Going Goth Ch. 07

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“This is unacceptable, completely unacceptable,” Matthew Priestly thundered at the three men seated before him. “With all the resources at your command, the fact that you cannot locate those women is ridiculous. If they go public with their information, then all we have worked for will go up in smoke.”

Chief of Police Smollett spoke first “I put out an APB on them as soon as you contacted me. They were spotted by one of our patrol units, but they escaped. No one has seen them since.”

“They’re probably halfway across the state by now,” Sheriff Colfax grumbled. We don’t dare bring the Highway Patrol in on this either. They’ll ask too many questions and we really don’t have anything to charge them with … yet.”

“What about that detective you had arrested, Matthew?” City Manager Reuben McCarthy said. “Were you able to get any information from him?”

“He lawyered up, posted bond and disappeared,” Chief Smollett interjected. “We could only hold him on a charge of trespassing anyhow. There was no way we could tie him directly to the cameras or the equipment in the van as there were no fingerprints and all serial numbers had been removed. The van’s registered to his secretary and she’s skipped town. We’re at a dead end,” he said disgustedly.

“Be that as it may,” Priestly replied, “The fact remains that our control of this city is based on concurrence with our beliefs, a desire for respectability and fear. If we are held up to ridicule, all we have worked for comes crashing down; furthermore, we may very well be facing charges in a state or federal court. We must find those women and destroy that evidence they have on us. If unorthodox methods are required to do so, then so be it.”

“What exactly do you mean by unorthodox?” Sheriff Colfax said, his eyes narrowing.

“I leave that to your imaginations, gentlemen,” Priestly said with a grin.


“Will you look at that place,” Keri said in awe as she and Veronica reached the end of a long, unpaved driveway in the latter’s Corvette and saw a huge two story house constructed of wood and glass resembling a hunting lodge. They parked before a sweeping front deck and the vehicles following lined up next to them.

Equally amazed, Susan, Brittany and the others sat for a moment looking at what they thought would be a modest cabin, and then everyone got out of their vehicles, climbed the steps to the deck, Veronica and Keri in the lead, and approached the front door. Veronica tried several keys on the ring she’d been given until she found one that fit the lock, opened the door and they went in.

A large room filled with rustic furniture dominated by a massive flagstone fireplace flanked by vast expanses of wood framed glass greeted their eyes. As they explored further, they found a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room and a master bedroom suite with bath on the first floor and four bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor. There was an even larger deck at the rear of the house with a sweeping view of the lake and several outbuildings.

Conversing excitedly between themselves, the women unloaded their clothing, food and other supplies in short order, stored them away and sat together in the great room to unwind from their long drive.

“This place is amazing,” Brittany said as she and Teri snuggled together in a large wooden arm chair, its cushions upholstered in a muted plaid fabric.

“I certainly didn’t expect anything like this,” Leslie said as she and Susan lay together on a wood framed sofa upholstered in the same plaid fabric, “I expected some little fishing cabin where we’d be sleeping on cots.”

“I’ve seen pictures of this place in Cindi’s office,” Veronica said, her head in Keri’s lap as they reclined on a bearskin rug before the fireplace. “She and her friends have parties here a lot. I bet there’s been some wild stuff gone on here.”

“Sounds like our kinda place, right babe?” Susan said playfully, squeezing Leslie’s full breast.

“Migawd, woman, you’re insatiable,” Leslie replied in mock annoyance, and then giggling as her breast was squeezed again. “Let’s at least have something to eat before we start fucking, I’m starved.”

Connie didn’t join in the banter; rather she stood alone staring out the window at the shimmering waters of the lake wishing Janice had come with them. She already missed her terribly and felt like a fifth wheel among the happy couples.

“Hey Connie, c’mon in the kitchen, were gonna get something to eat.”

Hearing Teri’s voice, Connie turned away from the window to join the others when her heel caught the edge of one of the many crocheted area rugs spread on the planked pine floor. She stumbled and the rug peeled back revealing the faint outline of a trap door cut into the floor. Curious, she looked closer and saw a brass plate at one end with a key hole in the middle.

“Ronnie,” she called, “Bring the keys, I’ve found something.”

Veronica tried one key, then another until the lock clicked and the door hissed open revealing casino siteleri a flight of stairs descending into darkness.

“Oooo, it’s a dungeon, I bet,” Keri said excitedly, “Cindi must be into S&M. I wanna see.” Before anyone could stop her she trotted down the stairs as lights winked on illuminating the room below. “What do you see, hon?” Veronica called.

“Aw, just a bunch of chairs and a table,” Keri replied, a note of disappointment in her voice, “And a bunch of gym lockers, oh wow, come look at this.”

When the others descended the stairway they saw a grouping of gray metal chairs grouped around a gray metal table with tall gray lockers lining the walls. The one Keri had opened contained three pump riot shotguns hung neatly from a rack with boxes of ammunition stacked below them. Opening other lockers revealed a variety of other weaponry including pistols, rifles, knives and lances. There were other lockers filled with MRE’s and a variety of pre-processed foods as campers might use. Sealed jugs of water were in other lockers along with first aid supplies and one piece Camo coveralls folded and stacked neatly with matching thick soled boots.

“Man, looks like somebody’s ready for the zombie apocalypse,” Brittany said gingerly holding a 9mm automatic pistol, “Dad used to have one of these. He let us shoot it too.”

“Who else here knows how to handle a gun?” Connie asked. Veronica, Keri and Susan raised their hands; Leslie and Teri looked at each other and shrugged. “Tomorrow morning you two are gonna learn how,” she continued, “We’ll set up some targets facing the lake and familiarize ourselves with these weapons.”

“Is this really necessary?” Susan said, “I mean we’re just gonna hide out here for a while until the heats off and we can expose the Legion for the hypocrites they are.”

“I don’t think you realize that you’ve stepped in shit up to your ankles,” Connie replied. “When the likes of the Chief of Police and who knows who else in the community is tied to the Legion, you know you’re up against some heavy hitters. The last thing they want is to have their cover blown and lose control of Hillsdale and Gainsborough County. A rat’s at its most dangerous when cornered and that’s where we’ve got ’em.”

“You mean they might try to kill us?” Leslie said, horrified.

“They want those snaps and recording’s and they want ’em bad. They’d just say you resisted arrest, so yeah,” Connie drawled, “We need to be ready for anything up here.”

“Right now, I’m hungry,” Susan said, breaking the tension. They all laughed, and then trooped upstairs to fix something to eat.


“I sure hope the girls are okay,” Mike Hutchins muttered as he sat slumped in a chair in Sal Rabin’s apartment. His friend and lawyer nodded in the affirmative saying “Connie knows the ropes, Mike; she’ll see they get someplace safe. We just need to keep a low profile for a bit. I know they’ve got this place under surveillance and you can’t leave town until your trial. You’re not thinking of jumping bail are you? Arnie’s a drinking buddy of mine and I’d hate to stiff him.”

“Nah, that’s what they want me to do. They figure I’ll light out first thing and lead ’em to where the girls are hiding; well, surprise, I don’t know where they are.”

“So the girls are safe and we’re bottled up here until they decide to come and get us, now what do we do?”

“Lemme use your cell, I need to call in a favor.”


“Ahhhh, baby, I’ve missed this so much,” Teri moaned as Brittany licked and nibbled her soaked pussy. After they had finished their meal, Susan declared it was sexy time and, with Leslie and Connie in tow, claimed the master bedroom leaving the upstairs rooms for the girl’s lovemaking. Brittany and Teri lost no time in pulling off what clothing they wore and tumbling into the first bed they came across, kissing and fondling until they were fully aroused and began eating each other out. Brittany sucked and nibbled on her lover’s clit while finger fucking her pussy and ass until Teri squealed and exploded in orgasm, spraying clear ejaculate into Brittany’s busy mouth. Brittany ate her to another orgasm, then cuddled with her until she stopped panting and shivering from the intensity of her release.

They giggled as they heard the shrieks and moans of Veronica and Keri going at in in the next room and could only imagine what was going on between the three women downstairs. With that the door flew open and Veronica and Keri marched in, their naked bodies covered with sheen of sweat, their hair wet and tangled, grinning like Cheshire Cats.

“We heard you two getting off, so we decided to pay you a visit,” Veronica announced, jumping on the bed as Keri followed her. “You guys don’t mind do you?”

“Not at all,” Teri replied, “We heard you guys getting off too and wondered when you’d be over.”

“Okay,” Brittany said, hugging her sister Keri, “Who’s gonna do what to whom and with what. There’s a box full of toys in the closet we can use.”

“I’ll canlı casino get ’em,” Veronica said, rolling off the bed, retrieving the box from the closet and opening it, “Hey, you got some good stuff here. That double end dildo is one of our best sellers. I call dibs on that one.”

Brittany kissed her sister on the forehead saying “We haven’t gotten it on for a while, runt. What say you?”

“Works for me,” Keri replied, snuggling against her big sister, “I’ll do that thing you like with my tongue.”

“Looks like it’s you and me,” Veronica said to Teri, who was pawing through the box of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and strap on harnesses, “See anything you like?”

“Nothing as much as that double ender,” was the reply, “Let’s go with that.”

“Okay then, let’s doggie fuck each other.”

“How do you do that?”

“We get on our hands and knees, butt to butt, put the dildo in our pussies and fuck each other, it’s easy and it’s fun.”

Once they had arranged themselves and had each taken half of the long phallus deep inside them, the women began to rock back and forth. Alternatively tightening and relaxing their inner muscles, they developed a jerky rhythm of fucking and being fucked, slowly at first, then faster as their passions rose along with their orgasms building toward an explosion of release.

Gripping handfuls of the bed sheet, pressing their knees down and dropping their heads and torsos onto the mattress, they entwined their legs, thrusting the phallus harder and deeper into each other until Veronica shrieked in orgasm as Teri came right with her, both howling in mind-numbing release.

Exhausted from the intensity of their orgasms, they withdrew the dildo from their soaked pussies and cuddled on the bed, dimly aware of what was going on beside them.

“Ahhh, shit, fuck, your tongue feels so fucking good on my clitty,” Brittany moaned as her younger sister sucked and licked and nibbled the fleshy pearl sending shocks and thrills through her sibling’s shivering body. Keri was roaring hot having just been eaten to two thrilling orgasms herself and wanting to return the favor to her big sister.

Knowing Brittany liked ass play, she worked one, then two fingers in her sister’s puckered hole as far as she could, pumping and wiggling them.

“Oh yeahhh, fuck my ass, fuck my ass,” Brittany cried, “Shove your hand in and fuck me.”

Keri hesitated, she had never done this before and she didn’t want to hurt her sister, yet Brittany was begging for it, so she would try. She fisted Brittany’s gushing pussy and, her small hand dripping with cunt juices, she bunched her fingers together like a spearhead and pushed them into her sister’s tight asshole. There was momentary resistance, then the muscles relaxed and her hand slid in up to the wrist.

“Ahhhhgghh!” Brittany cried, the sensation of her sister’s hand so deep in her asshole was driving her crazy and she humped against the intruder, wanting more. Keri slid her other hand in Brittany’s dripping cunt and began to fist her there as well. Brittany had never felt so full, so complete, so excited, she fucked herself on Keri’s fingers until she exploded in a spine-twisting orgasm that left her panting and whimpering. Keri continued fisting her until Brittany came again and slumped onto the sweat soaked sheet. Keri rubbed her hands together and licked her sister’s juices from them, then cuddled with her sibling until she regained her senses.

“Why the hell haven’t we been doing this all along?” Brittany said tiredly, kissing Keri’s nose.

“I dunno, I’ve thought you were so hot for years, but I was afraid of what you might think if I approached you. You’ve changed a lot since you and Teri got together.”

Brittany nodded, “She really turned my life around. I never thought I could love anyone like I love her. She’s my life now.”

“And you’re mine,” Teri said, spooning against Brittany’s back and hugging her. Veronica and Keri embraced and kissed lovingly until they all drifted off to sleep.

Downstairs, Susan, Leslie and Connie were taking turns double teaming each other using strap-on’s. It was Connie’s turn to be the meat in a girl sandwich and she was quivering with anticipation and desire. Susan and Leslie knew she was red hot to be fucked and teased her unmercifully until she shouted “Fuck me, you bitches, fuck me now,” then grunted as two long and thick dildos plunged into her pussy and ass and began to ream her out.

Susan and Leslie’s hips churned as they pressed Connie between them fucking her with all their might. Connie squealed and moaned and panted while being soul kissed by Leslie fucking her pussy and the feel of Susan’s body on her back, holding her shoulders and fucking her asshole was bringing her ever closer to an overwhelming orgasm.

“Ahhhhh, faster, deeper, harder, I’m gonna cummmm … Yeeeeee!” Connie screamed as the women continued fucking her until she had a second orgasm and collapsed on top of Leslie, gasping for breath and mewling in pleasure. kaçak casino They helped her into the bathroom where they bathed her face and body with cool washcloths until she’d returned to normal. Then they snuggled together in bed and fell asleep.

As the days passed the women became more relaxed and happy, swimming naked in the lake, cooking delicious meals, sunning themselves on the deck and fucking each other with wild abandon in pairs or in groups whenever the mood struck them.

Back in the city, however, things were happening that would shatter their idyllic existence.


“Sorry to disturb you sir, but a Legion member wishes to speak with you.”

Matthew Priestley looked away from his laptop’s screen and said in an irritated tone “Who is she and what does she want?”

Nonplussed at his employer’s irritation, Tompkins stammered “H … her name is Matilda Cabot and she has news of the women you’ve been looking for.”

“Show her in, Tompkins,” Priestly said heartily, his gruff demeanor changing abruptly to welcoming and avuncular, “Show Ms. Cabot in.”

Ms. Cabot was reed thin, dressed in gray and black and wearing thick soled black shoes. Her wrinkled face was set in a perpetual frown with pursed lips and watery yellow tinted eyes that darted about as if expecting a blow from an unexpected quarter.

“I understand you have some news for me, Ms. Cabot,” Priestly said heartily, motioning her to a chair in front of his imposingly large desk.

“That I have, Director,” the woman replied in a voice like glass being cut, “I believe I know where those awful women you’re seeking are hiding.”

“And how did you come by this information?”

“Well, you’ve heard of that sex shop in town called the Lover’s Island Boutique?

“I’m familiar with it, yes.”

“Well, I was in there on Tuesday afternoon with Olivia Smollett familiarizing ourselves with the latest instruments of sexual depravity. I declare, some of the items in there must come directly from Satan himself. Why I was telling Margaret the other day …”

“What did you find out there,” Priestly interjected.

“Well anyway, while Olivia and I were cataloguing these sex devices in our notebooks for future reference … nothing salacious, mind you, this is purely research into …”

“Please, Ms. Cabot,” Priestly said, becoming exasperated by her ramblings, “What did you find out?”

“I was getting to that,” the woman snapped, “Anyway, while I was looking about I happened to hear part of a conversation between two of those shameless hussies who work there. Honestly, the way they dress like common streetwalkers is …”

“Ms. Cabot, please tell me what you heard,” Priestley said imploringly.

“Well I heard one woman ask the other if she and some friends could use the other woman’s cabin this weekend for a party and the woman said it was being used temporarily and to check back with her later in the month.”

Priestly was instantly alert. “What did these women look like?”

“Well one was a pretty little thing, quite young, the other woman was older, but they were dressed alike with skirts up to their …”

“Did you happen to catch the older woman’s name?”

“Yes, it was Cindi … Cindi … something … anyway I think she might have been the manager or the owner or something. I fail to see why a woman her age feels the need to dress like one of these young women. They get all tramped up in their …”

“Thank you very much for the information, Ms. Cabot,” Priestley said. “Now if you will be so kind as to let Tompkins escort you out I would appreciate it; I have Legion business to attend to.”

Still muttering about hussies and strumpets, Ms. Cabot departed in poor grace indignant at being hurried along by the polite but firm Tompkins. Once Priestley’s office door closed he began tapping the speed dial on his desk phone.


Chief Smollett looked up from the papers on his desk at Police headquarters to see Lieutenant Lawson enter his office and shut the door. Lawson, known among the men as ‘Shock’ from his days playing college football, was tall and broad shouldered with a barrel chest and muscular arms and legs. His head, set upon a thick neck, was large for his frame with piercing black eyes and a cruel mouth set below a broad nose that had once been broken. He was the leader of the department’s SWAT team, the Chief’s immediate subordinate and his confidante. He was not someone you would care to meet under the best of circumstances.

“You wanted to see me, Chief,” he rumbled, standing at attention.

“I have an assignment for you, Shock,” Smollett said amiably. “It is, shall we say, a trifle unorthodox and not regulation police procedure, but the rewards for successful completion will be quite generous.”

“Off the record, huh? I can deal with that. What’s the assignment?”

“As you may know, my sister Olivia is a senior member of the Legion of Decency and counts its Executive Director Matthew Priestley as a personal friend. Director Priestly needs certain items retrieved from the persons who stole them under false pretenses; said persons are out of both our jurisdiction and that of Sherriff Colfax, hence the unorthodox nature of this assignment.”

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