Heather Ch. 04

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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 3…


The days seemed to last for ever, but Heather had stayed in my mind for nearly every second. Especially at night times when I had re-lived the first time, and the second and third times, over and over again in my mind. The extreme arousal of the situation, with Heather, of all people, touching my cock, tossing me, teasing me, letting me fondle her breasts under her soft cardigan. Then I’d pull her special grey cardigan into bed with me, feeling the soft wool against my body, and the buttons colder as I’d wrapped the wool around my shaft. And the scent of Heather as I draped the soft wool over my face.

I hardened again with the thought as I went down the road to her house, self-consciously carrying the plastic bag with her cardigan in. But then an ache in my cock reminded me that I’d only just cum before I came out. Just a quickie with her cardie, to make sure I didn’t cum so soon this time. I was determined to have time to enjoy whatever was next.

Heather opened the door with her usual welcoming smile. She was wearing a white v-neck cardigan this time, over a white polo neck sweater, both in the same thin soft wool, with a red skirt and dark red shoes. I felt disappointed that it wasn’t just the cardigan, but smiled as she opened the door.

“Oh hello pet, I’m glad you remembered to come round for your next lesson.” She said, smiling with her twinkling eyes. “And you remembered to bring my cardy back! Come on in.”

I followed her into the hall, and she shut the door.

“Well, now we’re safe inside, you’d better go straight upstairs and strip off for me, hadn’t you? Just use the back bedroom as usual, I’ll follow you up. And take my cardy with you too, so I can inspect it.”

I went upstairs and into the bedroom I was getting so familiar with, Heather following close behind, her scent just reaching me as we walked up the stairs.

“We’re all locked in, safe and secure!” she smiled, as we reached the bedroom. “And no-one back for ages yet! Now let me have my cardy bag, and this time I’ll watch you as you strip for me!” she said, smiling to herself. “Just leave your clothes on the chair, and strip off naked for me, please.”

It was even more arousing having her in the room: no time to gather any thoughts except for the sexuality of the moment. The bed was strewn with her sweaters: her white chunky cardigan on top, with a pink sweater and several others. Soon I was stripped to my underpants, and paused for a moment. She had been watching me as I undressed, standing by the end of the bed.

“Yes, please,” she said, putting her hands on her hips, “I want those off too.”

So I peeled off my pants, putting them on the chair, and stood up facing her, knowing that my cock was already stiffly pointing out towards her.

“My, you are a very keen boy, aren’t you?” she said, staring at my cock. “And I do like a boy that’s keen.” And she moved towards me.

“Now let’s have a look at my cardy, shall we? And see what you’ve been up to. Did you touch you body with it during the week?”

I nodded.

“Did you stroke it over your cock?”

I nodded again, as she held the cardigan up in front of her, inspecting it.

“And did you cum all over it too?”

I swallowed hard. I hadn’t meant to cum in it, but there was that one night where I’d just cum too soon. I’d tried to wipe it off, but I knew there were some stains still there.

“Mmm, you have cum all over it, haven’t you Andrew? Just look at all these stains! You must have cum on it lots of times you naughty boy!” She looked at me, smiling to herself. “Do you think I should tell you off? Or maybe spank your bottom?”

I felt my cock twitch as she spoke of spanking me: after all I was still standing naked and hard in front of her.

“I think a quick spank is exactly what you need, as punishment for messing up my nice cardie!” she said, sounding as it she was angry. “Just kneel down in front of the bed, and bend over!”

I did as I was told, my erection pushing into the bed and not casino oyna knowing quite what was going to happen. I heard her step behind me.

“Right young man, I think you must have cum on my cardy at least three times, so I’ll give you three smacks.”

And I suddenly felt her hand smack my bottom. It kind of hurt a little but also aroused me so much. Then she smacked me again.

“Right, now the last one for a naughty boy!” and her hand came smacking down on me again.

“Well you’ve taken your punishment well, Andrew, so now you can stand up again. In fact I think I might have made your bottom a bit sore, so here, I’ll give you a little stroke.”

So as I stood up in front of her, she reached both her hands behind me to stroke my bottom, pushing her belly into my hard-on as she did so. I was in heaven, as her open cardigan brushed against me, and her white-clad breasts were just inches away from my chest.

“Actually, I hoped you would cum in it.” she smiled, cheekily. “It was a test to see if you liked my jumpers enough – and I think you do… Now I’d like you to help with some of my clothes, because I’m very hot like this.”

She stopped stroking my bottom, and walked around to the end of the bed.

“Come on over here, and help me off with my cardie.” she ordered.

I walked towards her, very conscious of my hard-on pushing firmly upwards and bouncing as I moved. Her eyes seemed fixed on it.

“Mmmm I do like you keen-ness!” she smiled, “But first please undo my buttons so I can take my cardie off!”

As I moved towards her she eased the open cardigan off her shoulder, beckoning for me to hold the sleeve as she pulled her arm out. The wool felt soft as I touched it, and my cock jerked harder. She turned around to take her other arm out, then stood before me with her cardigan in her right hand, and straightened her jumper with her left, smoothing the wool over her breasts. She took the cardigan, and brushed it over my cock, watching and smiling as it twitched upwards every time the soft wool touched me.

“Put your hands behind your head, Andrew.” she ordered. “I just want to try a little test on you.”

I did as I was told, and watched as she draped the cardigan over my cock, brushing it from side to side, pressing the wool against my shaft in small teasing movements. It felt ecstatic.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, “you are a very good pupil, aren’t you? – and you do like my woollies!”

Then she looped her cardigan over my cock, and left it hanging there, as if it was on a coat hook. She smiled broadly, then putting her hands behind her back she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor, revealing her tight white panties.

They were thin cotton panties reaching right up to her waist, with a pretty lacy pattern of holes all over and a thin lacy edge around her legs, and they clung tightly to her rounded body, dipping in gorgeously into the darkness between her legs. She walked over to put her skirt on the chair, bending forward as she did and showing off her bottom, plump and full. She gently kicked off her shoes and left them under the chair. Then she turned and walked back towards me, white polo neck tight across her breasts, white panties tight over her hips. And all the time her cardigan was hanging on its new peg as my cock stayed stiff as a board.

“Well, Andrew, you have been very good holding my cardy like that for all this time. My own living coat-hanger! So I’ll give you your reward now. Keep your hands on your head for me.”

And she reached down to pick up her cardigan off my cock, slipping her fingers over my shaft for a quick stroke as she did so. Then she walked around me, inspecting me, and stroking her cardigan against my skin – as if I needed more arousing. God it was gorgeous to watch, her dressed just in her white sweater and panties, walking about in front of my naked body. She walked in short steps, as if she was trying to rub her legs against each other, and I could see he nipples were pressing out under her jumper.

“You know that I’m not wearing a bra, don’t you pet?” she whispered, stopping in front of me. She pulled the hem of her jumper down tightly, revealing her nipples canlı casino clearly pushing forward under the soft white wool.

“Have you ever kissed a lady’s breasts before?”

She waited briefly for an answer, watching me redden, before continuing: “No, I shouldn’t ask you that, you must have sucked your mum’s nipples, mustn’t you, when you were a baby?”

“Well I suppose so,” I said, surprised at the question.

“Would you like to suck mine? Because I would love to have my little boy sucking me!”

And with that she just lifted up her jumper, exposing her beautiful mature breasts. They were as large and rounded as I remembered, soft and sagging under their own weight. Soft pink but with darker red nipples which stuck out sharply. Framed by the folded white wool above and her tight white panties round her waist, they looked exquisite.

“Well, come on then, sit down on the bed in front of me and you can suck my breasts!”

I needed no second invitation, so sat down in front of her, and moved my hands out to hold her hips as she edged towards me. Her pantie-covered hips felt so soft and warm, and I looked up into her eyes smiling down at me as she pressed her chest forward. I knew I must suck her, and wanted to so much, so not quite believing it was all real, I leaned forward and put my lips around the warm hard mass of her left nipple. I licked and sucked the hard flesh, pressing into the softness around with my cheeks.

I heard her gasp, and she pulled my head closer to her. The softness of her jumper fell back on my cheek, and we began to move gently back and forth, as I sucked and nibbled on the hard nipple. Then she pulled my head away, and thrust her other nipple towards me. I sucked gratefully and again heard her gasping for breath. I carried on sucking her right one, then moved back, feeling the soft caress of her warm skin and warm sweater hanging down as I turned my head to suck her left nipple.

I continued moving form one to the other, then after several more minutes and more gasping she pulled my head back. I looked up at her face and noticed she looked pinker than usual and she was now breathing quite heavily.

“You are very good at this, you know, so now you must lie down for me, Andrew. It’s time for my special treat for you, to make up for your punishment earlier.” she said, smiling in a knowing way.

As I lay back, still hard as a board, and put my legs up on the bed, she stood up, facing away from me. Then without saying anything she just slipped off her panties, revealing the soft pink flesh of her bottom, framed by the soft white wool of her jumper. Then she grabbed the hem of her sweater, and just pulled it over her head, so she was standing naked in front of me. She leaned down to the bottom of the bed, laying her jumper down and picking up her cardigan. I caught a glimpse of her breast hanging down as she bent forward, but soon it was gone as she turned to face away from me and slipped her cardigan on.

“It wouldn’t do for me to be naked, now would it!” she smiled, looking over her shoulder at me.

She turned round slowly, her cardigan hiding her breasts as she pulled down the two edges down as if to try to hide the dark mass of curly hair between her legs. Then some more basic feeling took over her, and she got up on the bed, kneeling down, then reached one leg over my thighs to straddle my naked body.

She looked fantastic, towering over me, with her legs gripping the side of my hips. Her cardigan was hanging open revealing her cleavage, but somehow hiding both breasts, as she squatted on top of me.

“Hands behind your head!” she commanded, so I did as she said.

Then she took hold of my throbbing cock, and gave a few strong pushes right down to its base. I gasped with pleasure, and nearly came straight away. Then she lifted her body up and over me, straddling me, before pressing my cock firmly up into her own body. Her practised hands led it straight to the right spot, and after a slight tightness, she pushed her vagina down over my cock. It felt so slippery and warm as she just engulfed me and sat down on my thighs, putting her hands on her hips. And her body felt so heavy on me.

“There,” kaçak casino she said, struggling for her own breath, “How does that feel pet? I don’t think you’ve done this before, have you? That’s what a teacher has to do, you know – teach you new things! Now, am I tight enough around you?… Do you like it when I ease up and down on you?”

I couldn’t say anything, I was just breathing so hard, taking in the view as she fucked me. Her hair was somehow messed up a little, her face decidedly pink, her white cardigan hanging open yet still hiding the bouncing movements of her breasts beneath as she rode up and down my shaft. Her nipples were clear to see beneath the wool, then below her hem her pink hips moved purposefully, astride the darkness where my cock was sliding in and out of her juicy body.

“You can put your hands on my cardy and feel my breasts if you like, pet.” she panted, and then as I did, she moaned out loud.

Her breasts felt deliciously soft under her cardigan as I stroked them, and the contrast to her hard nipples was amazing. I flicked and squeezed them, watching her get more worked up as I fondled her.

“Yes,” she purred, “just like that, keep on going.” And she knelt forwards, with her hands beside my head to support her body over me

And as I kept on playing with her breasts, so she began to ride up and down on me harder, and louder. My hands were now inside her cardigan, feeling the soft flesh of her breasts hanging down, and squeezing her nipples as she writhed on top of me.

“Yes,” she kept saying, “Oh yes, give it to me pet, now, now, now”

With every ‘now’ she pressed harder down on me, pushing her body hard against the base of my cock. It seemed like I was in heaven for hours, but probably it only lasted minutes, as she panted and shouted and writhed up and down my shaft. Quite how I didn’t cum I don’t know, but somehow the amazement of what was happening, and my earlier quickie both kept me back a little. There was Heather, old enough to be my mother, naked except for her white cardigan, kneeling astride my naked body, with my cock pushing firmly inside her. She was rhythmically thrusting up and down, pressing her pubic hairs against mine as she fucked me.

“Yes now,” she cried, “Now, Now, NOW!” and she let out a loud shriek as she orgasmed, pressing even more frenetically down on my cock.

I could let myself go now, and squeezed my legs together as the cum felt near to its release.

“Come on pet, let it go for me!” Heather panted, smiling down at me through her flushness. “You’ve been a very good boy for me, so just let it out now.” And she reached down to lower her left breast right into my face, the nipple in front of my mouth. I sucked on it, and pushed upwards into her.

“Come on Andrew, have me now.” she whispered, moving her hips to pump along my shaft.

And as she said “Come on” again and I felt the electricity of her nipple in my mouth, I knew I couldn’t stop.

With a cry of “Heather!” I felt my cum spurting out, deep inside her body. It kept on cumming and cumming for what seemed ages as I thrusted and squirmed and pushed up into her warm willing body, and she pressed down on me.

Feeling my spunk squirt up inside her was just so amazing – her slippery wet cunt had felt so arousing sliding up and down on me, but the feeling of just letting go inside her body, and knowing I was pumping my spunk right into her, just blew my mind.

“God you are good,” she said, at last, “I’ve not felt like that for a long time. You are just so arousing for me… you are my extra-special good boy.”

Then she bent down to kiss my lips, before grabbing my hips and rolling us both half over, so we both lay side by side, panting and recovering, realising just what we had done. Her white cardigan had now flopped over to hide one breast while revealing the other, almost squashed under her body. I squeezed my cock harder inside her, and smiled as she squeezed me back with her vagina.

After a few minutes she spoke. “You know Andrew, this feeling you give me is so good I’m going to have to have you again… Once won’t be enough! And I do love being on top and in control… not like my usual position. I think that every week I’ll try and find time for your special lessons, so you can show me what a good boy you are.”

“Oh, Heather!” was all I could manage to say…

(c) 2010 Maudecardy

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