Girls and Their Toys

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When the box arrived at work, she told everyone it was a gift for a friend. Lena had been fighting the urge to open it all day, knowing she couldn’t in the office. It was a long time since she’d had a vibrator and she was looking forward to reacquainting herself. She’d given up the last one because it was getting harder to orgasm without it (or maybe it had died, she couldn’t really remember). She felt wiser now, ready to wield the “Butterfly Kiss” she’d ordered, without minimizing the simple pleasure of a lover’s fingers.

Her excitement heightened as she opened the door. Dropping her purse and flinging of her shoes, she made her way to her bedroom. She sat down on her bed, the box between her legs. The nail file from her bedside table cut through the tape quickly and white tissue paper billowed out. It crinkled as Lena reached in to search for the toy. The pink was bright against the tissue paper. She grabbed the vibrator by the base, lifting it up to inspect the multiple prongs. By its weight she could tell it had shipped with batteries.

She switched it on, a slight gasp escaping her lips as she felt the strength of its vibration in her hands. She tested the different pulsating functions, watching the various prongs perform their dances. Turning it off, she stood up and removed her pants and panties. Her heart was beating quickly as she laid back down, positioning the vibrator above her clit. With a quick flick she had the device pulsing again. Her breath caught in her throat as it made contact with her clit. She could feel herself growing wetter. She’d been horny all day just thinking about getting to canlı bahis şirketleri play with her new toy. Now that she was finally enjoying it, she planned on making it last.

She moved the largest probe to her pussy, slipping the gyrating prong inside. It massaged her from the inside as the smaller prongs vibrated against her clit. Slowly, she began fucking herself with the toy, removing the stimulation from her clit to slow her excitement. As her body began to grow accustomed to the manipulations, her mind wandered. Her hand pinched her nipples, beneath her bra, groping at the flesh as she pictured Jared between her legs searching for her g-spot. The image was quickly replaced by the thought of her coworker Rob, his tongue fervently lapping at her juices as she reclined on her desk. She grew more forceful with the vibrator, recalling the feeling of Jared thrusting into her for the first time. She couldn’t help but moan at the thought.

Lena opened her eyes, thinking she heard a noise. Jared was standing at the door, watching her. She sat up quickly, surprised. Speechless, she crossed her legs, feeling the shock deep in her chest. Jared smiled. He moved onto the bed, taking the vibrator from Lena.

“Lay down,” he ordered softly. Her heart continued to pound. She laid down, trying to relax, letting her legs fall apart.

“I, I forgot you were stopping by,” she mumbled nervously.

“Shh,” he replied. He ran the vibrator up her inner thigh. She felt embarrassed and excited. The vibrations travelled toward her pussy, though he denied her the pleasure of applying the toy directly. He canlı kaçak iddaa traced a line down the other thigh, then raised the vibrator to his lips, tasting her on the large pink probe.

Slightly petrified, she couldn’t help but watch him. He thrust the vibrator into her pussy. Lena gasp loudly, the vibrations traveling up her body, each nerve on point, so it was all she could think about. He pulled it out completely, watching her face. He was amazed at how quickly she came to the edge of climax with the vibrations. He thrust the toy in again and the pleasure showed on her face. As he pulled it out, he watched as she tried to compose herself.

Jared had been hard since he caught Lena playing with her new toy. He was able to watch her for a few minutes without her notice. Now his erection strained against his jeans uncomfortably as her hips gyrated against the pink probe in this hand.

He let the vibrator fall to the bed as he undid his jeans, tossing them to the ground. He leaned over Lena, pulling her face towards him, engaging her tongue as he kissed her deeply. His hands on her torso let her know he wanted her to flip over. She positioned herself on her hands and knees, feeling weak, wanting relief.

Jared’s hands grasped her hips as he thrust his cock into her. He ran his hands up her back, under her shirt, until he found the bra clasp. He unhooked it, and while bracing himself with one arm on the bed, he cupped her breast, teasing her nipple.

Lena made no attempt to stifle her moans. She met his thrusts willingly, pushing towards him, inviting him deeper. She could feel his canlı kaçak bahis hot breath on her neck and it drove her wild. Any lingering sense of embarrassment disappeared as he continued to thrust into her.

Lena didn’t notice that Jared had removed his hand from her breast. The shock of the vibrations against her clit came as a suprise as he continued to ram into her. “Ahh,” she yelled loudly as he rubbed the vibrator against her. It felt so fulfilling to feel Jared within her while her new toy massaged her clit. The strength of the vibrations made her climax easily. She continued thrusting back towards Jared as he removed the vibrator. Suddenly she felt the longest probe between her buttcheeks and she knew Jared wasn’t done with her yet.

Jared’s arm wrapped around her waist, slowing down her movements. He held her tight against him, his dick still encased in her pussy. Slowly, he pushed the pulsing probe into her ass. Lena moaned loudly. She’d never felt so full. Jared released his hold on her slightly, then brought her back towards him. He established a slower rhythm, allowing him to thrust into her as he continued to fuck her ass with the vibrator. He watched the probe sink in between her cheeks, his dick beneath, slipping into the folds of her pussy. He could feel light vibrations on his cock.

Every thrust elicited a loud grunt from Lena. He couldn’t contain himself anymore. Jared left the vibrator as deep in her ass as he could and quickened his pace. The vibrations were stronger and Lena was louder with the constant stimulation. He wrapped his arm around her waist again and with three hard thrusts, came, pulling her tight against him.

Jared removed the vibrator from Lena’s ass as he allowed his dick to slip from her pussy. He laid down next to her, smiling. “I’m glad you gave me a key,” he told her.

“Mmm,” she moaned, “me too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20