Happy Birthday Jessica Ch. 03

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Something was definitely up, thought Nikki, as she sat at her desk the next day. Her and Jessica had been sitting discussing the night before, the music, the crowd, how wasted everyone had been, just as they did after every night out, only a few glances hinting at what they might not be discussing. Nikki was mid-story of how Dale had cajoled her into blowing him in the toilets, when Kellie swept into the branch. Normally the first to bound over and loudly chip into the banter, she walked straight past while staring straight ahead, and headed down the stairs toward the staff room. Nikki met Jessica’s eyes, and nodded. Something definitely was up. Was it because of what had happened between her and Dale? Dale had given Nikki the abridged version of the story, in which Kellie had been drunk and thrown herself at him, and he, ever the gentleman, had let her down nicely and explained he wasn’t good enough for her.

She prepared her sympathetic expression, ready for the latest story of a guy treating Kellie badly and how she can never find a decent one.

‘You fucking slut.’ Nikki stopped dead, sure she must have misheard. Kellie was sitting at the comfy chairs, giving her a look of venom she’d never seen.

‘What?’ she said, smiling and turning to see if there was anyone else there Kellie was speaking to.

‘You heard me. You’re a fucking slut who cant keep her legs shut. We all knew you were hardly mother-fucking-teresa but do you need to have EVERYONE?’ Kellie spat, leaning forward to throw more force behind her hysterical words. Nikki moved forwards, arms outstretched gesturing to get her to lower her voice, as Kellie shook visibly with anger.

‘Is this about Dale? Im sorry, I was drunk and he IS hot, I thought you’d already had him’

‘No its not about fucking Dale, its about you and little miss fucking perfect up there!’ and with that Kellie held up her phone, clearly showing a dripping pussy that was clearly Jessica’s and Nikki’s face right underneath it, her tongue buried inside the glistening pink folds.

Nikki was clearly shocked, her face blanched as she realized not only what this could do to her own reputation, but to Jessica’s. Jessica was the golden girl, this would ruin her.

‘you…saw us? You were watching us??’ Nikki stuttered ‘it was just a one-off, we were both drunk, we just kissed and it sort of continued…’

Kellie cut her off ‘It didn’t look like a one-off. And its not as if you were just having a quick snog’ She smiled evilly as she pushed the scroll button, showing not just one but a full eleven pictures, each one clearly showing Nikki and Jessica in the most intimate of positions.

‘Why did you…’

‘take the pictures? I didn’t mean to, just like I didn’t mean to find my two best friends licking each other out. I came to find you after that pig Dale called me easy’ Kellie screwed up her face at the memory, once near cherished and now poisonous ‘and that Jessica had told him to dance with me’.

Lynsey reached out for the phone, as Kellie whipped it into her pocket. ‘Now everyone is going to know what the two of you are really like. Maybe Jessica does this every year on her birthday, her own celebration. How would anyone know?’

‘But why would you do that? Were mates!’ Nikki said with anguish. She’d always liked Kellie, she couldn’t believe casino siteleri she’d ever do something like this.

‘Because’ said Kellie, her voice low with menace, ‘its about fucking time someone else got the spotlight around here’.

With that she stood up, and walked out the room without a word, a triumphant smile creeping across her lips, knowing full well that Nikki would rush to catch her up. She did. And with a sinking feeling Nikki auto piloted her way to her desk behind a now broadly smiling Kellie, wondering how far this was going to go…

‘what?!’ Jessica said, for the fourth time in the conversation. She was shaking nervously at her desk as Nikki quietly brought her up to speed, and she glanced over to Kellie merrily tapping at her keyboard, as if expecting her to announce what she’d seen to the whole branch any second.

‘…and she said she wouldn’t tell anyone, so long as we do it’ Nikki said, looking intently at Jessica.

‘do what?’ Jessica said, tearing her eyes away from Kellies desk and turning back to a pale and frantic Nikki.

‘for fuck’s sake, are you even listening?!’ Nikki nearly shouted, her frustration boiling over. She’d always found Jessica’s ditziness attractive, but there was a time and a place to be Miss Dreamy and this really wasn’t it.

‘She said we have to meet her at lunchtime in the office upstairs, not tell anyone, and were to do everything she says.’

‘Why the hell would she say that?’

‘I havent a fucking clue but if we don’t do it she’s going to show everyone, and I don’t know about you but id rather not be called Finger-Lickin-Nikki for the rest of my career!’ Nikki hissed, before she noted the tears forming in Jessica’s eyes as she contemplated her own reputation in ruins. Her parents would disown her.

‘ok…’ Jessica said quietly, before Nikki reached across and gently squeezed her hand, smiling briefly before getting back to her work. It would be ok. Kellie had been their friend, theres no way she’d do anything bad to them. She was probably just having a laugh. Trying to put the wind up them as an after-birthday trick. She’d probably just saved the photos for Nikki, and had deleted them. Yeah, it’ll all be fine she decided, with as much conviction as she could muster, and she went back to her own work, feeling a surge of nerves as the clock ticked by toward lunchtime.

‘Right, now were all here’ Kellie smiled, as Jessica entered the room. Nikki was already sitting on one of the chairs, while Kellie said on the other side of the desk. Nobody used the upstairs offices anymore, but Kellie had kept the lights off just in case, contributing to the already tense atmosphere. Jessica sat meekly beside Nikki, as Kellie held up her phone.

‘Just in case you thought I was kidding’

‘Kellie, why are you…’ Jessica began, but was cut off as Kellie broke in, smiling all the way ‘Jessica, you’ve always been number one, you still are for everyone. And I’ve had to watch you go home with guys IVE wanted, and now you’ve taken my best friend away. Is it not a bit karmic that now you might have to pay for it?’

Jessica looked sullenly at the floor, knowing from her tone and the look on her face that pleading with Kellie was useless. Nikki stared defiantly ahead. She wasn’t going to be made to apologise by Kellie canlı casino or anyone.

‘Right’ said Kellie, looking at her watch ‘should we get started’

‘With what?’ said Jessica

She felt the bottom drop out of her stomach as she watched Kellie take off her cardigan, and start to unbutton the first four buttons on her shirt.

‘You two are going to fuck each other, and Im going to watch’


‘Look, its pretty simple’ Kellie said, looking at Jessica with utter disdain, ‘If you don’t do what I say, this text goes to your mum. So I suggest you both start undressing. You’ve got fifty-five minutes left’

Jessica looked to Nikki and took off her purple cardigan, lifting up her t-shirt til she was sitting in her bra. Nikki began undoing her shirt, while Kellie reclined in her chair and lazily played her fingers inside her open shirt, rubbing over her bra and her rapidly-hardening nipples. She was absurdly wet, having been planning this moment all morning in her mind, ignoring the anxious looks from her two erstwhile best friends and enjoying the power she now had over them. She slid a hand down to her trousers, and undid the zip, smelling the scent of her wet pussy coming from her wet thong. A quick rub was enough to make her shudder in antipation.

Nikki and Jessica sat in their underwear, unsure of the next move. Last night they’d both been fuelled with alcohol and lust, but this was wrong, all wrong. Kellie sighed heavily. ‘Come on, you didn’t need direction last night. Jessica, just start fucking sucking her nipples. And Nikki, I think its time you had some fingers up you don’t you?’. She smirked as Nikki undid her bra, her 38E tits tumbling out into Jessica’s waiting shaking hands. Jessica fastened her lips to the nipple, taking deep sucks of one and then the other, while Nikki reached down inside her pants to find herself already sickeningly wet. She closed her eyes as she slowly pushed one finger inside her, before she found her hand grabbed, her eyes bolting open as Kellie unfolded three of her fingers, before rudely pushing them back down to her underwear. Nikki gritted her teeth as she pushed the three in, feeling her pussy stretch against the sudden intrustion. Kellie sat back down as she took in the sight, rubbing her own soaking crotch and putting her free hand inside her bra to tweak her sweet pink nipples. She closed her eyes as she felt the excitement building within her, bringing her close to coming for the fourth time that day. She squeezed her thighs together to suppress it, opening her eyes just in time to see Jessica reach across the table to the phone.

‘Uh uh uh!’ she said, standing up and letting her trousers fall to the floor in her haste, before she slapped Jessica full in the face. ‘don’t you get it? I’ve got you. Now try that again and I’m hitting ‘send’. Jessica nodded as she moved back toward Nikki, before she felt Kellie’s restraining hand on her shoulder. She turned to face her tormentor, face still glowing from the unexpected slap. ‘See, I don’t think you do get it’ Kellie said, as she moved her hand to the back of Jessica’s head, and began to guide it toward her own crotch. Jessica shook her head to move away, but Kellies grip had become iron and she found her face pressed hard against Kellie’s soaking thong. Kellie began to grind her hips kaçak casino against Jessica’s face, rubbing herself against it, covering it in her juice. Jessica tentatively stuck her tongue out to brush against Kellie’s lips, to give her what she thought she wanted, and was rewarded with another fierce slap.

‘You fucking lezzer bitch, you just cant help yourself can you?’ Kellie laughed, looking down at the beautiful face stained with her pussy juice ‘As if Id want your girlfriends sloppy seconds!’

Kellie beckoned to Nikki, still sat legs akimbo in the chair, still playing with her pussy while she watched Jessica being humiliated, to come closer. As she did Kellie reached down and ripped down Nikki’s thong, leaving her completely exposed. ‘Now bend over. I think your girlfriend fancies a taste of some arsehole’. Nikki knelt on the floor and bent over as instructed, splaying herself open while Kellie urged Jessica toward her.

‘Please Kellie! Please!’ Jessica pleaded, while Kellie grabbed her jaw and thrust her toward Nikki’s arse, forcing her lips to it and telling her that unless her tongue was wedged inside in the next ten seconds, mummy would find out what her precious girl did on her birthday. Tears streaking her face, Jessica did as commanded, and Nikki began to squirm as she felt Jessica’s tongue entering her. She couldn’t help it. Nikki reached behind herself, and began to frig her clit hard. Ass-play was always something that got her off, and now she found herself bucking her hips back, to ride the tongue that had been forced inside her puckered hole.

Kellie sat down again to watch the scene, golden-girl Jessica forced to eat out Nikki’s arse while her own juice was smeared down her face. She glanced down at her watch. Only ten minutes left. Time really did fly when you were having fun. She slid four fingers easily inside her soaking cunt, frigging and wanking herself furiously while she watched Nikki romping toward climax too. She felt her pussy tighten, and her juice gushed out in short gasps as her orgasm ripped through her, noting with pleasure as Nikki came at the same time, her cum splashing onto Jessica’s face, as Jessica shut her eyes and kept licking. Kellie leaned back and moaned, her breaths shallow and sharp as the climax she’s been nursing all day pulsed through her. She licked her fingers clean with satisfaction, and began to get dressed. Neither Nikki or Jessica dared stop for fear of what she would do, and Nikki felt herself embarrassingly close to her second orgasm. Jessica’s own underwear was soaking wet, while her body shook from what she had been forced to do. She felt sickened at the thought of getting wet over her own distress, but carried on licking and probing Nikki with her tongue.

‘Right that’s enough’ Kellie said suddenly. She was standing fully-dressed in the doorway, looking immaculate and showing no sign of what she had spent her lunchtime doing.

Jessica withdrew her tongue, feeling Nikki shudder as she did so, and in a croaky voice asked Kellie ‘so you’ll delete the pictures?’

Kellie burst out laughing. ‘Why the fuck would I do that? I’ve just made everyones little favourite lick out another girls arsehole. Think I’m giving that up?’

Jessica slumped on the floor, tears beading from her eyes as she realized it wasn’t over. Nikki stared at Kellie with hate, being replied to with a smirk as Kellie walked out the office and down the stairs. She looked over to a frail, crying Jessica, and went to hug her. Jessica collapsed into her arms, sobbing quietly, as Nikki swore they’d get even…

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