Giantess college Pt. 01

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Sophomore year of college was supposed to be the year I started to relax. Up until this point in my life I had always been the kid who made straight A’s. I never stayed up past midnight a day in my life. I have never missed a day of school. My parents always pounded me with school. I was so sick of it. Number one in my school, applying for scholarships in eighth grade. I could have any school I wanted. Instead I got the one my parents wanted.

The Ama Ray academy for young women was the most prestigious school around for thousands of miles. Every year hundreds of women competed for a spot in the school’s elusive roster. And this year they decided they wanted to open their doors to males too.

It was my parents who sent my letters of application, my ACT scores, my SAT scores, and teacher recommendations to the school. I wasn’t aware until I got a letter in the mail months later. My parents threw a party, packed my bags, and sent me on my way.

This school is a boarding school on a small, relatively remote island in the Atlantic ocean, just off the coast.

Chapter 1

I lugged my final bags through the door. Setting them down in exhaustion, I turned and looked at my new roommate for the next nine months. Her name was Natalie, and she was a senior this year. She had long black hair that she curled at the bottom. Her uniform was a relatively nice shirt and tie, a small black skirt with white trim, long black gloves, and black leggings.

“Hey” I said.

“Hiya!” she responded cheerfully.

“Soo… we’re roomies?”

“It sure looks that way!”

“And they don’t mind that we aren’t the same sex?”

“Well. you are one of the first guys. I guess they just don’t have the kinks worked out yet. “ she said while rubbing her leggings together.

“Ok then. I guess you can have the bathroom in the morning. I imagine it will take you longer to get ready then I.”

“Oh thanks so much Jona!”

“It’s Jonas. And it’s no big deal really.”

I finished unpacking my things, folding them neatly and putting them up. A mirror opposite of Natalie, who had leggings and undergarments hanging out from the upper dresser drawer. I shook my head in disbelief. I just had to meet some other guys and maybe I could get through this semester.

I met my immediate neighbors. Four women, two of which were white, one who was Japanese, and a fourth who was brazillian. Their names were Jane, Patty, Mai, and Mary. All four of them gave me an uneasy feeling, as they kept staring at me, then giggling to each other, then going back to staring at me.

Jane actually slipped me a paper with her number on it. I guess she forgot I lived next to her through a paper thin wall. These girls definitely did not seem to be the brightest bulbs, but they weren’t dumb. Still. Were they smart enough to get into this school?

Chapter two

The first day of school finally rolled around. I found women staring at me in every single class period, in the halls, the lunchroom. They didn’t have a men’s room yet so I even had to share a bathroom with them, which is embarrassing to say the least. I did not see a single man the whole first day. I thought it was just me being paranoid, but I didn’t see them the second day either.

I decided that I was going to have to look for them myself. On the second night of school I went door to door asking every single room if they had a boy living with them. I got seventeen phone numbers, forty three kissy blows, and not one, but two naked roommates dive to get out of site in the background of the room.

I was losing hope. I had not seen a single other male anywhere around the entire school. I collapsed on my bed and sighed. Natalie walked out of the bathroom, wrapped in a towel, and sat on her bed opposite mine.

“What’s wrong Jonas?” She asked.

“I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found one single guy in the whole school. I’m worried that I’m the only one who got in.”

“Don’t be silly! Of course others got in. It’s likely that they’re just in a higher grade than you and you don’t have classes with them.”

“Ok then. Do you have any guys in your classes?”

“Umm. No. But I have a guy roommate!”

“Yeah. that would be me.”

“Oh yeah, I’m so dumb lol.”

If this girl is self proclaimed dumb, why is she at this prestigious school? How come most of the girls I talked to seemed to be lacking brain cells? Why would such an exclusive school be taking these girls in?

I decided to sleep on it. Some rest would do casino siteleri me good, and I could maybe talk to the dean in the morning.

Chapter 3

I woke up in an empty room. Got ready in an empty bathroom, and walked through the empty halls. I made my way to the dean’s office, not seeing a soul in the process. Thankfully. The Dean’s office door was slightly ajar and I could see her in there. I knocked on the door and walked in.

“Hey Mrs. Lee. I’m sorry to bother you, but I had a…”

“Oh yes! Jonas! My best student!”

“Best student?”

“Oh yes! Most of the girls aren’t the brightest, but there isn’t any other place that knowingly takes their kind. And well, let’s say we were surprised when we saw you! A male was unheard of. Typically the male child does not make it past birth, yet here you are.”

I frowned in confusion. I have no fucking clue what she is saying.

“Ma’am. Am I like, in trouble or something? Where is everyone? And what do you mean about all that stuff you just said?”

She smiled sweetly.

“Of course you aren’t in trouble, silly. And you know that when it’s that time of the month, all of the girls disappear somewhere and can’t be found by the gods themselves. “

“Ummm. ok. I’m just going to walk away now. I think you maybe had a little too much caffeine this morning. Take care Mrs. Lee.”

I turn out and leave. She must be taking some crazy pills because she was spitting straight nonsense. This would provide a great chance to search for other guy students, as the girls were nowhere to be found.

I searched in closets, dorms, classrooms, the library, the nurse. Nothing. There wasn’t another male student anywhere. I was dumbfounded. I turned a corner as I walked and saw my roommate, Natalie. She was walking across the hall and went into a ventilation duct that was low to the floor. I hurriedly ran to the vent and crawled in after her. At the end of the tunnel was a small room with about eight girls in it. They all stared at me as I came crawling out.

I looked up and around at the sea of eyes staring me down.

“Umm. Hello.” I said very intelligently.

Narrator’s notes:

On the first night of the new moon every month, Amazonians, such as the women in the school, are able to muster some magical power left to them by their respective god kin. By gathering in groups, they can manage to cast spells with large effects in the name of their god. It so happens that Aphrodite was the god kin of Natalie, Jonas’s roommate. She and her fellow aphrodite descendants have gathered to cast a spell with the power to alter the physical state of another being to better fit their sexual desires. Jonas was an unfortunate guinea pig for their spell. He was quickly flanked by the girls and pushed to the center of the room. Together they started to chant in a language Jonas did not understand. Had he been an amazonian, as the dean thought him to be, he would maybe have been able to reverse the effects of the spell. However, Jonas was not amazonian. His long since adopted sister was an amazonian, not he.

Chapter 4

I didn’t know what was happening. One moment I was standing still, the next I was face first on the ground with girls chanting weird words around me. I tried to stand up, but I was met with horrible pain. I felt myself collapsing. I couldn’t breathe, I had a horrible ring in my ear. My head spun wildly and I grew dizzy. My vision went dark and I passed out onto the floor.

When I awoke, I didn’t know where I was. I looked around the room to see what seemed like miles of marble. I realized how cold I was, and noticed I didn’t have any clothes on. My hearing came back to me slowly. I noticed a conversation. Faint at first, but growing ever louder. There were people arguing. I turned to see a group of about twenty women, many times larger than myself, holding money and yelling.

“Alright everybody shut up! He’s my roommate, It was my idea, he’s mine first!”

Another girl stepped forward.

“I have $1000 to use him third period to fourth period!

The rest of the girls groaned in compliance.

The first girl, who I now recognized as a giant version of Natalie took charge once again.

“Alright! Everyone else write down your name and how much you are bidding. He will be passed to the next highest bidder after every two class periods. This cycle will be permanent. Does everyone agree?”

Some moaning ensued, but in the end, this ended the conversation. Natalie smiled, took one step to where I was located, canlı casino that being the restroom counter, grabbed me and left.

Chapter 5

Natalie took me back to our dorm and sat down on her bed, me in hand.

“It’s good that you’re awake. Here’s what’s happening. Every two class periods another girl will have you. The effects of the spell lasts about a month, which will give us time to cast it again. After about three or four times the effects should become permanent but not irreversible.”

She stared blankly at me as she talked. I looked back at her gigantic face.

“Ok then. My two class periods start now. It isn’t required that we go to class today, so here goes.”

I was lifted into the air and held to her face. Her gargantuan lips smothered me in a giant kiss. She whispered into my ear “I can’t wait to know you better.” As she lowered me back down.

I was stuffed between the pair of massive breasts that resided on her chest. She squeezed them together hard and started to moan. My body was thrown around. For an instant I would be entirely compressed. My nose flat on my face, my mouth full of tit, my penis (Fully erect embarrassingly enough) Shoved against my thigh and her boobs in an almost pumping action.

I gasped for air. Her perfume was so strong and mesmerising. My entire body was covered in my roommate’s tits. They were big, young, perky, the bust tried to break through her school girl uniform. She laid on her back and I fell forward. Her velvet gloved hand reached down to me and picked me up. I was brought to her nipples. She forced me under the elastic of her lacey black bra. Setting my face down on her nip I was commanded to suck. As I did she reached under her skirt and began to finger herself. Her nipples were erect, and they moistened rapidly. She got off to me sucking on her giant nipples. Finally she reached a climax and lurched forward with an ear piercing scream.

She stood up, pulled me out and laid my body across the edge of the bed. One leg went up and over, and she brought down her sex on my body. She grinded back and forth, smothering me with her beautiful cunt. I couldn’t breathe. I was sinking further and further into her vagina, my body being smushed by the black lingerie. She grinded and grinded until she reached her second climax.

She spent the next several next minutes putting on her red lipstick, my body still pinned down by her massive size. She pulled me out, and brought me up to her face. She bent forward and kissed me. First on the lips, which was really just my whole face. Her giant lips puckered and moistened, she then worked her way down my body. Her tongue came out and she lightly licked my member, stopping to rub the tip extra carefully every so often. I let out a soft moan as the giant woman edged me closer to my own climax. I finally finished, dousing her tongue with my creative juices. She licked herself clean, then licked me clean.

I am spending the first two periods of today with her. After three more hours of smothering, she finally was too tired and went to bed. Right now I am wedged inside her panties. My head comes out, and over the top of her skirt. My body is wedged down in her ass, her massive cheeks clenching every couple of seconds, jostling me around. The girls who sat behind natalie stared at me all class period. I recognised one of them as having bid a decent amount on me. She would open her legs up and reveal her red underwear. I knew that seventh and eighth period would be when I was in her clutches. I was terrified to think of what she would do to me, the way her hungry eyes stared at me.

Second period came and went, with Natalie having upgraded my seats to fully in her undies. My face rested at the entrance to her vag, with my legs under her body. In the hallways she stopped at the bathroom and pulled me out. I was put in a glove she was wearing, as another student came and switched gloves with Nat. This girl I recognised as a freshman. Her leggings and gloves were pink with white stripes. She walked down the hall to a janitor’s closet. She whispered into my glove.

“Hey Jonas. I just want you to know that I am in freaking love with you. We are going to have so much fun today!”

I was put inside her stockings, on the inside part of her thighs. Her thighs were the thiccest in the school, even before I was shrunk. I had thought a time or two about using them as earmuffs, or giving them a good fucking, but never expected this. She clapped her thighs together when she walked, and my body would temporarily be kaçak casino squished by her thighs. It didn’t hurt, and it definitely felt good. In pre calculus she took me out of her leggings and sat me under her thighs on her seat. She would shift left to right occasionally, pressing her thighs on me with a warmth that I can’t describe. Her thighs would stroke my fully erect member, and I finished on her three times.

Finally her two class periods were over, and to say goodbye she kissed me with her velvet lipstick. Her dropoff to the next girl was similar. Only this time it was in a coffee cup. I was freed from my prison, only to find that I wasn’t in a classroom. I was in her dorm.

“I told the teacher I needed to go to my dorm because of the physical toll that yesterday’s spell session took on me.”

I looked up at her, and saw the most beautiful redhead staring right back at me with her dark blue eyes. Her tits were size E, and her thighs perfectly complimented her giant ass. She was already nude, and I could tell she wasn’t here to play games. She grabbed me in one hand and sat on the bed. I was lowered down to her vaginal area. I had been prepared to maybe be smothered, or be fucked, but not this. She took my body, and head first shoved me in her vagina.

She pounded at her self for many many long minutes. I couldn’t breathe. She fucked with me as her human dildo. At one point she stopped, and I wriggled my self to get out. My efforts were in vain as I was spewed out onto the floor with her climax anyways. I barely caught my breath when I was greeted by the biggest tits so far. I was pinned down by them. She started moving herself in circles around my body. I was completely smothered by her giant breasts that erected giant nipples. Nipples that came in direct contact with my tired penis. I couldn’t catch my breath, and I couldn’t stop her from crushing me. Her tits encompassed my entire face, torso, and legs. I was so intoxicated by the sensation of her giant tits and my helpless self.

Next she moved me to her thighs, where I was sat down and pinned. I faced the rest of her body and my penis sat at the entrance of her sex. Her juicy thighs swallowed me and I was commanded to fuck her.

I did my best with what I had. My penis wasn’t near the size it normally was, and I didn’t even fit the bill for the size of the average penis. But I fucked away at her like I was instructed. She seemed to be getting off on thought alone, because I couldn’t have really been pleasuring her myself.She moaned and groaned, fingering herself all the while. I guess she fingered herself hard enough, because when she orgasmed, she orgasmed hard. Her thighs clenched, inhibiting me from breathing. My vision went black and my head grew dizzy. The last image I had was of a giant red head woman reared back in pleasure as her thighs swallowed my body. I blacked out.

Seventh period rolled around, and it was the strangest of all the periods so far. The girl who stared at me lustfully during first period was indeed the girl that got me, but so did her roommate. They had both pooled their money to be able to pay for me. So they both got to use me as their personal sex toy for two hours. This time I was in their dorm down hall c.

The girls were both undressing by the entrance, as I was on the bed. The one who I saw second period won the strip race and ran over to me. She grabbed me and turned to the roommate. I was placed between their tits as they came together in a lip lock. I struggled to get a good view of the hot lesbo action I was apart of. They completely embraced each other, arms thrown around each other, with their tongues sliding in and out of mouths like serpents in a mating dance. God, I wish I was apart of that somehow.

When they finished the little show for me, I was the number one priority. The little boob sandwich was just a warm up. Next was the asses. Any way you can think to sandwich someone with asses and tits they did. I was in both cracks, I was turned sideways and sucked on a titty with my dick in an asshole, I did anything and everything. At one point I was put into their vaginas, and used as a dildo as they scissored each other. They used me as an accomplice to their lesbian action, and an asset to their own dominant desires.

The sex was great, the aroma was intoxicating, and the end was sad. It had lasted all night, as they had had me last period, and were entitled to me all night. I was spent, they were spent, the sheets were soaked, the screams were loud, the cheering of the neighbors could be heard whenever they weren’t masturbating to the sounds of our threesome. I didn’t want it to end, despite the fact that I couldn’t move anymore, and you could consider this rape. But it wasn’t. It was just magic. Magic and lust.

End of part one.

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