Golden Years Pt. 03

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I sensed movement on the bed the next morning, my pet had pushed herself up against the headboard where she sat gazing at her left hand. She would tilt it left and right, then up and down watching the light flashing on the walls as the sun caught it just right. The broad smile never left her lips, when she realized I was watching she blushed and hid her face with her hands. I sat upright next to her, pulled her hands down and kissed her soft lips.

“Good morning my pet, my future wife. You look happy, are you?”

“Oh Brian, I’m so on pins and needles it’s almost orgasmic … almost. Just as a n FYI, I wouldn’t mind being orgasmic after breakfast and before our shower. We need to go to town and find you a suit other than the one you wore at the funeral.”

“Babe I don’t really want to, that black suit is good enough for me.”

“I’m sure it is good enough for you Brian, but it isn’t good enough for me. You’re getting a new suit, buck up and face this like a man. Or you get no pussy.”

I gave her a dirty look, “You’re no fun, and that’ll be the day I get no pussy. You told me it’s mine and I intend to make you glad you chose me instead of someone else as often as possible. So what do you think of that sarge?”

“That’s Major to you soldier boy, and I like the fact that you’re going to impale me often, make sure one of those times is before we shower … and Brian, you’re getting a new suit.”

It was oatmeal, toast and coffee for breakfast, followed by me getting the large wedge out, helping her onto it and me driving my dick into her from behind until we both shook like autumn leaves in a strong wind. I helped bathe, dry and dress her, she was perfectly capable of doing it all herself, but loved it when I doted over her. I of course got to touch and feel all her intimate parts which kept my dick hard or semi-hard most of the time. Her body ruled me and she knew it.

At Jeremy Brothers Clothiers Patrice found a nice light brown window-pane suit and accessories, the alterations would be done and the suit ready for pick up the next Saturday. Patrice then dragged me to a dress shop asking me to help her pick out a dress for the wedding. I whined and sniveled until she pulled me down to her speaking softly.

“Brian stop this, it’s important to me that you like the dress. I’m only getting married once and all your whining is ruining it so far.” Letting go of my shirt she pushed me straight.

Shit, she was right. What the F was I thinking? Of course it’s her day, it needs to be about her and not me. I had a big wedding decades ago, she isn’t looking for a big wedding, just a nice one, and that I can do.

“You’re right babe, my apologies, I’ll get myself squared away post haste. Just so you know, I’ll be expecting a reward for being a good boy.”

She looked up at me, “Is that all you think about? Pussy?”

“Mmmm, yup, most of the time now that I have you in my life. I’m not saying sex is the most important part of a marriage, but it’s way ahead of second place.”

“Get behind and push me you horny old man, I want to go over to Bernice’s, she’s got a bigger inventory.”

Patrice found a long flowing dress in her favorite color, teal. The dress lady wanted to help her try it on, she asked if it was alright for me to help since I knew her needs and strengths. The changing area was quite large compared to anything I’d seen before. Inside she locked the door, turned, smiled and said, “Undress me cowboy.”

I had her stand with her crutches as unbuttoned her blouse, so slow we had time to kiss in between each button. I gently tugged it from the waist of her jeans, moving it back and off her shoulders one arm at a time. Leaning over her letting the blouse drop I nuzzled and kissed her neck, my hands unclasping her bra, pulling it forward and cupping her breasts, letting it slide down her arms one at a time. She was staring me in the eye as I reached for the snap on her jeans, she whispered so softly I almost couldn’t hear her.

“You need to at least kiss them if you aren’t going to suck them.”

Unsnapping her jeans, I took first the left nipple in my mouth, then the right while I slid the zipper on her jeans down. With my fingers on each hip I began pushing her jeans down, she was wiggling her hips to help me, as her sky-blue panties came into view I felt my dick jump, this was going to be harder than I thought. I dropped to one knee as I lifted each leg taking off the jeans. I felt her hand on the back of my head pulling me tight against the V of her panties, her pelvis pushing into me slightly. Once again whispering as she looked me in the eye, “You need to kiss her and let her know you miss her.”

My evil grin made her chuckle softly as I moved her feet apart leaving a nice one inch gap at the top of her thighs, when I moved her panties to the side and pushed my tongue against the clit her hips spasm’d, her hand was jamming my face against her pelvis. I knew she was having a mini-gasm and let her recover as I moved her panties back into place. Just then there was a knock on the door.

“How illegal bahis are things going in there? It’s awfully quiet.”

Patrice answered, “Just getting ready to slide it over my head, things take a little longer when you’re disabled.”

“Oh, oh sure. Sorry, I’ll be in the viewing area.”

I had her sit so I could get the dress over her head and the arms into the sleeves. Once that was done I stood her up, gave her the crutches, lowered and smoothed the skirt portion, I turned her away from me, attempted to put her breasts in position to go in the cups only to get my hands slapped and pushed away. While I zipped her dress she reached inside and adjusted her breasts saying softly to me.

“You’re great at getting them out baby, but you suck at putting them back in.”

I stood in front of her looking her up and down, she looked radiant and I told her so. I opened the door and helped her get her bearings as the hallway was fairly narrow. The bust was snug, she wanted that altered to fit her properly, she also wanted the skirt portion shortened slightly. When the lady responded telling Patrice it was meant to be floor length. Patrice gave her a sour look, then spoke.

“Do I look like I give a shit about what it’s supposed to be. In case you haven’t noticed honey, my legs don’t work real well, that’s all I need is a bunch of material in the way causing me to fall. I love the dress and am willing to pay your exorbitant price, but if you can’t handle these small alterations I’ll shop elsewhere. Well, what’s it gonna be sweet cheeks?”

An older lady quickly came out of the back telling Patrice there would be no problem with the alterations, she certainly understood the issue wit the length, her daughter had come home from Iraq on prosthetics. When she told Patrice she’d help her out of the dress pet looked at her and told her point blank.

“My fiancé will do it, nobody but the doctor and him will see my scarred body, thanks for the offer though.”

Putting her back together wasn’t as much fun as taking the clothes off, although she did move my hands in place to cop a feel or two. As we were ready to unlock the door she told me softly that if the walls weren’t so thin she’d have tried to blow me. Yeah, thanks a lot, that’s all I need is to walk out of that dressing room with a hardon. We stopped at Ruby Tuesdays on the way home and were sorely disappointed. The last time we’d stopped it had been very good, our waiter said they had a new manager and things were not going well at all. We paid and left.

A week later was the annual Memorial Day gathering at Tom’s house. After everyone had their fill of brats, chips and drinks I stood and asked for everyone’s attention. When I announced Patrice and I were going to get married, to my pleasant surprise everyone was happy, including my youngest. Betty commenting it was about time I pulled my head out of my butt and made her an honest woman. Our plans were to get married in a simple ceremony down by the lake in front of the cabin. The kids were having none of it, the lake setting was fine, but it would be more than immediate family. We wanted to do it the next weekend, they were having none of that either.

Betty, Tom and Barb all sat with us at a table, Tom spoke first.

“We’re going to cover this entirely dad, other than what you’re wearing we will take care of everything, all you’ll need to do is show up. Don’t worry, we won’t make this into something you don’t want.”

Betty chimed in next, “Patrice this will be the only wedding in your life, we want it to be special. Flowers, a runner, someone to walk you down the aisle if you want, a nice reception, maybe some dancing, I want it to be a day you’ll always remember.”

Barb handed Patrice a Kleenex as she dabbed her leaking eyes. Barb spoke, “Since I have more time than Betty, I’ll coordinate everything, I promise I’ll run everything by you before a final decision is made. Are you good with that?”

Patrice simply nodded her head, completely overwhelmed. The day of the wedding the weather was perfect, a warm early June day, lots of sunshine, a soft breeze off the lake. When I commented it would be a good day for Bluegill fishing, I got a punch in the arm. While we thought it would be family and a few friends we were bowled over by the hundred or so town people who showed up. People I’d done plumbing or plowing for over the years. Rhonda walked Patrice down the aisle, they’d been best friends since primary school, there was no one Patrice felt closer to as a friend. The reception was at the city pavilion in Red Creek Park, a small three piece band had been hired, they played a mix of older country and older rock which kept the dance floor busy most of the night. Because Patrice was on forearm crutches they were going to skip a bride/groom dance, Patrice told Betty she wanted one.

We had practiced the technique we’d used once before and had gotten fairly comfortable moving around. The music started, I carried her to the center, as I held her she draped her arms around my neck, I put my forearm illegal bahis siteleri under her butt, lifted her enough to put her feet on mine and we were dancing. The place went nuts, hoops and hollers from wall to wall. The reception had been limited to beer only, thankfully no one got hammered, a few were certainly tipsy and horny, but nobody was stumbling drunk. We were asked where our honeymoon would be. Patrice looked at her.

“At home in our bed, why would we want to go anywhere else. The house is set up for me, all of our special things are there, it’ll be the best place.”

The woman looked at her, “Your special things? What does that mean?”

Patrice signaled for her to come closer, “Honey, my legs don’t work, yet we have a very active and satisfying sex life. How do you think we get me into those positions? With our special things, that’s how.”

Her eyes were big as saucers as she blushed, “Oh, Oh, yes, of course. Oh my, well you have a wonderful honeymoon. Walter, where are you, yes it’s time to go.”

We noticed she had her hand on Walt’s ass as they left, Barb chuckled.

“I think old Walt is gonna get laid tonight, he won’t know what hit him.”

Then she sat next to Patrice. “Do you really use special things to make love?”

“Oh yes honey, we have wedges and round pillows and all sort of paraphernalia to put my body in positions that bring joy to your father and I without putting stress on my legs. You know, they work for people who aren’t disabled as well. I’ll text you a website.”

Barb thanked her and went to find her husband. We had asked people not to bring gifts of any type, most put money in a card instead, after talking, we donated it to the local battered wife shelter. I carried her across the threshold and into our bedroom, standing her next to the bed. I unzipped and started removing the dress, with it unzipped and the bottom lifted I could have her sit and take it off the rest of the way. As I lifted it I smiled at my bride, she’d gone all out on her undies.

On her legs were the normal heavy stockings which were multi-functional. They not only hid the scars they also acted as compression stockings keeping blood from pooling in her lower extremities. It was her panties that struck me, they were an almost invisible black weave with small floral patterns woven in. The front was the same as the back, they were a modified thong exposing half of her butt cheeks. I knew she hated thongs and she’d done this just for me. Knowing it was Rhonda who helped her get dressed, I was betting it was Rhonda’s idea to spice it up with those panties.

Laying her back I lifted her hips and slowly took her panties down then off, kissing her legs above the stockings along the way, something she seldom let me do, she was too self-conscious about how they looked in her eyes. With them off I asked if she wanted the compression stockings left on. “You’d probably better, they’ve had a lot of activity today.”

With her laying back and me on my knees between her legs I lightly nibbled along the exposed skin, making her giggle and twitch as it tickled. Kissing her mound, I inhaled her aroma, it was heady and aphrodisiac, causing my already hard dick to pulse and bounce. I spent a lot of time preparing her for lovemaking, taking her through several orgasms with my tongue. Moving up next to her she grabbed me and kissed deeply, sucking my tongue into her mouth and then shoving hers half-way down my throat.

Breaking our kiss she petted my face.

“My loving Brian, you are so good to me, I can’t imagine a better more gentle lover than you. Baby, can I have it on my tummy with the round wedge under my hips? I think full on doggy will be too much for me tonight. I know we both like it when I’m on my tummy. Can we do that hon?”

My response was to get the wedge from the closet, we’d found a new design that not only raised her hips but supported her upper legs allowing her to push back a little bit, making the penetration deeper and more enjoyable for her. With her head sideways we kissed while I played with her pussy, my fingers teasing and getting the juices flowing. At one point I lifted my hand and when I’d replaced it my finger was on her puckered little anus. I noticed she hadn’t jumped.

“Brian, I don’t want your cock in there, but when I’m about to cum if you’ll push your finger in it’ll give me a screaming climax.”

I couldn’t keep my hands off her butt as I stroked in and out, pulling the cheeks apart exposing her anus. I dribbled a puddle of saliva onto her rosedbud rubbing it around with my thumb. Rubbing it around the opening I could feel her relaxing as though she was waiting for me to push into her. When I noticed her breathing change, I knew she was getting close, I gently pushed my thumb into her tight little hole all the way to the hilt of my hand. She let out a squeal followed by loud moans and then cursing.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, hard Brian hard, fuck my ass with your thumb. Yes, just like that, yes here it cuummmsss. Her ass shook, her stomach literally canlı bahis siteleri convulsed, the muscles rippling and relaxing only to do it again. My cock was coated with girl cum, she had gushed before, but never a flood like this. I had almost stopped my movements, waiting for her to recover.

“NO Brian, don’t stop. More baby, cum in my pussy, I need to feel you cum in my pussy. Fuck me Brian, fuck me, mark me as your wife.”

I put it into high gear and hammered for all I was worth, my dick in her love channel, my thumb in her butt, Patrice crying out in ecstasy and moaning. When it hit I rammed myself in as far as my body would allow and she let out another verbal tirade.

“Oh FUCK, I can feel you. You’re cumming in me, oh my God this is so good. I love your hot thick cum splashing inside me.”

I was done even if she wasn’t, I flopped backward alongside her legs. She told me no, she wanted me next to her, face to face. Crawling next to her I lifted her hips and slid the wedge out, she pushed herself onto her side and threw her arms around my neck. We weren’t kissing, we simply laid in the other’s arms as we recovered from one of, if not the most, powerful climax we’d ever enjoyed. Our breathing settled as we leaned back enough to see each other’s face.

“I didn’t know you liked anal pet.”

“I only like it like that and once in a while. My fiance insisted we try, but he didn’t use enough lube or take his time and it turned me off to the whole idea. I’m not sure why I told you to do that, I only know when he would use just a finger gently I always came like a thunderbolt. The sensation of a finger in there is a lot different than having a dick rammed in there.”

We agreed it would be something special and would do it when she was in the mood, I didn’t need anal to keep me satisfied, but if she liked my finger in her butt I would oblige. We didn’t hear from or see anyone the next three days, we took advantage of it and spent our days half dressed for ease of sex. We made love more in those three days than either of us ever had, by the end of the third day she was so sore it hurt to pee, my dick felt like it was going to fall off.

We loved being married and enjoyed being with each other. With summer upon us Patrice began spending more time outdoors with me, if we went for a walk, I would use the wheelchair with the wide heavy-duty tires. On one of our strolls down the drive to get mail I asked her about prosthetics. She explained that since she had functioning limbs, she wasn’t eligible. No, they didn’t work entirely, but they still had good circulation and weren’t gangrenous which would dictate removal. That all made sense to me and I didn’t bring it up again.

Over the next month’s we’d gotten quite comfortable with each other, our routine and our quiet. We had been at a craft fair when she spotted a booth with wood carvings, one in particular caught her eye, she bought it and on the way home I noticed ger examining it closely.

“What’s so interesting pet? You’ve been looking at that bird for twenty minutes.”

“Brian what kind of wood is that? It doesn’t feel like it’s real hard and the grain is dense so I’m thinking it must be a softwood.”

I took it in hand glancing at it as I drove. “Looks like Poplar to me, I’ll take a closer look when we get home. Why, what are you thinking?”

“I could do this with the right knives, it wouldn’t be hard. I’ve always had an artistic mind, I can envision the end product easily, I’ve seen the sets of wood carving knives in your wood tool catalogs. Would you mind if I tried?”

I smiled at her. “Heck no, we can order a set today when we get home, but I want you to get a good set, carbide if they exist. Dull tools cause more harm than sharp tools.”

The knives were ordered, I rummaged through my cutoffs and found several pieces of clear pine, a softer wood and easy to learn on. I wanted clear pieces so she wouldn’t have to contend with knots. While we waited for the knives we spent a few days in the shop making a lower work bench for her, then hung a four foot LED directly above it, we purposely left the sides open to accommodate her chair. When the knives arrived she spent the first week or so learning how to use them properly, surprisingly there were U-Tube videos she could watch and learn. With her laptop on the bench she would watch and then try to copy the actions, within a month she had taken to wood carving like a duck to water.

On more than one occasion we have found ourselves in a mid-afternoon tryst, her bent over a bench, pants and panties around her ankles, mine around my knees and my dick buried as deep as it will go. When I built the shop, I had a small bathroom added, little did I know when I built it that it would be used for more than me not having to run to the house to pee. One day when I opened the cabinet to get a bandaid I noticed she had a few pair of cotton panties folded and placed on a shelf, I smiled as I realized she was taking no chances. High end craft fairs are a thing in Minneapolis and Duluth, they’re by invitation only, after sending samples of her work and pictures of mine we were accepted as vendors. As craft fairs goes it’s very expensive, the cost of a ten by ten booth was four hundred and fifty dollars for Saturday and Sunday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20