Girls Night In

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I hadn’t lived with Ali in over a year, and I missed her terribly as my current roommate was becoming unbearable. Like an average weekend, we were hanging out in her apartment with a six back of beer and a pint of tequila. After all, it would only be us tonight.

Ali’s roommate wouldn’t be back, since she was at her boyfriend’s, and being away from him for longer than 10 hours at a time was a task she hadn’t accomplished since he had a three day business trip up state.

Sarah, her roommate, had suggested that after their lease expired the three of them move in together. Not exactly the suggestion Ali wanted to hear, since she wanted the three of us share a 3-bedroom house or condo.

I plopped down on the couch next to Ali, handed her a beer, and tossed the bottle caps on the coffee table, she was resting her bare feet on. Ali was in a thin white tank top and a tight pair of my shorts that I had left over here, in case I became too drunk to drive home, again, and needed to crash.

I came over right after I finished up at the gym, so I was still wearing my ex-boyfriend’s basketball shorts and the sports bra, that was perviously covered by a hoodie from the university Ali had done her undergrad studying at.

The movie was reaching it’s climax, when, I was guessing, the girl would get the guy, and he’d leave the loveless marriage he had been trapped in, when Ali’s phone vibrated off the table, she bent over and picked it up off the carpet, revealing the top of her thong to me.

“Sarah is staying at Kyle’s.”

“You seem surprised?”

“No not really, just ya know, I figured since Ben and I had broken up, she’d ya know, come back tonight, maybe participate in our little girls night in.”

I had almost forgot that Ben had cheated on Ali the previous weekend. The entire purpose of our two person shindig.

“Well ya, I suppose your right.” The handsome man was running across the screen in a busy train station. “So who was the tramp Ben cheated on you with?” I could tell she wanted to vent a bit.

She cut the lime and added a bit of salt on the meat between her index finger and thumb. Swiftly licking the salt, slamming a shot, and sticking a wedge of the fruit in her mouth. Allowing a bit of juice to dribble down her chin.

The sudden urge to lick the dripping lime off of her skin overwhelmed me. But in one swift motion she took the wedge out of her mouth and wiped the stray liquid with her wrist.

“He said it was some slut he picked up at a bar, but ya never know, he could have been fuckin’ her for the past two months, and I was just too naive to see it.” She said, dicing up another lime.

“He is dumb fuck, and you know that. You are ten times better than him and there is no way this chick had a better body than you.” I added, positioning my body to face her.

“Well, casino oyna we had been going through a rough patch before, I mean we hadn’t had sex in over a month, I suppose that should have been my first clue. And we had been arguing over every little thing.” Mirroring my position on the couch.

“Like what?” I said, genuinely shocked, I had been dreading the day she became as obsessed with Ben as Sarah was with Kyle, so this had come as a surprise to me.

“Well I guess it all started when I told him that Sarah wanted me to live with her and Kyle. He was kinda bugged that I was planning on asking you to move back in with me, rather than him.”

“Well I do make better eggs in the morning.” I added sarcastically.

Ali cracked her back, forcing her tight tee to ride up her back a bit. I couldn’t help but look at the tanned skin that was revealed.

“I’d rather wake up next to you any day.” She smiled at me while pouring a couple of shots.

I picked up the shaker and salted the back of my hand in preparation of the next shot.

“If we keep up, I may need to crash here tonight.”

“Ah, I’d feel better if you would anyways. This way I won’t be up worrying while you drive across town, and besides, it would be nice to wake up to some of your eggs in the morning.”

We licked up the salt and slammed our shots. I could feel myself becoming light headed.

She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear, “Thanks for staying with me tonight.” Her hot breath on my neck made me melt.

“Like I would rather be anywhere else,” I whispered, “And there weren’t any good parties going on.” I added, hoping she couldn’t feel the embarrassment radiate off me, and hoping she wouldn’t know why.

I have always known Ali to be very attractive, even when she wasn’t trying to be. It would be hard for her, standing at about 5’9″ and 140. I was always jealous of her physique, since I was about 3 inches shorter and close to 15 pounds less.

After she released me from her grasp I stood up, allowing all of the alcohol to rush to my head, I tossed the bottle of tequila in her lap and laid down on the coffee table, sticking a lime in my mouth, peel first. She moved to her knees and licked my collar bone so the salt would stick. She sent chills up my spine, leaving goose bumps across my naked stomach and my nipples rose. I am sure she noticed.

She poured the freezing liquor over my naval, sending more chills up my spine, then sprinkled the salt over the jutting damp bone. “I really appreciate you being here with me, I don’t exactly miss the ass hole, but I would be here watching a sappy romantic comedy alone, if you weren’t here. Which is way too pathetic for me.”

She leaned down kissing the salt off of my exposed skin, then down to my abdomen sucking up the tequila, then quickly up to my mouth. canlı casino I squeezed the lime in my mouth to shoot juice into her’s as soon as her lips touched mine, lingering longer than it took for her to swallow the juice and tequila.

I leaned forward holding my breath, as she backed down towards the floor, both of us positive that what happened was intentional. Not knowing what else to say I finally exhaled saying, “My turn.”

She took my spot on the table, and handed me the tequila and salt. I chose her jutting hip bone that was exposed below her white tank top, to lick and some salt. I was so distracted over my shorts that were griping her hips so tightly, and so low, that I practically missed my target when shaking the salt.

Pouring the tequila in her naval, I was staring in her bright green eyes, that were sparkling with lust. I sat the clear bottle on the counter, then held her waist with both of my hands, admiring her beautiful physique.

Her perfect abs, her breasts rising up and down, quickening in pace. I leaned over and slowly sopped up the salt, savoring every taste that her perfect skin had to offer, pushing a bit of her stomach down with my tongue, allowing the tequila to pour into my mouth, then up to her lips to chase the bitter taste with the sour juice.

She squeezed the fruit, sending my taste buds into temporary shock. I leaned back, noticing her balancing me above her. I shifted my weight to one side, taking the lime out of my mouth, and placing it on the table next to her. She made a motion to sit up, but at the last moment, twisted her face towards mine and planted a sweet gentle kiss on my lips.

I spread open my lips and slid my tongue into her mouth. She sat up fully, making sure not to disturb our lips. My hands found a familiar place around the top of my shorts on her hips, and her’s finding my shoulders, pushing me back towards the floor.

She lowered herself on top of me, running her fingers through my hair, moving her mouth to my neck, lightly sucking on my skin, while my hands explored the bare skin under her white tee.

I quickly pulled her tee over her head and rolled over, so I was on top. Straddling her, I unhinged her bra, and began sucking on her right nipple. Ali let out a moan of delight. I began flicking her erect nipple with my tongue and massaging her other breast with my hand.

Her hands were tracing spiraling circles around my nipple through my sports bra, which I was regretting wearing at that moment. Her hand reached down to my loose basketball shorts and tugged them lower, finally resorting to running her hand over the thin fabric of my thong stroking my clit. I let out a gasp of excitement, craving more. I lifted up, staring into her piercing green eyes, and pulled her shorts down to her ankles.

She spread her legs revealing kaçak casino her hairless mound to me, allowing me to smell the sweet aroma of her wetness. I bent down and sopped as much of her juice I could, finally using my fingers to spread her deep red lips, and dive into her with my tongue as deep as I could. Her back arched and she pushed into my face.

I heard her release a light moan, but it could have been louder. A bomb could have exploded behind her, and I doubt I would ease up. I moved up to her throbbing clit and sucked it, moving two fingers in and out, searching for her g-spot. I could tell she was about to cum, her distant moans became louder.

“Ugh, deeper Kayla! Harder!” She began to shout.

I stuck a third finger, sending another wave of her juice, pouring out of her. Ali was pushing back, begging for more. And finally with one last deep thrust, and a flick from my tongue over her clit, she came. Wave after wave gushed out of her. I began licking her juices, not wanting to waste any of her sweet wetness.

She fell back, gasping for breath. Pulling me up to her from my bra strap, kissing me deeply and hard.

We laid together on the floor, wrapped around each other for just a minute, allowing her to catch her breath. After less than a minute she began biting down on my lip, and pulling. Fondling my breasts under my elastic, sweaty bra.

She pulled the black bra over my head and threw it over her shoulder. Massaging both breasts while sucking on my collar bone. She remembered me telling her that sucking on my collar bone was an instant turn on for me. It was working beyond belief.

One of her hands lightly ran down my stomach and under my basketball shorts, feeling my enlarged clit through my underwear, and a loud gasp unwillingly escaped my chest. I began holding my breath again as she slid both my shorts and thong down to my ankles where I kicked them off.

She teased me with light kisses on my thighs, licking the wetness that had leaked down my leg. Blowing cool air over my still throbbing clit. I ached for more. She looked up into my eyes seductively, knowing I was hurting. She gripped the back of my thighs with her hands quickly licking my newly waxed groin. Every twenty seconds or so licking my tortured clit.

I begged for more, “Ugh! Alison!” I urged.

She finally obliged, sending three of her fingers into my silky vagina, swiftly moving them in and out. Each shove I pushed back, allowing her to stroke my g-spot.

“I am cumming,” I whispered. I felt anguish as Ali began to lick the excess juice leaking out of me. Then with one last thrust I came, and wave after wave sent more of my wetness. My back arching as she continued to sop up my juice. I came so hard and so long, everything went black.

I awoke seconds later to Ali was kissing every two inches from my bikini line, to my chest, my nipple, God my collar bone again. Then my neck, and finally my lips. Allowing my head to swim.

That night we decided, we would be living together again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20