Her Wedding Surprise

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In her tribe, the more money you had, the better you married. Given the wealth of her parents, the fact that she was an only child, and considered one of the most beautiful young women in the village, her parents were able to select one of the most eligible men in town to be her husband. Amongst her tribe, arranged marriages were tradition among the wealthy. Parents of young women selected her future spouse on her sixteenth birthday, and she was wed the day after her eighteenth birthday. Typically the men the young ladies were wed to were many years older than them and, unlike the women, were not required to be virgins on their wedding day.

Fast-forward to the night after her eighteenth birthday. Jemma lay silently on her new husband’s bed in the darkened chamber. She waited for her new husband to come into the room while contemplating what lay ahead. Her mother had only given her a slight idea of what to expect. Unlike so many of the girls she had grown up with, her new husband was only ten years her senior, and considered among the best looking men in the tribe. Jemma was a bit frightened and the wait alone did not help to quell her discomfort.

After waiting alone for nearly an hour after her maid had come and helped her dress in her gossamer gown, there was a soft knock on the chamber door.

“Pardon me miss”, the maid said softly as she entered the room, “the Master has been canlı bahis delayed and has requested that I ready you further”

“I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand” Jemma replied, looking confused. “I’m already prepared, am I not?”

“Not quite my lady” the maid told her, with a sly look on her face.

The maid proceeded to help Jemma lay back against the pillows. As she began to raise Jemma’s gown, Jemma pushed her away.

“What are you doing? Does my husband know about this?”

“Yes, my lady, he has asked me to do something for you to prepare you for him”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand” Jemma said, puzzled.

“Just relax miss, I promise you will enjoy this”

The maid again began to raise Jemma’s gown exposing her most private area. This time Jemma didn’t fight, though she was quite frightened about what the young maid was about to do. The maid gently began to run a finger along Jemma’s pussy opening, from her clit to her ass, back and forth. She was gentle at first, then a bit more insistent as she heard Jemma begin to moan softly.

“Yes, miss, that’s the way” the maid whispered, “nice and easy”

To Jemma’s shock, the maid knelt and positioned herself between her parted thighs. She began to gently flick he tongue against Jemma’s clit, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from her. She continued her ministrations, licking Jemma’s pussy lips as well bahis siteleri as her clit, smiling as she heard the lady moan in pleasure. She began to feel moisture build in Jemma’s pussy, and lapped it up as fast as it gathered. She began to insert a finger into Jemma’s tight pussy as she licked, causing her to squirm against her, instinctively trying to reach release, yet not really knowing what she was seeking. The maid, however, was under strict instructions from the master, not to allow his bride to cum, to save that pleasure for himself. If the maid succeeded he would allow his new bride to become her lover on a regular basis.

Watching silently from the doorway, he stroked his rampant erection, watching his new virgin bride enjoy receiving pleasure from another woman. He strode to the bedside, motioning to the maid to leave, as he lay next to his panting bride.

“Did you enjoy your gift love?” he asked her

“Mmmm, yes husband” she moaned as he picked up stroking her soaking pussy.

“Good”, he whispered against her ear, “then you will really enjoy what comes next”

He knelt between his wife’s glistening thighs, and began eating out her pussy in earnest, growing more excited the more he listened to her frantic moans. He freed his cock from its confines and he felt his wife tense, felling it for the first time against her thigh. He took her hand and placed it on his bahis şirketleri throbbing cock. He guided her hand, showing her how to stroke him. She found herself smiling as he moaned his pleasure into her ear. He let her play for a few moments, until he thought he would burst if he did not have her right then.

He kissed her gently and she tasted her pussy juices on his lips. He positioned himself between her legs and gently rubbed the head of his cock against her slit. He felt Jemma tense and whispered soothing words as he pushed into her, tearing her maidenhead. She screamed in pain and terror so he stilled momentarily to allow her to adjust to the feel of him.

He freed her breasts from her gown and pinched her nipples roughly.

“Nice teats” he growled, pinching and pulling on her nipples

“That hurts, please stop”, Jemma cried out

“Not a chance”

He began to thrust into her roughly, holding onto her breasts to support his weight. He ignored her sobs, slapping her violently and ordering her quiet. Jemma was terrified. What had happened to her gentle, patient lover? Then she began to feel something strange between her legs. Pleasure. She began to lift her hips to meet his thrusts and he growled in approval. Suddenly she began to feel an unusual sensation. She cried out.

“Yes, cum for me” her husband moaned

He thrust one final time, spilling his seed into her as she sobbed in pleasure.

An hour later, the maid reentered to find the master and his wife curled together naked on the bed. She smiled at him as he motioned for her to join them.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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