment, Katie was sitting on the couch. canlı casino All the lights in the place were off except the one in the living room. There was a chair about three feet from the couch where Katie was sitting. She had “that look” on her face; the one that let Louis know he had done something wrong. Or at least that Katie was going to try to convince him that he had done something wrong. ‘Let the game begin,’ he thought.

“Have a seat,” she said.

He spun the chair around and rested his arms on the back. “Man. This feels awfully ‘Clockwork Orange.’ Would you like me to get the crazy-glue so you could . . .”

“Hush. So, why aren’t you ‘dating’ Johan?”

Louis scrunched up his eyes, something he did when he sister was baffling him. “Dating? I don’t date. I’m pretty sure I sent you the memo on that. I don’t let my conquests stay the night, I’m not big on public displays of affection . . .” Katie looked miffed. ” . . . except for kisses on the cheek from my adorable sister . . .” Katie perked up. ” . . . and I DO NOT date.” He raised one eyebrow and glanced toward the ceiling. “Yep, I’m pretty sure those are the rules.”

“Oh no. You haven’t actually . . . rendezvoused . . . with anyone else in a while and . . . What’s that look for?” Her eyes shot open. “You didn’t!”

“What? Stan wanted to . . . well, introduce me to his knew fella. Don’t feel bad, though. Johan got to watch and . . .” He was cut off as Katie plastered him in the face with a pillow.

“You complete pig!” she said, almost looking surprised. She shouldn’t. Louis had known he was a pig for years. “How could you . . . oh! Johan is a great guy! And he’s smart and . . .”

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you? Damn Katie, you didn’t give me this much grief about Stan! You’re right. Johan is a really cool guy. But I’m not looking for romance. Johan knows this. Hell, the stuff he’s seen me do . . .”

“Which we won’t discuss in front of a blood relative.”

“Of course. You know, I don’t think you got this worked up when you found out Stan and I weren’t going to be a couple. Listen, Johan is going to be fine. He isn’t some backwards little street urchin. He’s a grown man, and a smart one at that. He knew the kind of person I was, but he got involved anyway.”

“I know. He walked into you with his eyes open.” Her gaze softened a bit. “I’m just worried, that’s all. About both of you. He may be a grown up, but he’s getting attached to you. I just know it. But he’ll never say a thing about it. And you . . . you big dope. You may think that your life is perfect, but I know you. There’s a little bit of a romantic in you, and it’s going to get out someday. You’ll go looking for Mr. Right, but all the good ones will be taken. It look’s like Stan may have found something a little more permanent, even though he was willing to . . . share . . . the guy . . . oh, it’s almost too gross to think about . . . with you. And someone WILL snatch up Johan when he’s out there in the real world and not living like a rat in the tunnels. And then where will you be?”

“Probably in bed with some hot young . . .”


“Sorry. No sex talk in front of the innocent, virginal sister.”

Katie rolled her eyes.

“Listen,” he continued. “I actually DO plan on keeping in touch with him when he leaves. He’s a friend. Isn’t that enough?”

“I guess we’ll see,” she said, kissing her brother on the forehead before going to bed.

————- —————–

A few weeks later . . .

————- —————–

Louis was sitting in the dugout at the college baseball practice stadium. Johan had somehow acquired a key to get them in. That young baseball player Brad was bringing his new romantic interest by later for his “birthday celebration”. He had gotten himself involved with a sports reported named Tom, who was looking forward to meeting the infamous Louis. Stan was there also with his boyfriend Richard. ‘Boyfriend,’ thought Louis with a laugh. ‘Who’d of thought it?’ Louis had talked to all the relevant parties, including Tom, and had gotten them to gleefully agree to help fulfill Brad’s “gangbang in the dugout” fantasy. Hell, even Johan had agreed. Strangely, Louis didn’t really know how to feel about that. He and Johan hadn’t had a chance to get together much in the last couple of weeks. Louis thought that it was because they had both gotten busy, but he began wondering if Katie had been right and that this was Johan’s way of preventing heartbreak; to avoid getting too close. Of course, none of it was because of Louis. He was pretty sure of himself in that regard . . .

Luckily, Stan and Richard had both been told about Johan and his situation. Being the school class president and an employee of the registrar’s office respectively, they could have caused problems. But like Louis, they were more than ready to accept the young Johan once they understood why he had done the things he’d done and wasn’t perpetrating some global, take-over-the-world type of crime. Louis glanced over at his young friend. This was the first time he was kaçak casino going to be involved in something with someone other than just Louis. But he had agreed without any need for persuasion, so Louis tried not to think anything of it. He really tried.

Brad seemed genuinely surprised when Tom led him through the unlocked gate and down into the dugout. He knew Louis and he vaguely knew Stan, but the other two were mysteries to him. “Hey! What’s up Louis?”

Louis stroked his crotch. “Well, me for starters.” He broke out his best devilish grin. “Remember that conversation we had in the bathroom a while back?” Brad blushed furiously. “Remember you telling me all the things you wished you could do, right here in this spot?” Tom, a very effeminate looking young man with high cheekbones, wrapped his arms around Brad and starting unzipping his jacket. With that accomplished, he started on Brad’s zipper. “You can’t be serious?” the young ballplayer asked, despite him not doing anything to resist.

Stan was grinning. He unzipped his own slacks and let his own eight-inch shaft pop out. Richard’s nine-incher was soon standing at attention right next door, followed by Louis’s and then Johan’s.

“Oh, I’m damn serious. Tom, get him completely naked.”

Tom knelt down and pulled Brad’s pants with him, getting the young man to step out of them. He tongued Brad’s asshole as he stood back up, then pulled the jacket and tee-shirt off.

“Now have a seat on the bench,” he instructed the sports writer. Tom sat down. “Well Brad, where do you want to start? Since Tom was so generous as to share you for the evening, why don’t you suck his cock first?” Brad flushed red. “Go ahead,” Louis said in a firm but soothing voice. “It’s a little late to get bashful now. They all know what you want. Tom and I already told them what you CRAVE.” Brad looked embarrassed, but the way his rod was waving around also told how excited he was. Slowly he got down on his knees in front of Tom. But Louis wasn’t done. “They know how you want to blow and get fucked by a bunch of guys. You want them to feed you their cocks,” he said as Brad slowly engulfed Tom’s prick in his mouth. Louis reached under the bench and pulled out a pack of condoms and a small bottle of lubricant. “And they know how you want to get that little ass of yours fucked.” Everyone on the bench grinned. Except Johan, whose face was hard to read. Johan had actually reached over and started stroking Louis’s shaft. ‘Probably just out of instinct,’ Louis thought. But he didn’t mind that much. Louis had soft hands.

Brad was still sucking off Tom, but had reached his left hand out and wrapped it around Randy’s sizeable shaft and began jacking the black guy off. His blowjob was becoming noisier and more intense, his head bobbing like a doll in the front windshield of a car. The slurping and groaning was more than a bit of a turn on. Then Randy reached over, grabbed Brad’s head and pulled it off of Tom’s cock. He pulled Brad over until he was kneeling in front of the student body president before pushing his head down again. Brad found himself sucking on eight inches of thick black dong, but his enthusiasm didn’t seem to diminish. He reached both hands out and started stroking both Tom and Richard.

Louis was still a bit concerned about Johan. The young man was obviously aroused, but his face didn’t reflect the glee of the rest of them. It perked up a little when Tom moved down again and started sucking Tom, because then Johan’s shaft found itself ensnared by the hand of a baseball player.

“Just relax,” he whispered, then took Johan’s earlobe in his teeth. Johan groaned, suddenly very much in the game. Then Brad moved down again, and Johan moaned as his stiff meat met a warm mouth. Louis kept nibbling on Johan’s ear and sucking on his neck. Brad was able to down most of Johan’s cock and was playing with his balls. Brad had also started fondling Louis and Richard’s dicks. Johan was rocking his hips, actively fucking the warm maw in front of him. But his eyes never left Louis’s face. It was a bit disconcerting.

The Brad moved one more step over and yummied down on Louis. He had done this so many times that he knew what to do. He drug his tongue along the shaft, pulled all the way up and sucked intensely on the sensitive head. Louis glanced over and saw what could only be described as a bit of jealousy on Johan’s face. Louis smiled, grabbed on of Johan’s hands and placed it on Brad’s head. That got the young man smiling a bit as he forced Brad’s head down on Louis’s cock until the young ballplayer gagged. He pulled the head up and then pushed it down again. He was using Brad’s head as a sex toy for Louis.

When Brad wasn’t able to see it, Louis passed the most of the condoms down the line. Tom was the first to put one on. He got up and wandered down until he was behind Brad. Louis tossed him the lube, and Tom got his member nice and slick. Then down on his knees he went and started pushing into Brad’s waiting asshole. The ass-fuck-ee had to release his lip-lock on Louis’s meat-stick as he adjusted to the pain and the pressure of his sphincter getting stretched. But when it became obvious that he was going to survive the experience, Johan grabbed Brad’s head and shoved it back down onto Louis’s waiting dick.

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