Heather’s First Time

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(This story takes place in the late 70’s,before cell-phones, texting, internet, etc. This story is dedicated to Amy, whom I loved.)

Big Boobs Bradley. Triple B. ThreeBees. Those were my nicknames starting in 6th grade. Nobody ever called me Heather, it was always Big Boobs Bradley. The rest of my body was normal, but I had these enormous breasts that just seemed to bother everyone. Girls made fun of me. Boys teased me. Men stared. Women snickered and shook their heads. Everyone treated like a freak for a few years, until I met Julia. She was a new arrival during my senior year in high school.

We had several classes together, and kind of were drawn to each other as neither of us had friends, though for different reasons. She didn’t know anybody, and I was treated as an oddity by most people. Julia was pretty, much prettier than I was, although I wasn’t ugly or anything.

As the weeks went by, she went on a couple dates now and then, and we’d talk about them together. Julia was stunned that I’d never been ‘felt up’, and almost fell down when I admitted I haven’t even been kissed by anyone.

“You’ve never kissed a boy?” She asked.

“Nope, not once.”

“So then, no French kissing?”

“Well, no, that’s kinda gross isn’t it.” I responded. “I’d like to kiss somebody, but it hasn’t happened yet…”

Julia stood thinking for a few moments. Finally she burst out: “Okay, we need to make some changes. You’ve got a fabulous body, don’t make a face, you know you do. But we need to make you look more womanish. You wear the wrong bras, these awful baggy sweaters, your clothes look like you got them at Sears.”

“I do get them at Sears.”

“Exactly, we need you to move into the 20th century.”

I was at a loss, and a little embarrassed. I just had zero fashion sense at the time.

“We also probably need to give you some sex education. What do you know about sex?”

“Well, you know, just what they teach you at school. The penis goes in the vagina to make a baby…”

“Good god, is that all you know? What about orgasm? You ever have one?”

“Um… I’m not exactly sure, don’t you need sperm for that?”

“Oh honey… we’ve got lots of work to do. And we’re going to start right now. We’re going to do a practice kiss, just so you can be ready for when you get a date, which I promise will be soon. So get ready, you and me, we are just going to practice kiss. Not a real kiss, because we’re both girls and that would be silly.

“So stand up… close your eyes. We’re just going to practice.”

I stood up as she said, and closed my eyes. I could feel her move very close to me. She talked a little more.

“Just practice, ok, don’t worry about anything. Put your hands on my hips to steady yourself. I’m going to hold your head steady…”

Her soft hands held my face. She leaned in, I could smell her scent…

I giggled and almost bashed her nose with my head.

“Hey, come on! Let’s try again…”

I held still this time. Her lips touched mine. It felt… kinda weird… I waited to see what else would happen.

Julia pulled back. “Ok not bad. But you need to move a little, move your lips a little, don’t just hold perfectly still. You’re doing fine.”

Her lips met mine again. I pushed my lips forward a little, meeting hers. It felt… wonderful this time… I relaxed somewhat, my mouth opening slightly… the feel of her hot, wet lips, was so exciting… then something even hotter touched my lips… it had to be her tongue! It was! Oh my god!

“Hey! I didn’t know you were going to do that!”

“It’s okay Heather, just practice, remember? The boys are going to do this… just relax a little, then you can try it too.”

“Yeah, like never! Okay I’ll try and be good this time.”

I closed my eyes again, Julia kissed me again, and this time her tongue came out right away, licking my lips… even touching my teeth… I opened my mouth a little more… and her tongue touched mine…

The tremendous sensation overwhelmed me… The room seemed to swirl… my head spun… all time and space contracted and expanded at once… This, was Bliss…

At some point, Julia broke contact and shook me out of my blissful state…

“Jesus heather, when you practice you really practice!”

I took notice of my surroundings. Apparently, I had pushed Julia up against her bedroom wall, knocking down a picture in the process. I also had both hands on her buns, squeezing them, and my whole body was pressed against hers. My breasts ached and it felt really strange, but good, between my legs.

“I… I’m sorry…” I stammered, casino oyna unsure of what happened.

“No you did great!”

“Yeah… um… so thanks… see you tomorrow!”

“No wait Heather! It’s ok!”

But I ran out of the room. I got home and spent the rest of the day in a miserable daze. What the hell is happening to me? I slept terribly. All night I kept dreaming of Julia, then I’d wake up in a fright. I’m not supposed to think about this, am I?

The next day at school, instead of arriving with Julia, I showed up late to avoid her. But I couldn’t avoid her in English, we sat right next to each other.

“Heather, you left your books at my house yesterday. Come get them after school, ok?”

“Yeah sure,” I said.

The rest of the day went along its stupid way. Eventually, the last bell rang and Julia was waiting for me in the quad. We began walking home. At first she talked a lot about some funny things that happened in class, then when we were all alone, she talked some more.

“So, are you ok? You left in a big hurry.”

“I don’t know if I’m ok. I don’t feel real good. I’m going to get my books and just go home.”

“Heather… it’s ok, we were just practicing, it doesn’t mean anything. I think you just got turned on, that’s all.”

“Turned on?” I asked, “that’s turned on?”

“Yeah, where, like, you go to this nice place that’s all kind of dreamy, and you kind of lose yourself? And you get these neat feelings”

“Yeah, that was it…”

“That’s just being turned on! Did you, you know, do anything when you went home?”

“Well, I ate dinner and watched some TV…”

“No, I mean did you Do anything? You know… fool around?”

“Fool around with what?”

“Did you take a shower or anything?”

“I took one this morning…”

“Did anything happen?”

“I got some shampoo in my eye… what are you looking at me for?”

“You are so innocent… and a body like yours…”

“Well I don’t mean to be…”

We got to her house and went upstairs to her room. We both flopped down on her queen-sized bed.

“Julia, thanks for not laughing at me yesterday. I do think the practice helped me a little. Do you think I might become a good kisser?”

“Might become good? You’re already about the best kisser I know! Almost as good as me!”

We both laughed.

“So, Julia, are you still a virgin? I don’t mean to pry… I mean of course you know I am!”

“Yes, I’m still a virgin, but I don’t want to be anymore. I want to have some fun, baby!”

“I know what you mean. It would be fun to have this orgasm I keep hearing about, but I’m also afraid, you know what I mean?”

“Um, heather, you don’t have to have sex with a man to have an orgasm.”

“Yes you do, that’s what I’ve always heard…”

“Heather, I had an orgasm yesterday, after you left.”

“No way! How!”

“How? The usual way! Then I had a couple more in the shower!”

We laughed for a few moments, then she said.

“Ok, you need to learn this, and I don’t know how else you’re going to, so I’ll teach you.”

“Teach me what?”

“How to have an orgasm.”

“Um… I don’t know…”

“Oh come on, it will be fine. We’ll just practice. Tell you what. Let’s go in the bathroom because the shower will be the best for you.”

We went in, she turned on the water and waited for the water to warm up.

“This shower head, see how it has this hose and comes off at the top?” (I nodded)

“Well, you put it on pulse… like this… and put it between your legs, where it feels good.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“No, it’s guaranteed!” She turned the water off. “But we should get you warmed up first… Tell you what, get undressed and then wrap a towel around you, we’ll do a little practice kiss, then you go in, ok?”

It seemed like a stupid plan… but she went out and I undressed like she said, then wrapped a big terrycloth towel around me, hooking it into itself so it would stay up. I called Julia back in.

“Jesus girl, you really got some big ones there!”

I blushed. I looked down, I was showing about three inches of cleavage but the towel was at my armpits, I couldn’t get it any higher…

Julia had changed into her sweats and t-shirt. I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra because her t-shirt was all… pointy. I got a little wierded out by that.

“Um, I’m not sure this is a good idea anymore…” I started to say

Julia shushed me, then came in and just kissed me like she did yesterday. I tried to pay attention this time, but it was difficult. Our tongues swirled around each canlı casino other, I was in that blissful trance again… I had nowhere for my arms to go, so I wrapped them around her… pulling her closer to me… I can’t describe what came over me… I just … wanted to get closer…

We kissed for several minutes, I think. Beautiful, deep, soul kisses. Somewhere in there, between the moving and grinding, my towel became loose. Julia retreated, and my towel fell off. I barely noticed… she turned on the water … bent over slightly, her hand in the stream, testing the temperature… I stepped over my towel and rested my hand on her back…

She rose and said “There you go, hot but not scalding” then she looked at me funny. She reached her hand to my neck and pulled me in for another kiss.

“Just to make sure you’re really warmed up” She kissed me differently this time… so tender I could barely stand it. I became aware of her body… and my naked body… were touching… Julia had one hand holding my neck… her other hand drifted down my back… and grazed across my buns… resting on my right cheek.

Again… just pure bliss…

“Okay heather, get in there before I beat you to it!”

She playfully pushed me into the shower/bath stall. Julia pulled the shower curtain closed. The pulsing jets pelted me as I stepped in. Wow, they felt wonderful.

“Unhook it like I said, and spray it you-know-where she called out.”

I held the shower head and lifted it off the hook. The pulses were blasting my chest… wow that felt good… my nipples were extremely large, I’d never seen them like that before. I moved the head so that it was pounding on just one nipple… oh my god I thought sparks were going to fly out of it… but the sparks went straight between my legs…

“Hurry up girlie!” Julia moaned.

I lowered the shower head, down my belly, so where it was hitting me right where she said…

Oh… my… god… all the tension in my body released to where I could barely stand, yet a new, different tension began building between my legs, and it built strong… and fast… and faster… until it happened, it really happened…

Ka-BOOM! The spasm wracked me so much that I dropped the shower head… I melted/sat down in the inch or so of hot water… I couldn’t stand up

Julia yanked back the shower curtain, “Are you ok?”

I lay there, my vagina pulsing… throbbing… somehow my right hand was just massaging myself as the spasms continued…

Julia smiled, I noticed she had stripped down. She stepped into the shower, just avoiding my splayed out legs, and grabbed the shower head. She held it a few inches from herself, between her legs…

She looked down at me, I felt so good I didn’t care…

“Grab one of your bobs,” she said. I thought to myself, why? But I did it anyway.

Oh man, the moment I touched the hard tip of my breast even more shock waves ripped down to my center.

Julia had the shower head blasting her private area, and was furiously squeezing her breast with her other hand

“Put one… put one of your nipples… in your mouth.”

I thought, are you kidding me? That’s ridiculous, they wouldn’t even reach!

But as I tried it, it was in reach… easily… my lips encompassed my own nipple… and I sucked… more… deeper… harder… my tongue working hard…. I got a little lost doing that for a while…

Next thing I know is Julia kinda landing on top of me.

“I came three times just watching you,” she panted.

“You came where?”

“Came, as in I cum, past tense.”

“Cum, is that what it’s called?”

“Yes dear, that’s what it’s called! Now, put that nipple back in your mouth.”

I did as I was told, she could have told me to rob a bank and I would’ve done that naked.

Julia kissed my breast also, working up to my lips. I released my nipple, and we both tongued it fiercely… half-giggling as it seemed like a competition, who could keep more of their tongue on my nipple while pushing the other tongue off! Julia seemed to be winning…

Suddenly her hand slipped down, and went between my legs. I could feel her spreading me a little bit. She took my nipple completely, sucking on it hard as she looked into my eyes. She rubbed my pleasure button… and she looked into my soul… she knew what I wanted… she knew what I needed… she knew everything about me… she knew me completely…

I exploded so hard, or I guess came is the word, that I felt myself peeing in the tub.

Julia broke her liplock on my tit and asked, “did you just pee? On my hand?”

I nodded, kaçak casino “I guess so! I don’t know what it was, I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine, you silly girl! Now, is there anything… maybe… that you’d like to do? Just for practice?”

I thought for a moment, or tried to think as my head continued to spin…

“I would like to get out of this tub, then maybe do that thing to you that you just did to me, but on the bed or something.”

Julia got up and turned off the water. She had to pull me up, my legs were so jellified. We dried ourselves off, then looked in the mirror at ourselves, we were a wreck! Hair half wet, half dry, no make up anymore, my huge bobs hanging, her nice breasts all perky and stuff.

“I wish I was more like you,” I said to Julia.

“Funny, I was just thinking I wish I was more like you!”

“No, stop kidding around, look at you, so nice and perky, and me, god I’m like a freak!”

Julia actually got real mad at me. She grabbed me by the arm and twirled me to her.

“Freak, did I hear you right? You are not a freak. You are blessed. Do I look like someone who would hang around with freaks? No I don’t, do I. So don’t ever think that about yourself again!”

I was stunned by her passion, apparently, she really cared about me, no matter how I looked. I teared up a little, and kissed her lightly, and asked if we could practice a little more.

We laid down on the bed next to each other. No matter what I did, though, whenever I leaned into her, my big bob smashed into her. I was getting mad and embarrassed.

“Stop it, heather, I like you touching me, any part of you, it’s ok!!”

I leaned on one elbow, and kissed her, resting my hand on her stomach. I kind of froze, though.

“Well… “Julia asked… “go on… touch my boob. Go ahead.”

I balked… finally she grabbed my hand and made me touch her… wow… so soft, yet firm… and so different from mine! I massaged them for a few minutes… then without even thinking I bent down and sucked on her nipple. It was like sucking on a rock it was so hard. Julia moaned a little, so I guess I was doing okay…

I kept thinking about between her legs, I know she wanted to me to touch her there, but I was afraid… I lowered my hand to her flat stomach… finally my pinky touched a little bit of hair… she didn’t say anything so I went a little farther through the light forest… then I felt a slickness… pressing down into it, I felt her hot skin open slightly and envelop my finger with a hot moistness like I’d never felt before.

Julia spread her legs open… my hand moving up and down slightly… finally up to where it felt so good on me… her hard little button felt so slick between my fingers… Julia moaned aloud as I stroked her… I kissed her gently… tenderly… my tongue lightly exploring her mouth as my hand explored her privates… she arched her back and began trembling slightly, I stopped kissing her but kept stroking her…

“Cum Julia… cum for me… “I whispered.

“Cum for me, like I did for you…”

And she jerked and thrashed as the waves of orgasm washed over her… her legs clamped down on my hand, almost to the point of pain… her moans of ecstasy made me crazy and happy, I could make another person feel this good!

As she came down, she took my hand that was between her legs and brought it up to her face. Fascinated, I watched as she licked my sticky fingers, sucking all the juices off of each one.

“Come on,” she said… “taste me…”

I reached down to her sex and got my hand all juicy, the amount of sticky juice amazed me. I licked my pointer finger, not sure what it was going to be like… it was heaven… I licked and sucked my other fingers, cleaning them of all juices…

I reached down between my own legs, and found a veritable pool of sex juice. I brought my hand up, and I don’t know what came over me, but I just smeared it all over Julia’s face! I guess I was marking my territory? She screamed at me, got some of her own juices and smeared it into my face, too! We laughed until we nearly cried… then we heard the electric garage door open up, her mom had come home. Quickly, we dressed and tried to clean up. Fortunately, her mom was getting some groceries from the car so we had a couple minutes.

“Hey girls, how ya doin?” She asked. “And why is your hair wet?”

“Oh you know mom, just trying some new hairstyles but it didn’t work out too well…”

I grabbed my books, gave Julia a brief hug, and went home.

I was a changed girl. I was a woman. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow. Hell I couldn’t wait for the next five minutes it took for me to get home, My puss was trembling, and I was keenly aware of my breasts shaking with my every step. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and I wanted more practice…

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