Giving in to Temptation

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Giving in to Temptation; How I lost my virginity to an old man

I am a 19 year old nursing student in my third year of college. I live in an apartment, far away from home. I have a stable, happy relationship with my family and I am an active member in our church. I can’t say I’m skinny because I have an ass that kinda sticks out and my breasts are above average.

I just want to confess that I’m not a good girl at all. I masturbate a lot, and no one knows I’m not a virgin anymore.

I walk to school every day. Every day I would pass by this crazy, homeless old man. He lives in between buildings in a cardboard box home next to a huge trash bin. He stinks like he hasn’t showered in a long time and he has unkempt hair. He would smile a toothy grin at me every time and I would just avoid him.

I thought nothing of him until one night.

I got back to my apartment one night after a five-day camping activity hosted by our church. I haven’t been able to let out some steam so I rushed to the bedroom, opened my laptop and searched for porn. An ad for a porn site popped up. It showed old men penetrating young girls around my age. I’ve never thought about old men as old as my grandfather before, but it got me really wet. I masturbated to the videos, but I couldn’t get enough. I wanted the real thing. Now.

I thought of that crazy old man. canlı bahis I wanted to let him touch me and I’d just masturbate, but I got more than what I bargained for.

I went outside in a mini-skirt and a blouse. I didn’t bother to put any underwear on. My nipples were hard and I was so wet by the thought of what I’m about to do. After what seemed like a long time, I found him. He was lying down, facing the wall. I sat and put my back against the opposite wall, facing him. I spread my legs and rubbed myself with one hand while the other played with one of my nipples. It was getting good when suddenly I realized that the old man was breathing hard.

He was jacking off and his grunts got louder the longer I listened. The thought that the old man was probably jacking off to thoughts of young girls with tight pussies while one was a head turn away from him, really got me hot. I’m close. I’m really close to climaxing.

I couldn’t stop myself from letting out a moan.

He turned. I closed my legs and got up.

I didn’t expect a man that old to be so quick. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pinned me to the wall and he showed me a wide smile. I’ve never seen him this up close. His teeth were dark yellow and his breath reeked. His eyes had a hunger in them. He’s repulsive, but when he stuck his tongue in my mouth, his slimy saliva mixing bahis siteleri with mine, I actually liked it.

He pulled back and savagely squeezed my breasts. It hurt, but I didn’t want him to stop. His thumbs were moving in circles on my nipples through my blouse. I moved to unbutton them but he slapped my hands away. He grabbed with two hands on the collar of my blouse and actually ripped my blouse open, the buttons scattered on the ground.

He laughed to himself and took of his rag-like clothes. He was stark naked in front of me. He went for my breasts again. One hand savagely squeezed and pinched on my left breast while he sucked my right breast hard. His teeth grazed on my nipple, but the pain felt wonderful.

I grabbed his penis. I didn’t know they felt like this. It was so much bigger than any of the cocks I’ve seen on the internet. I try to match his aggressiveness. I furiously played with his cock and I even squeezed his balls hard. He grunts into my breast as I try to conceal my moans with my other hand.

My pussy was unattended, and dripping, so I had to stop wacking him for a while to rub myself. Before I could do so, he grabbed my wrist. He seemed distraught about the fact that I stopped touching him. He angrily pushed me down to his cardboard box and lifted my skirt. He pulled my legs apart.

He plunged his huge cock bahis şirketleri in my tight, wet, virgin pussy. It was a combination of pure pain and pleasure. I felt my hymen pop and I could feel my pussy stretch wide to accommodate his dick. I let out a tiny scream. He seemed to like my scream. He pulled back and plunged until he was balls deep in me again. I didn’t want anyone to hear us, so I covered my mouth and tried my best. He grabbed my arms and pinned them beside my head. I refused to open my mouth. He retaliated by sucking on my breasts, grazing my nipples with his teeth and flicked them with his tongue.

I let out a scream. I surrendered to the combination of his thrusts and his sucking. I gave him what he wanted. I moaned loudly until I was sure everyone in the nearby building could hear us. He grunted loud with his mouth open, his saliva spilling down his chin and landing on my breasts.

He suddenly grunted louder and humped faster and harder. He held me to him as he spilled load after load of his hot cum in my pussy.

He let go of me and he fell sideways, breathing hard. He faced the wall again, and he fell asleep. I got up and found my blouse under his sleeping body. I couldn’t wear it anymore anyway, so I let him keep the blouse and I wore his rags home. It felt like bringing home a trophy.’

The next day, as I was walking to school, I saw him. He was clutching my ripped blouse and he was grinning at me as I walked past. I smiled back this time.

I orgasmed about five times that night, and I couldn’t wait for another opportunity to get more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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