Great Start to a Long Deployment

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We were in training for our next deployment, learning different combat maneuvers and what not. I first laid eyes on Jason in the gym after training. He was new to the unit so we had not yet talked. I felt myself get hard at the view of his muscles glistening with sweat as be worked out. I knew then that I wanted to be his.

I’m Phil, I was in the Air Force for 5 years at this point and have never been with a man (though, ive always fantasized about it). I’m 5’10” 170 lbs with an athletic body and a nice 8″ cock.

We were in different training groups, so I only got to see him at the gym. A couple of times he caught me staring at him and gave me a sly smile. The 3 weeks of training ended and I still hadn’t talked to Jason, but I did jack off to the thought of him nightly.

When I got over seas, our unit was split up going to different countries. I heard Jason was going to a different country than I was and I knew I would never get a chance to be with him.

I got to my room late at night and was relieved that I was the only person in the two bed room. I unpacked some of my things and went to take a shower. casino oyna When I came back, I saw the new bags on the other bed before I saw the owner. I walked around the corner and was faced with the topless muscular body of Jason. I felt my cock twitch in my shorts and my mouth get dry. We introduced ourselves and made small talk. He said he got switched to my country last minute.

After a while of talking, I said I was tired and was going to bed. Jason said he was going to stay up a bit and read. I layed down and started to doze off. After a couple minutes, I heard Jason shuffle in his bed and a quiet moan escapes his lips. Was he masturbating? The thought of him stroking his cock got me so hard but I pretended to be asleep. He kept masturbating and he kept moaning louder and louder.

After a few minutes of hearing him moan, I turned over and said “Want a hand with that?” His head snapped towards me but he didn’t move or say anything. I slowly got up and walked over to him. I pulled back his sheets, never breaking eye contact. I look down at his naked body and brought my mother to kiss the top of his hard cock. He was canlı casino a little shorter than me but thicker and it was beautiful. A loud sigh escaped his lips and he lifted his hips to push himself into my mouth. I kept my head still, savoring the taste of my first cock. The sweet taste of his precum almost sent me over the edge. I began bobbing up and down, swirling my tongue around his thick head. I felt his head grow in my mouth and a groan escape his lips as he thrust his hips into my mouth. Wave after wave of salty goodness entered my mouth as I tried to swallow it all. I milked his cock wanting to taste more of him.

He pulled me off of him and brought my mouth up for a passionate kiss. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths as our hands explored each other’s bodies for a few minutes. He pulled away and stood me up. He said “It’s your turn now.” Dropping down to his knees, he swallowed my cock in one move, deepthroating and gagging on me. I have never had a more expert mouth on me and came within a few seconds.

He didn’t give me a chance to catch my breath as he spun me around and bent me over the bed. I didn’t kaçak casino know what was coming next until I felt the wet warmth of his tongue licking and prodding at my virgin hole. I was moaning and pulling his hair, grinding my ass into his face. “Fuck me!!” I yelled “I need your cock in me.”

Jason went to his bag and came back with a bottle of lube. He lubed up two fingers and slowly inserted them in my waiting hole. A soft moan left my lips as he began working them in and out of my tight hole. I felt him put a third finger in and stretch me wider. “Put that cock in me now.” He pulled the fingers out and I’ve never felt more empty.

He turned me over and buries his tongue in my mouth. He lined his thick head up with my pulsing asshole. I relaxed as he pressed into me. After a few seconds, I felt his head pop into me and stretch me out further. He started pumping into me getting gradually faster. The pain subsided and was replaced with pleasure. I pushed back to meet his thrusts and was moaning with ecstasy every time he hit my prostate. He started stroking my cock and I started cumming in seconds. My ass clenched around his cock and it threw him over the edge. He pushed all the way in and started releasing his hot seed deep in me.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms that night. I know this is going to be a great deployment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20