Hiking Ch. 3

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The Great Hunter has magically grown a dick! As I look at the “dick” I come to realize that it is a dildo and it is kept in place by what appears to be a leather harness. Justine moves closer to the Great Hunter and with her left hand on the Great Hunter’s right shoulder she reaches with her right and grasps the dick and begins to move it back and forth. As I stare I can see another dildo working back and forth in the Great Hunter’s pussy. I watch transfixed as Justine keeps up the action and the Great Hunter’s hips start to move.

“I want his ass,” The Great Hunter tells Justine.

Justine replies, “I want you to fuck me first.”

Releasing her grasp on the “dick,” Justine repositions herself over my prostrate form with her cunt inches from my face. Knelling behind Justine the Great Hunter moves forward on her knees and eases the “dick” into Justine’s cunt. Little by little I watch the “dick” disappear into Justine. The Great Hunter pulls back and I watch in fascination as the “dick” reappears. In no time at all both have worked into a rhythm helping each other to find that sweet spot. Justine lowers her ass to my face and rubs her pussy over my face as the Great Hunter’s “dick” moves in and out. With all this attention Justine is receiving she comes in just a few minutes.

Withdrawing the “dick,” The Great Hunter smiles down at me and says, “Now its your turn.” As Justine rolls off of me the Great Hunter grabs her “dick” and aims it towards my mouth. Shaking my head no I try to keep the “dick” away from my mouth. I yell as Justine grabs my testicles and squeezes, which allows the “dick” to finds its’ mark.

Justine tells me to suck and I suck! As Justine watches me follow their command she releases some of the pressure on my balls. The Great Hunter gets into the flow of things and in a short amount of time she comes with a yell.

As she withdraws her “dick” from my mouth she looks sheepishly at Justine and says, “Hell I wanted to come while I fuck him in the ass but watching him suck my ‘dick’ was just too much.’”

Justine smiles and says, “Well, I guess it my turn. Give me that ‘dick’ darling.”

I watch as the Great Hunter unbuckles the harness she is wearing and with practiced ease pulls canlı bahis the embedded dildo out of her cunt. Then she hands Justine the apparatus and Justine slides the dildo into her cunt, buckles the harness, grabbing the exposed “dick” she looks at me and says, “Its time to rock and roll big boy.”

I think she is going to fuck my mouth but instead she moves between my spread legs. As she kneels on the ground she reaches out her hand and cups my testicles. Looking up at me she asks, “Are you going to obey my commands?”

I look at her and nod my head affirmative.

With the help of the Great Hunter my legs are loosened and my ass repositioned for her assault. As Justine puts a lubricant on her protruding “dick” the Great Hunter lubes up my ass.

The great Hunter chuckles and says, “I think he likes it. Look at his dick. If that sucker gets any harder I think it will break.”

In all the strange goings on I had forgotten about Lucifer. Sure enough he looks like a piece of steel pipe.

Justine slides forward and impales me on her dick! All thoughts of Lucifer leaves my mind as I scream from the “dick” as it rips past my sphincter. Justine pulls out and plunges forward with all of her weight. In and out like a jackhammer she pumps my ass. Something is starting to happen… the pain is starting to fade. Something is beginning to feel good.

Justine notices the difference in my response and says, “Whoa, look at him. He is starting to enjoy it!” Which gets her to pounding my ass even faster.

The Great Hunter grabs Lucifer, and as she lowers her head she sticks out her tongue. Using flicking motions she licks Lucifer. Both Justine and I start to move together. I have never known anything like this. I’m on fire!

Justine starts coming. As I feel myself start to come the Great Hunter pulls her tongue back and bites my dick. I scream from the intensity of the pain. All thoughts of coming leave my mind.

The Great Hunters smiles and informs me, “Not yet big boy.”

Justine removes her “dick” from my ass and looks at the Great Hunter wondering what she will do next.

In one fluid motion the Great Hunter swings her right leg over my body while grabbing Lucifer with her left hand bahis siteleri and guides him to her sex. When her right knee hits the ground she impales herself on Lucifer and I almost die from the pain and the pleasure. She smiles as she rides me with the same intensity that Justine did to my ass. The only thing that keeps me from coming is the residual effects of her bite.

Justine removes her dildo and harness and crawls forward till she is facing the Great Hunter. Looking in the Great Hunter’s eyes she grabs the Great Hunter’s hair and pulls her forward until they are locked in a tongue dueling kiss that seems to last forever. Then breaking the kiss Justine straitens up and draws the Great Hunter’s head to her left breast. As the lips and nipples make contact, Justine moans in delight. She takes turns moving the Great Hunter’s head from one breast to the other. Then in one motion she stands and straddles my body, and then once again she grabs the Great Hunter’s hair but this time she pulls it into the junction of her thighs.

As I gaze upwards I can see the Great Hunter’s tongue as it snakes out of her mouth to make contact with Justine’s vagina. I watch in fascination as the tongue slithers its way past Justine’s outer and then the inner vagina’s lips to seek out the entrance to the wetness of her honey pot. I can almost taste the honeydew as it slowly finds it way to the Great Hunter’s mouth. Then the Great Hunter brings up her right hand and jams two fingers up Justine’s sweet cunt while at the same time she moves her tongue to her clitoris. The effect is immediate on Justine as she screams in orgasmic pleasure.

Justine pulls the Great Hunter’s head even harder to her body and the unexpected happens. I see what appears to be water flowing from the Great Hunter’s mouth, down her torso and then onto me. To my surprise it was not water, Justine is pissing into the Great Hunter’s mouth! It was too much for the Great Hunter and me as we both climaxed at the same time. I screamed unintelligently and the Great Hunter’s scream was muted but the whole world rocked for all of us.

Then Justine collapsed onto my chest and then rolled off, while the Great Hunter just fell forward with Lucifer still buried in her. No bahis şirketleri one moved. No one talked. We were all just trying to capture our breath once again and calm the beating of out hearts.

I was the first to speak. “Will you untie me?” I asked.

“No,” replied the Great Hunter, “you’re not done yet.”

Puzzled I look at the Great Hunter. Seeing the questing look in my eyes she smiled as she rocked herself into a setting position. Then using her right hand she placed it over her vagina as she pulled herself off Lucifer. Smiling she moved forward until her very wet cunt was over my mouth.

“Eat me,” the Great Hunter commanded.

I shake my head no as I was afraid to open my mouth.

Justine finally realizing what was going on reaches down and grab my testicles.

I opened my mouth to scream and the deed was done. The Great Hunter removed her hand and my mouth was filled with our combined juices as she ground her cunt onto my lips. As the Great Hunter attacked my mouth, Justine removed the grip she had on my balls and jammed two fingers up the Great Hunter’s ass.

It was all over as the Great Hunter screamed the scream of the truly tortured soul who has finally found release. She climaxed in a manner unbeknownst to her. Body and soul did not know if she was in heaven or hell and didn’t care. Life or death did not matter as the Great Hunter was nothing but orgasmic energy released upon nature never to be the same again. Then she fell forward and lost consciousness.

“Wow!” Justine said in awe, “I have never seen her act that way before. Or come to think about it anyone act that way before. That was just too cool dude!” She grabs Lucifer at his base and waves him back and forth like some conquers flag flying over his enemy. She leans forward and kisses me. Then she starts to lick the mingled juices from my face. Surprisingly Lucifer was still pretty much erect, and taking advantage of his state Justine straddles me and impales herself. Slowly we work ourselves to another orgasm, which was good but by no means the same as what the Great Hunter experienced.

By this time the Great Hunter has awakened but was still in that warm afterglow of great sex and could do nothing but smile at us.

Justine removes herself from a satisfied Lucifer and unties me. When I was free again she snuggled up to my right side as the Great Hunter did the same to my left side.

I smile to myself. The day is still young!

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