Girl’s Weekend Night Ch. 01

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Hi, my name is Anna and not to sound cliché, but I haven’t never thought I would be writing about anything like this, let alone being the main character in the story. I have always been curious of the other sex, but nothing has ever happened, until now.

The time for a weekend away with the ladies came around and not soon enough with the stress at work and the recent break-up with my boyfriend. I really needed some down time, some rum, and maybe a little action? Though I am not the casual sex kind of girl, I ruled out the last option.

So us three girls head to the mountain, and as girls do, we got chatting about sex. I am not usually as forthcoming (not without alcohol anyway) about my sex life, but when the conversation turned to being with other girls, I spilled that I sometimes think about being with another girl When I masturbate but, I was never inclined to act on it. I was stunned to learn that one of the girls, Sara had experimented a bit in college (so cliché) as she seemed the reserved type and I never saw it coming. My other friend, Hope, would have floored me if she said she hadn’t as I suspected she was a closet lesbian for years as I have never seen her with a guy or hear her talk about it.

Happy to finally arrive, we checked in and headed for our suite. It was a beautiful suite with three rooms. I was grateful to taste my first rum and coke,and sit back and relax, when Hope presented us with the Jager bombs. A couple of rums and bombs later, and I was feeling good, when Sara suggested Truth or Dare. Normally I would have thought this stupid, but I said sure, why, but said I am not kissing anyone.

The game progressed with the usual walk to the ice machine in bra and panties, flash off the balcony, questions about partners, etc. Pretty tame college stuff until my next truth question came about.

“Have you ever thought about Hope or me while you were masturbating?”

I was floored and stammered out a very unconvincing no. They kept reminding I couldn’t lie and I finally blurted out – “I am telling the truth – leave me alone – game over – I don’t want to play anymore?”

After some more prodding, they finally gave up when they realized I wasn’t going to answer. So we got ready and went out to the club. On the way out, Sara leaned in to me and whispered, “You will”. I wasn’t sure I knew what she meant.

We got to the club and it was rocking. The dance floor was packed and you could feel the floor moving up and down with the rhythm of the dancers. We had a couple more drinks and for some reason, I thought Sara was checking me out. I assumed it was the rum and Jager gone to my head, but was soon proven that my suspicions were right. I caught her looking me over and finally asked her if something was wrong. She said nothing and gave me a sly little smile and I kept thinking about her comment from earlier at the hotel. Hope had taken off and was chatting with a girl at the bar and my suspicions were becoming clearer as they were getting kind of close and touchy.

While I was watching Hope, Sara came up behind me and put her hands on my hips and started moving with me to the music. I was completely caught off guard and tried to pull away but she would have none of that and pulled me back in. She said there were some boys checking us out and she wanted to put on a little show for them. She pointed them out and they were cute so I agreed.

After a couple of tense minutes of getting used to this female on female closeness, I started to relax and get into it. We switched and now I was holding her hips and rocking her to the music. I was focusing in on the boys as we were grinding and I realized the movements were getting more sexual. I saw the boys were totally locked onto us and as I looked around, I noticed that they weren’t the only ones. Guys all over were watching us and all the attention was really turning me on.

Then she turned and faced me and slid her hands down to my ass and pulled me into her with a gentle force. One of her legs slid slowly between mine causing my clit and lips to rub the full length of her bare thigh causing me to gasp and slightly squeeze her arms. On the way down, my skirt moved and the only thing separating my new wetness from her soft skin was the thin silk of my panties. We were moving bahis firmaları to the beat of the music but it felt like slow motion. I had totally forgotten where I was when she turned me around and I saw the huge smiles of the boys.

She then moved her hands to the front of my thighs and slowly slid them up inside my skirt, grazing both sides of my lips on the way by with her fingers. She placed them on my hips, and then pulled me gently back into her. I found my ass was now grinding back into her, different from few moments ago, as now I was aware of the outline of her mound against my ass through the thin material of our skirts. it was causing a warmth and new sensations to course through my whole body. Her nipples were pressing into my back with every movement we made and I could only think of feeling her thigh on my mound again.

The song changed and she turned me to face her. She placed both of her hands on my hips again, and started moving me to the music staring at me the whole time. She slowly moved both hands to my ass squeezing and releasing in different areas causing me to increase my breathing. She then pulled me in close and again slid her thigh between mine again causing my mound to be rubbed in unison with the music. Her hands were still on my ass pulling me up and slowly back down her thigh noticing our nipples were touching depending on the movements. The sensations were so great I kept trying to position my body to have more contact.

I continued to let her move me and I found myself wondering if this was having the same affect on her as it was me or if this was just all for the boys benefit, when I then realized that my thigh was now rubbing her in the same way. It was exhilarating to have another girl using me for the same pleasure she was giving me. She then brought her hands up to each side of my face, brushing my nipples with the backs of her fingers sending sparks through me. She then leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss I had ever felt. Her tongue was soft and wonderful as she pushed it gently into my mouth. I started kissing back and let my tongue meet hers as I relaxed and let my hands slide down her sides and slowly around to her ass. Once I got there I didn’t know what to do so I gave them the same gentle squeeze she gave me and pulled her into my bare thigh. She wasn’t wearing panties and it excited me to feel her soft hair brushing the skin on my thigh and I wished I hadn’t worn any either.

I was lost in euphoria for what seemed like forever and was seconds from an orgasm, but I suddenly came to when the boys started cheering, with Hope screaming the loudest from the bar with her new friend. I looked around, moved away from Sara quickly and ran to the bathroom totally embarrassed hoping the bar would be empty when I came out.

When I finally worked up enough nerve to come back, Sara was standing in front of me laughing, holding two shots for us. She apologized and said she didn’t mean for it to go as far as it did, but that I had some kind of affect on her and she couldn’t help herself. The boys came over and asked if they could buy us drinks. Well, our little plan worked, but I was beyond embarrassed and wanted to leave.

I looked at my watch and it was after 1am so I said I was ready to go with all the things we had planned for the next morning. (It was a half truth as I was really hoping to get 5 minutes alone as I was still really turned on.) We made plans to meet the boys the next night, which I had no intentions of keeping. I was mortified at this moment and just wanted to go home. We found Hope, but she said to go back without her and that she wanted to hang out with her friend.

I couldn’t sleep as I was still so horny from the night’s events. I started to replay the dance floor scene in my head and the wetness started between my thighs started all over again. I moved my hand across my nipples and under my panty line sliding a finger across my clit and into my wetness. I was moving my fingers to the same rhythm of Sara’s smooth leg gliding over my clit earlier and I was mere seconds from orgasm when I heard – “see – you will”. I opened my eyes and she was standing over me watching me pleasure myself.

I was furious. Interrupted twice in one night – are you kidding me?

“Why are you in my room?”

Without kaçak iddaa answering, Sara moved to the side of the bed and slid in beside me, leaned up to my ear, and asked in a whisper if I was thinking of her this time. Before I could answer or recover, she had slid her hand to my thigh and moved it slowly down to my knee and was starting back up when I turned on my side to avoid the touch. This didn’t stop her as she then moved her hand up the back of my leg slowly dragging each finger on a different part of my leg sending shivers everywhere. She then continued until her fingers were caressing my ass taking care that a couple of fingers rested on the outer lips. She squeezed me gently for a few seconds before slowly sliding her hand up and in between my upper thighs and back to my ass again. She sensed a change in my breathing so she ran her fingers gently between my cheeks creating new sensations as she brushed across my ‘other’ hotspot and continued slowly up across my perineum and onto my outer lips again. Then she tried separating them with one of her fingers but my position and the silk wouldn’t allow it. I was moaning lightly and moving my hips and ass to meet each new sensation her fingers brought.

At that point, I decided I couldn’t do this and I moved Sara’s hand and said as much, but she knew better and was very persistent. She brought her hand up and moved the hair off of my neck and kissed it softly in several spots sending shivers through me.

Without me stopping her, she continued on and moved her hand slowly to my breast and gave it a squeeze all the while continuing with all the sensations on my neck. She traced my nipple through my shirt and suddenly gave it a hard pinch which surprised me considering all the other gentle movements. I felt her smile behind me and I felt her hand moving down my body to my ass again, back up to the bottom of my thigh, back up again and in between my legs rubbing the small, only accessible surface of my lips over and over. I was moaning quite a bit now and my hands hurt from squeezing the sheets tightly.

I couldn’t take anymore, so I totally gave in to her. I bent my knee and moved my leg forward to give her full access. She took full advantage of this and moved her fingers gently over every spot on my mound that was previously inaccessible. I was now fully moaning and my hips were moving quicker until I could feel my orgasm brewing. She sensed this because she stopped what she was doing and gently turned me over to face her. She leaned in for a kiss and this time I didn’t wait to kiss her back. Her hands were roaming all over me as she caressed all my curves, gently squeezed each nipple with the perfect pressure, all the time avoiding my mound prolonging the pain of not orgasming. I just wanted her to touch my clit and slide her thin fingers inside me but she held off extending the pain. She would slide her hands inside my panties to the top of my pubes and pull back. She traced a path from one hip bone across the top of my clit to the other and pulled back again. She pulled my shirt up and ran her nails across my stomach and ribs stopping just under my left breast. She then lifted my shirt, leaned over and grabbed my breast and took my nipple into her mouth. She flicked, sucked and nibbled it sending more sensations through me all the while using her other hand to touch me everywhere but my clit. She just kept circling it, and moving down the sides of it. She moved back to my mouth kissing me again all the while running her sweet fingers over both of my nipples now.

She moved back beside me and gently took my hand and guided it to her breast. They were hard but soft, and wonderful to touch. I was slowly kneading the breast and touching the nipple through her shirt while she continued to kiss me and caress mine as well. I sat up and took off my shirt and she did the same. We lied back down and I started to play with her breasts again. With each one of my gentle pinches, licks, and nibbles she let out soft moans and I guessed I was doing something right. My methods became more sensual each moment and I could tell by her movements and breathing that I was learning fast. I was still on the edge of orgasm myself and hopefully I could bring her there too.

I gently pushed her onto her back. I moved my kaçak bahis hand to the top of her panties and slid my hand just inside until I felt her trimmed pubes and pulled back out. I let my fingertips roam up her belly until I could cup her right breast. I moved my thumb and finger to her nipple and began gently touching and pulling on her nipple. The sensation of touching a woman was awesome for me and my head was spinning in desire and lust for her more than I would have ever thought. The sound of our moaning was drowned out in each other’s mouths as we continued to share passionate kisses.

She turned towards me and I moved my hands to her ass and gently started to touch all the places I love to be touched. She moved and groaned quietly with each new placement of my fingers and her excitement and pleasure was keeping me on the cusp. I finally got the nerve and slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and on top of her panties and for the first time, felt the desire and wetness of a woman on my fingertips. She moaned and pushed against my hand for more friction, but I pulled back as she had done to me and starting tracing her panty line along the same path she used on me earlier.

Suddenly, in one quick motion, she slipped her panties off and told me to take mine off and I quickly obliged. She reached over and put her hand on my now bare ass and pulled me in close. I could now feel our breasts touching and with certain movements, our nipples would collide causing me to almost black out with lust. She pulled me in tighter by the ass and I could feel our pubic hair meshing, but still no contact with my clit which I so desperately needed. I could feel my wetness now spilling down the inside of my thighs. She then pushed me back slightly and brought her hand around to my front and again slid her fingers on the outside of my lips where she started lightly pinching and pulling on my inner lips. I started moving my hips hoping to force clitoral contact but she would have nothing of it as she expertly dodged me.

I then squeezed her ass and then moved my hand to the front of her thigh and slid it down to the inside of her knee. I brought my nails along the length of the inside of her thigh until I got to the top. I then traced the outside of her lips right to the clit where I stopped short. I decided I couldn’t take anymore and parted her lips, slid one finger onto her clit and then down the length of her slit and into her wetness and pushed it into her. This new feeling almost did me in right then. I was repeating the motion from clit and back in again for a few seconds when I finally felt her finger on my clit. She then proceeded to mirroring the motions I was using on her and before long we were both moaning loudly and our breathing was getting faster.

I decided to slide two fingers into her and with all her wetness, they slid in quite easily. It was then that she kissed me hard and moaned loudly into my mouth as I felt her muscles contracting around my fingers and her wetness began seeping onto my hand. Her hips were pushing hard against my hand trying to get as much friction as she could. She was cumming hard and it caused her muscles to force her hands hard inside of me. This was all I needed and I started to orgasm myself. We were now sliding our fingers onto each others clits and then down our slits and into our wetness and then back again. She came down before me and she repeated the motion again and again this time sliding two fingers into me keeping me on the edge for what seemed like an eternity. She curled them to reach my G spot and rubbed my clit with her thumb. My muscles began contracting around her fingers and my juices were flowing onto them and the bed. My body started to spasm with each of her touches. My eyes teared and I squeezed her body hard as my body exploded into a full orgasm. She continued filling me with her fingers causing little spasms with each gentle thrust. When I finally came down a minute later, my heart was still racing and every muscle in my body was sore from the unbelievable experience I had just had.

We laid in silence for a couple of minutes recovering and facing each other. Our nipples would graze with each breath sending continuous shivers through me as I couldn’t think of a reason I didn’t try this sooner.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here? That was fantastic to watch. I should have came back earlier.”

Dammit, it was Hope returning and standing over us, but at least I wasn’t interrupted this time.

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