Hell at Work Ch. 2

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After a long weekend it was even harder to get dressed knowing that she was going to be used again. “I wonder what he has up his sleeve today? Does he have another meeting with an associate he wants to impress with his powers over me? Well what ever it is I know that this will be the day I say no! I have had it with all this sex at work, using my body to advance his career and I don’t get anything but a sore pussy not to mention the shame of being displayed in front of all those strange men.” She said before heading out the door.

“Oh hell I’m late again” she said under her breath looking at her watch. She waved her arms at the first cab that pasted by and when her arm went up so did the micro mini dress exposing her creamy thigh and stockings. The cabs tires screamed to a halt as the cabby pulled into the curb. She opened the door and slipped into the seat trying to keep from showing to much leg to the cabby or the people watching her from the sidewalk. Hard as she tried it was impossible to keep her ass from showing, a whistle came from a man standing close by as he got a clear view of her well shaped ass and thong undies. The cabby smiled as he watched intently as she slipped into the dirty seat. She quickly pulled her skirt down and told the driver where she needed to go and step on it I’m late.

The doorman smiled his usual smile when she walked past him, she turned to see if he was watching her ass as she headed for the elevator, and he was with a smile the size of Texas across his face. Feeling very sexy in the mini skirt she let her hand flip the hem up giving him a peak at her sweet ass cheeks as she entered the elevator. She took a deep breath as the packed elevator started up, she hated these things they always made her stomach feel uneasy as they started and stopped.

She starred at the door waiting for it to open like she did everyday on the long ride up to the 95th floor when she felt something touch her inner thigh. She stood still almost afraid to move as the hand went higher just inches from her pussy. She wanted to turn and slap the face of the person invading her body, but she just turned her head enough to see who was behind her. To her surprise it wasn’t a man but a woman she had seen for years in the building. They often rode the same elevator in the morning but that was the only time she would ever see her.

The hand was soft with long fingernails that traced a line across her left bun and back down through her legs. It was a feeling she had often wonder about and even had dreams about making love to a woman but had never had the nerve to bring it to life. She felt her body responding to the stimulation that was like none she had ever had from a man’s touch. She glanced at the floor light, it was only at the 47th floor. It was just that moment she felt a finger slip under her thong, a moan slipped from her lips as she felt it wiggle its way into her already wet pussy.

“My name’s Anna, I’m on the 85th floor and I take lunch at 12 sharp,” A low husky voice whispered into her ear. “ I want you for lunch today! Be in my office at 12 sharp room 212.” She said before removing her finger and pinching Sue on the ass. She trembled in excitement at the thought of what might happen if she did indeed do as she was told. Anna leaned close letting her breast form to Sue’s bare back, she could feel the softness as they seemed to melt into her body. She could feel the heat burning into her back as Anna moved ever so slightly letting her nipples move across Sue’s bare back.

She could feel the hardness of Anna’s nipple through her thin blouse and sheer bra. Sue wanted to say something but the words just froze in her throat as Anna became more brazen in her caresses. Sue didn’t know what to do when she felt a hand cup her right breast and begin to caress it trough her blouse. She quickly looked to her left to see if anyone was watching the sight that was unfolding before them, but the man beside her was totally engrossed in the newspaper he was reading. She leaned against the wall of the elevator and turned slightly so her right breast was not visible to anyone. Anna took this as a go to be even more daring with her caresses and opened the button of Sue’s blouse so she could feel the hot flesh she wanted so badly to touch.

Sue moaned as Anna’s fingers touched her bare skin, she looked around quickly hoping nobody heard her moans of pleasure. Just then the elevator stopped and the door opened. Sue felt the hand slip away, she didn’t want it to stop and she turned to see Anna’s trim figure as she walked out the door. She had a girlish figure with well-defined curves, Anna turned, and smiled just as the door was closing giving a wink as the door closed.

Sue stepped off the elevator walking briskly towards her office, she opened the door and noticed the lights were still off and nobody was there. She saw the message light on the phone, she quickly punched in the code numbers, and the voice she heard was her boss Jim.

“I had to go with Mr. Johnson casino siteleri to New York. I left a copy of the Kramer account on your desk type it up and get it in today’s mail. Oh, for being such a good girl Friday after you get it finished you can have the rest of the day off and you can thank Mr. Johnson for that.”

Sue smiled at the memory of what had happened Friday wondering if she would get the chance to feel that monster cock again in the near future. Just thinking of how it filled her so full made her pussy start to flow with juices. Her mind went back reliving the experience as her hand slipped under the desk and up her skirt. She ran a finger across her wetness feeling the heat building inside her body. She needed to cum desperately after Anna’s little interlude. Her finger pulled the little strip of material covering her soaking wet pussy. She rubbed her finger across her swollen lips, sliding it into the wetness before driving it deep inside, she worked it in deeper and deeper as she felt her pussy muscles contract around her finger bringing on a strong orgasm. She rocked her hips to the rhythm of her finger as she sighed from the needed relief.

The phone rang just as her orgasm subsided bringing her back to reality, “Good morning Sue Morton speaking.” She managed to say without thinking. The voice on the other end was a woman.

“Well hello you sexy thing. I just want to make sure you remembered the floor and room numbers and also to thank you for the best elevator ride I’ve had in 5 years working in this building.” Sue smiled as she said “I remember the numbers but I have a problem. I won’t be here at 12, I am getting off early today.” She paused a second before adding, “Why don’t you come up to my office at ten, I will be free the rest of the day and my boss is out of town so we have the entire office to ourselves.”

Anna couldn’t believe what she heard and asked “ Are you sure its safe? I mean we won’t be bothered will we?”

“Yes it will be safe and no one will bother us” she said feeling her wetness start to flow down her thigh. “In fact give me your number and I’ll call you the minute I’m through with my work.” Anna gave her the number before saying “ I can wait to taste you, I have been watching you for years wondering, dreaming about you, and wanting to taste your sweet nectar.” Sue blushed at the words she heard and really didn’t know what to say after all she had never been with a woman and didn’t know what she expected her to say. Feeling her body respond to the words Anna spoke gave her the courage to tell Anna, “Anna I must tell you something, I have never been with a woman, but I have never felt anything like this morning and I have thought about it for a long time. Now I know I want to try it and I want you to be my first. Anna paused for a few seconds before giving a heavy sigh, “ I feel so privileged” she said in a sensual husky voice that almost made Sue cum from just the sound of the lust in Anna’s voice. Sue hung the phone up and went straight to work at a pace she had never achieved before. She was like a mad woman as she typed. She had the document done in less than an hour, she proofed read it, and in the mail it went.

She picked the phone up and started dial the number when a knock at her door stopped her cold. She opened the door to see Anna standing there, her face was flushed, and her breast heaved like she had run up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Sue motioned her to come in and shut the door behind her, not knowing what to say Sue was glade when Anna spoke first.

“I couldn’t wait! I have never wanted anything in my life as bad as I want you at this very minute. My body is pure shaking at just the sight of you.” She said in that same husky voice that made Sue tremble with passion. Without saying anything Sue walked up to Anna, she looked into her eyes and leaned over kissing Anna lightly on the lips. Anna’s arms wrapped around her pulling her close, she returned the kiss passionately almost taking Sue by surprise by the softness of her lips and the taste of her tongue as it probed deep into her mouth. Anna’s was in heat and she needed to have her subject of desire right then. Sue pulled back enough to break the kiss, breathlessly she pointed to the office door of her boss. “In there, I’ll lock everything up and be there in a minute.” Sue moved quickly to secure the office making sure to hang the Do Not Disturb” sign on the door before locking it.

Sue walked into the office she had been fucked in more times than she could bare to think about. She saw Anna sitting on the desk in just her undies, a shear lace bra that barely covered her nipples, a matching pair of panties that revealed a well trimmed patch of hair and stocking with a garter belt that set her heart on fire. Sue gasp at the sight before her, she had seen plenty of nude women in her life but never one that emitted raw sex the way Anna did at that moment. Anna took a deep breath, Sue watched her breast rose slowly as her chest expanded.

Anna’s canlı casino nipples stood out proud against the sheer lace fabric as she leaned forward motioning Sue to come to her. Sue felt all the emotions she had dreamed about, she stood still for a few seconds as her mind whirled in pure lust for the woman sitting before her. Sue moved towards Anna slowly allowing her courage to build before extending her hand to cup Anna’s perky breast. She let her finger run along the top of the bra just barely touching Anna’s breast. Anna felt a shiver run across her body as Sue leaned down and kissed the top of her breast.

“You’re so beautiful, your breast stand up so proud,” Sue said as she licked Anna’s fleshy breast letting her tongue lick the hard nipple. “I want to see all of them my I unhook your bra?” Sue asked in a tentative voice unsure what she should do next.

“Please do, my nipples are aching in anticipation. I am so hot I don’t think I can wait much long.” Anna said in that husky voice, the lust for each other was so thick in the room you could smell the sexual desire emitting from both the women.

Anna pushed her breast towards Sue as she unclasped the bra slowly letting it fall from her body. Sue’s eyes seemed glued to her nipples so pink and hard. She leaned over taking one into her mouth, she sucked lightly at first letting the tip of her tongue circle around the swollen nipple a few time tasting Anna. A low moan was the only noise in the room as Sue began to fondle and suck with more desire. Anna’s hands held her head as she ran her finger through Sue’s long blond hair. Sue loved the taste and texture of the nipple that she sucked hungrily on.

Anna slipped one hand down between them unbuttoning the first two buttons of Sue’s blouse. She could see the full breast heave as Sue’s excitement rose. Slipping her hand inside Sue’s blouse Anna began to caress her breast. Anna urgently pulled the thin blouse over Sue’s shoulders trying to get a closer look at her full breast. Sue stepped back and pulled the blouse open popping the last two buttons off the blouse. She wanted to feel Anna’s lips as bad as Anna wanted to suck her hard nipples. Anna smiled as Sue released the front clasp freeing her magnificent breast.

“OH MY GOD! You have the most perfect nipples I have ever seen. They are awesome!” Anna said pulling Sue closer to her, letting her head lower just enough to take Sue’s right nipple between her soft lips as she caressed her left breast with firm but gentle strokes. Sue moaned loudly as Anna nipped her nipple with her teeth. She felt the pain as she bite her nipple harder but it wasn’t a pain that hurt and that surprised her. Anna let her hands fall down to the zipper of Sue’s mini skirt and moved it down slowly. Sue panted as her desires began to build, she almost gasp when Anna’s fingers pulled her panties to the side to gain access to her soaking wet pussy. Sue’s legs opened on their own to allow Anna’s hand free movement.

“Your body is that of a Goddess.” Anna whispered as her finger found Sue’s swollen pussy lips, she pulled them apart with her index finger as she rubbed Sue’s hard clit. Sue’s moans became more frequent as Anna rubbed her wanting love button. Anna slipped off the desk and pushed sue back, she pulled her down to the soft carpeted floor and began to kiss Sue passionately as her fingers kept its pace rubbing her love button.

Sitting up quickly Anna pulled the skirt and thong free of Sue’s body in one quick motion. She looked at her prize before spreading Sue’s legs to exposing her glistening wet pussy. Sue’s swollen, pouting lips stood before Anna begging for attention and that’s exactly what they got.

“I can smell your desire.” Anna said before lowering her head to lick Sue’s heaving belly button. She traced a line down with her tongue as her nostrils filled with the scent of Sue’s excitement.

“I want to taste you now, just lay back and enjoy” Anna said just before her tongue slipped between Sue’s pussy lips. She licked all the way from the bottom of her pussy to the hard love button standing up like a soldier at attention. She nipped it with her teeth before sucking it into her hot mouth. Sue jerked as she felt her body began to spasm into a hard orgasm. Anna knew how to eat a pussy and she knew just what Sue needed to take her over the edge with an orgasm that would rock her soul. She took Sue’s swollen love button between her lips and flicked it hard with her tongue making Sue’s legs jerk with each stroke of her expert tongue. Sue pulled at Ann’s hair as she bucked her hips into her face. Her body exploded over and over as the orgasms rocked her.

“Suck my pussy baby!” she creamed as she pulled harder on Anna’s hair. Anna sucked her juices as they flowed around her tongue. She kept licking deeper and deeper try to suck all the nectar that ran out of Sue’s convulsing pussy.

“Oh God I’m cumin again!” she screamed as she bucked harder against the mouth that was giving her more pleasure than a cock ever kaçak casino had. She couldn’t stop cumin, the more Anna licked and sucked at her pussy the harder she orgasm.

“Please Stop! I can’t take it anymore, your driving me crazy!” Sue screamed almost in tears from Anna’s tongue lapping. Sue pulled Anna’s head from her convulsing pussy, Anna’s mouth was glistening with the juices of Sue’s orgasms. She placed her finger on Anna’s lips making sure she had some of her juices before licking it to taste the sweetness of her pussy. Anna moved up and kissed her, letting Sue taste the nectar as she drove her tongue deep inside her mouth. Sue loved her own taste and wondered what Anna’s pussy taste like. She rolled Anna over taking control, her hand went between Anna’s legs letting one finger slip inside her wetness before bringing it to her mouth. She smiled a devilish grin before licking the sweet nectar off her finger.

“Mmm, so sweet and salty at the same time. You have a wonderful flavor my I lick your wet pussy for you my dear.” She said playfully.

“If you don’t I’ll die” Anna said as she leaned forward nipping Sue’s nipple with her teeth.

Sue kissed her passionately before moving down to Anna’s breast. She sucked them hard as she moved her finger around Anna’s swollen love button. She spent a few minutes nibbling on Anna’s nipples before sliding down between her legs. She could smell the familiar aroma Anna’s excitement. She inhaled it with a long slow intake of the pungent smell of lovemaking. Anna’s hands worked into Sue’s hair pushing her down to her wanting pussy. She let out a high pitch squeal as Sue’s tongue found her clit, she sucked it into her mouth letting her tongue roam across it with a firm motion. Anna moaned as she felt the finger enter her wetness, stroking her pussy in slow deliberate movements. Even though Sue had never eaten a pussy before she knew what she liked and made an attempt to repeat what she had felt from Anna and others that had pleased her orally.

After a few minutes Anna screamed she was cumin and pulled Sue’s face hard against her pussy. Sue knew she would be rewarded with a flow of sweet nectar soon and drove her tongue inside Anna’s pussy deep. She sucked and licked away while her finger worked in and out of Anna’s sweet pussy.

“Lick my pussy dry baby, Oh God! Suck me I’m cumin! Anna screamed as her pussy contracted around Sue’s probing finger. Sue slipped a second finger in and nipped at Anna’s hard love button while her hips bucked against Sue’s face. She sucked and licked around her fingers as the juices flowed out, Anna screamed again as she felt another orgasm begin. Sue plunged her two fingers in as far as she could and moved them in a fast motion as she pumped Anna’s pussy feeling her pussy contract around her fingers like a hand. She was amazed at the tightness of Anna’s pussy as she orgasmed, it was like her pussy grabbed her fingers and held them inside her hungry cunt. She kept the pace up for a few more intense orgasms before coming up for air. Anna smiled at her as she sat between Anna’s legs watching the cum drip out. She wiped a single drop off and placed it on the tip of Anna’s tongue. Anna savored the taste as she kissed Sue’s fingertip and then sucked it into her mouth.

Anna got up and walked over to the desk on weak legs, she hadn’t cum that many times in a long time and she held onto the desk for support as she reached for her handbag. Leaning against the desk she opened the bag, she looked over at Sue before taking a long black dildo from it. She smiled as she held the monster up like she was inspecting it. Sue couldn’t believe how thick it was, she had a couple at home, but they were about half as thick as the soft rubbery dildo that Anna held. Anna reached back in the bag and produced a strap, she pulled it around her waist and stuck the dildo through a hole that held it out just like a real cock. She was shocked and scared at the same time as Anna knelt down between her legs with the monster cock in her hand pointing at Sue’s gapping hole.

“Now you will see how it feels to be fucked” Anna said touching the tip of the cock to Sue’s waiting pussy.

“I don’t think” is all Sue could say before Anna leaned in and pushed the head of the dildo into her pussy. Sue moaned as the monster cock head opened her pussy up and began to slid inside slowly. Her head flopped from side to side as Anna drove the fat cock into her tight pussy hole stretching her to the limits.

“Oh GOD! Its to big!” Sue moaned as she looked down to see half the cock inside her. She watched helplessly as Anna began to move her hips in a slow rhythm.

“Just relax baby and you’ll cum like a volcano I promise.” Anna said as she inserted another two inches of the cock. Sue moaned louder as she felt it hit the bottom of her stuffed pussy and push against her cervix. It didn’t take long before sue was pushing her hips to met Anna’s movements. She felt so full and the sensation was driving her wild beyond her wildest dreams. Sue looked down at her pussy again to see only two inches of the 12-inch cock showing. Wide eyed she watched as the cock slipped from view, she felt Anna’s body touch hers and the leather strap rubbed against her thigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20