Her Cum Cravings

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I moan gently as my cock twitches in her mouth, the sensations of pleasure like waves rolling from my groin and across my body. Her head is resting on my thigh as she also lightly moans, and I know she’s tasting more of my precum.

Having done this so many times with her now, and her detailed erotic messages and texts describing her thrill and joy of sucking me, I’ve gotten to know her responses well and have a very good idea of what the experience is like for her.

Her hand squeezes my other thigh, and knowing what it means, I begin to deliberately twitch and swell my cock and she responds with another light moan. I know she loves the feeling of my cock twitching in her mouth, and it also produces more precum for her to taste and enjoy.

My one hand brushes her hair gently, and the other cups and massages her breasts, teasing her hard and aroused nipples. I badly want to take her breasts in both hands, and greedily suckle her nipples into my watering mouth. But I know I have to wait my turn, as she is intent on enjoying my cock and won’t stop until she has had at least one creamy mouthful.

Her other hand cups and gently massages my balls, while also occasionally cupping them in such a way it feels casino oyna like she is feeling how full they are. She knows I’m fully loaded, her having sent me erotic texts all day, knowing they turn me on and get me producing in anticipation of our meetup.

My breathing becomes more shallow, and slightly increased in pace. I’m getting close, and she knows it. The first few times she sucked me, I’d always given her warning when I was about to cum. But at this point she knew my cock and body so well, no warning was needed.

I’ve had my share of blowjobs, some good and some bad. But the good ones were always where I knew my pleasure was only part of the woman’s pleasure and joy of sucking. And with her, I know that at best, I’m lucky if I’m enjoying the experience as much as she is. We’re a perfect fit.

Her mouth gentle sucks as I feel her tongue running circles around my cock head, coated with generous precum juices. Her hand continues to massage my sack, and then I feel her shift her head ever so slightly, changing her position just so. Her tongue is now running under my cock head as she sucks, and I begin to tense up. I recognize she’s done casually sucking, and now fully intent on extracting what she craves.

As canlı casino always, the realization makes me twitch and tense up, breathing heavily with excitement and pleasure. I grow warmer and moan again, while she does the same, her excitement beyond any doubt. Her sucking becomes more intense, but remains steady and rhythmic. My precum is flowing freely now, the sounds of her swallowing it barely audibly.

Unable to hold back any longer, I pass the point of no return and lose all control of my body. I tense up in that most pleasurable way, feeling my cock swell as I’m mere seconds away from filling her mouth with my seed. I begin to cum strongly as she sucks intensely, and as always in my bliss of pure pleasure, I think of her describing this moment from her point of view.

I know that my cock is swelling in her mouth, a twitch with a final flow of precum, and then the first rope of cum spurts the length of her tongue. She massages under my cock head, sucking intensely as I shudder ever so slightly, and the next couple bursts of my load continue to fill her mouth. At this point she gets the full texture, creamy and thick, with the tangy taste. My cock continues to pump, emptying my balls of their contents kaçak casino into her greedily sucking mouth. Both of us are moaning in pleasure and lost in the moment, unaware of anything but this single connection of pleasure and taste.

After a few more weaker bursts, I’ve given up every drop that I can, and her sucking becomes much more gentle, but doesn’t stop. Finally, after about a minute of her ensuring my cock has nothing more to offer, she slowly pulls her mouth off it and rests her head back on my thigh. I start to come down from my high, and begin to relax as my body recovers. I again stroke her hair, and continue to fondle her breasts, still wanting her delicious nipples in my mouth.

But I don’t move, knowing she hasn’t yet swallowed my sperm and that she won’t for a little bit as she savours it. She begins crawling up beside me, her eyes closed and I can hear and see her swirling my cum in her mouth. She brings her breasts to my eager mouth, and I greedily begin my own adventure of suckling her. My hand and fingers creep down between her legs, teasing and preparing to pleasure her as my mouth begins savouring and suckling her nipples. With my tenseness now out of my body, I can now focus on pleasuring her breasts and between her legs, knowing full well that my load of cum is still in her mouth, and she won’t swallow it until my mouth on her nipples and hand between her legs brings her to her own mind blowing orgasm…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20