Hiding in Plain Sight Ch. 02

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21-year-old Jason Charles found himself laying down on the bed in the hotel room that he was splitting with his line brother Deyonte. He was fully dressed for the cocktail hour that his Fraternity was hosting. He was a legacy and a recent initiate of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated and this was his first conference.

His fraternity was holding their State Conference in Atlanta and tonight was the second night of festivities. With women from the four Divine Nine sororities expected to be in attendance, he was expected to be sharp. He was a man of Omega – he was bound to entice every woman that he encountered,

From head to toe, Jason was a work of art. Tonight, he found himself decked in Armani from head to toe – he was wearing a Black pair of dress pants, a grey shirt, a black vest, a white bow tie and Royal Purple Blazer with a Gold watch to tie the entire look together. He’s done his best to make his curly, black hair with blonde tips look well-groomed. His look tonight from neck down was classic, from the shoulders up he appeared to be a rugged pretty-boy.

He favored his favorite athlete, NFL Player Odell Beckham Jr, and all of his peers and fraternity brothers took notice of this. They joked with him often, calling him a “pussy magnet”. Oh, how wrong were they.

Jason got off of the bed, making sure his suit was unwrinkled. He checked himself out in the mirror, liking his presentation.

“I look good as fuck.” he said, smiling. He knew that all eyes would be on him when he went downstairs.

He left his room (located on the seventh floor) and caught the elevator down to the lobby with other members of his fraternity, where the cocktail hour was being held. Upon stepping off the elevator, he was immediately met by his line brother Deyonte, who called him over to chat.

As his line brother Deyonte and a brother from another chapter talked about the various beautiful women in the room that they wanted to fuck, he immediately found himself disinterested. Instead of showing this, he immediately began to put on an Academy Award Winning Performance of hyper-masculinity, engaging them and pointing out women in the room that he’d fuck. His line brothers ate it up and he laughed. They really didn’t know him.

Jason was the Ace on his line of seven men, and after pledging, he was wildly popular amongst his chapter. Prior to pledging, no one in the chapter knew him personally. His legacy status (his deadbeat Father was a member), his popularity on campus and his student involvement made him a guarantee to be selected to pledge. With all of the qualities that the chapter on his campus was looking for.

To continue navigating the spaces he desired to be a part of, he played into this very persona that wasn’t even close to who he actually was at heart. So, whenever his line brothers or the older chapter brothers joked about all of the bitches they thought he was fucking behind closed doors, he played into it. Because he was just sure that none of them wanted to hear about who he really was.

They weren’t ready to hear about how he spent his late nights searching for a genuine connection on a hook-up app.

They certainly weren’t ready to learn about his night spent lurking in the shadows of their campus or many nights that he’d spent in dimly lit bedrooms, watching the shadows of his body intertwined with older men indulging in each other sexually. How poetic, penetrating various down-low men behind closed doors in the dark, with desk lamps or the moon peeking through closed blinds as the only source of light as these sex acts were done in the dark.

Jason was a young gay man, trapped in the day-to-day performance of the hyper-masculine persona that he’d built for himself. His association with the hyper-sexual, stereotypically outgoing and stereotypically masculine Fraternity that he’d joined often served as a restrictive barrier. He preferred things this way…for now.

What he did behind the scenes was his business. He didn’t need to complicate his own life, and up to this point, he’s never met anyone worth getting to know past sex.

Jason craved a real connection with a man, but his tastes in men complicated the matter further. He’d done a ton of self-introspection – Jason was almost certain that his father’s absence in his life lead him to exclusively seek the company of older men. He longed to connect with older men, fearing that he couldn’t form a true connection with men his own age. Plus, dealing with older men exclusively meant that none of his peers would suspect anything.

As his line brother and the other brother continued to talk, Jason’s eyes wandered around the lobby. His eyes kept searching for someone, anyone that he felt may be like him. Another man, seeking a man’s touch.

As he continued to scan the room, canlı bahis he spotted someone as the check-in desk that caught his attention. He spotted a tall, thick chocolate older man engaged in what seemed like a heated conversation with the woman working the desk. The man’s build was strong and athletic, with his grey sweatpants hugging his thick ass. He wore a Black hoody with “Black Lives Matter” screen printed on the front.

From afar, the man seemed handsome. As Jason studied him, he tuned out the nearby idle chatter out to really focus on him. In that moment, the man turned away from the desk and looked into the crowd of Omega men and various women that filled the lobby.

The stocky brown skinned man stood still, taking in the scene before him. After a few seconds of watching the stranger people-watch, the stranger looked in his direction. The two of them locked eyes. Jason took in his beauty, spotting his chiseled features. He looked down and noticed the stranger struggling to conceal a bulge. Was this stranger checking him out? Unsure, Jason smiled and winked in his direction and turned back to his conversation. The man smiled in return. He’d definitely been checking him out.

Even though he looked away, he cut his eyes in the stranger’s direction and noticed him walking towards the elevator.

“That nigga was fine.” he thought to himself as Deyonte continued to talk about various women.

The cocktail hour dragged on for what felt like an eternity. He suffered through listening to Deyonte identify random women that he wanted to hop into bed with. Eventually, the brother from a different chapter left to approach a Delta woman that he’d been eying. His absence meant that Jason had to actually engage in conversation with Deyonte…he needed a way out.

“Bro, go talk to one of these women!” Jason urged him, egging him on.

“I don’t know man; they aren’t what I’m really looking for.” Denote replied, looking his line brother directly in the eyes.

“You spent the last hour talking about these women, certainly one of them is your type?” Jason urged him, wanting to desperately rid himself of his line brother.

“Man, I don’t know. I’m looking for something different tonight bruh, you feel me?” Deyonte said, lowering his voice and looking directly into Jason’s eyes.

“What about all that shit you were just talking?” Jason asked,

“Man, I was just talking shit bro. You know how it goes!” Deyonte replied.

“This nigga is weird.” Jason thought to himself. He’d already spent an entire semester pledging with him and the last two days, Deyonte had been clinging onto him like s sick puppy. Jason as getting a break from him, no matter the cost.

“Bruh, go bag one of these bitches and let me know how it goes. I’m about to go for a walk and get some fresh air.” Jason said, dapping his line brother up.

“Bet. I’ll see you later tonight then fam.” Deyonte said, seeming disappointed as Jason brought him in for a bro-hug.

As Jason entered the quick embrace, he felt his line brother’s hands rest at the small of his back and he felt Deyonte’s lips lightly touch his ear. Freaked out and not wanting to get turned on, he ended the hug and walked off towards the exit of the hotel. Surely that entire exchange had been a coincidence?

Jason found himself in front of the hotel seated on a bench, perusing Jack’d, a gay hook-up app. He was broadened decided to see if he could find anyone discreet enough to hook up with. That awkward hug with his line brother had left him horny and he needed an outlet.

As he scanned various profiles, he chuckled. Obviously, he wasn’t the only undercover Omega man at the conference. There were at least 40 profiles within a 0,05 mi radius and they all had various “Que Dog” related implications – dog emoji’s, lightning symbols, names that implied that they were DL members of Omega Psi Phi.

He was surprised, but may he shouldn’t have been. The members of his fraternity were the archetype for hyper-masculine men – they were stereotyped for being freaks in the sheets and being the “man’s man”.

While he’d yet to meet any other men within the fold that fucked with men, he knew that before the conference ended, he would connect with some of these brothers. For now, he focused on hooking up with ANYONE but the men of his organization.

A few minutes passed and he came across a page that didn’t have much information on it. The profile featured a single shot of a stocky Brown skinned man with an athletic build posing in underwear.

The man’s profile had almost no information, besides his age (30 years old) and that he was in town for business. With little information and a nice body pic, he deduced to shoot the man a simple message.

“What are you looking for Bruh” he typed bahis siteleri and pressed send. For good measure, he unlocked his pictures, hoping that would make the stranger more inclined to reply. He had two modest two full body pics and a shot of his dick. It was a risk but what’s risk without reward?

In the two minutes that it took the person to reply. Jason got nervous. He had no idea who he’d unlocked his pics for. He went back to the profile and realized that this could also be someone who was attending the conference.

Just as he began to regret unlocking his pictures prematurely, the man replied. The man sent a photo of himself in the nude, his ass raised as he arched his back in front of a black and gold blanket. The man’s message said “Come get that dick sucked. I’m in


“Damn.” Jason said, admiring the man’s ass. He immediately replied. “Bet. Coming upstairs now. Be ready.” as he rushed back into the hotel to go to his room and change out of his cocktail hour attire

Jason quickly made it back to the 7th floor and into his room without being pulled aside by any of the conference attendants. Deyonte was still out, probably fucking with a random woman, meaning he didn’t have to lie about his future whereabouts. He switched into some grey sweats and a t-shirt.

He exited his room, headed to the elevator and before he knew it, he was on the 11th floor and standing in front of room


He softly knocked on the door. A few seconds passed before he heard a deep voice say “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Odell.” Jason said, chuckling to himself as he referred to his Jack’d username (Odell BecQUEham).

The stranger opened the door, and Jason quickly realized that the stranger from the lobby was standing in front of him. The man (clearly shocked himself) quickly ushered Jason into the room.

“You’re fine as hell, wasn’t expecting you to be a bit older, man.” Jason said, walking up to the stranger as his dick began to get hard.

“Thank you. I wasn’t expecting your young sexy ass to get down with men. Especially not an Omega man like yourself.” the man said, as he removed his robe, revealing his thick, muscular body.

“Oh shit, damn.” Jason said, as he immediately began undressing himself. He removed his grey sweats and his t-shirt, showing off his athletic, toned body. Finally, Jason lowered his volcano alien boxer briefs to reveal his now fully erect dick.

The two of them didn’t mince words further. Neither of them had even talked sexual positions but Jason was pleasantly surprised when the stranger had him sit on the edge of the bed and kneeled between his legs, in preparation of sucking his dick.

Jason rested back on the king size bed, spreading his legs as the man took his hard dick into his hand. The man guided it to his mouth and began sucking. For the next 30 minutes, Jason was in a state of euphoria. The benefit of dealing exclusively with older men was that they often brought more experience to the table sexually and this man was definitely skilled when it came to blowjobs.

Jason groaned aloud as he tossed his head back into a set of pillows, enjoying the hot and wet mouth that was massaging his dick. He was so focused on the blowjob until he looked towards the wall and saw a black and gold wristband, worn exclusively by members of Alpha Phi Alpha. Jason instantly realized that he was hooking up with a fellow Greek.

Jason began to wonder about the man’s identity. Who was he? Was he down low like himself? Did he hook up with other men on the low, concealing his identity? For some reason, he longed to get to know the man in some capacity.

The man was oblivious to Jason’s inner dialogue about his identity, too focused on the blowjob that he was delivering. Jason felt an orgasm approaching, which took him away from wandering who exactly this man was. The man himself was deep in the zone, so much that he didn’t hear the young man moaning.

“Shit man…” Jason moaned, looking down over his chest as the man bobbed his head in his lap, getting more and more of the dick wet with saliva. Jason watched for a while as the masculine Alpha man gave him the blowjob of a lifetime.

As the man’s dick begin to pulse, he found himself pulling off of the dick to lick the shaft, painting it up and down with his tongue before taking it back into his hot mouth. He pulled the dick out of his mouth and began to lick on the head when Jason felt his orgasm finally coming. This was Jason’s breaking point.

“Oh fuck!!!!” he moaned as he busted his nut all over the man’s lips and face. Jason watched the man licking the cum off his lips as the young man continued to blow a second-thick load of cum on his lips.

The man continued to clean up the cum from Jason’s dick as he came down from his orgasm. Once bahis şirketleri he was done, Jason rose up from the bed, seeing the mess that he made of his hook up partner’s face.

The man turned to a mirror and they both laughed, as neither of them expected this to happen.

Now, things were awkward. Jason lingered, looking for other clues as to the older man’s fraternity affiliation. It didn’t matter to him that the man was Greek but the older man had made such a big deal of him being a DL Omega man that he needed some leverage over the man to ensure that they hooked up again before the Omega conference ended.

Jason wasn’t exactly sure why but he was captivated by the man. Here was an older, masculine fraternity man like himself creeping in the same proverbially shadows that he himself was too familiar with. He felt a kinship to this older man. For once, he felt that connection that he was seeking in a man.

By now, the man had gone to wash his face, overlooking the Alpha Regional Conference binder with his name and title that lay adjacent to it. When he returned, Jason was fully dressed in his t-shirt and grey sweats, ready to go.

“Well, thanks for joining me tonight. I normally don’t mess with younger men but I had to make an exception for you.” the older man said.

“Yeah, I’m glad I came up…we should do this again before I leave.” Jason said

The man looked unsure as he took a seat on his bed.

“I don’t know about all of that.” the man replied, unsure if that was a good idea. Sad at this response, Jason found himself scanning the room for something to identify the man with. He saw the binder by the sink.

“Why not? I really enjoyed what we did.” Jason eagerly replied, at that moment, he saw the Alpha Phi Alpha shield embroidered on a duffle bag that had been lazily hidden under an armchair. His suspicions were right. Whoever this man was, he was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

The man met him with more silence, seemingly lost in thought. Jason saw this as an opportunity to check to see if the binder was labeled with anything.

“Mind if I wash my hands and clean off my dick?” he asked, laughing.

“Sure.” the man said, unsure of what came next.

“My name is Jason by the way; I didn’t get your name.” Jason said, as he reached the sink and turned on the faucet, while stealing a glance at the man’s binder.

“Deshaun Braxton.” Jason said to himself in his head, discovering the man’s name and his position within his fraternity.

He took one of the business cards out of the binder’s business card sleeve. While the man was distracted, he took a pen that was sitting by the sink and wrote his number on the back of the business card.

“Nice to meet you Jason. I’m—” the man started, as Jason interrupted him.

“You’re Deshaun Braxton, Regional Membership Coordinator for Alpha. That’s dope.” Jason replied, finishing the man’s introduction.

“Wait, how did you figure that out” the man said, taken aback as he began looking around the room.

“You left this out.” Jason said as he tucked the binder under his arm and headed for the door.

“This seems important to you and I want us to hook up again. I left my number on your business card, I hope I hear from you in the next three days” Jason said as he quickly exited the room and before Deshaun could reach the door, he was gone and out of sight.

Jason dashed to the stairwell and before he knew it, he was back on the seventh floor and in his room…luckily, Deyonte was still gone.

He needed to hide this binder. He had no idea what had come over him but he had to find a way to ensure the man reached out to him while he was here, so he took the binder. Petty theft wasn’t his thing but he needed to see Deshaun again.

Jason went to his side of the hotel room and began to tuck Deshaun’s binder into his duffle bag when he heard a knock on the door. He was immediately alarmed until he heard the door handle twisting.

“Let me in!” he heard Deyonte yelling. He looked on Deyonte’s bed and noticed his key sitting on it. Jason hid the binder and went to let his line brother in.

“Where you been all night?” his line brother quizzed him as he entered the room.

“I been out getting mine’s. You?” Jason said, nor providing any real information.

“Shit, how was it? Deyonte asked as he took off his shirt.

“It was cool. Did you find anyone to fuck?” Jason asked, walking back to his side of the room.

“Yeah, the girl was cool but I don’t know. I just imagined being in bed with someone else. Someone better. “Deyonte said as he put on a t-shirt and prepared for bed.

“Damn, I feel that. Want to watch ESPN?” Jason said, switching the subject. It was too late for him to pretend that he cared about his line brother’s sex life.

“Sure” Deyonte dryly responded.

The two of them saw and watched highlights from the various sports games as Jason took in the evening’s events. Hopefully Deshaun would contact him soon. Surely, he’d want his binder back?

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