Hattie’s Birthday Present

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Hattie had to admit to herself that she was going to be a spinster. At 42, she still had some of her looks and she still had all of her curves in the right places. But the years she devoted to taking care of her sick mother had taken their toll. She had those tell-tale creases on her face, her skin was starting to sag, and she knew it was probably too late to find a man to spend the rest of her years with.

Well, that was all right, she told herself. She had never known a man, and was afraid of them anyway. Her mother, who was more mentally ill than she ever was physically sick, until her final days, had literally enslaved Hattie. She also instilled a general fear of the evil penis. That fear was so deeply implanted in her that Hattie actually refused the few advances that came her way. She lived in mortal fear that if she accepted a date with a man, he would end up raping her. Sex was the last thing she wanted. And that was final.

Hattie’s best friend, Lucy Springer, a widow, did not share her feelings about men. In fact, Hattie never knew that Lucy had a private life when she picked up strange men in the bars of a nearby city and enjoyed a lot of sex. It was something she never told Hattie because she understood Hattie’s fears. But Lucy recognized those fears for what they were, and had decided to do something about them. She was preparing an elaborate surprise for her friend on the woman’s approaching birthday.

When the big day casino oyna arrived, Lucy drove to Hattie’s home and together the two women set off on what was supposed to have been a quiet dinner in a plush restaurant in the city. But Lucy turned down a lonely dirt road before reaching the city, and pulled into a driveway at a large old farmhouse.

“Why are we stopping here,” Hattie asked.

“There are some people here I want you to meet,” Lucy answered. “They have a surprise prepared for you.”

“Oh?” Hattie smiled. She liked surprises, and trusting Lucy, she got out of the car and followed her to the door.

They were met at the door by a kind appearing middle-aged lady, who invited them in. The women entered a small room that served as a foyer, where they were told to wait. Lucy excused herself and followed the woman into the house, so Hattie sat down on one of the easy chairs to wait.

Suddenly two burly men, dressed only in loin cloths, black boots and black leather belts stepped into the room. Before she could respond, they grabbed Hattie and carried her kicking and screaming off into the house. They carried her into a room with a large, heart-shaped bed in the middle. Mirrors were mounted on the ceiling and walls. Three other men, all naked, were waiting in the room.

All five men circled Hattie and began tearing off her clothes. Although she attempted to push them away, they were too powerful. Within moments Hattie was stripped canlı casino naked. She was shaking in fear, noticing that the men’s cocks were getting hard. “Oh my God!” Hattie screamed. “Not this. You are going to rape me!” It was her biggest fear coming true.

She felt herself being picked up again, as hands fondled her tits and pussy. The men dropped her gently on her back, in the middle of the bed, where they clamped her wrists and ankles to chains. She was now spread-eagled out on the bed, her legs pulled wide, and her pussy exposed for them to examine. This could not be happening.

One of the men, a big burly Negro, crouched down between her legs and snuffed. “Smells good, like fresh fish,” he announced. Then he put his face down on her and began to gently lick her, gently stimulating her clitoris.

Suddenly Hattie began forgot her fear. What this man was doing to her felt to wonderful she actually wanted him to continue doing it. As the man’s tongue explored deeper into her exposed pussy, she actually moaned from the pleasure.

“I see you like this,” the man said. And with that, he put his lips around her now swollen clit and began sucking it. Her clitoris was large and he was able to get his lips around it like a tiny penis. The sensation brought on immediate spasms of ecstasy. Hattie’s entire body began shaking, her face broke out in a flush and her nipples got hard and erect. She was experiencing her first orgasm.

“Her kaçak casino hymen is still intact,” one of the men said. “She really is a virgin.”

Someone got a large towel and slid it under Hattie’s ass. “This is to catch the blood,” a voice explained.

“Blood?” she asked. “Are you going to hurt me?”

“No honey, just give you more pleasure,” the Negro laughed. “Only you ain’t been fucked before, and virgins usually always bleed when a guy pop’s their cherry. And you has a cherry.”

“Oh,” she said, not knowing if she really wanted to go on with this.

Hattie had no choice in the matter. She was still chained to the bed, and the men were lining up to have their way with her. She noticed the man with the smallest penis was the first to get in place. “I get the honors,” he smiled. “I am not as well endowed as the others so we figure I can break through with the least pain.”

“Pain?” she asked anxiously.

“A brief stabbing at first. Then it will be all pleasure. Trust me,” he said.

With that he entered her. She felt his hard cock sliding into her, until there was an obstacle. He give a quick jab, she felt a stab of pain, and suddenly he was in her. Fucking her. She was actually being fucked by a man. And it felt good.

He fucked her until they both ended up in a sweaty orgasm together.

Then the others took their turns. Before the evening was over, Hattie had taken on all five men. She had been ass fucked, pussy fucked, and even sucked two of the cocks. She was dripping with cum.

It was the best birthday ever. And Hattie was happy to think that there might be many more just like it to come.

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