Group Therapy For Anal Addicts

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Do you have a hobby that most people just don’t understand? Maybe you like drag racing. Or perhaps you’re mad about football, hockey, wrestling or soccer. Perhaps you consider rugby or mountain climbing to be the highlight of your life. It’s more than a hobby for you, it’s a passion. You cannot do without it. You experience withdrawal or something. Yeah, that’s pretty much my case. My hobby is something people don’t really understand either. In fact, it has landed me in therapy. My name is John Stanford, I live in Brockton, Massachusetts. I am an addict.

What am I addicted to? Kinky sex. Most specifically, random sex. Yeah, it’s my obsession with sexing up random women and occasionally men which has landed me in Group Therapy For Sex Addicts with a bunch of other deviancy inclined sexual addicts from around the state. Jeez, you sleep with one female postal worker and everybody starts to trip. In my group, there were a lot of freaks. First, there’s me. Just your average six-foot-two, 240-pound, ex-college football star and prominent district attorney with a sexual addiction. There’s Matthew Jakes, a tall and rather good-looking Latin-American stud who works as a police officer in the city. Jade Blackstone, a tall and sexy black woman in her late twenties who worked as a corrections officer also joined our group. Amelia Figueroa, a curvy big-bottomed Latin schoolteacher also joined us. Last but not least there was Max Spencer, a good-looking Black man who was our town’s deputy mayor. Yeah, we all had jobs, lives and careers. Yet our dirty little hobbies landed us here.

While waiting for the Group Facilitator to arrive, we decided to trade stories of our raunchiest, dirtiest deeds. Jade Blackstone, the sexy Black woman insisted on going first. We looked at her and agreed. Why not? I wanted to know what this sexy woman was into. She was well-dressed, athletic and very sexy. What kind of kink floated her boat? Time to find out. Jade Blackstone sat comfortably at the center of the group, then she began to share her story with us. I’ve heard some pretty sick and dirty stuff over the years but this one just about takes the cake, folks. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Jade Blackstone told us about her girlfriend, a pretty gal named Rhonda. According to Jade, Rhonda was a pretty-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed Lithuanian redhead who stole her breath away at a club. They went home that night and a sexy lesbian romp followed. Jade described the scene rather vividly for us. She said that Rhonda was pretty, in spite of the plumpness. Or maybe because of it. Anyway, they ended up in bed together. Naked, the two of them rolled around on the sheets. Jade spread her lover’s plump thighs and went to munch on her. Rhonda was hairy and Jade preferred her gals to be trim down there but she didn’t mind. She began to lick Jade’s pussy like it was the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted. Jade fingered her, licking her clit and moving her fingers inside her snatch. Rhonda moaned in pleasure and begged for more. Jade went to town on her, licking her sweet box like sex was going out of style. Later, they lay entwined in each other’s arms.

This was the beginning of several nightly encounters between Jade canlı bahis and Rhonda. Jade was really into this fiery plump dyke who had the sweetest box she’d ever licked and talked dirty during sex. Yeah, it was love in dyke land. Jade, a self-professed independent type, found herself living with Rhonda the voluptuous European dyke three months later. According to her, that’s when everything started to go wrong. Rhonda the sexpot had become Rhonda the whiner with the unpredictable histrionics. She drove Jade crazy. They rarely made love anymore. They fought too often. One night, things changed. Rhonda was showering when Jade walked in on her. Without a word, she joined her lover in the shower. Hesitantly, Jade kissed Rhonda. A surprised Rhonda kissed her back. They began to make love. Rhonda made a dirty confession to Jade. Sometimes, Rhonda liked to have her ass played with.

That night, while licking Rhonda’s box, Jade slid two fingers into her ass. Rhonda closed her eyes and begged for more. She seemed to get really turned on by Jade’s fingers up her bum. Jade said she was pleasantly surprised to discover Rhonda’s anal eroticism. Over the next few nights, they experimented with strap on dildos and lubricants. Jade would strap it on and take Rhonda on all fours. Rhonda got really vocal during anal sex sessions. Jade would grab hold of her hips and thrust the dildo into her girlfriend’s ass. Rhonda screamed and begged for more, grinding her plump butt against Jade’s dildo. Jade loved fucking her. She came several times, merely from doing Rhonda with the strap on. It was that much of a turn on for her.

We all looked at Jade as she paused in her story. This was seriously hot. What happened next? I wasn’t the only person around the room who got turned on by the lesbian sex descriptions. Amelia Figueroa was licking her lips and giving Jade the once-over. Matthew Jakes seemed to be tenting at the time. Max Spencer watched impassively. Sometimes, I wondered if he wasn’t some kind of robot. He hadn’t said anything all night. Anyway, moving on. I bet you’re dying to know what happened next. I know I would be, if I were in your position.

Jade told us the rather disappointing news that Rhonda’s anal eroticism vanished as unexpectedly as it appeared. The voluptuous and wonderfully plump sexpot had turned frigid once more. It was the lesbian bed death. Jade was growing very frustrated with her lover. Oh, well. What she did next certainly shocked the others. Me? It turned me on. Once, Jade came home to find Rhonda in bed with another woman, some Chinese chick named Laura Lee from the restaurant next door. Watching the oriental dyke go down on her Lithuanian lover sparked deep rage in Jade. She let herself out without letting the two lovers know they had been seen. She walked out of the apartment, to calm down and plan some diabolical revenge.

Jade Blackstone returned to the apartment with anger in her heart and vengeance on her mind. She found Rhonda lying in bed naked, flat on her belly, her plump buttocks spread. A nasty smile came to Jade’s lips right then. The chick was reliving it. I smiled. She was wicked, that woman. Jade continued with her tale. She went to her erotica drawer and pulled bahis siteleri out the strap on dildo, along with lots of lube. Then, she took some tape and some gags. She bound Rhonda hand and foot, then propped her plump body up on all fours. Rhonda still wasn’t awake. Jade then spread her plump butt cheeks far apart, and pressed the dildo against her back door after dousing it with lube. With a swift thrust, she slammed the dildo into Rhonda. Talk about getting one’s comeuppance!

Rhonda’s eyes snapped open and a loud, desperate scream escaped her lips. Jade began pounding into her, shoving the dildo deep into the other woman’s ass. Rhonda screamed and begged for mercy. Jade fucked her hard and fast, burying the dildo deep into the ass of the treacherous woman who had betrayed her. Jade laughed as Rhonda screamed. She took her sweet time fucking the other woman, then pulled the dildo out of her. Rhonda quietly sobbed. Jade unbound her, and walked away. Around the room, we all stared at Jade. Damn, this was one angry lesbian! Pity the woman who cheated on her! Jade told us that Rhonda reported her to the police. Jade did some six months in the slammer, then came out on parole. As a condition of her parole, she had to take some form of therapy. She chose this one. I looked at the others. Amelia looked crestfallen. Max seemed shocked. Matthew looked rather indignant. I was smiling from ear to ear. Man, can I get a round of applause for Jade? She had just become my favorite lesbian! That’s a good tale of revenge if I’ve ever heard one!

After a moment, we all absorbed it in. Matthew decided to share his story with us. This good-looking Black policeman had some rather tawdry story to share with us. It involved him sexing up a fifty-year-old woman who wanted to con her way out of a traffic violation. Matthew Jakes was doing patrol duty for the state police on the highway. That’s where he spotted a car driven by an older female moving erratically and disobeying traffic laws. He stopped the woman. Her name was Connie Dubois, and she was fifty years old. A plump, silver-haired, pretty old gal. She was actually a con artist who was fleeing the police because she’d been busted in a real estate scam.

When Matthew stopped Connie, he had no idea who she was. He was going to give her a ticket and, if she bugged him too much, he’d take her in. he noticed her looking nervously at her car trunk. Like a good cop, he checked it out. He found twenty grand in cash in a bag and another ten grand in another bag. Where was this old woman going with so much money? That’s when she made him a proposition. If he let her go with only a traffic ticket, she’d give him half of the money. Matthew thought it over. Cops didn’t make much. Before he was a cop, he was actually a lower level gangster. He simply never got caught and joined the cops because he wanted their power. He looked at Connie. The older broad wasn’t ugly. She had a nice body, cute face and plump butt. He liked plump chicks. He hadn’t gotten any in a while. He asked her to sweeten the deal. If she slept with him and gave him half the money, he’d let her go. Connie, who was desperate to avoid jail time, told him that she was okay with it.

There, on the side bahis şirketleri of the rarely driven, dark road, Matthew Jakes and Connie Dubois consumed their illicit liaison. Connie, a pro at these things, led Matthew into the foliage. Once they found a private spot, she got on her knees and he whipped out his ten-inch uncircumcised dick. He thrust his massive cock into the older woman’s mouth. Connie had seldom seen a cock as thick as Matthew’s. She began sucking on his member like there was no tomorrow. Matthew smiled as the broad sucked his cock. There were times when he loved his job and the power that came with it. This was one of those times.

Connie continued to suck Matthew’s cock, until he came. When he did, she drank his cum. Then, she got up and rubbed her pussy against his cock. Matthew prepared to thrust into her, then told her that he changed his mind. Connie looked at him, feeling kind of disappointed. On the one hand, she was going to lose a big chunk of money to this crooked cop but he had the most perfect cock she had ever seen, she wouldn’t mind riding him for a while. When she saw the sinister look in his eyes, she knew that she wasn’t off the hook. Matthew told her to get on all fours. He was going to fuck her in the ass like the petty thief she was. Connie swallowed hard, then did as she was told.

I looked at Matthew, riveted by his story. Man, this dude seemed so straight-laced. He was actually a crooked cop! Nice! He looked at us. W e looked at him. Amelia grinned wickedly. Jade smirked and shrugged. Max seemed riveted. Grinning, Matthew continued. After Connie bent over, Matthew came up behind her. He spread the older woman’s butt cheeks wide open, then pressed his cock against her back door. With a swift thrust, he slammed his cock into her ass. Connie’s scream filled the clearing where they were. He told her to shut up and, grabbing her hips, he began to pound into her ass like anal sex was going out of style.

Matthew fucked her like there was no tomorrow. If there was one thing he loved, it was anal sex. He fucked her hard and fast, loving the feel of her tight ass around his cock. Gripping her harder and grinning savagely, he took his sweet time as he fucked her ass. Connie screamed like a woman possessed. Matthew took his sweet time with her. He wanted to enjoy every second of it. How often does a cop get to punish a criminal the way he wants to rather than the way courts want it happen? Not very often, I’m afraid. He got into it so much that he didn’t notice fellow police officers pull up and catch him, literally pants down, with Connie Dubois, the female con artist cops had been hunting for some time. The media had a field day with the story. Connie went to jail. Matthew got fired from his job with the state police. It was a riot!

After Matthew got done telling us his tawdry little tale, we looked at him with mixed feelings. Man, this fellow was a real piece of work. I just wish he could tell us the story again, and go slow over the good parts. Oh, well. I wanted to tell my story, and all eyes were on me, but I was rudely interrupted by Max Spence, who decided he just had to get something off his chest. I looked at him, and shook my head. Very well, Max. let’s hope your story is worth hearing. Otherwise we’ll all kick your ass. All eyes were on him now, as I suspect he wanted from the beginning. Smirking, Max began to tell his story. He is one sick person, let me tell you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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