Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 54

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Jenny spent that night in the dorm, and though she could understand why April was averse to it, she found the constant background hum of activity reassuring. She slept deeply and woke up early, making it downstairs while the house was still and silent.

It was a long day for her, with one class after another, and she was assigned to kitchen cleanup after dinner that night. So it was fairly late by the time she resumed her exploration of ABD House, which had been cut short the previous night after she ran into April.

This time she decided to start at the top of the house, and after climbing three flights of stairs she found herself standing right in front of Kristin’s door. It was closed and light was streaming out from underneath. Jenny pictured Kristin sitting at her desk, blond hair tied back in a messy ponytail as she typed away at her computer.

It was very tempting to knock, but Jenny resisted. She wanted to be independent and self-sufficient, to earn Kristin’s respect. She would be rewarded when next they were together, she was sure.

So Jenny turned and walked all the way to the other end of the hall, where there was a door she’d never paid attention to before. It was open and turned out to lead to a narrow, winding, dimly lit stairwell going up. Jenny climbed it carefully, emerging into a short hallway with just a few doors on it.

She’d had no idea anything was up here. Curious, she walked past a few closed doors, then found herself in front of one that was standing open.

Inside a single candle threw flickering light onto a futon on the floor. On it lay a female form, legs spread wide, touching herself with one hand. Her head was thrown back so Jenny couldn’t see her face; the other hand held a thick pink dildo, which she was pushing into her own mouth.

Jenny stood there stunned. Even at ABD this wasn’t something you expected to see just walking down the hall. She squinted and casino siteleri tried to make out who it was. From this angle she could see dark brown pubic hair and several tattoos, which narrowed it down some, but still she couldn’t be sure.

All of a sudden the figure lifted its head and looked straight at Jenny. She recognized the face as that of Lindsay, a junior who Jenny had only interacted with a few times, and always been intimidated by. She had an asymmetrical haircut that was constantly changing color — at the moment it was blue — and dark, smoldering eyes that were always framed in black eye shadow. She probably had the most tattoos of anyone at ABD, and a long, lean, muscular body.

Staring straight into Jenny’s eyes Lindsay snarled, “What are you doing up here, frosh?”

Jenny struggled to frame an answer; there really wasn’t any good reason for her to be there. She stammered out a few words before Lindsay cut her off. “Never mind, it doesn’t matter. Come closer,” she ordered, and Jenny obeyed, feeling a warm spot begin to form between her legs. “On your knees,” barked Lindsay, and Jenny did as she was told. Lindsay rolled over on to one side, still holding the dildo in one hand.

“Show me your tits,” ordered Lindsay. Blushing slightly, crotch beginning to trickle, Jenny pulled off her shirt, then her bra. Her nipples were jutting out proudly, excited by the situation they found themselves in. “Hold them for me,” said Lindsay, and Jenny did. “Now lick them.”

One at a time, Jenny lifted her breasts toward her mouth and extended her tongue to lap at each nipple. “Good girl,” said Lindsay in a voice grown husky with arousal. “Now come over here and lick me.”

If there was anything Jenny’s time at ABD had prepared her for, it was this. She knee-walked over to the futon and took up a position between Lindsay’s legs.

Lindsay had been masturbating for a while and she was well and truly canlı casino soaked, her pubis and inner thighs coated with pussy juice. Jenny began to lick it off, teasing Lindsay’s sensitive areas without actually touching her crotch. After a minute Lindsay had had enough of this; she took a firm grip on Jenny’s head and shoved her wet cunt into the younger girl’s face.

Jenny took the hint and went to work, snaking her tongue into Lindsay’s creamy hole. Lindsay writhed and arched her back, pushing her crotch ever more forcefully into Jenny’s nose and mouth. Jenny did everything she could to make Lindsay come so she might be able to get a breath, slipping a thumb into her from beneath, lapping urgently at her clit.

Moving with a sudden sense of urgency, Lindsay released Jenny’s head and spun her around to lay face-up on the bed. Taking a deep breath, Jenny managed to fill her lungs with air before being once again smothered in Lindsay’s hot slit; Lindsay then pulled up Jenny’s skirt, yanked the crotch of her panties aside, and penetrated her forcefully with the dildo.

Jenny moaned and then sighed; it had been a while since she’d had anything inside her, and it felt wonderful. Her whole body was vibrating with pleasure as she enthusiastically resumed tongue-fucking Lindsay.

* * *

It was after midnight when Jenny finally staggered back downstairs, feeling dazed and lightheaded. Lindsay, it had turned out, was absolutely insatiable; she’d taken everything Jenny had to give and then some. Jenny’s crotch was still tingling but she felt absolutely drained, and it was all she could do to heave herself into her bunk before falling asleep.

In the morning she still didn’t feel right, and after a few minutes she realized that she was actually sick — her whole body ached and she felt a little feverish. Maybe it was a delayed effect from her outdoor adventure two days earlier, or maybe she’d picked up kaçak casino a bug; in any case she decided to stay in bed instead of going to class. Fortunately Jenny knew that all her classes would be doing reviews, and she already felt as prepared as she could be for next week’s Finals.

Then later in the morning her period came on, and between that and her illness she was out of commission for the next three days. Mostly she just slept; the rest of the time she watched movies or lay staring at the ceiling in a semi-conscious state that was not unpleasant. Once a day she managed to drag herself downstairs for a bowl of soup; occasionally the other freshmen checked on her and brought her a glass of water or a cup of tea.

By Friday afternoon she was starting to feel better, and was laying in bed with her eyes half-closed, thinking about getting up, when she heard a voice. “Hey freshman!”

Jenny opened her eyes to see Lindsay standing there with her head cocked. Annoyed at being startled out of her reverie, and at being addressed so generically, Jenny frowned.

“I mean, Jenny,” said Lindsay, relenting. “Are you still with us?” Jenny nodded. “You want to come see some music with me tonight?” It was more of a statement than a question, and before Jenny could even respond, Lindsay said, “Good. Get yourself cleaned up. I’ll be here to get you at 8.”

With that Lindsay turned and was gone. Jenny climbed out of bed and proceeded directly to the bathroom, where she took her first shower in three days. She shaved her armpits and legs and wrapped a towel around herself while she went through her clothes, trying to figure out what she should wear. She hadn’t been to many concerts — or any in fact, unless you counted the prom, which she preferred to forget about. Wanting to look cool and casual, she finally settled on jeans, a black T-shirt, and a loose, slightly tattered black sweater.

At this point Jenny suddenly realized that she was ravenous. She went down to the kitchen, made herself an enormous turkey sandwich, and wolfed it down with a tall glass of milk. With her stomach full she felt fully restored and ready for anything.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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