He-wolf Ch. 06

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Disclaimer: All characters involved in sexual relationships are over 18 years of age, and no minors are sexually exploited in this content. In no way are actual events or persons depicted. This is my own fictional story and my characters mine and my own if you want to get to know me add me on skype always happy to have more friends allen9980)

Alex-18 werewolf

Jagger-18 chucial

Luna-44 werewolf

Dean-48 werewolf

Alice, Felix, Sparrow-3 werewolf pups

Preston-19 werewolf

Hunter-19 werewolf

Bruce-18 pixie

Chucial chu-cial- ancient human half breed with animals that have the powers over one or more element such as fire, water, earth, air, or very rarely spirit.

I would like to apologize for the delay in chapters. It is my fault whole heartedly. Lucas sends me a chapter every week without fail, but I’ve been sick and the chapters have just been sitting. I am better now so we can get back to Alex and Jagger’s story. Happy reading. ~ Tia


I felt the rush of adrenaline start in my fist from when I hit Tyler and spread through my entire being. I had never felt such rage and I was all too happy to let it take over. I was seconds from going feral. My father was to be collateral damage since he decided to put his paw in the range of my mouth. However that loud yelp served to snap me back into reality.

“Alex you are hereby banished from pack Orman. I always told you your need for righteousness would end badly for you. You should have aligned yourself with me when a long time ago. There’s no turning back from this and you and your weak mate are as good as dead.”

My anger was threatening to take over again as I understood what he said.

“You know where he is.” I gritted out. It was taking everything in me not to end him and be done with it.

“I’m alpha. I know everything.” Tyler’s smile was one of the cat that finally caught the canary. I knew at that moment that I would end him even if it took till my dying breath. “Steven grab him. He is to be taken him to Ormes. He should get a few good years for attacking his alpha like that.” Tyler chuckled out.

“What’s wrong cousin? Is this the only way you can beat me. The only way you can ensure you aren’t challenged? You’re weak! You could never beat me and everyone in this pack knows it. You won’t run anything. I should be the alpha and if you know nothing else you know I won’t just let you take over MY pack. Jail me if you want, but know as soon as I get out you are dead. I promise that on my mate. You better hope he survives and that I find him unharmed or your death will not be a swift one.” I taunted him and took a perverse joy in watching the fear cross his face even if it was gone too quick for the others to notice. I released then that everything I said was true and this was my pack and no sadistic bitch would take it from me.

Jagger and I were made to rule this pack and I would ensure against all odds that this came to fruition. I let out a deep and hysterical laugh and saw how everyone around me paled including my father.

I lunged at Tyler only to be caught and bound by Steven and Tomas. I growled at them both and lashed out, teeth bared and tasted blood, when Thomas punched me hard in the stomach. Stupid shits didn’t think to bind my mouth. I laughed the whole way to Ormes knowing they wouldn’t make that mistake again.


September 24 began as every day did since I gave up. I no longer believed they were looking for me and I’ve become resigned to my fate. I’ve since started sticking closer and closer to Lumiere and he didn’t seem to mind. I figure no one else will so I have to ensure my own survival and it wouldn’t be the first time. But I started worrying about Alex and of course biting the dead skin on my bottom lip followed. I bit it until it was bloody and swollen. Even then I didn’t stop until Lum came and forced it from my teeth started wiggling my chin till I let my lip go.

“Quit it. It’s bleeding again. I’m starting to think that to you want Puent to come over and lick it off?” he grinned at the horror stricken look on my face as he went back to his book, leaning back in the soft and fluffy chair we were sharing. I looked over at Puent and thought about the other members of the house. Corbeille, Sombre, Puent, and a few body guards rounded out the normal household.

They had finally taken the large leather strap off that held my wings once they were sure I wouldn’t fly off. I mean where would I go. They let me out back and fly around the large garden under Lum and sometimes Som’s supervision. Lum has helped me so much. He truly is my only friend. He taught me a few tricks although compared to him and what he could do I looked unworthy. He had large deep black wings that he could take out any time he wanted and then retract back into his back. It was the selected power he choose when he came of age and became a man. Sombre could see into the future and control water. Their mother could manipulate your mind and make you do casino siteleri whatever she wanted. I feared her the most, but it seems as if she has taken a liking to me. I knew it was true once I told her that I knew where her husband was.

When I finally focused back on Lum his grin was bigger than ever and my eyes were wider at what that comment implied. I cringed and shook my head. “No thanks he’s really…stinky.” I said. Then added a shiver and made a face for effect.

That made Lum laugh. His laugh showed off his 4 short, but very sharp fangs. “Oh that face. Priceless absolutely priceless.” He said

I stuck my tongue out at him and flicked his nose. “Oh hush you. I know you think the same.”

He chuckled and nodded then stood up and stretched, making his back pop in a few places. “Yea your right he’s a stinky, stinky man.”

I laughed set the book my book down and stretched too. I seemed to follow Lum everywhere he went regardless of where it was. I should stop that before I see something I really don’t want to see and this was the perfect time to start. I walked ahead and yelled back to him. “Come on you have a flying lesson to teach and I wanna get it over with. And teach something amazing this time. No baby tricks.” He laughed at me and reminded me that compared to him I was a baby. I really didn’t see what that had to do with the tricks though.

We both walked out to the garden and set our books on the table next to the large rose bush. I took my shirt off and flexed my 9 foot wings out and groaned. “God I hate wearing shirts. Why do I have to wear them again? They’re just pointless.” I said.

Lumiere arched an eyebrow that was almost invisible against his snow white skin. “Do you want my brother and that pig Puent gawking at you shirtless. What if they got you alone? Would you want to be caught half naked in a room with them? They would do very bad things for you.” I frowned at the harshness in his voice and watched him take off his own shirt. As he laid it next to mine I watched him. He had a beautiful body, but it didn’t compare to Alex. Just the thought of him made me weak and sad at the same time.

His wings came out as he rolled his shoulders with a weak sounding crunch that was followed by him flexing and rolling his neck. I frowned some more and thought about what he said.

“Alright you win Lum now what are we going to learn today?” I asked

“We’re going to try the fly back. It’s where you fly as high as possible then dive back down. At the last possible second you spread your wings and lean back and get twice the height you had before. It’s also a great offensive attack to end off people on the ground.” He said and I nodded. “Now fly up and try it try to smack the apple off my head. If you do that well we’ll work on something else.”

I grinned as he set the deep red apple on his head. I planned on being down right mischievous. I watched as the wind fanned out his waist long white hair and took off. I got about 100 feet off the ground before diving back down and tucking in my wings. I concentrated hard focusing on the spot next to Lumiere and at the last possible second I opened my wings pulled back, slapping Lumiere’s forehead hard, making him fly back and fall with a loud grunt. I soared high into the sky laughing. I flew back down and landed to see Sombre leaning over Lum. I walked over and asked if everything was okay. Sombre moved so fast. At one moment he was with his brother and the next his hand was around my neck. He lifted me up and slammed me hard into the ground making me cry out.

“You just fucking knocked my brother out!! What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have a death wish? I’d be all too happy to give you what you crave.” he yelled at me. He licked the side of my face. “Then I’d drain you and taste you better.” I flashed back to the dungeon and started clawing for escape. I squirmed and choked while gripping both of his wrists trying to pull him off.

“Let him go it was a joke Som.” I heard Lum say. I didn’t dear look over and continued to fight. I remembered who I was dealing with and realized I had gotten to comfortable. I was beginning to black out when Sombre let me go. I swallowed air as I watched Lum comfort him. “I’m fine.”

“Fine, I can’t kill him anyway he’s the only person who can get our father out of that fucking jail.”

He walked away and I cried. Guess somethings don’t change “I didn’t mean to hit that hard. I’m so sorry I knocked you out. It’ll never happen again.” I knew my eyes betrayed my fear.

He stared at me for a moment before shaking his head and falling to the ground. This time it was in laughter. “Dude don’t apologize that was awesome I should of expected it. Definitely something I would do. Remember payback will come back to you though.”

I started to calm and let out an uneasy chuckle and poked the bump on his forehead. “Wow I hit the shit out of you. So what’s the next lesson?”


I stared hard at the picture my mom snuck into the jail of Jagger. A picture canlı casino from the only birthday we celebrated as a couple. It featured him smiling hard and looking up at me like I was his everything. His savior. Bet he didn’t think that now. I failed to protect him and then failed to find him. I was starting to give up on everything. I wasn’t me without him. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that Tyler would be dead at my hand once he told me how to find him. I held the picture a little longer and felt my grimace turn into a frown. I missed his touch.

The feel of his lips. Not just the sex, but his smile and outlook on life. I got hints of what he was feeling and thinking every once in a while. I cherished those times because the feelings would let me know he was alive, sad, but alive. Then I’d feel how much he missed me and hear thoughts that I wasn’t looking for him and I’d feel like a failure all over again. I couldn’t handle all that was going on. I could feel myself losing it all over again. A call from my parents telling me that the pack was in dissension and the feelings of helplessness left me. I begged them to do whatever to find him while I started planning a way out. They said that the pack was split about finding Jagger and anointing me as alpha with most of the pack leaning towards me. They told me to focus, start meditating and concentrating on Jagger and that I could give something to help them.

All I got from him was sadness and hurt. It was so overwhelming that I couldn’t stop the single stray tear that escaped my eye as I walked out to the prison yard that day. I have been here for about 63 days and I didn’t have a cell mate yet. As I walked to the yard as I did every day a dragon guard named Mickey pulled me to the side and said today was the day. I’d be getting a roommate. I just looked at him. Even in human form they were scary, but he seemed cool towards me so I didn’t give a shit. Found it funny as most people were scared to be around me. Wondered who they found to put in with me.

I walked over to the phones and took the phone from its large blue holder and punched in the number of my mother.

“Hello son.” She said and I could hear the wariness in her voice. This was all taking toll on her. I had been so wrapped up in my problems I hadn’t thought about my parents.

“Hi mom. I felt Jagger today. It’s not good. He’s slipping away from me. At least it feels like he is. Could our bond be breaking or is he dying” I said. I didn’t want my fears loose, but I couldn’t help it.

She sighed. “I am sorry my son we’re looking for him and I feel we’re getting close, but we need time.”

“I know mom and I thank you. How is the pack?” I asked.

“Bruce has been helping. He finally came of age for the fay and now receives visions. We don’t know how accurate they are and with the last one he received we hope they aren’t. The last one….it…it wasn’t good my son. It wasn’t good at all.”

“Mom what happened?” I was going to fucking lose it. It’s always something. Can’t climb out before the hole deepens.

“The last thing Bruce saw was Sombre strangling Jagger, but don’t worry my son. He’s okay for now. Lumiere keeps him safe. He’s making him stronger. We don’t know why he is, but are happy all the same. He should survive. We’ve also learned he’s in or will be in Pennsylvania.” She said.

Pausing to let my anger subside, I gripped the phone tightly enough that it cracked. “Find him. Please mom. I need him with me. I need him to get out.”

I heard my mom mumble something under her breath, but before I could call her on it the doorbell rang. She quickly responded “I know my son we’re going to get him soon, but someone is at the door call me tomorrow if you feel anything else.”

I said good bye and hung up the phone. My mind heavy as I walked to an empty table then sat down. I realized then that in the 2 months I had been here that not only did I have no cellmate, but no one talked to me either. I realized they could tell I was going feral so they left me alone and the prison agreed.

A large man with an assortment of tattoos, a bald head, and goatee walked over to me and sat in front of me. I looked at him with confusion and annoyance on my face, but he just smiled. “Segur.” He held out his tan hand for me.

“Alex.” I said back and shook his hand with a hard grip.

“So what are you in here for?” he asked me.

“I tried to protect my pack and my mate and failed.” I replied and looked away.

He nodded and leaned back. “Sounds like a long and complicated story. Care to tell?”

“Not really. I live it every day. Rehashing things I have yet to fix doesn’t sound too appealing.” My temper started to rise and I looked forward to the fight I knew was coming.

“I have nothing but time. A story sounds like the perfect thing to do waste time. Wouldn’t you agree? Plus what’s the harm Alex of Orman?”

I looked at him with a critical eye. Who the fuck was this guy. He was older than me, but even with the tats I knew I could take kaçak casino him. “Who the fuck are you”

He gawffed as if I was the funniest thing in the world, then leaned in real close and told me he could be a friend or foe. Which was dependent on how I answered his questions.

Ambiguous much? I figured what the fuck and told him the whole story. When I was done he looked me in the eye and said you have the support of the pixies. I couldn’t hold in the belly laugh that needed to come out. This mammoth a pixie. I guess he figured out why I was laughing because the next thing he said was I’m the wolf protector of the pixies. That stopped me mid laugh.

“Why can’t I smell wolf on you. You don’t have a smell at all? What the fuck?” I jumped up and the whole yard turned to me and stared as if I was finally losing it.

He laughed so hard that he fell off the bench. No one reacted to him and that’s when I realized that no one could see him and I was starting to get frustrated all over again. “What the fuck is this?”

“I can’t come right out can I? You’re in jail. How would that look? I’m merely here to help and pass along messages. What kind of protector would I be if I left my charges?” My involuntary growl stopped him short. “That was kind of mean huh? Let me see your boy. I know you have a picture”

That calmed me down. Anything about Jagger always calmed me down. I handed him the picture of me and Jagger on his birthday.

He took it and stared at the picture. “Who’s that?”

“That’s my Aunt Bloom. She’s only 24 and very wild, but sweet. Why?” I asked

“She’s beautiful.” He simply said


I sat on dock near the lake behind the house we recently moved too. It was day 114 and I was so much stronger. I don’t know how to explain, but I could feel it.

“I’acqua viene da me, Vi chiedo di combattere per me.” I said calmly making the water ripple and bring a water lily come to me. I picked it up out of the water and calmly turned to the person I felt behind me. It was Puent he glared at me and started to walk over to me, I took off my shirt and hovered over the dock and over to the middle of the lake safely keeping my distance. A slow grin came across my face and I chuckled.

“Terra venga a me, vi chiedo di combattere” the ground started to shake and I chuckled again as the dock started to break under Puent and he fell into the water.

“JAGGER!!” I looked up and saw Lumiere looking at me with the oddest expression on his face. I flew over to him still laughing at my joke. Lum grabbed and held me tightly. “Why did you do that Jagger? The look on your face was horrible. You looked so mean and hateful.” He said.

I hugged him back just as tightly and buried my face into his neck. I realized he was right and I couldn’t figure out what had come over me. “I didn’t mean too. He was just pissing me off so bad and the words just came to me. I decided he should be taught a lesson.”

Lum pulled away and stared at me then over to Puent. I knew he was trying to figure out how should handle me. Puent interrupted both of our thoughts as he swam to shore and glared at me. “Next time you do that I’ll be the one teaching a lesson you little Chucial cunt.”

I hissed at him and easily sent a large rock flying into his crotch. I heard Lum’s mouth drop in surprise that turned into snickers as I picked up a few rocks and made them spin around my waist like a hula hoop. “Will this be your new way to handle things instead of biting your damned lip?” he said as he wiggled my chin till I released my lip. Sad thing is I didn’t even know I was biting it.

I laughed, comfortable with my powers, and picked up 2 smooth pebbles and released the bigger rocks and made the pebbles swirl around my hand. I heard the rock fall to the ground then Puent’s groan of pain. I out and out laughed to him face. I grinned at Lum then pegged him with one of the pebbles and flew into the air. As I picked up a hand full of pebbles, I laughed the laugh of freedom, making them fly around my body. I flew high into the sky above the house and kept pegging him in the forehead with them.

“Hey quit it. That’s cheating and you know it.” But he laughed himself before lunging at me. I anticipated it and escaped his grasp chortling the whole way before beaning him with another pebble on the back of his head.

“I know it isn’t fair but it’s fun!!” We laughed together, but we both stopped abruptly when we looked down.

There I saw Hunter and Preston hiding in the bushes sneaking up on us with Puent sneaking up on them.

My anger propelled me into a dive where I shot the pebbles with my powers with full force making them fly threw Puent like bullets from a machine gun. I dropped to my feet and rolled in front of him hissing and growling as he stood up. I crouched and held my hands out behind me making large rocks come to me.

“What you gonna do boy? Hit me with a few pebbles and expect me to die? Ha not going to work.” He laughed and I felt a nerve in my jaw tick and I tried to control myself before throwing my hand out in front of me making the large rock fly threw his mouth and out the back of his skull. Crushing his teeth and spine before sending an arc of blood and brain splatter all around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20