Helen’s Face Slave

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Helen loved the power of being in charge. She was a big plus size woman in every way and her sexual appetite was as large as her size. Though she had several lovers in the past, none seemed suited to her special needs. She did not enjoy regular intercourse and only enjoyed sex her special way. She loved to have her pussy and ass licked and sucked for long periods of time while sitting on a guy’s face. She had some lovers panic when she became aggressive and pushed them down and sat on their face. This is when Helen realized that she would have to contact only submissive men, who would only be concerned with her pleasure and needs. This would primarily be hours oral worship as she sat and ruthlessly rode a man’s face to multiple climaxes.

She joined some Yahoo groups in order to find a man who meet her special kinky needs. She found there were a lot of men who claimed they would like to orally service her, but the majority she contacted turned out to be phony and not exactly what she was seeking in a man. Helen thought she would never find the right kind of slave until Ed. contacted her concerning her posting. He wrote. “Dear Helen, I am a very submissive man who truly loves being face sat by big aggressive casino oyna ladies. I really do not want anything in return and only want to be your personal pussy and ass licking slave. I am into forced oral sex with restraint and will lick you for hours. I am very sincere and I live in your area. Please contact me if I am what you are seeking.” Helen wanted to make sure Ed. and wrote back. “Hello Ed, From your last e-mail it appears our desires might match, but I want to ask you a few more questions and if I like the answers we will set up a meeting some place to discuss things before I decide to use you as my face slave.


Have you ever served as an oral slave to any woman in the past? If you have, please elaborate on your experience.
Do you fully understand that I am only interested in using your tongue, lips, mouth and face for my sexual needs? Your satisfaction and comfort is not in any way my concern. I only desire to use you as my personal fuck face.
Have you ever had a big woman fully sit on your face? I am going to tell you
up front. I am a tall, big boned woman and do not hold anything back when I sit and ride a slave’s face.

Will you drink and swallow all my pussy juice canlı casino and pee as my slave?
Will you orally worship other parts of my body such as my feet, ass, under my arms and breasts?
Will you allow me to secure your arms and feet when you orally service me?
Have you ever been used as a woman’s total toilet slave?

Helen could not wait to hear from Ed. She did not want to appear too enthusiastic because she wanted to maintain complete control. Her pussy leaked juice as she opened the latest e-mail from Ed. Dear Helen, Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to respond to your questions. I am very sincere in my desire to please you.


Yes, Helen I have served as a woman’s oral servant many years ago. This is difficult to answer because to be honest, it was my Aunt Marge. She literally taught me how to orally please a woman in everyway imaginable. She was also a big woman weighting more than 300 pounds and used my face everyday for six months straight while I was living with her. I can give you more details later if you desire.
Yes, I fully understand what you are seeking and expect to only be used as your fuck face slave.
As I mentioned before, Aunt kaçak casino Marge’s favorite way of being orally serviced was sitting on my face, so I am ready to service you in that way Helen. I do not expect any mercy in this regard.
Yes, I love the taste of a woman’s pussy juice and pee. I will drink and swallow all you pour into my mouth.
Yes, as I mentioned before, my Aunt Marge taught me to appreciate the scent and taste of every inch of a woman. I licked and sucked her feet, ass, pussy, thighs, breasts, and under her arms.
Aunt Marge was also a control type of dominant woman, and would often secure my arms and feet as I orally serviced her. I will have to admit it was often scary when she would sit and ride my face and I could not resist in anyway, but I grew to actually love being in her complete erotic power.
Even though I learned to drink every drop of Aunt Marge’s pee almost every day, I have not served as a woman’s total toilet slave. It is scary and exciting to think about it, however.

Helen rubbed her pussy reading Ed.’s e-mail. She climaxed dreaming of how she was going to fuck Ed.’s face when they got together. She sent Ed. an e-mail about a Saturday morning breakfast meet at a local pancake house. Helen was still going to test Ed.’s willingness to make sure he was actually as submissive as he claimed. Helen smiled and said to herself, “This is going to be so much fun.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20